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What are Draco/Reptillians?


*Okay, so what’re the Draco anyway?

The Draco are a species of ETs, from somewhere in the constellation of Draco. They are like dragons in appearance, all scaly and with wings. The winged Dracos are the ruling class of their society while the wingless reptilians are more like a worker class. The Draco have a long history with humanity, and not much of it is nice, if you know what I mean. This is because humans are viewed by the Draco as weak, pitiful and such. The Draco are a species stuck in a sort of permanent ‘survival mode.’ This means that they detest weakness of any kind, and this carries over to the starseed Dracos.

*Wait a minute…what the heck’s a starseed?

A starseed, put rather simply, is an alien soul that has decided to incarnate on Earth, in a human body for whatever reason. There are lots of different kinds of starseed.

*What are some of the traits of the Draco starseeds?

Well, from what I know, we tend to incarnate into specific lineages and families. In particular, we incarnate into families that have a fair amount of Draco DNA of some sort…get it? We incarnate into families that are descended from human/Draco hybrids! This is probably because the Draco phenotype is drastically different from the human form, and so we pick a family to incarnate in that will have some ‘familiar’ DNA in order to make the transition easier. These families tend to be royal, or in some way descended from nobility and this is because the Dracos interbred with the lineages of super-duper ancient nobility. This is why you hear conspiracy theories about the Dracos ‘taking over the world’ by gaining positions of power. It’s not that we’re stealing these positions from baseline humans, a lot of us were simply born into prominent families. A lot of Draco starseeds can actually shapeshift. This can be in varying degrees, from the rare full-body shapeshift into a Draco form, to what I do…and what happens to me is that my eyes shapeshift, with the pupils becoming slit-like instead of round, when I’m very happy. How the shapeshifting occurs…hell if I know. The people who have seen me shift swear it’s not some ‘illusionary’ thing and that it is indeed a physical phenomena. We also tend to have lots of RH Negative blood in our family trees. Be it from one or both parents, or us ourselves, you can bet that if you’re a Draco starseed, it’s there, somewhere. And if you dig deep enough into your family lineage you’ll probably find some kind of nobility hiding in there. Other physical attributes that tend to be common are red hair, and pale green or amber colored eyes. I’ve never heard of a blue eyed or brown eyed reptilian hybrid or Draco starseed.

*How do I know if I’m a Draco starseed?

Well, do you fit and of the above criteria?  Do some family research.  Do you find any nobility?  A good deal of individuals with RH Negative blood?  If you find that, AND you can shape shift, then yes, you probably are.  If you’re finding you are of one of the fabled ‘Dragon’ bloodlines, for example the Merovingians, as well as having lots of RH Negative blood in your family…but you CAN’T shape shift, then you are probably physically descended from the Dracos…but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a Draco on a soul level.   I’ve also heard that ‘if you can successfully perform magick (By that I mean real witchcraft-type stuff and not stage magic.) then this is a clear indicator that you must be of the Dragon bloodlines.  Of course there’s no way to verify that.

*How do I know if I can shapeshift?

It’s not something most folks can do at will, but…Trust me.  You’ll know.  You’ll frighten small children and make people scream.  It’s happened to me before.  It’s kind of hard to miss.

*I’ve heard lot’s of crazy and scary things about the people who can shapeshift into Dracos and reptilian beings. Which ones are true?

I’ve heard lots of crazy stuff too. We do not have to drink blood to maintain a human form, because the human form is the default form. We also do not have to drink blood to shapeshift. I’ve been able to shapeshift since I was born, do you think I was a blood-drinking newborn!?

We do not eat people, nor do we torture them for pleasure. I mean, really. Do you know how crazy that sounds? We DO tend to hold a feeling of disdain for most of humanity. But really, look at yourselves! You are so obsessed with silly, pointless things! (Also, I think baseline humans look funny, hehe.) Earth is the insane asylum of the universe, and it’s sure not our fault, nope…
Do we rule the world?

The short answer is probably yes. Like I said, we incarnate into prominent families, and let’s face it dudes. Power = survival. So is there a ‘lizard conspiracy?’ Probably so. Are all those lizard-folks evil? Nah…they’re just being Dracos, that’s all. And Dracos, as a general rule…are not especially concerned with being friendly or polite.

*So what’s a reptilian alien look like?

The closest thing I can find is Dale Russell’s model of what he figured an evolved dinosaur would look like.  Add a lot more attitude, and some wings, and you’ve got yourself a Draco.   

     Draco and Dinosaurs

*What do you think of David Icke?

I think…well, I think he was originally on the right track, but then he got all crazy and started talking about reptilian beings possessing people.  I’ve never heard of a single case of that.  He writes a lot of derogatory stuff about people like me, and so as a general rule…no I don’t like him, and I don’t agree with his views.  Some of what he says seems a bit like hate-mongering.  He does mention that not ALL reptilians are the way he describes, but man…he does a good job of really down-playing that fact.  And do you know why?  Because that’s what sells his books.  He’s either crazy and paranoid, or just cranking out books loaded with hate and fear to make a quick buck.  That’s my opinion.

*I heard that many world leaders and important people who can shapeshift are possessed by reptilian spirit entities, is this true?

Well, I think what most people are interpreting as ‘possession’ is nothing more than the particular person switching from the default ‘human’ form to the Draco or reptilian form.  I’m not saying that people NEVER get possessed by reptilian entities, but I think it’s pretty rare.  It’s not as if there are millions of lizard-alien spirits out there sucking people’s life energy like leaches, or anything.  You’d think that if anyone were to encounter something like that, it would be me.  Nope.  Never seen or heard of a real case of reptilian spirit possession.  I’m NOT saying it doesn’t happen, but I think it’s certainly not as widespread as most people think.

*Tell me about these Dragon Bloodlines that you mentioned earlier.

I first found out about them on the internet, and I believe they were titled as being the ‘13 Illuminati Bloodlines,’ or perhaps the ’13 Satanic Bloodlines.’  I forget, exactly.  Do a Google search, if you like.  What I read about didn’t seem plausible, because there was so much religious bigotry and fear and intolerance.  But once I figured out how to read between the lines, I figured out there actually IS a vast amount of information about these bloodlines on the internet.  You just have to siphon out the bigotry, fear, and conspiracy crap.  I’ve done vast research, and I can’t seem to link any of these lineages to the imaginary entity called ‘Satan’ nor can I link any of these lineages to the greatly hyped and likely imaginary Illuminati.  This stuff, it’s not exactly hard to find out about!  A couple hour’s worth of internet searches will yield you tons of information, I promise.  You just have to remember to read between the lines of what most people write, so to speak.

*Is your family listed as one of those bloodlines?


*Will you tell me which one it is?  I’m just a curious researcher, and I’d like to verify your claims.  I promise I won’t tell anyone!

No, I won’t tell you which one it is.  Ever hear of a little thing called privacy?  I’ve done enough research to validate my claims for myself.  Quite frankly I don’t care if you believe me or not. 


*I’ve heard that the reptilian aliens and Dracos are really just evolved dinosaurs that left the Earth before the mass extinction in the cretaceous.

You read too many comic books! (Just kidding.)  I have no idea if this is true.  I’ll say this:  Dinosaurs were warm-blooded creatures, and therefore it remains possible that if they were given enough time, they could have evolved larger more sentient brains.  And they had a 165 million year head start on that asteroid that struck the Earth off the coast of the Yucatan, so it’s very likely that they did had enough time to develop into sentient beings.  Truthfully, we’ll never know. 

Any other questions?  Let me know, and I’ll do what I can to answer ’em.

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