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Home Forums Messages From Beyond Book of Light Messengers a letter to The Galactic Federation of Light and higher.

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    An open letter to The Galactic Federation of Light

    From a simple human

    First of, excuse my english, I am not that perfect in this language. That said, hi to all of you. I wanted for some times now to write a letter to the guys above preparing to stun us with a demonstration on 10-14. Personally, I do believe it can happen and will happen one day, on that date or else. The point of this text is simple, to present a point of view from a simple human being living a simple life.

    For the need of my letter, let’s say my name is Fred. Fred has a family of 2 little girl, a car, a job in manufacturing shop, a wife name Julie who work as a nurse. They have a little home, in average size city and a normal life like most family. Anyway, you get the point.

    Simply put, what will happen to Fred’s family after 10-14 guys? Knowing human behaviour I doubt things will go smoothly in the hours following the 3 days period.

    If I understand correctly, the Earth will go in a few years into a transformation where the being living on it need to follow it’s vibration. That lately, many humans has worked on their souls and opened themselves to higher frequency. That by doing so, we demonstrate our readiness for higher things.

    In relation of the last paragraph: human tend to evolve, that I will not argue. In the last 2000 years, we endocrine ourselves with beliefs that help us rage war against one another. In the last century alone, we killed, raped, murdered and stole from our neighbour and Earth then ever before. I for who had no problem with one religion find myself after years of seeing extremist started to feel bad about it. The point being, if our souls evolved where is the impact on our lives? I ask that question to my human society and the only answer I find is ego, money, power, control, laziness etc.

    From one of blossom text, I red that you were surprise how some of us turned your message of hope into fear, light into darkness and that so many follow “a book”.. I can tell you in all honesty that if you were surprise of that, I am wondering if you know us – human being – that well. I believe maybe that you know our spiritual potential, or if I might explain that you can view planet spiritual energy being lighten when in fact, the light bulb is on but the source of that light is corrupt. Have you spent time with us, day to day not just from your craft window? Because I will tell you this, you are about to see the face of our society when you appear to us.

    Could you tell us your prediction on what you think will accure once the first contact is made? I would like to read you on that, because again I can give you my prediction. Big alien spacecraft, showing off with no contacts and lot’s of human remembering or feeling their place in life. So far so good. The next morning, will I go to work? Will the guy at the food market open it’s store? Do I send my 2 little girls to school? Will their be a teacher anyway. What will happen after the three day period ends and you leave? At noon and for diner, what will I fed my family with if stores are not properly maintain. Etc you get my point.

    Don’t get me wrong, if we need to change our ways, we need to shed our old skin I understand that but I know also that a human being in a situation where he might be hungry, stressed, afraid even tho he has love in his heart can become greedy and violent. Fred will need to feed his daughter if you see what I mean.

    I try to think on how, after you show off I will be able to see my life. I am not afraid of the changes but what will happen to us from let’s say the moment you appear and the time you return with “technologies” to replace our needs for oil, money etc. Also, on that I can’t remove from my mind the none intervention policy. What good as a civilisation are we if you need to jumpstart us, again. Were your civilisation help in that way or did you actually evolve on your own and build your path ? I feel that in some way, we would have failed as a civilisation.

    Can you explain also to me, what per say is the ascension process? I can’t seems to fnd correct information on that. Some say, we will be moved from Earth, relocated. Some fanatic say you need to die to ascend. On that, right now I will tell you I had past life, but right now I am here and I intend to complete my objectives for my soul and I don’t plan on dying so find a way to change us without the dying part. I am a bit joking here but the actual point is there. Explain to us what is the process. Is it just, “awakening” in ourselves.

    Once all this is done, What will be the situation from Fred and his family? I find it hard to imagine that in years from now we will just be a band of happy neighbour living out somewhere or back here with free energy, flying car or else.. I need to end this letter with some questions I ask myself: what will happen to the sick, the old, the dying, cancer, aids people, my cats. What will happen to our current purpose of life, professional project, dreams etc. Can I beam me up? : )

    Thank you to have taken the time to read me, a simple person with simple question who needs some simple answers.

    Feel free anyonce to reply.


    Your letter was very entertaining! =)
    I’m also interested in some of the answers that they would give to us, maybe someone here could present some of those questions to his sources? *peering* :mrgreen:

    One of the most interesting questions for me was this one:

    Could you tell us your prediction on what you think will accure once the first contact is made? I would like to read you on that, because again I can give you my prediction. Big alien spacecraft, showing off with no contacts and lot’s of human remembering or feeling their place in life. So far so good. The next morning, will I go to work? Will the guy at the food market open it’s store? Do I send my 2 little girls to school? Will their be a teacher anyway. What will happen after the three day period ends and you leave? At noon and for diner, what will I fed my family with if stores are not properly maintain. Etc you get my point.

    I also thought about these things because if they show up on this date, it will be my second day in the university, which isn’t exactly perfect timing, because I think I wouldn’t go there the next days, but, you know, the first days of studying.. I maaaybe could miss something important. 😉
    Right now I hope they show up one or two weeks earlier. Or tomorrow, that would be perfectly fine with me!! xD
    My personal opinion: Don’t force them to go to school. Let them decide themselves. If they would rather stay at home and watch the event going on the TV, leave them at home. No teacher will be angry about that, I’m sure.

    Well regarding the issue of food and so on. I think this will be a mass media event just like 9/11, and I think it will be said in the press that “normal” life should go on as much as possible, so that people get food, people get electricity, and so on. Once people get it, that this is no threat but a peaceful waving down to us, I think people will realize the need to get food out, and so on. There’s also a strong feeling in me that says, everything will be fine. Everything will work out to be fine. Maybe the first 3 or 4 days will be chaotic, but as you said, this is necessary, and after this little period, everything will be soooo fine. So in actuality it’s just 3 days that you have to survive, and then we will see the benefit of it.
    I really have the strong feeling, everything will be alright. No worries required.

    Regarding ascension. I’m not a perfect expert, but my understanding is, after you awaken to what’s going on (which you did), the only thing that’s really NECESSARY is the inner need to find your path (which you also have). Everything will unfold automatically. There are endless ways to enlightenment, and if you have the need in you to do so, you will! That is, I think, universal law.
    If you have the INTENT to EVOLVE and to find your own higher TRUTH, you will. Just keep your eyes open and the possibilities will unfold just before your eyes. Arriving here in this forums was a big step already, I strongly assure you!!

    Much Love to you!! =)


    Hello Dax! Wonderful to see you here, Namaste!

    I can understand where you are coming from on this, I am certain that there are a billion other fathers who would ask the same burning question.

    What will happen?

    No one, not even the wisest, know exactly the answer to that question.

    Something will happen, however, and that is that many peoples eyes, minds, and hearts will be opened.

    Opened to the possibilities, the unlimited potential of the power of love, and that is a great and wonderful thing.

    After the horrors of the 911 ‘big show’ false flag attack, America did not go willy nilly haywire, the stores stayed open, people went about their lives, as shocking as it was.

    A bigger question you may ask yourself is what will happen if things do NOT change. hmmm?

    The powers that be care little for Fred and his family, except to collect their ‘tribute’ from him. They have their bunkers and tunnels well stocked and are ready to ‘ride the storm out’ safe and secure.

    Fred and his family are not invited, I am sorry to say.

    It is really not as much of an issue of the common man to ‘change his ways’ and ‘get with the program’ so to speak, the world needs to change from the top down.

    Knowing something is possible can make all the difference, when doubt is removed from the equation the possiblities expound.

    The best that any of us can do is to Love our families, be kind to others and express our love in whatever way we can.

    Love and Light,


    just on a side not of my orginal posting, and btw thank you both for your replies, even tho 911 was a big event I can not compare it with what’s coming. 911 did not bring changes in my way of life like money won’t be a issue, same for power and all. You see the point. That said, I understand both of yours. Thank you.



    I have JUST finished setting up a video channelling. If I am not very much mistaken then this might be the response from the Galactic Federation of Light to your letter. Kinda looks like that to me. So watch the two vids and tell me if that works for you, okay?

    Adamu through Zingdad:Preparation without fear Part One

    Adamu through Zingdad:Preparation without fear Part Two


    Hi Zing, before I red you, I watched your videos on 10-14-08 blogs. I got some if not most of my answers, direct or indirect. To be honnest, I am not Fred, I have no family but I was asking theses questions to reassure those who have and are worried.

    Very good videos.


    Heya Dax

    I wasn’t sure if you had created Fred and family or to what extent it was a self-portrait. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? The point is you find this method of addressing some very real questions to the whole “the lightship is coming” story. I appreciated the way you got to the heart of the matter: at bottom people really want to know “am I going to be okay?” and “is my family safe?”. Basic stuff like that. And well, Dax, if I am not very much mistaken then there really is no way to look at this that it adds up to bad news. Unless you really want the “old” way of power=money=control thing to continue. Which I am pretty sure Fred doesn’t. So it’s all good news for Fred. The GFL aren’t just going to flash by in our skies! They are making themselves available to assist on the ground. To come and be here amongst us. To live with us and teach/learn with us. And, no, our planet doesn’t then sink back into some sad, darkened future when they leave. Because they don’t leave. You see we join them. We become them. We become one with them. One. So its all good news for Fred! He and his family are going to be okay.

    … or such is my very best ability to fathom.


    I could play devil advocat but I won’t. For my satisfaction beside the definition of the ascention process I was served. Will see, love, hope. Until then, what more then “namaste”. Subject closed.

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