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Tantra and Taoist Cosmic Connection

CHAPTER NINE: Tantra and Taoist Cosmic Connection.

From ” The Jack of All Subtle Energies” Author: Keith Darwin Rector

Love is all you need. Perhaps the greatest subtle energies are those that circulate within the body. The advantages of cultivating and circulating them are tremendous. Ancient secrets used by the great mystery schools are now becoming available to the public, which we can take advantage of them in our daily lives. You may harness the powerhouse in your body to create much more pleasure in your sex life, and to improve your spirituality. Few know how to change sexual energy into spiritual energy, but you will by the end of this chapter. Best of all, the cost is only how much of your time you wish to invest. You won’t have to purchase new bedroom toys or approach your mail box furtively.

If I said you could improve your sex life by having multiple orgasms, more sensitivity and longer periods of lovemaking you might be interested. You may find this new path you are embarking on will give you far more intense romance with all your partners in the future, and also bring improved health. This is often how Tantra is sold in the western world. It carries the connotation of intensifying sexual pleasure. Most who first encounter this see it as “SEX” only as they have never thought of sex as a powerful path to spirituality.

On the other hand, if I told you that without any help from a priest or guru you can push your spiritual advancement and connect deeply with your higher self, you might be interested. That path appeals to you if you have been turned off by churches and dogma associated with Victorian attitudes about sex being just for procreation. Tantra in the eastern countries is not about sex as much as a spiritually minded practice to enhance our reaching out to the cosmic plane with it’s wonderful benefits. To the eastern practitioner it is a spiritual tradition that works and has advantages over other methods that take longer.

The techniques for cultivating the sexual energy, for most, have never been revealed to us or our parents , therefore we have no concept of what it can do for us. If someone told me five years ago that I could have several orgasms an hour as a man, I would have thought they were into selling snake oil or Florida swamp land. Today, I will never return to “conventional” sex methods for they are now unsatisfactory. These techniques are not “kinky” or require exotic equipment but are exercises that anyone can do. If I have convinced you to try and invest the time to get there, just go to the references and pick out a book that can give you all the details. As a woman you may be interested in the lessening effects of PMS and the improved health aspects.

You can control the quality of life during both the Monthly “Curse” and strengthen muscles for child birth and love making. Look at the book “Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy. Mantak and Maneewan Chia. Healing Tao books. The most basic method brings up spiritual energies and sends some of it to your higher self and feeds them power for their benefit. When you consistently send energies to the higher self there are many advantages, better health, longevity and you become more connected with your solar Angel. In the Hawaiian Huna system the lower self sends Mana (CHI) to the higher self to accomplish a deed or request and in many magical systems the energy in the spine is vectored up to manifest things. The term Christ came from the Roman term “Christe,” having to do with bringing up energy through the spine. These all use the Nadi strands similar to the meridians in the body, but transfer and channel energies. One simple but very effective technique is covered in the Mantac Chia book series on cultivating sexual energy in the micro cosmic orbit. This should be done daily for at least 10 minutes and followed for several months, so one should make the time and discipline for this work. It will not only enhance sex, but will strengthen spirituality. This exercise is to increase longevity, health and strength. (Mantak Chia books on male energy) For a brief description of the microcosmic orbit, you can draw up the spine (through the NADI’s) sexual energy from the sex organs and loop it around the top of the head. It is then directed downward through the top of the mouth, (gate) with the tongue to the top of the mouth, it flows down the front of the body to the spleen chakra (below the naval or second chakra). Along with contracting the perineum on the in breath and drawing energy up the spine, you then relax and breath out while energy flows down the front. In this journey through the microcosmic orbit sexual energy is changed into life energy, then into spiritual energy to build a greater spirit body.

The complete technique is described in several books by Mantac Chia and Mewan Chia and through their classes on these methods. Using various techniques in these books, you can increase your internal CHI power which will magnetically attract others who have similar energies to share and have balanced friendships. When you attract those who also use the same techniques you may discover a powerful spiritual bond with lasting power. Strengthening the spirit body with energy can help when accessing energies and other dimensions for channeling. According to science we are resonators in many respects. Our bones are crystalline and resonate with a piezo-electric affect. Use your body in an new way and find the increased longevity, used secretly for centuries used by the Asian elite. I’ve also heard that some of these techniques can be found in the Bible and in other religious documents used around the world. Western Tantric practices are usually taught to those who wish to improve their sexual relations and enhance relationships. Spiritual aspects are becoming revealed more in workshops and literature, eventually, will meet up with the eastern Tantra. As this occurs, there will be more interest and the realization that sex is not the “dirty evil” that our religious foreskinless fathers pushed onto us. Many have been brain-washed into thinking sex is an animalistic urge that puts us in a class with jungle animals. The reality is that sex is probably the one thing pushed our evolution as humans further and faster than anything else by causing deep changes in the mind through stimulation and connecting us to our souls.

My personal experience with running energies from all the Planes, and having felt many energies from the planes, has shown me that the transformation of sexual energy to spiritual energy and using those practices, with sex takes you very high. Cosmic plane energies are powerful and plentiful for the disciplined follower of these methods. This does not imply that these are the only, or best, ways to approach or to reach the creator, but they are rewarding in their own way on a daily basis. No one spiritual system has all the answers, and no one path is right for everyone. Mystery schools in the past have often used sex secretly as a powerful catalyst in their energy workings. Robert Anton Wilson wrote of this when researching the Illuminati and Mason factions as well as what is being learned of the secrets of spiritual energies gained from sex. Wilson has brought more to public light than most others on the subject. Magazines such as “Tantra” also offer information on techniques and list up-to-date reviews on books and classes. Mantac Chia has several books on how to circulate, manipulate and transform energies within the body with good descriptions of these methods. Mantac has released Asian secrets hidden for centuries, previously given to the religious and ruling elite, and they are mad!

Many teachers and schools throughout time have spoon-feed students while charging a FORTUNE for these hidden secrets. In olden times, a person would be hand picked, indebted forever to attend such schools, and would swear to keep these secrets of this power. For years you would study under a master and slowly you would pick up, psychically, the abilities of the teacher and their knowledge.

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