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Implications of Oneness

FROM – Visit his site for more amazing writings and to learn more about Joy-Divine!

Chapter 6.  Joy-Divine – Implications of the Oneness

I’m talking to Joy-Divine on the subject of Oneness.  J-D has made the contention that All is One with God.  He has explained even though this is the single most fundamental fact of our existence it can be doubted and denied as a result of the Veil of Unknowing.  From there he went on to make a case for why and how one might come to see that All is indeed One from both the scientific perspective and the religious perspective.  We ended with me getting a little uncomfortable about what it might mean for us, morally and ethically, if we are to accept this oneness thing.  I wasn’t ready to accept that there is no right or wrong.  And that is where this conversation was meant to start.  Except I’m afraid I find I first have another question or two to ask…

Zingdad: Hi J-D, you have explained things from the two perspectives of science and religion.  But are there not a few other perspectives that we should hear from?

Joy-Divine: Hi Zingdad.  Yes.  There certainly are a number of different and equally valid perspectives that one might look at this from.  I think, for the people living on your planet right now… there are very nearly 7 billion different valid perspectives.

Z: What?  But that is as many people as there are.  Oh.  Right .  I get it.  Each person has their own unique perspective and each person’s perspective is valid.

J-D: That’s right.  But you see we don’t need to debate this from all 7 billion different perspectives because we are not trying to argue with people.  We are not trying to convince anyone of anything.  The only reason I used the two perspectives I did is that they are relatively prevalent and understood positions in the society you now live in.  I simply used them as a frame-work from which to make my case.

Z: Okay.  I understand.  But I’m afraid that brings me to ANOTHER question.  If you aren’t trying to convince anybody of anything then what ARE you trying to do?  I mean why are you doing these conversations with me?

J-D: Ha!  Let me first ask you what YOU are trying to do?  Why are YOU doing these conversations with ME?

Z: Well… I don’t know really.  It all started a few years ago when I was trying to find some answers to the questions that bothered me.  There was so much about this world and this reality that really made no sense to me.  I had so much inner pain and conflict and stuff that I was in a bit of a mess.  And then, somehow, in my confusion and pain I managed to find a way to talk to 8.  I started to get some answers.  And then I started to talk to Adamu and other beings and the stuff I received was just unbelievably helpful.  As I worked with it, it brought me a great deal of inner-peace and facilitated healing and growth.  I learned to trust and love the process.  And it just keeps getting better.  It seems the more I grow the more I am able to receive.  So… I guess the answer to your question is that I am still just trying to heal myself, trying to love myself, trying to discover who I really am, who God really is and trying to find and fulfil my soul purpose… that kind of thing.  That’s my answer.  What is yours?

J-D: Ditto.

Z: No, no, no, no, no.  You can’t do that to me!  How is your answer the same as mine?

J-D: Two reasons.  The first is very easy.  I am you and you are me, remember?  I am your Inner-Self.  When you are aspiring to your Highest Good then you are aligning yourself with me.  Then we are in simpatico.  So your goals and motivations are mine.  You and I are answering the questions we have together.  That’s the first answer and the easiest to explain.  The second answer comes with a small matter of a shift of perspective.  You see “I” am a gestalt being that absolutely knows as a fact of my existence that I am One with God.  From my perspective it is a fact of my existence that everyone and everything, everywhere is One with God.  Once can deduce from that, that FOR ME, it means that I know that I am One with every single inhabitant of planet Earth, right?

Z: Whoa!  Does that mean you are everyone on earth’s “inner-self”?

J-D: No.  In a previous conversation I said to you that you are the only one incarnated in your “here and now” on Planet Earth who had THAT relationship with me.  What I am saying is that everyone on Earth is One with God.  And, whether they know it or not, I know it.  And I also know that I am One with God.  So it is true for me that I am, by obvious extension, One with everyone on Earth.  Okay?

Z: Oh!  Okay.  You are saying from your perspective you see us ALL as One!

J-D: Yes.  Logically that is the case.  But let me explain something… I am like you in some ways and unlike you in others.  My perception of my reality is very different from yours.  I won’t be able to describe this to you properly as you will not really get it.  But what I can do is give you an inkling of how differently I perceive from what you do.  For example I do not have one point of view as you do.  I have, literally, an infinite amount of points of view.  That is like saying I am an infinite number of people all at once.

Z: Whoa.  Infinite?  Doesn’t that mean you are God?

J-D: No.  I am One with God.  But I am very, very far from being ALL of God!  Compared to ALL of God I am… miniscule.  A very, very small babe of a being.

Z: And yet you have infinite perspectives?

J-D: This IS going to be difficult to explain comprehensively.  I will simply deal with it like this:  Understand that I am outside of the construct called the Space/Time Continuum.  So I am able to see, at one glance, all the interactions my Beingness might have in every single moment.  Each moment is a perspective. Every interaction is NOW for me.  And since Space/Time is infinite, I have infinite perspectives.

Z: Okay that is a bit mind-boggling for me.

J-D: Yes.  And I am only referring to this one sliver of a reality in which you now exist… which you call “the universe”.  To me this is one sub-set of one reality where I am interacting with Life.  There are for me an infinite number of other realities where I know myself to be.

Z: An infinite number of other universes?

J-D: You could see it like that.  But that is already far too restrictive a conceptualization.  In later conversations I will try to convey to you the magnitude and vastness of the unending realties that I am aware of.
Now I don’t say this to make you think I am something wondrous and special.  I mean I AM wondrous and special, of course .  But so is every other being that exists.  Everyone on earth has within themselves a God-self that has this god-like awareness.  So this is both amazing AND a bit of a “so-what?” all at the same time.  The reason I tell you this is to find a way to begin to explain to you that my perceptions of myself and my reality are somewhat different from yours in some pretty fundamental ways.  And so, when I say that, for me it is true that All is One, I do not mean this in some abstract way.  I do not mean this as a derived theoretical understanding.  No.  I mean it is my absolutely perceived reality from a very broad set of experiences.

Z: “Absolute perceived reality”?  Can you explain that?

J-D: Alright.  How about I ask you this:  Are you alive?  And if you are alive can you prove this to me?

Z: Of course I am alive.  Can I prove it?  Well, I can try.  I am a living, breathing biological being.  And I am conscious.  I think and I feel and…

J-D: Good, good, good.  I don’t really need proof and I we don’t need to have the debate.  But I wanted to show you something.  You KNOW you are alive.  It isn’t an idea you have or some theoretical construct.  It is YOUR “absolute perceived reality”.  It is unarguable to you.  Now, if I ask you to prove that you are alive, you CAN go digging around in your mind for thoughts that would explain this or prove it.  You can do so as an intellectual exercise.  But it is completely irrelevant and redundant TO YOU because you know it to be true with everything you are.  It is the most self-evident thing possible.  Well in just such a way it is true for me that All is One.  And I am saying this with all the authority the pretty extensive experience of my whole being.

Z: Ah.  I begin to get it.  Thanks.  But that hasn’t answered the bigger question about your purpose in doing these conversations with me.

J-D: No.  But I didn’t explain this for nothing.  I was laying the groundwork for my argument.  What I need you to understand is that I really, truly, completely perceive every being on earth as being One with me and the rest of All That Is.  And since I very much love and care for myself, by extension I love and care for every “other” that exists.  And so, when I hear a cry of pain it is my desire to see if I may assist in turning that pain into Joy.  That, in fact, is my purpose here.  I have come into this system of reality because there was a cry of pain.  And I heard that cry because I was meant to answer it.  So I am here.  And I am engaged in answering that call.

Now let me go back to your question.  Understanding that I can hold the perspective that every person on this planet is just “another me” let me read back to you what you said YOUR purpose with all this was.  You said:
“I am trying to heal myself, trying to love myself, trying to discover who I really am, who God really is and trying to find and fulfil my soul purpose.”
Can you see how it is that I am doing exactly the same?
If, for me, the self can be pretty much any person on the planet, most especially every one that might read these words… then this is what I am trying to do.  In fact this is what I am doing, have always been doing, will always be doing and have done.

Z: Huh?

J-D: I am outside of time.  It is only from your perspective that this is really a work in progress.  My perspective on that is… quite different.  This work is both perfect and complete AND still a work in progress… and everything else it could possibly be.  That is how it is from outside of time.

Z: Oh.  Okay.  But please don’t tell me these conversations of ours are meant to make SUCH a big impact on humanity!  I mean I just can’t see them reaching far enough to…

J-D: Oh no.  Please.  Silence your fears and your doubts.  These conversations will undoubtedly have great value.  More than you can now imagine.  But this is not THE WORK!  You will, as we proceed with these conversations, come to understand what the work we are doing really is.  These conversations simply act as a sort of an invitation to others to come and co-create with us.  As they unfold you will slowly get a better and better idea of what their value is.  So, while it is true that these conversations will have profound value for many and will go far further than you now have any ability to imagine… I have to say that this is certainly not “it” for me.  The “work” I do is accomplished in ways you have not yet understood.  I don’t actually have to “DO” anything.  I simply am here.  I accomplish everything I need to accomplish by simply BEING that which I am.  I bring my energy to bear and make it available and that shifts things in the desired way.

Z: How?  How can you change stuff by just “being there”?  Surely you have to actually DO something?

J-D: Hard to explain the power of BEing to earth humans.  You only think in terms of the power of DOing.  You think you are more powerful and effective when you DO something.  The opposite is true.  DOing only steps down your true power.  But you won’t understand that.  Let me rather tell you about this in the form of a parable.

Z: Excellent!  A story…

J-D: Yes, here we go:

The Story of the Darklanders.

Once upon a time there was a race of people called the Darklanders.  They lived in a vast, dark cavern deep underground.  Not one of the whole race of Darklanders had ever been outside the cavern but their myths and legends told of an ancient time… a time before time… when their gods had come down from a great Brightlands “above” and created the Darklanders here in the dark cavern and then left and returned to the Brightlands.  It was said that the gods would one day come again and bring the light down to the Darklanders.  They tried to imagine what the Brightlands above must be like but could not as no one had ever seen so much as a single light.  Then some of the Darklanders began to feel constrained by their dark world.  They longed to experience the mythical world above.  The legends told of amazing vistas and wide open spaces and wondrous experiences and these sounded wonderful to some of the Darklanders.  In their hearts these few Darklanders felt like they KNEW it existed and cried out for it.  Others of the Darklanders of course called all this “superstitious nonsense”.  They wanted to be practical and just get on with the reality they had.  So there were two types: the Dreamers who longed to awake… and the Realists who were uninterested in all that.  The Realists, instead of wasting time with legends and dreams, explored the cavern and tried to understand all that they could perceive so that they could make the best of the life they had.  They came up with practical solutions to their problems instead of wasting their time with what was out of their reach.  But still the Dreamers continued to dream and pray.  And then, on a day, when the time was right, their prayers began to be answered in an unexpected way.  The gods sent a very tiny, very dim Light to the Darklanders.

Z: A tiny, dim light? How did that help?

J-D: It didn’t.  But it also didn’t hurt.  You see the tiny, dim Light of this parable was different from the light you know of.  It was given to each of the Darklanders … placed inside each of them.  But it was so tiny and so dim that only the most observant noticed anything different at all.  In fact it was so tiny and so dim that, even if they noticed it, the Darklanders were able to think they were just imagining it.  They could choose to tell themselves there was “something” or they could put it down to their imagination playing tricks with them and say it was “nothing”.

Now understand, what was different about this Light was that it shone from within the Darklanders themselves!  And if a Darklander chose to accept the light then they would only be able to see by their own Light that came from within themselves. When they deeply desired to look and SEE the desire ITSELF caused the Light to slowly increase.  And so, over time, those that desired it and worked on it got brighter and brighter.  That is to say they could see further and further.

Z: And how did THAT help?

J-D: It didn’t.  The Light did not help at all.  It didn’t move them out of the cavern.  It didn’t bring them tools or maps or instructions or new information or tell them that their legends were true… or anything.  The Light did nothing whatsoever except BE.  It simply was what it was.  It… shone.  It shone in its own special way: a beautiful soft, shimmering, golden Light.  But it came to them in such a gentle way, only increasing when it was actively desired, so that for quite some time no one spoke about it at all.  You see at first, those that noticed the Light and worked to increase it thought that just maybe they were going mad.  They each thought they were the only one with this odd new experience.  They felt alone and strange in their sudden passion for this very weird “seeing” thing.  So they mostly kept quiet.

Z: So the Light didn’t help.  It just was… the Light.  So how did that answer the Darklanders’ prayers?

J-D: Well you see not EVERYONE prayed for the Light… for the Brightlands.  Just some of them.  So if the Darklanders were just moved out of the cavern then that would have given many of them what they DIDN’T want.  So the Light did nothing but gently shine and then only for those that chose it and who, by their actions and decisions, created the Light for themselves from themselves.  And here is the thing… you see, for the most avid Lookers, the Light eventually got bright enough that they began to see some interesting things.  Like the beautiful crystals hanging from the cavern ceiling.  And this is where things came to a head.  You see a few of the Lookers noticed each other staring up at the crystals on the ceiling.  Suddenly they knew they were not alone!  So they began to talk to each other about this.  They got Lookers Groups together to share their experiences and help each other with tips and strategies to increase the Light.  Some non-Lookers came to listen to what they were saying to learn from them.  Some practised what they heard and became Lookers too.  Word spread and for a while it was quite the most exciting thing that had happened in the cavern.

Which would have been fine except that those that chose the Light were most likely to be Dreamers and those that didn’t were most likely to be Realists.  And you see, the Realists were the ones who were most likely to be running things.  They had the power.  They had the resources.  They made the rules.  And since they hadn’t chosen to See and since they hadn’t created the Light inside themselves they simply denied that it existed.  Which wasn’t strange because… see it from their perspective… if they looked around they saw no light!  So it was all a lie as far as the Realists were concerned.  And not only was it a lie but a dangerous one too!  These Lookers were, they said, becoming a social nuisance.  They were refusing to obey the edicts and instructions of their superiors!  They were not being proper productive members of society!  All this “Looking” nonsense was disrupting the fabric of their society!  Now those in power couldn’t very well outlaw the Light or Looking because they were claiming it was all just a fabrication anyway.  So they used their influence and power to ridicule anyone that was talking about it.  They publicised authoritative claims that it was only mad people that tried to see the Light.  That it was all a lie.  They let it be known that no good, healthy, sane Darklander should try to see the Light.  If they wanted to know what was “out there”, said those that were in power, THEY would tell you.  They were the authorities, after all.  Messing around with attempting to See was socially disruptive and needless nonsense.  It was un-Darklander!

But of course they failed to stamp Looking out.  In fact Looking slowly grew in popularity.

And then, on a day, a group of the most avid Lookers were gathered around looking at the cavern ceiling when they noticed something they had not seen before.  They saw a distinct fissure in the cavern roof!  They celebrated because they felt that this might just be a way up to the mythical Brightlands above.  So they began to work together.  They began to gather together materials and to build scaffolding with ladders so that they might ascend to the fissure and see if that was the way out.  Their work was occasionally hampered by the authorities but not badly so.  You see the authorities did not have the Light and could therefore not see what the Lookers were doing, did not understand their plans and could not even admit to the fact of the seeing of the fissure or it’s existence.  So the Lookers carried on and built their scaffolding.  Our story ends there… as the Lookers scaffolding was reaching up to the fissure.  They were hopeful and excited.  The rest of the Darklanders below mostly knew nothing of what they were up to.  Some heard about it and were intrigued.  Some insisted it was all foolish nonsense.

What happens next?  Well… unfortunately this is where the parable ends.

Z: Oh no!  Why?

J-D: Well you asked a question.  You asked how I could just BE, and without DOing anything, do the work I came to do.  Right?

Z: Yes, that IS what I asked.

J-D: Well let’s see how the parable fared:  Can you see how, in the parable, the Light managed to come into the Darklands and how it could, without DOING anything… by just BEING… bring options, choices and change.  It was just there and it was up to the Darklanders to choose to see it or not.  And if they DID choose to see it they could choose for themselves what they were going to do with that Seeing.  So the Light itself did nothing and yet the whole social structure and dynamic of the population changed.  Without doing anything the Light offered those that wanted it a way to find their way out.  But, you see, it didn’t DO anything for them actually.  No.  Something much better happened:  It allowed them to create their own way to help themselves to see their own path out IF THEY SO CHOSE.  Only those that wished for the Light really got it.   Those that denied the Light did not.  No one was forced to do anything they didn’t want to do.  Everyone got to create the reality they desired.  And yet…everything was changed by the existence, by the simple BEING, of the Light.

So, I think the parable did quite a good job of very nicely expressing to you not only how BEing can change everything but also brought in a number of parallels as to how things have played out in your reality.

Z: I agree it is a pretty cool parable.  Thanks.  I think I get the power of BEing now.  But now we have spent a whole lot of time on tangential issues.  I feel quite bad.  We were supposed to be talking about the implications of the Oneness.  And instead I have taken you on a wild goose chase answering all these question that just cropped up in my mind and we haven’t even started to talk about the topic at hand!

J-D: Have a little faith.  Do you not know that “all is always perfect”?

Z: Umm.  No.  I mean I have heard it said.  It’s one of those “fully spiritual” things that enlightened souls sometimes say.  But it isn’t REALLY always perfect, is it?

J-D: Only because your perspective is too short.  Here is something to remember:

“If you cannot see the perfection then you are standing too close to the picture.”

Z: Again, that sounds way deep and stuff but… practically… how is that so?

J-D: Would you like an example?

Z: That would be nice.

J-D: Good.  I shall give you one: It is… this very conversation!  We are still busy with it and so you look at the incomplete product and see the mistakes you have made by asking the wrong questions.  You see the mistakes I have made by long-windedly answering them.  And this is all a big mistake because this is not what you had in mind for the way this topic would flow.  But here is the twist:  I am telling you now it is only imperfect because it is still incomplete.

Z: Okay?  So what must I do with that information?

J-D: “Thinking” would be a start!  Think.  What have I said?

Z: That it is only imperfect because it is incomplete?

J-D: Yes.  So what strikes you as incomplete?

Z: Uh…

J-D: Another word for incomplete is “unfinished”…

Z: The story!  The story!  You didn’t finish the parable.  I mean… you finished it in so much as it perfectly answered my question.  But I have to admit I was disappointed because you just left the actual story hanging.

J-D: RIGHT!  So?  What do you want me to do?

Z: Well, umm.  Can you please tell me how the parable ends?

J-D: Why, yes, I’d be Delighted to do that!

Z: Thanks.  Because I can see how that parable actually relates to us here on earth.  And I can see the cute “ascend the scaffolding” thing you have done to allude to the ascension process.  So I am pretty keen to hear how it ends.  I think that might give me some sort of insight into what is going to happen in the future to us here on earth.

J-D: Yes, the parable DOES allude to life on earth.  But not as you think.  There is quite a twist in the tail.  But you’ll see when we get there.  Let me continue the parable.

The Story of the Darklanders, Part 2

I could tell this story by simply saying “everyone got exactly what they created for themselves”.  That would be true of this story and true of every other true story in all of reality.  But it would be unsatisfying.  Because even though,
“You always get EXACTLY what you create for yourself,”

still people want to know details of the stories.  So let’s see how that rule of always getting what you create applied to the Darklanders.

Remember most of the Darklanders chose not to see the Light.   They all stayed behind in the Darklands, right?

Z: Right.

J-D: Okay.  So clearly their belief was that they could not see the Light and that they had to remain in the Darklands and that things would continue on more or less as they were before.  That is what they believed and that is therefore what they experienced.  Their new story starts pretty much exactly where the old story left off.  The Darklanders are still in the Darklands and they still have no Light.  BUT there is now a difference.  They now know about their friends and family members that WERE there with them in the Darklands that just disappeared.  They also know that the ones that disappeared were Lookers.  They also know that the Lookers were talking about going up into the Brightlands.  And then they were gone.  So they are confused and many of them are now asking questions.  “What happened to the Lookers?” they ask.
“The gods came back for them!” claimed some.
“They were punished for their evil ways and taken away!” others postulated.
And so it went.  No one knew for sure what had happened but what they DID know was that their neat, tiny, closed little world would never be the same again.  Something inexplicable had happened.  And in their confusion many of them remembered the gods and began to pray.

And that is where we shall leave them for now.  Next we’ll pick up the story with the other group… the ones that went up the scaffolding.

Z: The Lookers.  Did they find the Brightlands?

J-D: They certainly did.  They began their new story at a new level of existence.  They emerged from the land below to discover that the reason for the Brightlands being so bright was not because there was some bright light source there… no… these were the Brightlands because everyone there was THEMSELVES a bright source of Light.

Z: Oh wow!  Everyone shone!

J-D: Yes.  And what it meant was that everyone clearly saw the reality around them as THEY themselves were.  Do you understand?  In the Darklands people thought they perceived the world as IT was.  In the Brightlands they realised they saw it as THEY were.

Z: Um.  Slow moment over here.  I don’t get it.

J-D: Well, the truth is that you each create your own reality.  When you see clearly, then you see that your reality is the way it is because of what you believe.  And those that ascended to the next level immediately perceived that the reality they saw around themselves was a direct result of their beliefs and their choices.  This means they knew that they created their own reality.  This is something we’ll have to talk about more in following conversations because this is going to be hard for you to understand.  You are still very much living in your own “Darkland”.  You still believe you see things as they are.  And because you believe it to be so, so it is!  There is much more for us to discuss about this soon.  For now please accept that those that have ascended to the next level will have a different experience to what you do.

Z: Okay, I guess that’s obvious – it stands to reason that a different level of existence will be quite different from this one.

J-D: And the difference will be hard for you to comprehend precisely because you don’t have any experience of it.

Z: Okay.  Agreed.

J-D: Well I am saying the next level of reality for you is the level of self-mastery.  You have heard of “ascended masters”?  Well what precisely did you think they were masters of?  I am telling you they are masters of themselves.  True self-mastery means they are ready to believe, know and experience that they create their own reality completely.  They are ready to see the world as they each believe it is.  They are ready to create their world as THEY are.  And that is what I am talking about with this Light.  They shine their Light and it shows them the world as they each believe it is.

Z: Wow.  So I guess the next level of reality is a pretty amazing place.

J-D: It can be.  Unfortunately it is possible to attain self-mastery without attaining universal love.

Z: It is?  What happens then?

J-D: Well let me get back to the parable.  This conversation is going to be a long one.  There is quite a bit still to tell.  But stay with me okay?

Z: I’m not going anywhere.  I want to see how this all turns out!

J-D: Okay good.  I think you’ll find your patience quite well rewarded.  So, back to the parable.  For the purposes of the story we shall divide the ones who ascended to the Brightlands into three main groups.

First there were those who were of a Service To Self (STS) mentality.  These STS beings thought that the fact that they made it out of the Darklands proved that they were more special than the Darklanders that remained below.  They decided they must be very powerful and wise compared to the Darklanders who were still in the cavern.

Now you can hear from what I am saying that, even though they had escaped the Darklands into the Brightlands still they were framing themselves in terms of the Darklands.  So they would therefore begin their new story back in the Darklands.

Z: Er… no, I don’t really get that.  They have just escaped the Darklands.  Why would they go back?

J-D: Okay.  Follow me on this one… You get what you create, right?  And when you have the Light then you get it immediately.  Whatever you focus your INTENTION and ATTENTION on is what you get.  Now this group of beings, when they found themselves in the Brightlands were still thinking in terms of the Darklands below.  They were thinking “we are the best and the brightest of the Darklanders”.  That is where there thoughts were.  So that is what they got… to be the “best and the brightest of the Darklanders”!

And of course there was something else motivating them too.  Now that they had this new-found power… what do you think they wanted to do with it?

Z: Uh…

J-D: Let me give you a hint.  Don’t you think these STS beings might have a modicum of revenge on their minds?

Z: Revenge?  Oh right!  Like a “revenge of the nerds” sort of thing.

J-D: Explain that phrase?

Z: Revenge of the nerds?  Well in the Darklands these guys were considered outcasts, remember?  In the Darklands they were the Dreamers and were considered undesirable elements of society by the Realists and especially by those in power.  And so now, when their ways have paid off, maybe they now think its payback time.  The underdogs strike back.  Revenge of the nerds.

J-D: That’s quite a good analysis.  And so NOW can you see that, even though they found the Light and the Brightlands, STILL they never actually escaped the Darklands.  They were trapped by their negative emotions.

Z: Yeah.  That makes sense.  I can see how that could work.

J-D: If you find your intrinsic power and you do not find healing and love first then you again trap yourself… only you do so at a higher level.  But anyway, back to the story:  What happened next is that the STS beings brought the Light with them back down into the Darklands.  So we shall henceforth call them “the Lightbringers”.  They were the “seeing eye” in the land of the blind, you see.  And this would of course mean that the STS beings were much more powerful than the regular Darklanders.

Z: And what did these Lightbringers do back in the Darklands?

J-D: Well if you remember where we left the Darklanders?  They were thrown into a state of disarray and confusion by the leaving of the Lookers.  Try to put yourself in their position for a moment.  Suddenly they were in a profound state of doubt about everything that they had before taken to be true.  Many of them began praying to the gods to save them.  But can you see the problem with praying like this?

Z: Not really… how can there be a problem with praying?

J-D: Not with praying per se.  But with praying for a rescuer to come and fix all your confusion and troubles.

Z: Why is that a problem?

J-D: Because you’ll get what you ask for.  What you are REALLY asking for.  Let me help you to understand this:  If you are saying that you are weak, confused, powerless and lost, that you don’t know what you want or even what you SHOULD want.  And that you want someone to come and tell you what to want, what to do, how to choose.  That, that someone else must come in and be your master.  That they must create for you the future they want for you. That you will serve them and worship them for doing so and do whatever they say… well then you are liable to get what you are asking for.  You are creating an opening for someone else in your life to fill a particular role.  You are creating yourself as the Victim and while you are saying you want a Rescuer, what you are actually asking the Universe to provide you with is a Perpetrator.

Z: I’m not really following that.

J-D: Alright then this is a good moment for me to tell you about the Victim/ Perpetrator/ Rescuer triangle.  You see, if you believe you are a victim then someone or something is DOING THIS to you.  Someone else is the Perpetrator who is responsible for your misery.  And therefore someone else must be responsible for Rescuing you and making it better.  These three things ALWAYS go hand in hand.  Where there is one of the three the other two are also there.  So the Darklanders were very clearly declaring their status as Victims.  And while it is true that they told themselves they wanted to be rescued.  What they first invited was a Perpetrator.  They made themselves available to it.  They created that opening.

Z: I don’t get it.  Surely it doesn’t follow.  They wanted someone GOOD to come to help them.  Why would that invite someone bad.

J-D: Because they are creating with fear and with doubt.  This is an idea I will go into detail with you when I talk to you about creation tools.  But the point is quite simply this: your tools of creation are your emotions.  If you create with Love then you get what you really want.  If you create with Fear then get what you don’t want.  If you create with Doubt then you get a mixed bag or nothing at all.  Now the Darklanders were in Fear AND Doubt.  So the first thing they got was what they DIDN’T want.  And you MUST get what you create.  How else will you learn to create properly if you don’t?

Z: Wow this is tough for me to understand.  But okay let’s go on with the story.  I will want to come back some other time and talk about this… about how to create what we DO want.

J-D: It’s a promise.  We’ll talk about it soon.  But for now maybe you can accept that the Darklanders were not creating a clear unambiguous outcome for themselves with Love and positivity.  So an opening was created.  And if we bring this together with what the Lightbringers were creating we have quite a good match.  The Lightbringers were quite happy to be received as the returning gods by the Darklanders.  They were quite willing to be served and worshipped and have their egos buffed and polished.  A lot of humble bowing and scraping served them just fine, thank you very much.  Not only were they willing to be gods but they were also quite willing to teach the people of the Darklands how they should be worshipped.  They taught them songs of praise to sing.  They taught them to bring offerings of the very finest of the foods of the land prepared by the most skilled of cooks.  They promoted the Darklanders that served them best to positions of power creating a priest class so that only these most loyal servants ever came near them.  And the rest of the people were nothing more than slaves.  Slaves to the priests and to their prideful gods.  They were forced to work and work and work all their waking hours.  They built great palaces to appease their egotistical gods.  And then they built palaces to appease the burgeoning egos of their gods’ priestly pets.  And then something interesting happened.  The gods began to get jealous of each other.  They began to compete with each other.  Each wanted to have more power and control of the people than another.  Each wanted a better palace than the other.  They each started to instruct their priests to gather worshippers to them, to tell the Darklanders that they must forsake the others and worship only this god or that one.  This continued for a while as egos clashed and tempers simmered, and then war broke out.  Worshippers of the various gods were instructed to kill the worshippers of the other gods.  And the gods used their powers to smite each others worshippers too.  The Darklands were rent apart!

After some time a certain degree of stalemate was achieved.  Each of the gods with their surviving minions were living in a different area, removed from one another by some distance.  There they established their cities.  And though they continued to war on each other there were also intermittent times of peace for the poor Darklanders.  Their lives were hard.  Now, not only did they have to slave to build and serve but they intermittently had to turn their agricultural implements into weapons of war and go off to be killed and maimed.

All in service of the Lightbringers egos.

But through all this something new had begun to dawn in the hearts of the Darklanders.  You see they were no longer the haughty Realists of before.  They had come through some very tough times.  And they had come through together.  They had survived thus far by finding compassion for one another.  Brother helping brother they had pulled through.  Their travails had opened their hearts to each other.  And now their hearts began again to cry for rescue.  But this time they began to call with hope in their hearts.  Hope because they had seen love and compassion in each others eyes.   They began to hope for love and compassion from the gods.

And again they got what they created.  As it always was and always will be.  Because remember…

Z: “You always get EXACTLY what you create for yourself”

J-D: Spot on!
And so, who do you think came to answer their prayers this time?

Z: I’m not sure.  If I recall then you said that the Lookers who ascended into the Brightlands were to be divided into three groups.  The first group was the STS-ers who we are now calling the Lightbringers.  So I’m guessing you are now going to tell us about a second group of Brightlanders.  I’m guessing they were somehow a more loving response to the calls of the Darklanders.

J-D: That would be a very good guess.  So let’s look at that second group.  They were of a Service To Other (STO) mentality.  These STO beings thought that the fact that they made it into the Brightlands was a wonder, a blessing and a privilege.  They desired to use this privilege to dedicated themselves to being of service to others.  They felt love and compassion for their friends and family members that they had left behind in the Darklands and so they decided to go back and help those remaining Darklanders in whatever way they could.

And so it was that, when they arrived in the Darklands the STO beings were horrified to discover what the Lightbringers had gotten up to.  The misery and death that they had brought to the lives of the Darklanders was too terrible for them to contemplate.

Z: Wait a minute, please.  I don’t understand.  It seems to me you are saying that the STS guys arrived first.  And that they spent quite a long time down in the Darklands building empires and then making wars and what-not and only THEN after, like, hundreds of years or something, did the STO guys come down.  Is that right?

J-D: A lot longer than just hundreds of years, but yes, that is what I am saying.  You see time is not the same in the different realms.  You do not move between dimensions and still stay on the same time-line. They operate on entirely different systems of sequentiality.  So, when you pass from the Brightlands to the Darklands, for example, you arrive at the time which is resonant with your arrival.  You arrive when the Darklands are ready for you to arrive.  You arrive when it is time for you to play your role.  A stage-play is a good analogy.  Imagine a stage-play in which all the actors walked on together right at the opening curtain and then all of them at the same time spouted all their lines in one long, non-stop monologue.  It would be a chaotic babble and would make no sense to anyone.  So instead, each enters at the right moment and each plays their part in perfect response to the other.

Z: I see.  But that creates another question:  Who decides to bring them on at “the right time”?

J-D: They do.  They create this with their desires.  Let’s look at the sponsoring thought behind the wishes of the STO beings.  They desired to be of service.  They desired to HELP someone.  They wanted to save the Darklanders from their lot.  But they wanted to do it out of a loving, kind motivation.  It is a generosity of spirit that wished to express itself.  So you see?  The STO beings get to go to the Darklands at exactly the moment when the Darklanders are most powerfully creating an opening for what the STO beings are offering.  And that perfect moment was not back at the beginning of this part of the story when the Lightbringers arrived.  Oh no.  The Darklanders first needed to meet the Lightbringers and see how the Lightbringers responded to their call.  Only then, when they had walked that path together a little, would the Darklanders be ready to make a new choice.

Let me explain something else here.  Remember back in the first part of their story the Darklanders had been haughty and had victimised the Lookers.  That is how they were and that is what they knew.  To the Darklanders, therefore, beings in a position of authority were ego-centric and imperious.  That is how they treated each other.  That is what they knew and so that is what they were able to imagine as a response to their call.

Z: Because if you can’t imagine something then you can’t create it?

J-D: That is a deeply, profoundly true thing you have just said.  Some time soon, when we talk about the tools of creation, you will come to understand what a very powerful thing this is that you call “imagination”.  And yes, if you can’t imagine it then you can’t create it.  But now, in this part of the story what had happened to the Darklanders was that they had been put through a long series of very traumatic experiences.  And it’s a funny thing about such events.  When people go through such difficulties it very often brings out the best in them.  And so it was that the Darklanders responded to their harsh treatment and the hands of the Lightbringers by expressing support, compassion, love and kindness to each other.  Brother helping brother, strangers offering unexpected assistance to each other… so those dark times ignited a spark in the hearts of the Darklanders.  A new and different Light was fostered in their hearts.  The Light of compassion began to softly shine.  And so it was that the Darklanders were ready to meet the STO Brightlanders.

If I may summarise it like this:  You see the Darklanders would first have to have a New Thought about themselves before they would be able to have a New Thought about their world.  They needed to find love and compassion in their hearts before they could frame their need in terms of a loving, compassionate response.

Z: And how did the STO guys come down and rescue the Darklanders from the Lightbringers?  I don’t imagine they came in like cavalry on white horses with guns blazing.

J-D: Well there are a number of different ways they could have entered the story.  And later when you understand the complexities of alternate time-lines then you’ll understand when I say that all of the possible ways actually happened.  In some of them they DID come in all wrathful and angry: angelic hosts with flaming swords of righteous vengeance.  In these realities there was a great battle between the STO and the STS.  But that didn’t work out very well for anyone.  Everyone just got hurt and no one got was helped.  That is a game that, once started, has no end.  War causes fear and pain.  Fear and pain breeds loathing.  Loathing causes war.  Round and round you go.  And seeing as the STO beings wanted to help the Darklanders, not hurt them, this didn’t serve their best interests at all.

There is second set of time-lines in which the STO beings came into this reality as good, kind and benevolent demi-gods.  They didn’t fight with the STS beings.  They caused no harm and waged no war.  What they did was to be in their power and do all they could to help the Darklanders.  Great, kind, benevolent gods who taught and helped and healed and did endless services of goodness.

Z: Ah!  A better approach!

J-D: Maybe.  But, in the final analysis, not much more successful than just waging war.

Z: No way!  How come?

J-D: Well this way round the Darklanders just stopped doing for themselves.  They saw that it was pointless for them to even try to do anything.  There were the good gods and the bad goods.  If you managed to appeal to the good gods you had good things happen to you.  If you angered the bad gods then bad things happened to you.  In this way the Darklanders decided that they had no power whatsoever and simply ceased trying.  And so the STO beings failed to help them to ascend into the Brightlands.  The Darklanders just said “we are not like you.  You are gods.  We are powerless.  We will serve you and you can do these things for us.”  And no matter how much the STO beings professed that they were actually the same and that the Darklanders could do all the things they had done, still the Darklanders could not believe them.  Why should they?  It was complete apparent that these gods were capable of great magic and miracles and they were not.  So that too was a failure.

Then there is a third set of time-lines.  In these time-lines the STO beings saw the folly of being “above” the people.  Instead they now chose to be a part of the Darklanders.  So they entered the game by being born as babes to Darklander parents.  In these time-lines most of them would manage, in one way or another, as they grew up, to begin to remember the Brightlands.  They would remember the Light.  And then they would, as one of the Darklanders themselves, begin to help and to teach.

Z: And THIS worked out better?

J-D: To some degree.  What happened with this is that the Lightbringers quickly saw what was going on.  As these STO teachers and rescuers went about doing their thing so the Lightbringers began to loose their grip on the people.  So they made laws against the teaching of the Light.  They took the Light teachings and changed them and corrupted them so that they would again serve the purpose of the Lightbringers in keeping the people trapped, in keeping them servile, in keeping them serving the interests of the Lightbringers.  What they succeeded in doing is driving the teachings of the Light underground.  Secret groups were gathered.  There, in these little secret schools, the mysteries of WHAT IS, were taught.  And so the word was spread.  Sometimes a teacher would rise up and become a bit noisier.  Sometimes he’d gather enough followers to disturb the status quo.  Always he and his rebellion would be put down by the Lightbringers with force and violence.  But by then his message would have gotten out and more people would have been conscientised.  And so it was that this way of being did some good.  But it wasn’t ultimately successful either.  Still most people believed that only the gods were able to create their reality.  Only the gods could take you to the Brightlands or deny you admission.  STILL most of them failed to understand the truth that each goes to the Brightlands because THEY are ready to do so.  Because they have gained self-mastery.  They ascend to become ascended masters because they are willing and able to create this for themselves.  Only a minuscule percentage got this and only a minuscule percentage were able to ascend.

And that is where the second part to the Darklanders story would end.  There would be a long-running, complex interaction of those that had chosen Service To Self, those that had chosen Service To Other and those that remained Undecided.

Z: Undecided?  Who was undecided?

J-D: The Darklanders themselves.  They are the ones that had failed to choose either STS or STO.

Z: Oh sorry, blonde moment.  I get it.  So why does the story end there?

J-D: Well, in reality it doesn’t.  It just goes round and round and round.  And round.  This time line is actually not a line, it is a circle.  So the end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the end…  At each “ending” there is a harvest of all the Undecided who eventually reach a decision point.  They stop being Undecided and then ascend to the next level where they become either STO or STS or, very rarely the third type of Brightlander.

Z: Oh yes!  I’d forgotten that there was still a third type.  What do THEY do?

J-D: It isn’t QUITE time to introduce them to the story yet.  I first need to finish completely with Part Two of the Darklander story.  I was saying there is an event at the end of each cycle.  It is called the harvest.  This is when those that have made a choice, cease to be Undecided and they ascend to the Brightlands.  Usually this is quite a small percentage of the Darklanders.

Z: So, over time there are less and less Undecided.

J-D: There would be.  Except of course this is not a closed system.  Beings from elsewhere might decide this is a good place to come to learn about themselves.  To come and experience life here in the Darklands.  From a certain perspective it can be seen that this is a very beautiful and elegant game.  You can enter at the bottom as a newcomer to the game who is Undecided.  You can remain Undecided for as long as you like and then, when you have checked it out properly, you can decide which you want to be: STO or STS or the third type (still getting to that!) and then you move up to that.  And if you choose STO or STS you can play as that for as long as you like and when you are done with that, you can ALSO still choose the third type.  And what is unique about the third type is that this is the only type which can choose to leave the game altogether or continue to play.  But before we finally get into what exactly the third type is, let’s take a moment and admire the beauty of this system.  Can you see how it is something that can go round and round forever?  The Undecided Darklanders, the STO Lightbringers and the STS Rescuers together get themselves locked into a dance.  They form a triangle: the Darklanders playing the role of victim, Lightbringers playing the role of perpetrator and STO beings playing the role of rescuer.  And once that pattern is set up it can go round and round forever.  It is an internally conflicted game that just goes on and on.  Individual souls can enter the game at the beginning, move up through the game into STS or STO (and very often one and then the other) and then eventually the third type.  And then, if they like, they can leave the game from the third type.

Z: Okay I simply CANNOT anymore.  Please tell me what in goodness name IS the third type?

J-D: I was wondering how long before your curiosity overcame you .  Alright, I shall tell you and then you can see if it all makes sense.  The third type of Brightlander is what I am going to call the Unifiers.  They are the ones that KNOW that All is One.  They know that they are, each of them, STO and STS and Undecided.  All of that, none of that and at the same time so much more than that.  They know when they look at another being that there can be no judgement because they see that being as another self.  They therefore know that all is perfect.  They have really and truly seen the Light.  Not the first bit of Light seen by the others in the Brightlands, no, the depths of Light that shines from the heart of every being which is that being’s connection to Prime Source.  When such a being looks at you they do not see your temporary situation: your foibles, your self-limiting illusions, your fears… no, they look into your heart and they see God there!  As they do when they look at themselves, of course.  God is everywhere when you look with the eyes of a Unifier.  And they can also, of course, see that they have been, in this game, the Undecided, they have been STO and they have been STS.  They will therefore not stand in judgement of any of these.  And it is with these, the Unifiers, that we start the next level of the story of the Darklanders…

Z: Whew!  This is turning into a huge and complex story!

J-D: You have no idea how complex it actually is.  I have taken HUGE liberties compressing things and lumping things together so that this story can be told.

Z: So this story is true?

J-D: All stories are true.  All stories are fiction.  Both of these statements can be true depending on your perspective.  This story is just a story, a fairy-tale, if you like.  But it represents aspects of that which has occurred and continues to occur in your world in an interesting way.  In a way which will, I hope, lead you to think about things.  Lead you to ask new questions, come to new conclusions.  It is about suggesting to you a way to understand the situation without tugging on the fear and anger strings.  Without dragging you through the misery of doom and gloom.  Because those things do not serve my agenda.  They serve the agenda of those that will keep you here playing the game in their service.

But onwards now…

The Story of the Darklanders, Part 3

The thing to understand about the third group, the Unifiers, is that they do not frame themselves in terms of who they serve.  They don’t necessarily serve themselves OR the “other”.  They know the “other” and the “self” are, ultimately the same being.  They know that what you do to the “other” you automatically and directly do to the self.  So while they are good and loving and kind as a rule (because that is what they would want done to themselves) such beings would not automatically swing into a mode of either serving themselves OR serving others.  The whole notion of “service” was not of immediate importance to them at all.  Instead what usually drives such a being is pure expression of the self.  The understanding for a Unifier is that each and every particle of the Oneness is absolutely and completely unique.  And if each one were to find that which is their greatest bliss and simply express THAT then all would be well.  Because, you see, no two beings anywhere are ever the same.  So no two beings greatest bliss would be exactly the same.  So no two Unifiers would be doing the same thing the same way.  So each one would be loved and cherished for that unique thing that IT has to offer.  And what IT has to offer would be the perfectly needed thing SOMEWHERE.

For the Unifiers there is no scarcity and no competition.  There is balance and perfection.  And instead of springing into action these beings would choose instead to simply BE.  To explore and SEE. To journey into the heart of God and find that which calls to them to do.  And then they’d express themselves in pure love and joy.

Z: That sounds beautiful.  But there is something I really don’t understand.  How can you KNOW yourself to be ONE with everyone and everything else without losing yourself.  I mean I understand the oneness conceptually but if it is literally true as a fact of your being that there is no separation between you and any other being… then how can you still be YOU?

J-D: You are concerned about individuality.  About losing your identity.  Let me take a moment out of the Darklanders story for a quick diversion.  Can you remember in our first conversation… in chapter 2 of this work I promised to tell you about “The Rainbow Metaphor”?

Z: Oh yes.  Now that you mention it, that rings a bell.

J-D: Well here it is…

The Rainbow Metaphor

Imagine you are one of the colours of a rainbow.  You and all your brother and sister colours might SEEM to be individual and separate up there in the sky.  But are you?

Z: Oh, I see.  No.  The colours are continuous aren’t they?

J-D: Yes, what you are seeing is actually an even, continuous spread of light frequencies.  YOU, the observer, decide in your mind to lump a selection of these together and call this bit a band of yellow and that bit a band of green, for example.  But there is no place where one colour stops and another starts.  There isn’t in any real sense a “band” of any colour whatsoever except that you might perceive it as such.

Z: So you are saying all the colours are really one bright white light.  They just seem like separate colours up there in the sky.  And from that, we can understand how a being might perceive itself as having a different or unique nature but at the same time know that it is actually also a part of the ONE bright white light.

J-D: I like how you’ve put that.  Yes.  But we can wring another pleasant little observation out of the rainbow analogy.  How about the fact that, of course, there IS NO RAINBOW there.  It is all an illusion.  There is light.  There is moisture.  The interplay between these two things results in you believing you are seeing these colours in the sky. But what are you REALLY seeing?  Are you seeing raindrops?  Or are you seeing sunbeams?

Z: Both, I guess.

J-D: But then why would a different person at a different location see the rainbow also at a different location?  Understand that two people standing a few meters apart are actually seeing the light play off different raindrops.  What I am suggesting is that there is a third component.  The light, the moisture and… YOU.  Your absolutely unique perspective is the third component.  To every observer the rainbow will look a little different.  It will, for one obvious thing, be in a different location depending on where the observer is standing.

Z: And the great spiritual truth we get from this is…

J-D: Seems I must do all the work.  Okay.  Let’s go back to you and all your brother and sister colours.  You do not exist in a vacuum.  You have your own experiences but each and every observer… every being you interact with… sees you slightly differently.  You are created again in the mind of every other that you will ever have an interaction with.  And THIS is actually something that should be deeply pondered.  I want you to think about this because it is a very important notion that will crop up again in our dialogue as it unfolds.

Z: Wait a minute.  But then… if I am me.  Let’s say I’m the colour yellow in this rainbow.  And a hundred people see me and they each see me slightly differently then… which version of me is me?

J-D: That’s one interesting point.  Another is: do they see you as YOU are?  Or do they see you as THEY are?

Z: Oh, right!  We’ve come back round to THAT.

J-D: Yes we have.  But I hope you can see from the Rainbow Metaphor that it is very possible to have your own unique and individual identity with it’s own characteristics and nature and yet to still be absolutely aware of your oneness with all the other colours AND even to be aware of your oneness with all observers AND your oneness with all other phenomena that make up your existence.

Z: Wow, yes.  That’s very cool, thank you.

J-D: And now we need to get back to our parable, don’t we.

Z: Sheesh! Yes.  This is turning into an epic conversation!  So, okay, we were saying that there were these Unifiers who believed that all was One.  And so they didn’t rush off to be of service to anyone particularly.  They just observed stuff and hung around.

J-D: They were engaged in BEing and in observing What Is.  Yes.

Z: Didn’t they get bored?

J-D: Very, very far from it.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  The less you DO and the more you simply BE the closer you are to God.  By that I mean your experience of yourself elevates and you are able to be a greater and greater version of yourself.  You are able to expand your consciousness.  The most magnificent transcendent and blissful experiences that people ever have in deep meditation comes from being truly still.  From not even thinking a single thought.  From just Being.

Z: So okay then.  In practical terms.  What did these unifiers experience?

J-D: One can’t lump all their experiences together.  What they would experience would depend on what they were creating.  But let’s make it a bit easier.  Let’s pick one of them and see what he experienced, shall we?

Z: Okay.  Do we have a name for him?

J-D: Alright.  Let’s call him… Happy.

Z: Happy?  Like one of the seven dwarves?

J-D: If you like.  Or Happy like Joy or Joy-Divine, maybe?

Z: Oh right!  Is this story about you then?

J-D: It is a parable.  A story which illustrates something about life.  It is about all of us.

Z: Okay.  Please continue.  What did Happy experience?

J-D: Well, you see Happy was the kind of being that loved life.  Loved experiences.  Loved seeing and knowing about things.  He found joy in all these experiences.  Which is why we are calling him “Happy”.  That is what he was and happiness is what he pursued.  So when he first ascended the scaffolding and arrived in the Brightlands he looked around himself and was astounded at the beauty he saw.  He allowed himself to be really still and just appreciate all the beauty.  He found, after some time that he was able to get even brighter and see even more.  He began to find that by closing his eyes and releasing his intent he could have some truly wondrous experiences.  And then, on a day, he had a breakthrough.  He discovered another new level of existence.

Z: You mean above the Brightlands?

J-D: In a manner of speaking.  He came to the realisation that the Brightlands are bright, not because of the PLACE but because the inhabitants have a certain level of awareness.  This meant to him that, obviously, it wasn’t the Darklands that were dark or the Brightlands that were bright.  What was different was the beings choosing to experience them; their level of consciousness and the truths they held about themselves.  And so he desired an even greater truth.  He realised it didn’t lie above, beyond or outside of himself.  He realised the change would come from within just as it actually had when he and the others ascended to the Brightlands.  So he sat still and looked within.  He stilled his mind and waited on the Light.  It took him some time to get the discipline right but he eventually did arrive at a new level of awareness.  Inside of himself he found whole new realities.  He found a new level of being.  He found a place where he was not so much a being with some inner-light as a being actually made of pure light!  And there… inside himself… he could interact with other beings of light.  He and they all played and loved and created together.  They were one but separate.

Z: Like the rainbow.

J-D: Exactly.  At last at this level he really was experiencing himself as a colour of the rainbow that is one with all the other colours… yet still individual.

Z: And what happened then?

J-D: Well, we could now say “he lived happily ever after”, and that would be true.  We could also say “he got EXACTLY what he created” because that is ALWAYS true.  But then the story would be a bit unfinished.  You see at this level of reality that he had now attained… at this light-body level, he was also aware of countless other realities.  He and the other light beings created an infinite number of them and played in these creations.  And he was also aware of yet other realities that he wasn’t a part of creating, but was able to explore and see what others had created.  And then, also, he was aware of HIMSELF as a being that lived in many, many realities.  Realities beyond number hosted him in one way or another.  And all of these were RIGHT NOW for him.

Z: How can that be?

J-D: Well, you know the thing you call “remembering”?  For him it wasn’t an attempt to try to bring something to mind.  No.  For him it was to be right there in the moment he desired to remember.  Like if you were trying to remember your childhood and then suddenly you WERE THERE.  Suddenly you were a three year old boy in your mother’s garden playing on the swing.  It was like that for him.  Except of course he had access to, literally, an infinite number of “lives” in an infinite number of realities.

Z: Like many, many incarnations?

J-D: Yes.  Sort of.  I put “lives” in quotes because most of them were experiences completely different from what you understand as a lifetime.  Other realities entirely.

Z: Hard to explain then?

J-D: Very.  Maybe we can try for that some other time.  The point here is that Happy was able to shift himself at will from a state of BEing, in which he was in the seat of his own inner bliss and perfect KNOWING into any one of an infinite number of states of DOing and experiencing at will.  And this he did.  And it was wondrous and beautiful.  And of course he became aware of himself as something much larger than that too.  But that is another story.  To come back to THIS story I will simply say this… Happy held within his consciousness a memory.  He remembered the Darklands.  He remembered being there.  In so doing he came to be in the presence of other light beings that were also remembering this.  They remembered the pain of calling out for help.  They remembered and they were there together.  In their truest light bodies they were there.

Z: In the Darklands?

J-D: Yes.

Z: What did they do?

J-D: You haven’t been paying attention, have you?  They did NOTHING remember?  All they did was BE there.

Z: Oh wow!  That’s so cool!  They went back to themselves and rescued themselves!

J-D: Rescued?  I don’t think they quite “rescued” themselves.  They loved themselves.  They went to be there with the memory of Self and this time round they saw there was not just a few time-lines and a few parts to this story.  This time they were able to see with sufficient clarity to see that there was an infinite number of versions of the story, each with and infinite number of time-lines.  And they saw that in one of the versions of the story ALL the beings… the Darklanders, the STO beings, the STS beings, the Unifiers… all of them… found a way back to the Oneness.  They each did so in their own way.  In one version of the story or another they all found their way home.  And yet… there is also always sufficient intersection of stories in which sufficient of them DO NOT find the Oneness that the story can still play out.

Z: Uh.  Wow.  But… sorry… I don’t quite get that.

J-D: You are inside of time and so you are constrained to think in terms of linear time.  But let me explain.  Outside of time a being can be in as many places as it likes.  It can be in the Darklands reality and also Home with the Oneness.  Such a being then can play many roles.  It can be a hard-hearted Realist and at the same time a starry-eyes Dreamer and at the same time a Brightlander and at the same time Light Being.  And many, many other things besides.  So if this is so then there is no contradiction.  It is merely a matter of perspective.  And so it is for you too.  Right now you hold the rather interesting perspective of being just one human being on planet earth.  But you are many other things besides including being me, Joy-Divine.  And at some level each and every person on earth is also a Light Being than knows the Oneness of All.  And at some level each and every person on earth actually IS God.

Z: Wow.  Big concept that.

J-D: It’s going to take a little work for you to get this properly.  But there is no rush we will keep chatting and keep looking at this in new and different ways until it works for you.  If that is what you want, of course.

Z: Oh yes, I do.  If I don’t get it it’s just because I want help.  Not because I don’t want to.

J-D: Indeed.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be here now talking to you.

Z: So… wait a minute.  This was supposed to be about the “Implications of the Oneness”.  I get that we have been talking about that.  That all is perfect and so on.  But…

J-D: But you want me to actually talk about that which is promised in the heading.

Z: Yes please.

J-D: Good.  That was coming next.

Z: Excellent.

J-D: What I wanted to illustrate is that there are many levels of existence here in this reality you inhabit.  There is the deepest level… the one you currently reside in… at which you can absolutely forget that you are One.  There is a level or two above this at which it is still possible not to know of the oneness if that is what you choose.  But one can only go inwards so far before one is forced to confront and accept this fact… All is really and truly One.  If you refuse to look at this and refuse to make it true for yourself then you can continue on for as long as you wish in a state of separation and duality.  There are many amazing things you can and many wondrous experiences you can have but it is a simple fact that you will never graduate beyond a certain point.  When, on the other hand, you do graduate beyond that point you gain access to infinite realms beyond.

Z: So let me understand this… beings that do not believe in the Oneness of All get what they believe.  They get separation.

J-D: Yes.

Z: And this limits them.

J-D: Yes.  Being One with God obviously makes you infinitely more powerful than being separate.  Ironically when you ARE One with God then those that believe they are not one with God are also one with you.

Z: Huh?

J-D: Hard to understand, I know.  But let’s take yourself as an example.  You are within me.  All your experiences are mine too.  You can believe you are separate from me if you want but I know you are not.  I know that you are an aspect of me that is perfectly fulfilling your role in bringing me the experiences that I desire.  You cannot but be serving my agenda.  If you don’t want to recognise that fact then you can serve my agenda whist choosing loneliness and pain.  Or you can recognise the fact and harmonise yourself with me and realise that I too am serving YOUR agenda and you can then travel in loving unity and joy.

So it’s an important realisation.  EVERYTHING is one with God and within God.  Even those that cannot see this for themselves.  And those that cannot see this are out of harmony and feel they are fighting an uphill battle to achieve anything.  Those that do choose to see this suddenly awaken to a whole infinite, unending reality packed full of beings that wish to work with them and co-create with them.  They awaken to their true power and gifts and they find themselves surrounded by others whose true power and gift complement theirs perfectly.

Z: This begins to make sense to me now.

J-D: Well come back to this as many times as you need.  What I want you to understand is that there is a “level” of consciousness in your reality at which all beings know their essential Oneness.  Inside these beings are the ones that do not know this.

Z: Okay.

J-D: Well the ones that do not know of their oneness might hurt and even kill one another but the Bright Ones that know of their oneness know that this is just a very temporary, illusory experience going on.  They know that these are like two actors that are pretending to kill each other but there is in reality nothing but love between them.  For the Light Beings this is so.  They love each other because they are One.  At this level of reality they know it is actually impossible to really desire to hurt each other.  For them they know that to hurt another is to hurt the self.  Truly.  For them there is no difference.  Whatever such a being does to another they do instantly to themselves.

Z: Because they are one being?

J-D: Yes!  Exactly.  One that is also many.  Many that is truly One.

Z: So at this level you wouldn’t find ugliness.  I mean no one would attack or hurt another.  No one would try to manipulate or take from another, right?

J-D: It could only happen if both parties agreed to it all up front.

Z: Does that ever happen?

J-D: Oh yes!  How do you think your world can be as it is?  How can it be that within these Light Beings there are manifestations that are doing all these things to each other?  It is all agreed to in advance.  There is always a contract.

Z: If one person hurts or manipulates another then their Light Being has agreed to this?

J-D: Yes.  That is what I am saying.  You on earth are within us.  You are our creations and we are yours.  We jointly create the whole world you are experiencing.  You bring certain experiences towards yourself with your thoughts and beliefs.  With your ideas about yourselves.  We are a part of that.  We do all manner of facilitation so that all proceeds, in a greater sense, exactly according to plan.

Z: Something doesn’t rhyme here.  What about Free Will?

J-D: Oh you have Free Will alright!  We do all this facilitation precisely so that everyone does have Free Will.  So that no-one’s Free Will is abrogated.

Z: Explain?

J-D: Well what if you, by your thoughts, your choices and your beliefs, were creating for yourself a circumstance in which you wanted to feel what it is like to be a perpetrator?  Let us say you wanted to do some crime in which you felt like you gained some power over someone.  As a part of your soul-journey you chose that.  Then how would we accomplish this?  We’d have to find a partner for you… someone that is willing to be the other half of that transaction.  There will be someone out there that, for reasons of their own, chooses to see what it is like to be a victim.

Z: You are saying people that have bad stuff happening to them have chosen this?

J-D: Yes.  This is often the point at which people balk.  They often walk away from the truth of this because they are unable to accept that they themselves have created the “bad things” that have happened to them.  Immediately they will want to fling back at me “what about the child that was raped?” or some such equally horrific experience.  They will insist that there is no way that this was chosen by that person.

Z: And you are saying it was?

J-D: Yes.  I know it will take a lot for some to accept this.  This is why a message such as mine is not for everyone.  Not everyone is ready to hear this message.  Many still need for there to be an “evil other”.  They want and need to believe that there are evil beings outside of themselves that create all the bad that happens in the world.  They want to remain victims of their circumstances.  And this is perfectly okay.  If people want to stay at that level of realisation for a while then there is nothing wrong with that.  But I am offering another thought.  I am saying something quite simple:  YOU are the creator of your own reality.  If this is so then obviously you cannot also be a victim of your reality!  “Victim” and “Creator” are two opposite states.  I am saying you already ARE the creator of your reality.  You have chosen to forget this so that you can play the game you are now playing.  You can keep this forgotten if you like.  Then you are creating “I am not the creator of my reality”.  And if you are creating that then you are also creating “I am the victim of my circumstances”.  And if you are creating that you will experience that because…

“You always get EXACTLY what you create for yourself.”

And so you will create for yourself opportunities to experience victimhood.  Hence the so-called “bad stuff” that you allow to happen to you.  You will keep getting such experiences until you have a new thought about this… until you decide to take back your power and stop being a victim.  Until you decide to take responsibility and become a creator.  And when you DO, these things will begin to change.  The more you believe you are the creator of your reality the more you will experience that.  The more you will see all things that you experience as being a direct result of your choices.

Z: Like the “Light” in the parable!

J-D: Ah, yes!  And now you too are beginning to see the Light!

Z: Ha!  I like the word play.  So, if we believe we are victims then we will get victim experiences as negotiated by our Inner Selves.

J-D: Right.

Z: Until we are ready to discover that we have created all these experiences and rise above them and begin to create experiences that we like more.

J-D: Correct.

Z: Then we become, ever more powerfully, the creators of our own reality.

J-D: Yes.

Z: But what about the children.  I mean, you used the example of a child that is raped.  Surely it is unfair to expect a young child to make the choice to transcend its victim status?

J-D: This is an emotionally charged issue and I can easily comprehend why this is difficult for you.  But you must understand that a child is no more and no less an expression of a spirit being than an adult is.  You yourself had a pretty horrific experience as a handicapped child in one of your other lives.

Z: Yes.  I have shared this with our readers in Chapter 1.

J-D: Well, when you eventually come to understand your story correctly you will begin to see the symmetry in your choices.  You will see how these lives all balance each other out and how these experiences were all brought to you as a result of the choices you took and the decisions you made.  You experienced being and sexual predator in one lifetime and you experienced being sexually predated upon in another.  Remarkably enough you will even come to understand that your perpetrator and your victims are all of them from within the same Light Being.  In other words you and this other Light Being exchanged roles so that both of you could really and truly understand what this was about by experiencing it for yourself first hand.  As a result of this you now come to a place where you can feel profound empathy for those that are deep in a victim state because you were there AND you also find compassion for offenders because you know that you too are capable of being an abuser.  That is one result of the choices you have taken.  The point to remember here is:

“If you cannot see the perfection then you are standing too close to the picture.”

Z: Oh, wow, yes!  I remember that.

J-D: And it can most poignantly be illustrated with the horror of an innocent, like a child for example, going through some abusive experience.  We look at this and it just seems so very wrong.  So very unfair.  So unaccountably incongruent with their being a loving God.  And how can I tell you that you are wrong if you feel this?  I cannot.  But I can tell you that there will come a time when you will stand back enough from the picture that you will see the perfection.  And I can also tell you that, if I say this to you when it is YOUR child that has been abused, you will say “NEVER!”  And you will think me a monster for even suggesting this.

That is how these things go.

Beings choosing a victim status are by definition not able to see that they are doing this.  If they were then they would realise they are creating their own reality and would no longer be victims.  Bit of a catch-22 situation, really.  The only way out is for you to make a choice.  To decide to claim responsibility and to decide to be the creator of your own reality and to take the time to allow that to become true for you.

But it’s not something that everyone will be able to hear, that is for certain.

Z: And what about the perpetrators?  Surely they aren’t aware that they are the creators of their own reality?

J-D: No.  Excellent question though.  Remember in the parable I said there was a triangle of Victim/ Perpetrator/ Rescuer.

Z: I do.

J-D: Well that is how things appear to those that are not Creators of their own reality.  It appears to them that they are always in one of these three roles with respect to each other.  But this is not how it appears from a higher perspective.  From a higher perspective there is only Creator and Victim.

Z: What happens to the Rescuer and the Perpetrator?

J-D: If you look at them hard enough you will also just see victims.  I challenge you to go and find any number of perpetrators.  Look at their stories properly.  You’ll find, I promise you, that they came to act as perpetrators because they believed themselves to be victims.  It is as a result of their own belief in their own victimhood that they acted out as they did.

Z: Always?

J-D: Always.  The worst criminal offenders in your jails all have the worst childhood circumstances.  They are all traumatised in their own psyches.  If their psyche was healed and loved then they would express this to the world around them.  They would not act out aggression upon the world.

Z: I guess that is so.  Okay.  What about the rescuer?

J-D: This is also a victim but quite often it is the last step before someone releases themselves from victimhood.  It is a way to still engage with the Victim/ Perpetrator game whilst not actively being either of those.  You see before you can leave Victim/ Perpetrator behind you will need to heal yourself of the pain and trauma that you feel was inflicted upon you whilst you were in that game.  You can do so by trying to help others in similar circumstances.  You can turn you pain around… make it something beautiful… overcome it by being a beacon of love.  For example a rape victim might establish a counselling and advocacy group.  You often find this – the people that originate such initiatives were victims who stood up and took back their power.  Or sometimes even perpetrators that decided to make amends.  Beings that want to be done with Victim/ Perpetrator often go through a cycle of Rescuer before they leave the game behind.
There are other reasons for rescuer too. Sometimes the rescuer simply wishes to feel “noble”.  They wish to earn self-love through doing good deeds.  Often this results in a kind of interfering rescuer which the victim doesn’t really appreciate.
Another case would be a reformed perpetrator.  For example a husband who for yours committed spousal abuse might start a “men’s group” in which these men support each other in finding was to deal with their issues of rage and disempowerment.
There are many permutations of this and I cannot elucidate all of them.  I simply make the case that Victims, Perpetrators and Rescuers are all of them still in a state of believing that they are all ultimately victims.

Creator beings, on the other hand, know that everyone is a creator being.  That all is perfect. That there is nothing and no one that needs to be fixed.  It is always perfect.

Z: But that sounds uncaring and callous to me.

J-D: Why?

Z: Well that means, if I see someone in pain I should ignore them and just say “oh, you created this for yourself”.

J-D: You COULD.  But remember in every moment, in every thought and in every action you are creating yourself and your reality.  If you are a creator being then you know this.  So if you see someone else’s pain then you are actually experiencing it somewhat yourself.  You must decide what you are going to do with that.  You must choose.

Z: But…

J-D: No stay with me a minute.  You, where you are at now, living on earth, you do not KNOW the Oneness of all.  No matter how advanced your consciousness.  By definition, in order for you to be on earth you MUST see others as just that: as other.  You are not yet of true unity consciousness.  If you were you would be here with me.  Not down there on earth.  So you might accept the things I say in an intellectual way but you are not yet experiencing it as your reality.  Am I right?

Z: Yes.  That is so.

J-D: So you are still seeing this other that is in pain as an “other”.  You are still called to decide what to do with that.  And your response to that call will define who you are in that moment.

Z: Ugh!  Now I am confused.  What then must I do? Must I help everyone or must I let them create for themselves?

J-D: Ah.  Now we get to the ethics and the morals.  Good.  Remember this is where it all started?  You said you wanted to know what it might mean morally and ethically to understand that All is One?

Z: Ah yes.  That feels like a million pages ago!

J-D: Quite.  We have been on a bit of a journey since then.  In order to answer this question I am going to ask you to think back on the story of the Darklanders.  There were beings of many different levels of consciousness in that story.  There were the Darklanders who were lost in their darkness.  There were the Brightlanders of which there were three types:  the duality-conscious STO and STS beings and the unity-conscious Unifiers.  Of all of these it is only the Unifiers that knew the oneness of all.  And so, if you want to understand the morality of unity consciousness then you should read again how the Unifiers behaved.

Unifiers know that you and they are essentially the same being.  They therefore look at you with the eyes of love and compassion.  They do not see you or your choices as “wrong”.  They do not judge you.  If you call for help then unifiers will come to your assistance in a way that IN THEIR TRUTH is the best way to do so.  That DOES NOT MEAN they will rush in and rescue you.  It does not mean they will give you anything and everything you ask for.  Because very often the very thing you are begging for is the thing that is causing you the most harm.  They will help you as they themselves would wish to be helped.

I’ll give you a practical example:  If you say to me “please J-D fix my life because it’s a mess” and I rush in and fix it up for you then what are you and I really saying?  We are saying that you are incapable and that you are NOT the creator of your reality.  Right?  But you see I KNOW that you are me and I am you.  So I am therefore saying that I TOO am incapable and not the creator of MY reality.  Which then makes it impossible for me to help you.  So nothing happens.  You see?

Z: That’s pretty cute!  Okay.  So you can only help me in a way that is congruent with your truth.

J-D: Exactly!  And my truth is that All is One with God and everyone, whether they know it or not, creates their own reality.  I cannot go about doing anything to you or for you in a way that negates that truth.  So the help I can and will offer you will be in the form of assistance that helps you to help yourself.  That enables you to more powerfully understand that you are the creator of your own reality.  That gives you the tools to stand up and take the things you don’t like in your life and create them differently until they are the way you DO like.

Z: Ah!  And that is why the Light in the parable is the way it is.  It doesn’t come in and change stuff and make stuff the way IT would want it to be.  It is just there to be used by those that chose it to create things differently as THEY would want.

J-D: Exactly so.  That is exactly the point of the whole parable.  You see the light is not there to judge anyone wrong.  It is not there because IT thought the Darklanders were bad or wrong or incapable.  Remember how it got there?  It got there because many of the Darklanders themselves were calling out for help.  They called out and what essentially turns out to be an aspect of themselves replies because it remembered its own inner-pain.  No judgement.  Just an answer to a call.  And the answer does not come in the form or a Rescuer nor in the form of a Perpetrator.  We can see what happens with such answers… they just keep the cycle going.  No, the answer comes in the form of a gently offered gift which each person can accept or refuse.  And even if they refuse it there is no judgement.  It remains there for them to accept later.  And when they do accept it there is no demands about what they must do with it.  They can always create exactly what they desire and they will always get what they create.  So they can even use the Light that is offered to create pain for themselves and others.  If that is their choice then they will continue to get what they create.  And this will go on until they are ready to see that this does not bring them love or joy or peace.

To know the Oneness of All is to gain a much broader perspective.  It is to see the perfection of all things.  And then you cease judging others and begin instead to simply discern what is right, good and true FOR YOU.  Then you go where your truth takes you instead of being blown around by judgement of what is going on around you.

Okay.  Now we are still very far from being done with talking about the Oneness and what it means.  But I feel I have laid some important ground-work.  I want to ask you one simple question.  Given that which I have laid out in this conversation do you think a knowing of the Oneness is likely to lead to unethical or immoral behaviour?

Z: No.  I want to thank you for this conversation.  Because I can really see that beings that are of unitary-consciousness will only ever desire what is best for every other being.  It seems to me they will by definition be the most loving of beings.  And that they will never be able to do something that they know to be harmful to another.

J-D: Okay.  Then I have answered the question from the end of Chapter 5 which is what we set out to do in this Chapter.  And now that I have done so, I want to conclude with by making another little point.  Can you remember a few pages back you were in turmoil about how this conversation was all going wrong?  About how you had wasted time in this chapter with irrelevant questions?

Z: Yes, I remember.

J-D: Well in your mind at that point the wasted conversation was basically the Darklanders story.  You wanted an answer to the moral and ethical implications of knowing the Oneness of all and you felt that we had taken a HUGE tangent that was just a waste of time.  But now I want to make the point that not only did the Darklanders story form the basis for a very good understanding of the implications of the Oneness but that we have laid the groundwork for many other future understandings.  I am saying we have not only done what we set out to do but have also achieved many other beautiful things besides.  You gained an answer to your question and it brought a richness of understanding way beyond what you expected.  Am I right?

Z: Yes.  That is most certainly so.  This particular conversation has been my favourite so far.  I’m sure I will re-read it many times

J-D: That’s a good idea.  I suggest you re-read it soon.  You will find I have planted understandings in it that will open up for you if you give it another pass or two.  That is how much more rich this chapter is than it would be if we just got down to brass tacks and I directly answered your question as you thought I might.

Z: Oh wow, I can certainly see the beauty and the perfection in that.

J-D: And that is because,

“At the level of Oneness, all things always conspire to the greatest good.”

Which is another way of saying,

“Everything is always perfect.”

And at the risk of flogging this one to death:

“If you cannot see the perfection then you are standing too close to the picture.”

Z: That is awesome, J-D!  Thanks for bringing this all home so powerfully for me.  But there is something that really bothers me about all this.

J-D: And that is…?

Z: That it’s all good and well for you to talk about all this oneness stuff but… well… here I am on planet earth doing my best to figure stuff out, doing my best to be a good person, doing all this spiritual questing… but still I am separate from you and God and everything else!  I mean I HEAR what you are saying.  But for me this stuff is all still just theoretical.  It is not my direct personal experience that All is One.

J-D: And is that a problem for you?

Z: GOOD GOD YES!!!  I feel in my heart a craving for this.  I want to know the oneness of all.  And talking to you has just deepened that desire.  But still I don’t experience it.  I mean I have had some awesome experiences in some meditations but STILL here I am separate from you and from God and everyone else.

J-D: And so?  Do you have a question?

Z: Yes.  I want to know how I get to experience this… how do I get to know as a direct fact of my own experience that I am absolutely and completely One with All That Is?

J-D: I am SO glad you asked that question.  It is the perfect question.  Because the very reason I am here now in this reality at all is tied to the answer to that question.  You see there are a great many paths home to the Oneness of All.  Some are painful to travel.  Some are long and hard.  Some are really treacherous and you easily lose your way.  Many seem to have nothing but dead ends.  But fortunately not all paths are like that.  Some are a bit easier.  And there is one particular path which is full of Joy and is all about Love and is remarkably easy to find.  But you must choose which path you would like.  So, I ask you, what kind of path would you like to travel?

Z: You’re kidding right?  If I get to choose then I will always choose to travel in as much love and joy as I can.  And I have to admit this… I’m not REALLY into all kinds of hard work.  I mean I’d rather have it easy than hard, if it’s all the same to you?

J-D: That’s my boy!  And yes, of course I was joking with you.  I wouldn’t offer you a path that is painful and sad.  I love you!

Z: But isn’t there value to be had in doing it the “hard way”.

J-D: Look:  my name is “Joy-Divine”.  I am not “Work Ethic-Divine”.  Or some such.  I am here to inspire joy.  That’s the first point.  The second point is this: every single being that has gone into duality has created loads of hard work for themselves.  Lifetime after lifetime of hard work.  And pain and loss and suffering and so on.  You have done WAY enough of all of that.  There is absolutely NO REASON this last bit of your journey… the path home… needs to be anything other than the greatest joy of your whole existence.  That is, in fact, exactly what it is meant to be.  Now you can choose to make it miserable and tough if you want to.  But you need to know it needn’t be so.  It can be easy, love-filled and joyous.  All you have to do is choose that.

Z: Okay!  I choose that!

J-D: Good.  Then I am ready to tell you how to have that.  What you have to do is open a new conversation.  Title it “The Singularity Event” and then open the conversation by asking me “What is the Singularity Event, J-D?”

Z: Excellent.  I’ll do that.  But you have me intrigued… what is the singularity event?

J-D: …in the next chapter… you brat!

Z: Okay (laughs).  See you there…

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