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    posted November 2, 2009 at Anica’s Notebook

    You are ready, you say, for contact to commence on a grand scale that will forever obliterate the way of life you have always known. In every way, you will see the unfamiliar showing you the familiar that had been imprinted on your soul but not so easily recalled by your fact-riddled minds. You are love, yet you find yourself acting in ways that belie that truth. If you had to remember in a hurry, are you ready to as quickly forget the pain that has described and defined you for as long as you can trace your identity as human? Are you ready to forgive injustice and open your hand in a gesture of peace? Your clenched fist has been noted, and its energy feeds that which will not survive the intensity of love that you are capable of throwing at it. The beast weakens as a love-starved avatar of hate, greed, and intolerance. Now that we ask if you’re ready, we clarify: Are you ready to see fear transform? It is obliteration of the beast through its transformation into a butterfly that we reference. You cannot accept the announcement of our arrival en masse until you have shown the hand of peace not just to us, but to those odious folk who have held you back from your full inheritance as galactic humans at home in a world of peace and joy. For those who think this insanity, let me say this. Is it sane to nourish hate if it leads to your own destruction? Is it sane to scratch an itch until you bleed to death? And so, I ask, is it not sane to will a fundamental core change in that which does not otherwise allow sanity to define itself in terms of peace? So begins your introduction into the alliance of light of which we Pleiadians and others are a part. If you are ready, we will begin our introduction.

    You have long heard of a Galactic Federation of Light, a Galactic Confederation of Light, a Galactic Federation of Planets, and so on. We are part of a greater body of beings, a collective of individuals bonded together as friends and family and neighbors across the swirling arms of this galaxy you call Milky Way. You can find intrigue if you look for it, but overall there is a general well-being and ebullience among those who serve OM by being present for peace to be brought into being. We call ourselves Pleiadian, for it is a star you see in the constellation of Pleiades that we know as our sun, but in reality we are human beings of a higher-density planet than your own, called by us Temmer, circling the star Taygeta. I, Anica, am a native of this planet by birth, as are the Pleiadian Renegades you so love, as is the higher incarnation of our scribe and the many who serve on our vessel. We are of a contingent of humans from Temmer serving the call of your people through OM, which would in some ways make us what you would call “angels” but we assure you we are indeed human. Other people are serving together with us, sourcing from other planets and suns, who have their own contact points on your planet at this time. Together, we are a grand presence known as the League of Light, and we align our mission with the needs that your people put forth and those who also have stated their intent to be of service to OM through being of service to your planetary awakening.

    My personal mode of service is to communicate to you now through the writings of one who has taken on the role of scribe. We will be doing more together to bring you the message of welcome and integration into a greater galactic civilization and to ease your transformation into a new world. You might call my role that of liaison, secretary of state, ambassador, but those are the words of your world and are inadequate to describe my role more accurately than our own language. You would perhaps find the closest translation in the phrase, “ambassador and grace-tuned agent of change facilitation”. Perhaps. For now, let us stick with ambassador. Our charge is to be present at a moment’s notice to achieve density-busting capability to emerge in your planetary reality and assuage any fears that appear as a result of massive shifts in perception and experience. You always have had a possibility of stray rogue elements dropping in, but that potential lessens the more you pay attention to the very real potential for peace, liberty, and cosmic enlightenment.

    Your world inches closer to peace. You have a lot to look forward to. If you can create peace on your world, we will be with you as friends stopping in for a visit. If you can sustain peace, we will be able to move among you and be of greater service in the time of transformation that awaits you. If you can create peace within your own experience — between yourself and a family member, between your home and your neighbor’s — then the wave of peace that washes over the obsessed-with-war world will be a wave of harmonics attuned to the highest vision of reality that will create heaven on earth. Truly speaking, that is what we are here to help you achieve. As the weeks progress toward the vindication of peacemaking on your world stage, I ask you to remember that the only way to achieve peace is through experiencing the transformative effect of letting go of your addiction to pain. You do not move in the direction of world peace without first moving in the direction of inner peace. It isn’t so hard once you remove the obstacles you have in place, in the form of what beliefs have become in the structure of your civilization. We are not asking you to adopt our beliefs in their place, but to allow your eyes to adjust to the light of a greater truth than you have been permitted to see.

    Let this serve as a closer introduction to who we are and why we are here. More is forthcoming, dear renegade family of light. You are well on your way to finding a common ground. Keep going.


    I am most definitely ready


    Ready as I’ll ever be! 🙄 :mrgreen:


    …Bring It !…


    Very nice text as always, Mary.
    In the last days I am feeling the strange need to feel duality again .. to think in ways that are rather dark one last time, do things to me that aren’t exactly ‘good’ (like plenty of partying), envision pain – mine (I experienced at some point) and others’, strange stuff really. 😆
    I seem to intuitively feel that those things could be over soon .. I actually sometimes feel sorry for all that. Especially when I think about some loud and aggressive music I maybe won’t be listening to then because it doesn’t fit me anymore, or rather spoiled, stupid or dirty TV shows like Family Guy or South Park .. all those crap I really used to love, and still love, but feel that maybe I won’t anymore in the future. Maybe I will have the opportunity to understand the reasons why I loved all this and have understanding coming from that place.

    If someone would ask me directly in the face, “Are you ready?”, to be honest, I am not so sure anymore that I would emphatically shout “YES!!” anymore like I was 4 or 5 weeks ago. But maybe that’s a good sign, who knows. 😆

    Love to all of you!! =)


    I too am not sure if I am ready either. I have alot of questions running around in my head as well, not really sure what to believe anymore, there is so much happening at the moment with all the various sources that it can get pretty messy. Sometimes I feel I am ready to go and then I want to stay, I feel that I still have alot to do here and really enjoy alot of aspects of duality. Maybe this is where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing right now. Maybe this time around I was to be given a taste so next time I will sink myself wholey into “it”. I don’t know. Maybe my time here was to bring myself closer to the truth so that my family can learn and as my children get older they to will get closer to the truth.
    Maybe I am on the right track and I am ready. I think I am going through alot of uncertainty about what is going to happen with Ascension etc..will there be a show etc.
    On a side note…the movie 2012 is about to be released here and they are having a night of disaster movies on TV here on the weekend…yeh…nothing like speading the fear…….good one!


    Perhaps these points for contemplation will help clear away uncertainties.

    If you could live the life you live now, in your community, with your family, the only difference being that everyone everywhere was happy and healthy and doing what turns them on, are you ready for that?

    Are you ready to live on an Earth that is likewise healthy and beautiful and clean, all of nature vibrant and pure?

    What if you were to wake up tomorrow, or some day a week from now, with no aches or pains, no blemishes, totally fit and strong and rejuvenated? Are you prepared to accept that as your state of being, and the same for those people around you?

    What if you realized that you had all the answers to all the questions you always wanted to ask? Are you ready for that level of truth-knowing?

    Would you enjoy living on this planet if there were no guilt associated with pleasure?

    Are you ready to hear the truth come from your children’s lips? Can you let go of worry and know (beyond belief) that everything — everything — is going to be just fine, that the mechanism of our evolution operates with absolute cosmic perfection? What does letting go of worry look like for you? What beliefs are you looking through but not seeing, that are really not part of that kind of new reality? Are you able to see them and walk away from them, knowing they will crumble without your energetic input?

    These are the important points, before worrying about what ETs look like, how they will arrive, what will happen, etc.


    Mary, thank you SO much for your input. I am so glad I posted my thoughts. Thx to you also Syme.
    Just tonight, I am just arriving home, was a little hard-rock concert at my university with two bands, and it was SO loud and actually pretty bad to your hearing, but it was just awesome. Things like that seem to be what I still love about duality.
    But the thoughts you pointed out were just perfect – feeling the same joy with everyone around me being truly happy – that is really some thing to look forward to.

    Thx a lot! =)


    I thought i would draw attention to this again ..do you remember it? it still makes me smile 🙂 dear zingdad.. and dear everybody for that matter

    5 Ahau Manu

    Let the good times roll !

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