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Videos: Aleshenka – A Tiny Creature Found in Russia

SOURCE: http://odditiesbizarre.com/aleshenka-a-tiny-creature-found-in-russia-may-actually-be-an-extraterrestrial/
Alesenkha4 Alesenkha5
Aleshenka – A Tiny Creature Found in Russia May Actually Be an Extraterrestrial

Conspiracy theorists believe that the videos, autopsy reports and photos of a tiny corpse provide definitive proof that the creature found by an elderly peasant woman was not of this world; whereas, skeptics contend that autopsy reports proving this tiny corpse was non-human were nothing more than rumors and that, in fact, these mummified remains were those of a prematurely born and severely deformed human female fetus.

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina

In the small Russian village of Kaolinovy where Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina lived, the fact that she suffered with some form of psychiatric disease was no secret. Due to her condition, Tamara’s perception of the world was somewhat peculiar: For example, she visited her local cemetery nearly every day to gather the flowers from the graves. She took them home and then used them to decorate her home.

August 13, 1996 – A Visit to the Cemetery

the dead

Initially, August 13, 1996 is just another daily visit to the cemetery, after gathering her flowers, she heads back home, eats dinner and goes to bed. All of a sudden, she hears a strange ‘voice’ in her head. This ‘voice’ asks her to return to the cemetery. Tamara obliges: she gets dressed, grabs a light and returns to the cemetery.

Upon her arrival to the cemetery, the elderly woman sees a pair of eyes staring at her. The creature began whistling quietly. As Tamara approaches the grave mound from which these huge eyes are peering, she sees a tiny creature that is approximately 9.8 inches (25 centimeters) in height. The characteristics of this creature do not resemble those common to human beings. Tamara gently picks up the tiny creature and carries it home. Once there, she begins examining it.

The Creature’s Characteristics Are Far from Human

Alyoshenka or the Kyshtym Dwarf

Its tiny head is shaped like an onion and looks as if it is composed of five petals. There are no ears to speak of, just holes where the ears should be. The creature has enormous, slanted, catlike eyes. The eyes occupy the largest part of the creature’s face.

Tamara names the creature Aleshenka (which means ‘defender of man’). Aleshenka’s skin is gray and its body is plump swaying like Jell-O. There is no hair, only dark brown spots on Aleshenka’s head. A small, flat nose allows the creature to breathe. Its dark-gray eyes have no lids and its pupils are vertical (like those of a cat): the pupils continuously narrow and expand. Its fingers are long with small sharp claws. There are no visible genitals; thus, the creature’s sex is not apparent. In addition, Aleshenka lacks a navel, which is a characteristic that every mammal on planet Earth has.

Feeding Aleshenka

Aleshenka’s mouth has no lips and resembles nothing more than a tiny hole; however, the creature is able to stretch its mouth out and has a full set of teeth. Nonetheless, its lower jaw is too small and there is an enormous scarlet tongue that occupies the majority of its mouth cavity, which made chewing extremely difficult for Aleshenka. For these reasons, Tamara is having difficulty determining how she could feed Aleshenka. She places a caramel into Aleshenka’s mouth, the creature begins sucking on the candy, she also uses a teaspoon to give it water and milk.

Directly after eating, the creature begins sweating and emits a sweet smell that soaks through the blanket, as well as the furniture. From time to time, Prosvirina wipes Aleshenka with a rag. Although, the creature does stretch its legs occasionally, it usually remains still.

A Visit from the Daughter-in-Law

Tamara began telling the villagers in her community that she got a child. Initially, the majority of people believed the child was just a figment of her imagination; nonetheless, one day her daughter-in-law came for a visit. The two sat in the kitchen and talked until Tamara stated that it was time for her to feed her child. As the daughter-in-law followed her into the other room, she sees a strange creature wrapped within a swaddling band.

Witnesses Neglect to Report Aleshenka’s Existence to Local Authorities

The daughter-in-law was not the only person to view the creature: Her mother and Vladimir Nurdinov also viewed the creature while it was still living. The daughter-in-law and her mother stated that if Aleshenka were human, they would have reported it to the police; however, the creature was not. The two women decided to let the creature be Tamara’s pet: Their thoughts were that she would take care of it, which would give her something to do.

The Death of Aleshenka

One of the villagers reported the elderly woman’s actions to psychiatrists, which led to an ambulance taking her to a psychiatric hospital. Although she continued to exclaim that she had left her baby in the house, the doctors disregarded her claims (due to her age). Sadly, none of Tamara’s relatives were aware that she was taken to the hospital and due to the lack of food and water, Aleshenka died. Aleshenka’s body dried out, which led to mummification.

Once Vladimir Nurdinov heard that his friend was hospitalized, he decided to go retrieve the creature from her home and care for it. Nurdinov was too late, Aleshenka had already perished. Even so, he decided to go ahead and take the creature’s remains to his home.

Nurdinov had previous run-ins with local law enforcement, needless to say, not much time passed before the police came to his apartment. The police accused him of stealing power in the village of Novogorny. When the police officers searched his home, they found the remains of Aleshenka. The officers believed the remains to be that of a child; therefore, they took the mummified remains to be examined.

The Medical Community Chimes-In

Needless to say, medical experts’ opinions as to what Aleshenka was vary greatly. Some experts state that the remains are that of a female fetus born prematurely at 20- to 25-weeks. If this is true, the child could only live for a few hours outside of the womb, which contradicts the witnesses’ claims that they watched Tamara care for the creature. These experts believe that radioactive contamination caused by a 1957 accident at the Mayak Plant near the village was responsible for the numerous deformities evident in the fetus’ mummified remains; whereas, others reject the idea that the remains are those of a mutant child stating that the creature has at least 20 features that distinguish it from being of human origin.

An Unofficial Investigation is Prohibited

Once the remains were returned to the police investigator, he started to research whether the mummified remains could actually be those of an extraterrestrial. Although his research was part of an unofficial investigation, his superiors prohibited him from continuing his research. At this time, the investigator decided to contact an organization that specialized in UFOs: Star Academy UFO-Contact in Zolotov Method. The academy was about 124 miles away (200 kilometers) located in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky.

Star Academy UFO-Contact in Zolotov Method

Galina Semenkova headed the organization. She came to Kyshtym and retrieved Aleshenka’s mummified remains. When the investigator attempted to contact Semenkova to inquire as to her findings, he was unable to reach her. Each time he called, her relatives would state that she went for a walk, was out shopping or away on a trip. Years later at a UFO seminar in Tokyo, she finally revealed what happened to Aleshenka’s remains. Galina states that as she traveled from Kyshtym to her town she saw a flying saucer in the sky, at which point, her engine shut down. Aliens from the UFO demanded that she hand over the remains of Aleshenka: She did so immediately.

While each reader will come to his or her own conclusion as to whether aliens actually exist, when I come across interesting stories such as this I am inclined to think back to the many hours I spent solving X-Files with Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson). At that time, who didn’t have a poster on their wall that said “I Want to Believe?”

SOURCE: http://odditiesbizarre.com/aleshenka-a-tiny-creature-found-in-russia-may-actually-be-an-extraterrestrial/









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