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Interview with Shylo Love (Annu) Interview with Shylo Love

Interview with Shylo Love from, as posted on

By mad30 – 8/20/08 of UPSIDEBACKWARDS

“If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.”
~C.S. Lewis

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”
~Chinese proverb

-MAD: Shylo, it’s very nice to speak with you today. You recently launched the website on 8/8/08, could you give us some insight on your motivation for creating such a site, and what might visitors expect in the coming months?

 -Shylo: Hey there MAD. It is very nice to speak to you also! Yes, I finally launched Book-of- after nearly 3 years creating it. My motivation for making this site came from several different avenues. Mostly, my reasoning has to do with my desire to spread information that helps people to “wake up” to the world around them. I seek to impart information which empowers the individual to make better choices with respect to living their life as a “Creator of your own Reality”.

I’ve discovered that much of this information is not readily available…or is obscured by misinformation; OR it is so spread out and diluted that it’s difficult to put together the big picture. The Book of Light aims to sort of complete the outer edges of the puzzle, so that you may fill in the blanks with your own inner truth.

Initially, when I registered the domain name, I had NO idea why I had done this and was being powerfully led by intuition and instinct! I have created this site nearly 8 times now with varying degrees of complexity and each time I would create the shell of the site, I would find it lacking…not quite the vision manifest. Finally, it took on a life of its own and became what it is today. We will simply illuminate information that is of value to humans having a physical experience here….we illuminate our Unity Consciousness and make the case for how this is scientifically true. But really, this is a Living Book, and will grow in its own unique way according to the will of the “Collective” who requested it be built, and are currently building it.

-MAD: You’re also a moderator at the Book-of-Thoth website (Annumela), how did you first discover the Book of Thoth, and what are a few of your favorite topics and discussions which regularly take place on the forum?

-Shylo: Yes, I am honored to be a moderator at Book of ThoTH. I first discovered Book of ThoTH while searching for information on extraterrestrial beings. In particular, I was looking up discussion on the Anunnaki, and found an encyclopedia entry about them (which I must say I would like to update as I don’t feel it accurately represents the “Anunnaki” from my perspective or that of the ancient texts which describe and discuss them – little side note there). After finding this information, I searched the site and began to read some of the forum posts, soon discovering that this site housed a whole lot of intelligent individuals speaking about some very interesting subjects.

Everyone was so polite and respectful of other viewpoints and also very forward thinking and open minded. One of the Administrators sent me a welcome PM, he’s still a member, “OddThings”, and I was really impressed with the fact that he reached out to me. I don’t think I would have posted in the forums or become such an active member if I had not had such a nice welcome and encouragement from OT. I hadn’t spent any time on any other forums and just was not much for sharing my ideas in public because I had fears of being ridiculed.

I began sharing my ideas about animal communication then eventually got brave enough to do some of this telepathic animal communication through the website. I guess some of my favorite topics would be to do with Animal communication, spirit communication and channeled messages along with reading the experiences of others who have had ET encounters or who have experienced various “paranormal” phenomena. People have shared their most private and personal experiences on this website and what is wonderful is that they do so without fear of ridicule…everyone is treated with the utmost respect and kindness no matter how “out there” the experiences may seem. This is really my favorite part of the Book of Thoth….one can really feel the love on this website and you become part of an amazing family of incredible and unique individuals once you join.

-MAD: I must say, watching your INTRODUCTION VIDEO did give me a sense of community and genuine dedication to discovering the greater truths of our reality. In your estimation, what direction is humanity currently headed? Are we on a very precarious path between survival and extinction?

-Shylo: I think we are experiencing a most exciting transformation on our planet, and that we are very much at “critical mass” when it comes to humanity awakening to their full capabilities and choosing once and for all a much better reality for the collective. I think what is ahead is nothing short of miraculous! I firmly believe that humanity, through the infinite awareness and knowledge of Universal Consciousness that it belongs to, will soon learn what Unconditional Love is really all about.

Once humanity discovers that all things exist in perfect balance….both perceived evils and perceived good….once humanity can love their strange neighbor as much as, or more then themselves, and TRULY understand and feel this unity with others, that a New Paradigm will be realized on our planet. A Paradigm of Love and universal understanding is ultimately what’s in store for each and every person. Once we realize our immortality…that survival animal instinct will give way to Unconditional Love of all eventualities. If you realize that you are immortal….if you release emotional attachments to this life and your personal dramas…all of a sudden the bigger picture emerges. A picture that is painted with 6.5 billion and counting brushes….what part of the picture do you want to paint? That will be a most important question, because science and spirituality are converging and are telling us this: We create what we experience. Soon, we will be creating our picture having learned that our paint is Love and our Canvas is ourselves.

-MAD: Would you agree that both Light (order) and Darkness (chaos) is necessary in establishing a proper balance of equilibrium between the creative forces of the cosmos? To this point, has our Dualistic nature been necessary in realizing a greater awareness?

-Shylo: I would agree with that statement. The concept of Unconditional Love is just this…that all things have purpose. ALL things. Nothing can be seen as negative under this light. The bigger picture is that Darkness and Light are one and the same thing….each avenue serves to create awareness and understanding utilizing different energies and outcomes, but all these different paths tend to lead to the same place eventually. Duality has served its perfect purpose and most certainly has been a necessary part of our complete evolution. This is the complete Evolution of our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies, which of course, happens simultaneously. How would we know our “light” if we do not understand the depth of our “darkness”? We must experience both to fully comprehend who and what we are. If we did not descend into a physical experience, and remained immortal spirit beings….we would never know what we were exactly…we have to experience being mortal physical beings to find out for sure.

-MAD: Might “light” be perceived more as an energy force then an inevitable outcome of massive stars and man-made flashlights?

-Shylo: Everything that exists IS energy. So certainly, “light” is a very important perceptible energy. It is what allows us to see beauty and feel Love. However, Darkness is also a very important energy….darkness allows us to feel beauty and to see love…because we have to employ more powerful perceptive abilities in order to comprehend things through darkness….see how that works or am I being too cryptic? Ha-ha…

-MAD: A topic of great interest around the world is the much hyped 2012 date of the Mayan Calendar. What are a few of the things we might expect in the next four years, and do you think that humanity will finally reach a “critical mass” point of awakened consciousness, or are we doomed to fall into deeper and deeper traps and pitfalls?

-Shylo: Ah, yes, 2012. Well, I DO subscribe to a lot of the 2012 hype, in that it is very difficult to cast aside when one does some investigating. There are just FAR too many coinciding events happening around this time period to make this simply hype like the Y2K stuff we all went through 8 years ago. This is quite different, in that it seems to be talked about within many varying circles of thought. From ancient oracles to modern astronomy….one can find a plethora of information about what will occur in 2012. I guess I have decided that I cannot become emotionally attached to any one outcome, rather I will prepare for any or all eventualities by preparing myself to be balanced and unconditionally loving by that time, because I understand that this is a enlightening energy, that of unconditional love….it can actually alter and activate your dormant “junk” DNA!

I guess I also feel that this “awakening” or “ascension” that so many people talk about is something that is unfolding NOW. NOW is the most important time of all time…..Now we are evolving, enlightening and becoming consciously aware beings. I feel that by 2012, the “critical mass” will be that the majority of beings living physical manifested lifetimes will really get what it means to be part of a greater collective and will fully understand Unconditional Love and their own creative power. By then, humanity and the Universal collective will be creating a paradigm of Love and Unity on our planet. Once billions of people begin to brush their canvases with beautiful pictures using Love as their paint….well, one can only imagine how incredible it will be simply being alive during this time. People who know their creative power will choose Love….because all paths lead home to Love…that’s just how it works. In my opinion!

-MAD: It’s a very good opinion to live by! What are a few of your thoughts on the mainstream media? Likewise, can we really trust the Internet as a perfect solution to counteract all the propaganda?

-Shylo: My thoughts on mainstream media are that this is put in place in order to lead us into believing our world is not so wonderful a place as it truly is. Propaganda at it’s best! I’ve elucidated this on Book of Thoth somewhere in the forums, but how I see this is thus: In the ocean of experiences on our planet, the news media shares in public a single drop of water. They delve deeply into this single drop. They would have you believe that this single drop of water is quite traumatic! It is murderous so you should fear your neighbor. It is absolutely plum FULL of weirdos, freaks and jerks out to kill you, rape you and steel all of your hard earned junk. This drop of water is also pure evil. It is full of wars, famines, pain and suffering immeasurable. There are so many car accidents, pedophiles and tragic deaths in this drop of water that in viewing it from the news media one begins to get a sense of doom and gloom fall over them. You begin to feel that there is nothing that can be done…the world is a mess and falling apart and there is nothing that one person can do to change it…. If we understand, that the mainstream news is only able to give us the perspective of one single drop of water in the ocean of experiences…we can begin to realize that there is SO much more that we do not see or hear about on the news.

There are trillions of drops of water in the form of experiences that are beautiful, loving, incredible, unifying, breathtakingly awesome and simply miraculous and wondrous….the world is not such a bad place, but if you watch the news, you will begin to feel it is. Once you begin to feel a sense of lack, a sense of hopelessness then you will cease to create beauty in your life. You become very malleable….many refer to such people as “Sheeple”. You begin to just do as you’re told, trusting the higher ups must know what’s best for you because the world is so terrible you had better just do as your told and be “normal” and continue being a slave to consumerism. Filling your void with useless stuff, taking your mind off of things with diversions….instead of seeing and offering beauty and love to others….people fear others and treat them poorly out of this fear….the news media perpetrates this fear of others and therefore should be avoided entirely. Maybe just watch the weather then turn it off!

The internet news is another ball game all together. I think we all just need to polish off our own inner truth bells. Truth is highly subjective; therefore, we must become more compassionate towards other’s viewpoints while forming our own unique standpoint. When we read news of any kind, we must simply be mindful of how it makes us feel and if it furthers our growth as a loving balanced being. If it does not do this for us, but feeds our fear monsters then it’s probably good to ignore it. What is really important is NOT what is happening around us, but what is happening WITHIN us. This is what we should be focusing on…which is difficult to do with all the diversions set up all around us in the media. Is it really important what Britany Spears is using as a purse? Is the Ipod the thing to have or is self awareness? There is an organized movement to lead you off the path to self-discovery….so that being said: No news is good news.

-MAD: This next question may be a bit out of left field, but what are your feelings on the mass genocide of Native American peoples, and do you believe that this agenda of genocide still continues to this day around the world? Is racial purification still an issue?

-Shylo: I am really not sure how to answer this because it falls a bit out of my current awareness. My instinct tells me that it is part of our learning process like all things are. “Racial purification” is another mechanism to cause fear and keeping people in lower vibrations of thought. It sets up some to be better then others and is simply not how things really are. It is a construct of physical power mongers set up to feed fear and maintain control by saying one race is better then another or more pure or whathaveyou. This is all small-minded thinking…because all beings are equal under God. All beings have access to their own ascended master who IS them. We are multidimensional beings and part of us exists with and as God….who is to say what physically manifested “race” is any better then any other? We are all the Human Race. Its time we ALL wake up to this fact and stop our childish wars and struggles based on religion and race. It all seems very silly to me and I struggle to understand it.

-MAD: Who are a few of the researchers who you find most inspirational? What are your favorite books which have helped you on your path?

-Shylo: I really enjoy a lot of the “create your reality” researchers. Deepak Chopra is one who I really look forward to reading. George Green is another from a different perspective. He fearlessly shares what he knows and has no interest in attempting to make you believe anything….I find him to be VERY integral and his information is true to my core. A couple others that I find illuminating are: David Wilcock, Gillian DeArmond (great books), Dan Sewel Ward of (amazing repository of info there), and Ellie Crystal of Her site has shown me a path to many understandings, even if I only agree with a percentage of her stuff it always leads me on my own personal discoveries.

One of my favorite authors is Zecharia Sitchin for his work on the ancient texts from Sumerian fame, the Cuneiform tablets. But the man who led me to Zecharia was a man who continues to show me the way long after his death: Joseph Campbell of . This man spoke a few words about Anunnaki one day about 3 1/2 years ago on a television program and my eyes were immediately opened very wide! I would encourage anyone and everyone to check out his books and website. There are also many freely available YouTube videos of him speaking about his views, ideas and theories. A truly amazing man with the most gentle loving perspective. Of course, last but not least, I find a host of amazing researchers right here on Book of ThoTH and LOVE reading all of the unique perspectives brought forth through this website.

-MAD: Joseph Campbell was truly an amazing researcher and inspiring human being. Likewise, would you care to share some of your favorite movies and musicians? Do you pay much attention to “pop culture” in general?

-Shylo: I really don’t pay much attention to “pop culture” any more. Strangely though, I love Madonna! Always have. I think what I love about her is her fearlessness…she is simply not afraid to be herself…however crazy or flamboyant that self happens to be and I really love that about her. Some of my favorite music is really trance like, but I enjoy a vast amount of tunes. Lately, I am finding that I don’t enjoy some of the metal and rock I really used to enjoy, but rather prefer more clean music with a dance beat and fluffier sounds. Ha ha!

As for favorite movies, I really like movies where one can escape a little, like the Lord of the Rings movies, anything to do with space and ET (although sadly, you’ll notice that many of these portray ET as negative), movies like the Secret and What the Bleep do We Know are very good. I also watched a movie recently called ‘The Nines’…which was incredible. I guess I like movies that have hidden symbolism in them. I firmly feel that movies are a reflection of real life….not the other way around. I think our movies illuminate much more then meets the eye and sometimes show us secrets in ways that many miss….if you want to hide something, hide it in plain view right? Nobody thinks to look there.

-MAD: Very true. If you could travel anywhere in history, meet any figure, what event would you most want to witness?

-Shylo: Wow…well, I suppose right now it would be December 21, 2012! I would love to fast forward to that date and see what actually happens!

-MAD: What planet in our solar system, and mythological god or goddess, can you most relate to?

-Shylo: Hmmm….well, Nibiru I suppose. And I realize that this is not exactly considered a planet in our solar system, but it is the one I most relate to. Perhaps second would be Mars….because I really do think it was inhabited once. I relate very powerfully to Anu of Sumerian literature, but I really couldn’t tell you why exactly, although I have my theories. I have a strange fascination with Inanna as well, and did a digital image of her, which is in my deviantART gallery. In general I find the Anunnaki pantheon MOST interesting.

-MAD: Do you think there is any legitimacy to the practice of astrology, tarot cards, and various forms of divination, or is it all just a diversionary control structure meant to control our destiny?

-Shylo: I certainly DO! The reason is because when you ask a question of Universal Consciousness you will ALWAYS receive an answer. Now, if you receive an answer through your OWN awareness you should always trust it. However, if you receive an answer from another being you must exercise your discernment….and what one DOES with these answers is another story. Again, people must not have emotional attachments to any outcome. Expectations are pre-conceived let downs! We must always be open to new outcomes. I think that there is a lot of crap out there in the divination world….however, there is also a lot of excellent information that can be drawn from divinatory means. The real issue is people blindly following information of any kind. If it doesn’t sit right with you then there is a darn good reason for it. People need to find that inner truth bell. Things are not so cut and dry….there is a lot of grey out there. I would say it is 50/50 charlatans as opposed to loving-honest-diviners….it’s up to the individual to exercise discernment with all divinations. It’s also best to use divination for and by yourself where possible, or else only utilize it with people you fully trust and “feel” right with.

-MAD: Realistically, if you had three wishes pertaining to the future of the human race, what would they be?

-Shylo: I would wish:

1 – That all would not only intellectually understand the “We are All One” concept, but feel it in their hearts. When that understanding is reached….amazing changes will take place because you will KNOW that if you hurt another, you are hurting yourself.

2 – That all would begin to act out of love for others and self and release all fears through practicing unconditional love – seeing that all things have purpose.

3 – That the power cabal keeping people mentally enslaved would be brought down by the people….that people would wake up, see the illusion set up around them and change it using their creating power. The most frightening thing to the powers that be is us realizing our own power to love them right out of the power seat!

-MAD: Shylo, thanks so much for taking some time with me, it’s been very cool. I hope we might be able to do this again and wish you the best of luck with the future of the Book-of-Light. In close today, are there any final words you’d like to impart upon the readers?

-Shylo: Remember that you are a magnificent, immortal spirit being…you have a direct connection to the Divine and need to in-betweens to commune with it. Ask and you will receive answers to any and all questions…look for answers EVERYWHERE as they will come. On the radio, through an experience with a friend or a chance happening. There are no coincidences….only misunderstood symbols to your understanding of greater concepts.

I leave you with a most profound poem which I absolutely love:

Our Deepest Fear
“It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

-Marianne Williamson

MAD is the Administrator of UPSIDEBACKWARDS and creator of ‘Ezekiel’s Cave’. Recent articles and interviews can be found HERE.

Shylo Love is the operator of the brand new BOOK OF LIGHT, (known as Annu on the site) as well as a moderator at BOOK OF THOTH

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