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First Alien Contact Is Imminent: Cosmic Awareness Communications


Editor’s Note: Toward the end of August CAC (Cosmic Awareness Communications) was sent an anonymous email announcing that First Contact from the Galactic Federation of Light would definitely occur October 14, 2008 over Alabama and last for three days. That message appears exactly as we received it. The message was traced to a Federation of Light website of Blossom Goodchild who is a well known direct voice channeling medium and author of several books. Since this entity had gone out on a limb and actually risked her reputation by giving an exact date, there was a certain energy and feeling that this announcement had validity and I forwarded the message (without comment) to the Interpreter Will Berlinghof and his energizer Joan Mills. After discussing that email they decided it should be checked out with Cosmic Awareness and what was revealed appears in the following reading.

THE ALIEN PRESENCE: An update & overview 

This issue has no copyright. Please copy it and spread this information far and wide so entities can begin to understand what is happening and not panic or be afraid.
Special Excerpt 080827 from a CAC Reading. Will Berlinghof, Interpreter, Joan Mills Energizer and Questioner
Galactic Federation of Light spaceship to appear over Alabama for 3 days continuously beginning October 14, 2008….
We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies. It shall be in the south of your hemisphere and it shall scan over many of your states.
We give to you the name of Alabama.
It has been decided that we shall remain within your atmosphere for the minimum of three of your twenty-four hour periods. During this time there will be much commotion upon your earth plane. Your highest authorities will be intruding into ‘our’ atmospherics that surround our ship. This ‘security field’ is necessary for us, as there shall take place a ‘farce’ from those in your world who shall try to deny that we come in LOVE.
We are beings from other planets, who for many eons of your time have been preparing for these days ahead.
The first question concerns the October 14 event where a ‘first contact’ by a space group was announced. The date of October 14, 2008 was given. The Interpreter and myself were discussing it and the question came up. By the way, this information was sent to us by an e-mail. We don’t have the actual name of the site but I am sure Avaton would have this.
Would you like to make any comment concerning this particular advice that contact would be made October 14. Would you also cover the part whether this is genuine or is it a test of faith or any other variables associated with it. Would you discuss this matter please?
This Awareness suggests that matter of course being referred to is that prediction that promised that there would be a first contact on October 14th of this year.
The woman making this claim seemed to be very certain of the claim, although she did not say that she herself was making the claim, for she was channeling information from that which calls itself the Federation of Light. That this Federation is the same as that which this Awareness calls the Galactic Federation. That this Awareness Itself, did in Its forecast for the year 2008, state that there would be first contact made in this year, that It even stated that it might be in the Fall of 2008, that this, therefore, is in accordance to that which this Awareness has also claimed as a possible event. Thus there is agreement that there may be a first contact in the Fall period of the year and that, in this case, an actual date has now been given. This Awareness feels that the energizer is asking It to make comment on whether this is a true prediction, an accurate prediction that it may indeed come about, or if there other variables in this matter that must be considered. Is this correct?
This Awareness suggests the problem here is that an actual date has been given and of course, if this event does not occur, there will be great disappointment. What is worse is that some may say that they cannot trust this individual or this group, this site, that the prediction was made on, thus there is a discrediting of a person or persons making such a claim. That in a way, the individual herself is putting her own reputation on the line, especially as she has written a book where she has presented other information. The problem here is that, should this event not occur on the prescribed date, October 14th, 2008, she will have put in jeopardy her own reputation, but more importantly, other information that she has channeled. It is seen by this Awareness that there is validity in this woman and in the information she has channeled. But the danger is that not only her reputation but the very essence of what is being conveyed here that there will be a first contact will be threatened, will stand risk of not being believed in the future. In some ways this is like the parable, the story of the boy, who called ‘wolf’. That the Individual from calling wolf so often lost credibility thus it was when the real event happened, nobody paid attention and the boy was gobbled up. There is not a case here yet of this individual crying wolf too often by pronouncing this date or that date. It is not seen by this Awareness that this individual is herself seeking to con the public, it is seen that she is sincere in her claim as it has been given to her.
Thus this Awareness will say that October 14th is indeed a probable date for a first contact; however, remembering what this Awareness has spoken so often in the past, do not believe everything that this Awareness says, go out, seek out the confirmation that will give credence to what this Awareness says, or will put further light on it, will substantiate it, or validate what this Awareness speaks and has spoken. This Awareness asks that the same be applied to this prediction, that the claim that there will be first contact needs to be validated from other sources as well: and also, that while the individual in sincerity has received information that this will be the date, that should this event not occur, that it be remembered that there are many variables here and that she may have been used to discredit this occurrence for it is seen by this Awareness that she is not the only one, nor is this Awareness the only Awareness or other source that has seen a possibility of a first contact. That many are actually sensing something is up, that something will present itself, that the energy is around this period in the Fall for a probable time of first contact. That while this individual has been bold enough to actually put her reputation on the line by stating a specific date, that even if this event does not occur for one reason or another on the date, what must be honored and recognized is that she had the courage to speak out, to actually say a date, to predict a date, to channel information that was giving the date to her as October 14th. There are, as this Awareness has already said, many variables, many factors that could alter this event from occurring but not to disbelieve and become a doubter because it did not happen on that date, rather to recognize that there are many other factions that would block such an action or would use such an individual to discredit the whole organization, to discredit those who believe such an event is about to occur.
Thus it is important here for each and every individual to dig deeply within themselves and to sense and feel within themselves the truth behind the claim that first contact is imminent, is ready to happen. This Awareness indicates many will feel that energy within themselves supporting this knowledge, this knowing, and will feel the imminence of the event as many are doing. The fact that this particular individual was courageous enough to actually allow information to be channeled through her that suggested an actual date and then courageous enough to put it out there should not be held against her even if she did have a book that is also coming out close to that time, that these are events that are congruent in nature, that they support each other and that there must be an understanding and an awareness to this.
Thus it is that this Awareness can state that the first contact is indeed scheduled for the Fall period of this year. That October 14th is a proposed date, a probable date, but that if there are interferences by those powers-that-be, manipulations, blocks and barriers, that there is the possibility that it will not occur on that date, but on another date.
Galactic Confederation Plans to Disrupt a Secret Plan to Create a Worldwide War that Could Destroy the Planet
It is seen also that the reason for first contact is because it is seen that there are other events that are now underway that are designed to take mankind down a pathway that is not favorable to the lifting of consciousness. That those events that are being manipulated at this time are designed to take mankind down another path, a path of destruction, violence, death, deception and that part of the reason that the alien agenda, the agenda of that which this Awareness calls the Galactic Federation is to cut off at the pass those very forces, those powers-that-be that are seeking to destroy the planet, to enslave mankind, seeking to create worldwide tension, even a worldwide war. That this is all part of the reason why the first contact is being proposed at this time, is planned at this time. It is of course an event so massive in the psyche of mankind, that it is difficult to truly get one’s mind around this proposed event.
The actual appearance of extraterrestrial beings, even though a majority of Americans do believe there are such things as ETs and UFOs, it is still another thing altogether to see them standing there in front of you, standing there on television, that the planned event for
October 14th is one where it is stated that they will not present themselves in this manner. They will simply present a mother ship and it will appear in the skies above that state known as Alabama which is in the southern region of the United States. This Awareness suggests there is a mistake in the original information where it says it will appear in the Southern Hemisphere. It was meant in the southern region of the United States, the southern part of that country.
A Clampdown May Occur. To Deny the Event is Occurring, Those Who Film the Mother Ship May be Arrested
Therefore, if this event happens and the mother ship presents itself, it is so that it will catch the eye of humanity, but it is seen that much will be done to deny this event, that even the refusal of filming of this event, the controlling of this event so that others who try to film it may be taken prisoners and their cameras and their recorders removed and taken from them are seen to be happening or possibly happening. And there will be denial from the officials as to what this is about, that they may even try to put a spin on it claiming that these are not good beings. Much is seen as possible.
It’s Possible the Dark Powers May be Using Holographic Projection so they can Manipulate the Situation
Another event that must be considered is that it is the dark powers themselves that are trying to cash in on that which is known by humanity, that an event of this nature is due to happen. That there is suspicion here around the event, for if these beings, the Galactic beings do not show themselves there is always the possibility that this event is staged, that this could be a holographic projection, for the powers-that-be are also aware of the intent of the Galactic forces to present themselves and to shock the psyche of humanity, to awaken it to new possibilities. But it is still seen that if those powers that be are the initial force behind this event, that it is a holographic projection by them so that they can manipulate the situation, and in their thinking cut the Galactic Federation off at the pass. If this is so, it will still turn against them. Even though they may claim this or that, claiming them to be an enemy to mankind, part of the terrorist operation, trying to deny this reality, it is seen that the mere event will mark a transition point, a point where consciousness will be so deeply affected that it will open itself up, expand the horizons of possibility, opening to even a greater belief in the presence of extraterrestrials. And that this too will be positive in its effect, that it will open up the door even further to a true first contact in the event that this is a staged event, in the event that the individual who has made the claims has been misdirected, has even been used to create a scenario that is not what she thinks it is, thus it is that there are many variables indeed in this scenario.
More Reasons Why First Contact is Important at this Time
The most important point however, is that humanity at this stage become aware of the possibility, indeed, the probability of first contact, that it is on the books, that it is planned and that the reasons for first contact at this time are to help open up the minds, expand the consciousness of mankind to matters much greater than that which they amuse themselves with now by which they are misled by those powers that be, to see that there is more in heaven and on earth than has been dreamt of by the denizens of this lower dimensional region, that it is time for mankind to move forward in its destiny, to expand its awareness of what is, embracing greater truths, greater possibilities. Thus it is that the proposed first contact of October 14th is important in and of itself for it suggests of course that there are greater forces,
greater agencies out there that are ready to show themselves and that the individual must not become preoccupied with a date or who is staging the event, but rather that mankind itself has finally reached a point of consciousness that can allow such an event to occur, allow such a shift in consciousness to occur, and that if it does not happen exactly on the date predicted, that it is seen that the event is still imminent, that it is still on the books, that it is still the plan, and that it will indeed happen.
For the First Contact event happening, when it does, will there be attempts to destroy the ship or vessel by others?
Indeed, it is perceived that there will be high drama around this event, that it is seen that there be attempts to destroy this vessel, this projection. It is not seen that they will be successful in the destruction of this vessel but it is seen that the projection of battle will be to enforce the powers-that-be claim that these are alien terrorists. Indeed it is even seen that one of the claims that will he made is that this is something to do with terrorism, that terrorists are projecting this sight in the heavens. There are many claims that will be made during this period, for there will be shock and awe, there will be disbelief, there will be confusion, there will be the deepest fear by many who are not prepared to admit to such an event, to such a truth or reality manifesting in front of their eyes. That one of the scenarios that this Awareness does see are attempts by the powers-that-be to destroy this vessel, but this vessel will not be destroyed by any attacks of those powers-that-be and their agents.
That’s good to hear that it will not be destroyed. The newspapers, television, the media, will they give this event a positive press or will it not have any press at all, or will it be negative?
The attempt at first will be to suppress the event, for it will be appearing in a state that is not a highly visible state, that there are less people visiting Alabama, for example, than California or Florida. This does not mean that they will be successful in censoring this event, for there will be others who take the pictures, who record the event who will release it on the internet and eventually it is seen that it must be reported. At first the attempt will be to place this under a high net of security to contain this situation. It is uncontainable, that part of the proposal is that the Galactic Federation of Light will create the appearance over a period of several days. In other words, the mother ship will stay visible for several days. That there will be great panic and great fear by some and it is for this reason that the governments will supposedly be acting to alleviate the fear, to show the people that they are in control. There is much manipulation of the information however, that is seen by this Awareness as an attempt to contain the situation at first, but it simply will not be contained.
Thank you. May I ask why Alabama in the United States was chosen? Is that information available?
It is seen that this has something to do with this various grid works of energies that exist over the planet, and that this is a very strong area and region that can hold this energy for a period of time, sustaining a vessel in position for several days. It is also seen that there are fewer people in Alabama to create a mass hysteria and that it is seen that it is a relatively low-key place to introduce this event that will not have such wild affects and mass hysteria as this Awareness has said. There is no deep deep reason except that this seemed to be as good a place as any to host this event. There are other reasons also that this Awareness is not able to see as clearly at this time.
Thank you. I appreciate all of the information. Is there anything I forgot to ask that I should have asked?
This Awareness does not see that there is anything that you forgot to ask, that this is an event that has long been planned and, that at this time, the energies are ripe for this event to occur but this still does not guarantee that it will occur. That it is important for many to still hold to this possibility as manifesting at this time and if not at this time, then it will still manifest soon and to hold to that belief and understanding and perception and to see that miracles indeed can happen. This Awareness indicates that change can be instant, especially when an alien mother ship appears on the horizon, that this will be a truly powerful event in the history of mankind.
Just to clarify, it would be a first contact in the sense of a ship rather than a one-to-one contact with a human?
This is so; this Awareness does actually have some information on this. That while it is not proposed at this time to present alien persons to inspection, to create a first contact of those persons of the Galactic Federation, what was felt was needed was first of all the evidence that such spaceships, UFOs, do indeed exist, that actual first contact, true first contact of alien beings with humans, with mankind, is still slated several weeks later, thus still in this time frame. But it was felt that first and foremost it would be enough to simply show such a vessel in a non-threatening manner and that this would help many come to terms with the event, preparing them for actual contact with extraterrestrial beings. This Awareness indicates that it is recognized by the Galactic Federation that great panic might ensue, that many may find such an occurrence, such an event as so challenging that they will not be able to handle it and in an attempt to prevent mass hysteria, it has been felt by the Galactic Federation, the Federation of Light, that a peaceful demonstration of their existence was needed and by this, it was felt that merely appearing in the skies over that state of Alabama would be enough at this point and that it would be followed up after several weeks with actual first contact.
What is also planned is that many will start to have a deep connection with the extraterrestrial galactic representatives, in other words, that there will be heightened conscious awareness, contact happening at
an individual level with many individuals worldwide. Contact not simply of an alien appearing in someone’s room manifesting in this way, but rather contact at those deeper levels of consciousness, messages, many many messages being given to many individuals who are sensitive enough to receive such communication, who will be able to speak to many around them, to prepare many around them. Thus it is seen that the period between the first sighting and appearance of the alien vessel and actual first contact will be a period of preparation, of preparing the ground, of preparing individuals, of preparing the human community for actual first contact, that this is seen as a very important step and that there are many many individuals whose life purpose it was, star beings, who chose physical incarnation, who will come into their own, who will finally step into their purpose, and that purpose is to act as intermediaries, to act as ambassadors for the star nations peoples, those beings who are ready to present themselves. That these individuals will come forward for it is as if a switch will finally be turned on, they will know themselves, they will come forward, they will communicate the information that they are given to individuals and more and more messages will come forward, preparing mankind for the actual first contact that is imminent, that is planned. This Awareness wishes all to know this at this time, to prepare themselves for this amazing event, this event that has been so long planned but has been held up for so long.
Amazing! Just one last question: the first contact scenario will just be in Alabama, it will not be in say, England, France or any other country overseas? Is that correct?
No, this is not correct.
This Awareness thanks the energizer for asking this question. It is seen and indeed, the information that has been provided to the individual who has communicated this date, that the first event will be over Alabama. But this Awareness sees that other ships will also show themselves in other regions, both in other regions in the United States, Canada, Mexico as well as Central America.
This is to be a Global Event
But It also sees that other vessels may show themselves in other cities and states and countries around the world, for this is to be a global event, not simply a singular event of one country. This Awareness indicates that what is seen as perhaps a manipulated event at first will have far reaching manifestation and consequences. It is seen that even if it is an act of misinformation on the part of the powers-that-be to pre-empt the actual plan of the Galactic Federation, that this will be turned around and used to the advantage of the Galactic Federation. It is to be remembered that there are extraterrestrial vessels, mother ships, already in the skies above the earth and that these vessels are cloaked and hidden at this time, but that it would not take much to remove the disguise, the camouflage and to appear suddenly in the skies. Thus it is that even if this event is being staged by those powers-that-be, it will be used and enhanced by the true Galactic Federation who are waiting at this time to present themselves. This is an event that has been long in planning, as this Awareness has spoken, but it is also a foreseen event that is essential to the raising of consciousness, to the preparation for that Ascension process that is still underway and that even with the presentation of such a vessel, there will be those who still do not believe, who will fall sway to the explanations of the governments, who will choose not to see the matter in a positive light, and who will choose still to follow down a path of those powers-that-be that would mislead mankind, that would still control and manipulate. Therefore, that is why this Awareness is speaking of this matter. It wishes one and all to understand that the beliefs that one holds, the power of their beliefs, to understand and know how it will assist in this time and in this occurrence.
We Are All Creative Beings and Can Manifest Our Own Beliefs
What this Awareness is suggesting here again, is a theme that It has presented before, and that theme being the theme of beliefs and that what is now starting to occur more and more is that the powers that individuals have to manifest their creations, manifest their belief is becoming more and more pronounced, it is becoming stronger. This is why the powers-that-be want to control the beliefs held by the individuals, for a process is starting to occur more and more that would lead individuals to create their realities almost instantly, indeed eventually it will be instantaneous. Thus it is that if the powers-that-be can persuade others and persuade the masses that what they see is an illusion, it is not true, that they will then believe another truth, a truth that the powers-that-be intend to implant into the minds of mankind. Thus it will be that they will feel that they will still be able to control the situation, manipulate it to their advantage: that even if it is the true sighting of a ship, they feel they can spin-doctor the event to their advantage. That Is why this Awareness does suggest to those who have that deeper sense of this matter, that they truly go within themselves, search out within themselves the resonance of the truth of the matter. That they truly see that the belief that they have that this is a real event will help manifest a different result than that which the spin-doctors are hoping to achieve here, an event that will show our true connection to the universe, to that which is the greater truth, the greater consciousness and that this Awareness is supportive of this.
You Must be Ready to Believe this Truth, Not Doubt it
This Awareness suggests that which is the truth of the many needs to be expressed, needs to finally break free of those controlling forces that have so long held sway, that this is part of tine truth of the Galactic Federation, that it is trying to break the shackles, to break the chokehold that is currently held on humanity that holds it back and that the appearance of a vessel will do much to break this, but only if this is believed in. That if a belief is created that this is illusion and con, then again the powers-that-be hope to continue their control of the mind, the mass mind, the collective consciousness and lead it down a garden path. It is not seen that this will be entirely successful on their part, that many will truly see the truth here, believe the truth here and go a different direction, but many will still be misled.
This Awareness speaks of these matters to help those who read this wake up to this truth, to be able to believe this truth and to move freely and completely into it, the truth of First Contact. The truth that mankind is part of a much bigger family than it has been told it has been part of, for indeed, it has never been told it is part of that bigger family, it has never been told this truth.
October 14, 2008 is Truly an Important Date in the History of Mankind Whether or Not a Mother Ship Appears
This Awareness suggests that there is not much more that this Awareness has to offer at this time, that this event will come forward so quickly now that it simply remains to be seen if this occurs or not. Whether the truth that is already being released in awareness and in consciousness as this Awareness speaks this truth, as others speak it, manifests or not It reminds all that when the truth is set free other forces sometimes act and react to the conscious shift and the shift in consciousness that occurs when the truth is released and spoken. Therefore, it does remain to be seen exactly what will occur on the date October 14th but one thing that this Awareness can say is that this is a significant date and one where individuals would do well to be open to the energies of the day whether an alien spacecraft manifests or not. There are certain alignments of the planets and of the energies on that day that will do much to shift consciousness to help open up a greater expansion of awareness, and it is for this reason that the day of October 14th is a truly important day in the history of mankind. Whether an alien craft appears or not, is secondary in some ways to the energies that will be released on that day, and if such a vessel does appear, it will simply be part of the expansion of consciousness that will occur on that date. This Awareness is complete.
Thank you. Very very informative and much appreciated. Thank you.
P.O. Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507
Helping People Become Aware
2008-10 Hotline
Issue No. 628



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