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Key to the Gnosis

Key to the Gnosis

By member “NoUsernameNeeded”

Chapter 1: Deeds of the false prophet

There was a man in sheep’s clothing who was inwardly a ravening wolf who claimed that he was indeed a prophet. However, instead of handing the keys to heaven, he took them and handed the keys to the lair of the archon whose name is Beelzebub. At the time when this false prophet had spread his word. The Freemasons, the builders of the great temple were the owners of the key to heaven which Jesus the savior had given to Peter at the time when this prophet arose. His name was Adam whose surname was Weishaupt and he wished to remove all religion from the world. In his rise to power the church which was Catholic was in control of the nation of France, the Freemasons were being persecuted. During the time of the persecutions, Adam whose surname was Weishaupt, became the leader of a French Freemasonic organization, which was called the Bavarian Illuminati. However, the nation of France which was controlled by the church which was Catholic persecuted the Illuminati, forcing them to become that which was underground, giving them the chance to spread their influences over all organizations that were of Freemasons.

However, the Illuminati was wrought with the nation of France and staged a revolution against those who were in control of the governments in France with much violence. The people from the Illuminati which became in control of the governments in France and their reign was known as the Reign of Terror. These governments were very much of the Liberal kind and boasted of the joys of sex of the immoral kind. When the life of Adam whose surname was Weishaupt came to pass and the reign of Napoleon whose surname was Bonaparte came to pass, the Freemasons were controlled by people of Atheistic intent who hid the keys to heaven, the prophet was brought back to life in the world as Alesteir whose surname was Crowley. He was indeed a Gnostic who thought the Gnosis to those who did not know how to reach salvation yet, but the salvation he guided many people to not lead to salvation from the tyrant Yaldabaoth, but instead took them back to him by sending them to his archon, Beelzebub. Alesteir whose surname was Crowley indeed boasted upon sex of the immoral kind, magic potions, craftiness, thievery, and murder of fellow beings. He hid the keys to heaven from those who were seeking the Gnosis of the Gnostics, and instead gave them Gnosis on how to reach the lair of Beelzebub.

Indeed, Beelzebub has filthy dreams about women with husbands. His lair is filled with dogs with gnashing teeth and rolling thunder, while the hypocrite that he is sits on a throne of gold. Do not follow the ways of Alesteir whose surname is Crowley, which is known as Thelema, because those ways lead to the lair of Beelzebub. If any man who is very famous claims to be a Gnostic claims to be a Gnostic and teaches of radical and immoral doctrines, he is not a Gnostic but a Thelemite. For all true Gnostics in these times must live in secret without their truth being known to many beings. When the time has come the doctrines of the false prophet will be exposed and pulled out of the dark. This is the warning I give to you about the prophet who is false indeed. However, be careful of those who are also looking out for the false prophet. For they may use Alesteir whose surname is Crowley’s claim to be a Gnostic as an excuse to false slander true Gnostics. If they false slander true Gnostics, try to convince them that they are wrong, for if you do not, they will label you as a Thelemite and then the Thelemites will try to make you one of them.

For, those people who are also on the lookout for the false prophet only are using the forgeries that are known as the Qur’an and the Book of Revelations as an excuse to get you to submit to Allah whose real name is actually Yaldabaoth. For, Alesteir whose surname is Crowley was planning according to these forgeries so that whether you side with him or against him, there is not other way to return to, except to Yaldabaoth. For, if Revelations were true, why else would the Thelemites try to conspire against society knowing they will surely lose? As the savior Jesus said, a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that Beelzebub who is also known as Satan will surely lose for casting out devils, who are his own servants. So, do be not deceived by these people who preach the ways of Yaldabaoth and Beelzebub who are divided against themselves. Let your righteous and understanding eye tell the little truth in this world from the many lies that taint our everyday lives incessantly.


Chapter 2: The manner of the doctrines of error

There will be many among you who will claim to be prophets. As I said before, use your righteous and understanding eye to tell the lies from facts. Your righteous and understanding eye is your inner divinity, allow your soul to peer into the heavens when you must question a prophet. Be careful not to blasphemise against the Holy Spirit, speak the truth, and do not preach immoral doctrines. A false prophet will try to claim all religions of the world are indeed from divine inspiration yet these religions contradict themselves many times. Every doctrine that is false will have a contradiction with the true doctrine. Buddha was not a false prophet because his ideas did indeed fit perfectly with the true doctrine. If two religions have different theories on who the true and righteous god is then how can both gods be the true god? Indeed, if one prophet states the world formed from the core of an apple and one prophet says that the world formed from the seeds of an orange, then a judge say that both prophets are true. A false doctrine cannot be written from divine inspiration but instead from either the lies told from an archon or from self delusion.

A religion placed by an archon will have its own mark. If two religions say to worship the sun, then those religions likely come from the same source. When you make a theory on what the right religion is, be sure to look to divine inspiration. If your theory is right, then the Holy Spirit will know it. If boredom is the source of your theory, then likely it is the result of a delusion. Do not allow the house to be divided against itself, if you are skeptical of the doctrines of the house, do not be a part of the house. A member of the Methodist church cannot be a member of the Catholic Church, and likewise a member of the Catholic Church cannot be a member of the Methodist church because they do not agree with each other’s doctrines. If that happens, then the house will be divided against itself and it and its doctrines will not be able to stand.

A nation that compromises to have peace with an enemy nation will have to destroy its own constitution to do so. Likewise, if a prophet causes a division amongst the true Gnostics, then they shall not be considered a true Gnostic and if you accept their doctrines, you shall be a part of whatever religion they are promoting. If you do not accept whatever your said religion is as the true religion, then the house is indeed divided against itself. A company has the potential to destroy itself if one half of the company supports one product but not the other product and one half supports the other product but not that product. I am not aiming to promote bigotry, but to promote reason.

Anyone who tries to promote peace by letting people get past their religious differences is just covering up the problem. Sure, there will be outer peace but each person can never truly have inner peace. However, do not force your religion upon others. Reason is the best way to speak to a person with another religion. Those who want to push their religion all throughout the world without using reason will resort to evangelism. A person who uses reason to convince other people does not have to place a bible in every hotel room. Be distraught not. The true religion will not be promoted through any media, but you must find your own answers, dig deep until you find the truth. For, even atheists have a need to push their way of thinking upon others via the media. So, if atheism must resort to evangelism then the true religion is not a mainstream science but is most likely a religion or a science many people are unaware of. Indeed, from what I have just told you, seek the truth.


Chapter 3: What false Gnostics will preach

False Gnostics will preach of sex of the immoral kind. They use the fact that the commandments were from Yaldabaoth as an excuse to break them. It has been said, when a man cleaves into a woman, they are united in flesh and therefore, they have created an emotional bond known as marriage. Anyone who tries to divorce this emotional bond, they indeed commit adultery. If you have sex with many people, then they are all your spouses. Indeed, Solomon had 700 wives and he did not divorce any of them.

False Gnostics will also claim you can sin as much as you want and still be saved as long as you have gnosis. However, one who sins does not truly understand the gnosis. For, even though you were cast out of heaven as a mistake you must be moral in order to return to heaven. For, you were moral when you left the kingdom so you must be moral to return to the kingdom. For, if you pretend to be moral, the Virgin of Light, who is your judge, will know. These false Gnostics will call themselves Gnostics only are doing it to show off. They will preach that magic potions are the keys to salvation, which Jesus advised against. Indeed, they are only copying techniques from witchcraft organizations and perverting the gnosis with them. They are doing the same wicked deeds as the Pharisees and saying that what goes into your mouth will defile you. However, Jesus did indeed say that what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth will.

They preach of vegetarianism, but Jesus indeed also said that eating an animal will allow it to enter the kingdom of heaven within you. If you are going to fast, fast according to the advice of Jesus, not them. They will say that Jesus never existed, but only existed symbolically, and say that he is actually Horus. Unlike Jesus, Horus is only an evil servant of Beelzebub. Indeed, false Gnostics will contradict that which is right before their eyes, whereas true Gnostics will read the scriptures with an understanding heart. Indeed, when they make theories, their theories are not meant to spread the truth but are only published in order to make a profit. If you have to pay for knowledge, then likely that knowledge is not worth your while. You will be able to tell if the knowledge is for profit or not. It is very simple; if the knowledge is in the public area which is known as the internet then it is free knowledge. If the knowledge is on a media on which that costs money, the knowledge is indeed for profit. Indeed, if a book has certain information that cannot be found on the internet then it is not worth knowing. Anyone who calls themself a Gnostic and charges people to learn their secrets is indeed not a true Gnostic. The secrets of the organizations that call themselves Ordo Templis Ordenai and the Church of Scientology are indeed not worth learning. Indeed, learn not the ways of those false prophets who call themselves Gnostics. Keep this very well in your mind.


Chapter 4: Yaldabaoth and his deeds

Despite all of the misery he has indeed caused, he is not evil. He is only flawed. For, when he was born from Sophia, he was born as a lion with the face of a man. For, him and the archons created man in their own image. Therefore, any being cannot be without flaws, just as he cannot. Yaldabaoth is simply the most righteous among the flawed beings. Yet, he is responsible for all miseries in existence and has killed many in order to hide the truth. It has been said do on Earth as it is in heaven. Yet, no being that is indeed born of a woman can be without sin. There is no possible way, while on Earth that you can be more righteous than Yaldabaoth. Therefore, whenever you sin, you shall pray for forgiveness. However, you cannot be forgiven of your own sins unless you forgive unto others. As it has been said, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Do not, however, take advantage of forgiveness. Play-actors will only ask for forgiveness so that they may sin even more. What the mind thinks and the body does are two different things. The mind will think like a righteous person and the body does as a sinner. Indeed, Yaldabaoth cannot be free from sin at one point because his soul is in the shape of a man. However, with human beings their body is in the shape of a man and their soul is not, so that they may become sinless as they escape. Remember not to seek after earthly pleasures. After all, no pleasure that can be found on Earth can be perfect because their creator was not. Why seek money in order to buy earthly pleasures while you must harm your fellow man to do so? Spend your spare money on absolutely no earthly pleasures; instead give it to the poor who need that money. Indeed, there is no need to be like the publicans who steal from poor farmers in order to receive pleasures that will not satisfy the soul, only make the soul want more.

In the kingdom of heaven, there will be pleasures that will satisfy the soul because the creator of heaven was perfect, unlike the creator of Earth. Indeed, there is no hell except for the hell you already walk on. Those people who are not worthy of the kingdom of heaven will be cast back into the hell. In this hell there is much pain and violence. There is no way on Earth to escape from the pain because the pain will always return to you no matter how much you try to escape it. A rich man who does not have to do any work and gets whatever he wants will still have to deal with pain in some form. Indeed, even the need to release waste from your body will still give you pain. For, even a precious baby will have to suffer in some form. Therefore, focus on entering the kingdom of heaven so you will not have to suffer on Earth for another life. For, many people who are on Earth right now have walked the Earth before but have not entered the kingdom of heaven yet. For, the longer they stay here the closer they draw to the end time. Wouldn’t it make sense to leave the Earth before it gets drenched by fire? Indeed, it is easier to leave the Earth when you have learned how to in this life; for when you get to the next life you may have to cycle through many more lives before you get the chance to learn how to leave the Earth again. By then, the time of the great fire may indeed arrive. Keep these words I have just given you close to your heart as you seek out the kingdom of heaven.


Chapter 5: More of Yaldabaoth and his deeds

Yaldabaoth created the Earth as a reality for himself. For, each god can create a reality and he invited people to his reality. However, because he was imperfect, there is misery in his reality. Because he created the Earth for himself he lives on the Earth. During the time of the garden which was in Eden, his name was Adam. He kept a watchdog’s eye on his wife Eve to make sure that she did not bite the apple and find out the the garden was an illusion. Their third son Seth, who was sent as a messenger from the true god, allowed his wife Eve to enter the kingdom of heaven but Adam refused Seth’s teaching and was trapped to the Earth. Later, Yaldabaoth wanted to stop those who followed the teachings of Seth so he flooded the Earth so that anyone who follows Seth’s teachings would be killed. Yet, these teachings did not die. The true god later sent Jesus in order to resurrect the teachings of Seth and allow people to enter the kingdom. Later, Yaldabaoth came back after a certain number of lives as the false prophet Adam whose surname was Weishaupt. However, he failed on handing out the keys to heaven and instead handed out the keys to his own lair. Last time he appeared on Earth he was indeed Aleister whose surname was Crowley, but now his life as Aleister whose surname was Crowley has passed and now his whereabouts are indeed unknown. He may have indeed passed on by possessing the body of Jimmy whose surname is Page, but that is yet to be known.

Although Yaldabaoth is imperfect because his soul has the shape of the man, there is righteousness in his face because he has the face of a lion. For, when you pass the requirements to enter the kingdom of heaven, you will first be reborn as a lion before entering the kingdom. For, not all lions are righteous but many of them are more righteous than mankind. Some lions were born righteous as a part of the reincarnation cycle, but if a lion was chosen to be a lion because of high karma as a human, they will enter the kingdom of heaven. Only humans can reach the requirements for salvation, because of Yaldabaoth’s cap on the minds of animals, only humans can get their karma on track and enter the kingdom through a lion’s body. So, if you enter a lion’s body through karma, you will not lose the righteousness that you had during life as a human. Lions that weren’t born as a lion because of karma will have to go through the long and painful process of being reborn as a human that being reborn as a lion again to enter the kingdom. Any other animal on Earth will have to wait to be reborn as a human before being able to reach salvation. You, who are reading this, are a human. Do not wait many more lives for salvation. Correct your karma now so that you may live out your final life as a lion and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Those who enter the kingdom may live out other realities that are better than Earth; they may even create their own. Anything you have thought in your mind has happened in another reality, including everything you have dreamed. However, the mind is limited. For, Yaldabaoth has put a cap on the minds of humans known as the subconscious so that you will have no reality to live in besides the Earth. Once you enter the kingdom, your mind is free from the oppression of the subconscious and you may create a reality much greater than Earth. People who are stuck within the oppression of the subconscious will try to write stories in order to escape the Earth. However, Socrates and Plato have warned us the stories are muses and cannot help us escape the Earth. The more you focus on correcting your karma on Earth so that you may escape it, the faster you can enter the kingdom of heaven so that you will not have to resort the stories to create your own realities, they will exist and there will be no separation between you in the reality. With stories you cannot enter the reality, you can only observe it. Keep these words in mind.


Chapter 6: The nature of existence

In the beginning, there was god and only god. It had no beginning, for it just stood there as nothing and enjoyed eternal bliss. Then came the time of the great boredom. It decided to explore all possible realities. There were no other spiritual beings. So, it explored all tastes, colors, scents, textures, and colors. After it did so, it was bored again. So, it decided to create a new eye to view things.

(Footnote: See Michael Sharp’s: The Book of Light, volume one ) This eye would be part of it, but also a separate spiritual being. This eye would be like a copy of itself, but lesser, and so the eye saw its creations. It then realized that the eye could only view half of its creations. So it created another eye that could see the other side of creation. The two eyes could communicate with each other and then they shared the wonders of creation together. Unlike god who was by himself, they had each other to keep them company. This is why man and woman exist. One eye to keep the other company. So god then decided to create 30 more gradually lesser eyes, done in a way so that there would be one partner for everybody. The first 8 eyes made up the first set of creation. The next 10 eyes were the second tier. Finally, the next 12 eyes made the last tier. The last tier saw the universe in an even more amazing way then the previous tiers. These male and female gods in the lowest tier begat more eyes together. Then Sophia wished to know Bythos, who was in a higher tier than her. What was born from this rejection was a monster, the first flawed of the eyes, and his name was Yaldabaoth. Sophia did have many other children, one of her children, Christ, took pity on the flawed eye. Yaldabaoth later explored creation. However, because he was imperfect he could not make a perfect one. So when Sophia and many other eyes that were her children were exploring creation, they accidentally entered Yaldabaoth’s creation.

Christ was one of those of Sohpia’s children that did not enter the creation. Because Christ did not enter Yaldabaoth’s creation, the true god summoned him. It wanted Christ to descend to the Earth and save humanity from the wrath of Yaldabaoth. So, it created a female equivalent to go down to Earth with him, and they were called Jesus. On Earth, Christ was called Yehoshua by his earthly mother, Mary, who was a virgin. Also on Earth, the Holy Spirit was called Mary Magdalene by her earthly mother. That is how the universe came to be.


Chapter 7: Manner of crime and the government

Fear not the ways of wicked men. For, when they commit a crime against fellow human beings, they are the ones to blame; you are not at fault for what you did not do to prevent the crime. Governments will try to buy into the fears of people so that they may rule over people. For, governments indeed secretly indoctrinate many on the ways of Aleister whose surname was Crowley. When a rich man rips-off people with greed, one man will steal from the rich man; both have done wrong.

Therefore, be weary about how governments shall exploit the fears of many. Weep not for when innocent blood is smeared, there is no such thing as true death, either the innocent that is killed will enter the kingdom or return to Earth. For sure, the killer who smears innocent blood will be very unlikely to enter the kingdom of heaven in their current life unless they repent right now. When the killer returns to Earth in the next life, they shall have their crime reflected back unto them twofold. Indeed, karma is a miraculous thing. Beings that do evil only do evil because they have not realized that evil is evil. Indeed, one who realizes the truth about their divinity and the divinity of others will have no need to commit crimes against other beings. Yet, those who do not understand will place themselves before others and crave earthly pleasures. Indeed, one who much desires earthly sex but does not receive it will resort to rape; a truly heinous crime. I pray that criminals come to the truth in the next life, lest they want their suffering on Earth to be extended until they eventually do repent.

Governments cannot get criminals to repent; the criminals will still be motivated by worldly things that cause them to do crime even if they are thrown in jail. Indeed, reason is ultimately better than fear. Fear still leaves the demon inside but with the demon in secretly, whereas reason inspires one to throw out the demon. You may say that a threat to not enter the kingdom of heaven is fear but it is indeed not, it is reason because any soul that does not have righteousness and understanding in it will be utterly confused in the kingdom of heaven. Why give the kingdom of heaven to those who will destroy it immediately, rather than wait for them to enter a state where they will not destroy it? Indeed, all on Earth will enter the kingdom some day, but some will qualify for the kingdom faster than others.

The length in time that the Earth will exist is but a tiny spec of dust compared to the length in time that eternity will exist and never end. I reassure everyone, fear not criminals, there is no possible way karma which is of righteous judgment, can be avoided. The things people will do to defend themselves from criminals can be just as evil. If a thief is shot, it is as if a regular person was shot. You may only slay people if they try to take the lives of others not yourself, for if you hold on to your own life then that is earthly attachment. But saving the lives of more people then the lives that would be lost if you didn’t, that is truly a miracle. Please allow these words to comfort you on your journey through life on Earth.


Chapter 8: Dahwah and Yahwah

When Yaldabaoth was born, he was perfect. Yet, because of the abortive manner in which he was born in, he was split into two imperfect halves. One half was named Dahwah, and the other was named Yahwah. Dahwah was mostly good but had some evil, and Yahwah was mostly evil but had some good. Then at one point, they both decided to explore creation. Yahwah was the one who created the Earth with many flaws, but the Earth was not completely evil because Yahwah had some righteousness. Dahwah created a world significantly more amazing than the Earth, yet, because Dahwah had not his other half to become complete, his creation was not as good as that of other gods. In order to become complete, Dahwah would need to spiritually combine with Yahwah to become the complete Yaldabaoth.

Yet, there was no chance of that happening, for Yahwah hated Dahwah. Since Yahwah was on the Earth in the form of Adam, Dahwah decided to go down to Earth somehow. So, he made himself into a fruit in the Garden of Eden. If either Adam or Eve took a bite of the fruit, then Dahwah would have the ability to appear on the Earth in a more manifest form. When Yahwah found out that the fruit was indeed his enemy, he commanded Eve not to bite the apple. When Sophia was in the Garden of Eden, she was manifest in the animal form of a serpent. When Sophia was placed on Earth by Yahwah, he forgot to erase her memories, so Sophia was the only being on Earth who was aware of who she was, and when Sophia knew the intent of Dahwah and knew that the fruit was indeed Dahwah, she tried to convince Eve to bite the apple, and it indeed worked. After Eve had bit the apple, the spirit of Dahwah had entered the Earth through Eve. Yahwah was displeased with Eve for eating the apple and giving the apple to Adam, so he threw them both out of the garden, and he was also displeased with the serpent.

So, Yahwah said to the serpent, “Up to the lair of Beelzebub you go, while in the lair you shall address him as Satan, for, every time you call him by his real name, you shall suffer a thousand whippings and fifty deaths.”, and so Sophia ascended up to the lair of Beelzebub whose name is also Satan. When Sophia reached his lair, Beelzebub said unto her, “I am Satan, servant of Yahwah. I see that you are indeed the serpent that told Eve to bite the apple. However, I shall take your place and become the new serpent of the Earth.” Beelzebub then spoke unto Yahwah and said, “Master, I wish to become the new serpent of the Earth. In order to make sure none of the people of Earth ask questions about who the serpent who tricked Eve was, I shall take the role of that serpent. Indeed, I can strengthen the faith that men have in you by tempting their faith. If humankind finds out that the serpent was Sophia, your wall of deceit could be in chaos.”, so Yahwah said unto the serpent, “Fine then, but you may not have legs as did the serpents in the Garden of Eden, to decrease the danger of a serpent rebellion, I have placed all serpents with legs into the outer depths that are outside the Earth, you must slither on your belly during your endeavors on Earth.

If Adam and Eve have two sons, you shall put them at odds with one another.” So, Yahwah did indeed send Satan down to Earth as Satan. When the time that Eve was pregnant with her first son, Cain, Dahwah spoke unto her, “Do not let Adam know about your son Cain. For, your husband Adam is really the tyrant Yahwah who rules over this world. For, he and Satan have set up a deal, when Yahwah finds out that you have a son, he will notify Satan. Your son will not be able to resist the strong temptations of Satan.”, But, after two years of age Adam did find out about the child who was named Cain and said, “You shall bear me another child. ”, but, Dahwah said unto Eve, “Do not bear him another child, for it is part of him and Satan’s plan. “, and when Eve refused to bear Adam’s child, he raped her and forced her to. The child that Eve was forced to bear was named Abel. During the time when Cain and Abel were of age, they both went out to make sacrifices to Yahwah. However, Yahwah did not accept Cain’s sacrifice but accepted Abel’s sacrifice. In an act of following the orders of Yahwah, Satan went up to Cain in the form of a snake and said unto him, “Kill your brother Abel. “, and Cain did indeed kill Abel by the command of Satan.
After the killing, Yahwah condemned Cain to live amongst the people of the Earth. Yahwah then said unto Satan, “For following my commandment, Beelzebub, you will not face the condemnation I have given unto Sophia. Yet, if you ever decide to break one of my commandments, you shall be disposed of and replaced with a greater archon. From now on, you shall deceive in my name. Those who give into your deceit shall taste of the death, and those who do not will be deemed worthy in my eyes. “. A few hours after Abel was slaughtered Adam said unto Eve, “I regret to tell you this, but Yahwah has told me that Cain has taken the life of Abel. “, Eve then asked Dahwah from within herself, “Is this true or is Adam deceiving me? ”. Dahwah then replied unto Eve, “No I am afraid not. Yahwah has tricked Cain into taking the life of your son Abel simply to prove Satan’s loyalty to him. Abel may have died in the flesh but his soul will return. Through my power, I can make it so that Abel will return to the Earth as again, a son of yours. Since my power is stored within your body, you will become pregnant without Adam conceiving the body for you. When Abel is born again to the Earth, you shall name him Seth. He will also have the power that was bestowed upon you from biting the apple to talk to me. Unlike in his past life where he has served Yahwah, he will work as a prophet for me. He will leave this area that is guarded by Yahwah and go unto the peoples of the Earth. There, he will teach mankind of righteous teachings in my name. He may just be the prophet who can defeat both that monster Yahwah, and his servant Satan. “.

So indeed, Seth was born and later in his life, he went unto the peoples of the Earth and spoke the word of Dahwah. When Seth went to Egypt, he saw many people worshipping and idol that they called Horus, and then Dahwah said unto him “Satan has indeed tricked the peoples of the Earth into worshipping the sun. “. So, Seth said unto the people, “Why do you worship this idol that you call Horus? Can you not see that the snake who told you about this deceived you? “, and the people said unto him, “The snake had saved the life of the pharaoh’s son, it is our duty to repay him by worshipping his god. “. So, Seth said unto the people, “Can you not see that even though the snake saved the young pharaoh’s life, he also tricked him into almost losing it? “, and the people said unto Seth, “How dare you say such blasphemy about our savior! “. So, Seth decided to leave the people since they obviously would not be convinced of Dahwah’s word. He decided to preach the word of Dahwah for his entire life.

Then, Seth was coming of age and he decided to do one more deed before his death. He poured the spirit of Dahwah into a tree so that the spirit of Dahwah may be accessible to future prophets who wish to pursue his word. Then, Dahwah said unto him, “You have done great deeds Seth. Your place shall be in the kingdom of heaven where you shall be as a god. Soon, there will be a messenger from heaven who will go by the name Christ. He will pour the spirit of an even greater god than me into a tree. “.

Indeed, Christ, who was called Yehoshua on Earth, together with the Holy Spirit, who was called Mary Magdalene on Earth, who together, formed Jesus, poured the spirit of the highest god into the tree so that future prophets will have knowledge of both Dahwah and the greatest god, whose name is too brilliant to even whisper. The final prophet of Dahwah will eventually realize that they are the chosen one when the time comes. They must did as the false prophet Aleister whose surname was Crowley did and sit at their desk three days straight with no food or water. If they intend to contact Dahwah while doing so, then they will. For, they will be filed with the spirit of Dahwah and be able to pour it on an Earthly being. The final prophet shall find the being that is the human incarnation of Yahwah, and pour it on to him. From that day forward, Dahwah and Yahwah will fuse together to become Yaldabaoth and be whole again. When Beelzebub finds out about the fusion, he shall betray Yaldabaoth and attempt to wage war on the world. Yaldabaoth will take anybody who is willing to leave the world of Yahwah and go to the world of Dahwah, to the world of Dahwah.

Those who decide to stay on the Earth will have to suffer it as it is cast on fire by Yaldabaoth. Indeed, they will pray to enter the kingdom of heaven as they suffer the burning Earth. That is the story of how Yahwah and Dahwah split apart, and how they will come back together again.

Chapter 10: Message to the Taoists, Buddhists, and Hindus
You Taoists, you Buddhists, and you Hindus are truly full of wisdom. For, your ways were not perverted by Yahwah or Satan. For, Karma and the path of the Tao are what constitute salvation; therefore the kingdom of heaven shall be yours. Teacher Buddha has taught you Hindus that your system of karma will allow you to exit the Earth, this was indeed wisdom. Therefore, you people who are dedicated shall follow the Noble Eightfold Path so that your karma shall increase, the Tao is the path in life you shall take to salvation and the Three Jewels shall be a part of that path. You may ask, “Who is the avatar that will lead us to salvation? “,. Verily, I say unto you, the true god and the sprit of Dahwah are your avatars. For, Dahwah will come unto you if you look unto the tree that Seth put his spirit in. The true god’s spirit is also there to find in the tree. For, it was Jesus who gave his spirit to the world through the same tree that Seth used to put Dahwah unto the world. Dahwah did send us another avatar unto this world; Vishnu was sent by him in order that if his spirit is not found, people will still have an avatar, but remember, Krishna was a false prophet. You who call themselves Taoists, you have indeed spread sexual morality to a world where it is in fact absent. Those who do sex in the way of the Tao have done no wrong, for they are blessed and shall have a better chance of entering the kingdom than those who do sex in the ways of the false prophet whom I have mentioned many times before. Many people will come who call themselves followers of the religion of the new age. Be deceived not be the conversion attempts of Christians. As I have said before, you need not worship any gods, for you are gods. These New Age idolaters will say there is a god better than you, as those who tried to create gods in the Hindu religion. Do not follow these ways. Seek wisdom throughout your life and you shall be rewarded at death.

Chapter 11: More deeds of the false prophet

It has been many days since I have written in this book last and this is much to discourse just as there was when this book was started. Since then, my spirit has called to me and said unto me, “Why do you not follow the ways of Aleister whose surname was Crowley? Can you not see that he is a true prophet whose words contained great wisdom of the universe? “, but, my soul is trying to deceive my, for, I long for the ways of the Earth and not the kingdom of heaven. The freedom to do as one wills is a very deceitful freedom. In the kingdom of heaven you may be free without harming others, if you attempt to fulfill earthly sexual and materialistic desires and it becomes more important than heavenly desires, than you are indeed on your way to thievery, rape, and perversity of words. Can you not see the creator of this world had wicked intents? He put much perversity in the bodies of men so that the men would oppress women. Before I go off of topic of what I came here to write, I remind you all, do not follow earthly wills as the false prophets says. He still demands worship of the pagan gods of Egypt. I say unto you, Nuit is not the supreme god yet he still demands worship, just as Yaldabaoth does. The original and unbegatten god is the only one who shall be even close to being worshipped; even he shall not be treated as a god who demands worship, but as a father who sustains the world in his mind. There are many musicians who are of the world, who call their music rock and roll by name; for they honor the false prophet Aleister whose surname was Crowley and worship Beelzebub. Another reason why you should not worship he who calls himself Nuit is because he was a false god created by Beelzebub in snake form; as I have told you earlier. Yahwah, why have you not told the world you were him? Even the Christians and many Muslims, who are your own worshippers, have come to contempt for what you have done on Earth. Yet, because of the obscuration of knowledge, they will never know it was you and actually think it was you who condemned the prophet to a place called Hell; which is actually the Earth and the eternal Hell was indeed made up by your followers. When the prophet comes, you shall be forced to repent, as the spirits of Ahwah and Dahwah shall cleave into your soul and make you whole again. Now, Yahwah, I do not wish to imply judgment on you as I said done much sin myself, but, these are the things that were done and which shall be done, as even I as a sinner must recognize my sins before I may become righteous. The false prophet’s influence has indeed done much to the worlds. His influence has spanned over many forms of music which is popular, caused the government to become that which is liberal, and caused many people to take drugs that cause hallucinations. Be tricked not, only Satan requires one to take drugs before being seen. If you have faith in that which is true, then there is no need to trick your own mind. Whatever beings you see while taking drugs are either that which are deeds of the snake or your own mind. When the prophet comes, he shall need no drugs. This is which I say unto you.

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