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    …should you have said…

    …aisle 8… ?


    oh very well…. I will go,you seem sota pleased with yourself.

    you still didn’t explain why or how I was being disrespectful

    Rules should be the things we rally against ..not try to create more of them.

    It seems you are quite good at getting rid of anyone that is already consciously aware of creating their own reality..

    I guess you only want people you can tell stuff to

    A simple PM would of saved you these additional posts you have to ‘clean’
    (plz don’t bother now , I will not be logging in again)
    perhaps you enjoy being contrary and condescending to random individuals for no particular reason.
    good work !

    It’s a pity because I did enjoy the information..


    Oh but this answer would require me to write a whole chapter on the sun and the Solar Logos…


    wow…. Multi your comments are not coming across very peaceful here. Your energy certainly is not an energy that seems to vibrate well with Zingdad and JD or any of us here.
    Zingdad never implied you were being disrespectful, you created that in your own reality. If you choose to be here please change your energy but my guess is you will not.



    Maybe we have co-created a useful exercise in discernment?

    Much Love , to All!




    You know I have had to face right from the beginning that the stuff I am writing – The Ascension Papers – would not be right for many people. In fact most of the people I am surrounded with in “real life” would not be interested in it. So I had to just get over needing other people to like it or to agree. What I really didn’t expect was to have someone resonate with the material and then so radically dis-resonate with any discussion or processes that might come out of that. I guess that’s how it goes. Not all things are for all people. I truly hope multi finds his “fit” somewhere.

    Funny thing is I actually quite liked a lot of what multi was saying. And as quite a lot of my life has been characterised by me kicking against rules I also feel that with him. But a far harder lesson for me has been about me having the backbone to draw my boundaries. There HAVE to be limits to where one is prepared to go. And if someone can’t live with my boundaries then I guess we simply cannot play together. This doesn’t make them “wrong”. It just makes us incompatible play-mates.

    And no – for me it is not about an arbitrary desire to eliminate all rules. No rules equals anarchy. I cannot say I ever aspired to that. It is simply about creating a minimum set of rules that are clear, elegant, efficient at supporting your intended path. No rules means there isn’t even a path!

    And the final issue is the fact that I didn’t choose to PM Multi and instead chose to discuss it in the open. This is becasue I prefer transparency and openness where possible. Then everyone knows what is going on. And everyone can understand the process. I also didn’t choose to delete anything and didn’t even delete his posts where he makes some uncomfortable accusations. Those can stand for anyone to read and decide for themselves. So it all remains. And somewhere in all of this is something to learn.

    When we can clearly see the path that lies behind us then we can learn from it. It is when we hide the path behind us from ourselves then we are doomed to tread it again.


    Hi all,

    It is really exciting to play the reality game. It is sad and I felt like multi was personally attacked while it was not. His message wasn’t offend
    at all just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I sent all my love to multi and hopes that he finds what he is looking for.

    I am really exciting to play the game and can’t wait untill it takes his lift off. Maybe I have a “silly” question. This reality game…when we play it, it is just a game of what future outcome we want to realise, not? 😎

    Wish you lots of love and light. :mrgreen:


    I agree , I felt Multi was sharing a lot of wisdom.

    But when someone starts a sentence with “I think you need to understand…………” , that is a sure sign of , 1) assuming you know what I do or do not understand , and , 2) I am requesting for someone to “set me straight” , which I do not feel that I did. Not to add any more negativety to the situation. Done. 🙂

    I am sure , when all is said and done , Multi actually helped us by doing what he did. I simply thought we were all attempting a new excercise in co-creation , not judging one another for what we may believe another may or may not know.

    Maybe Multi’s path will again cross ours , when the “time” is right. If not , I join you all in wishing him well!


    @Zingdad wrote:

    What I really didn’t expect was to have someone resonate with the material and then so radically dis-resonate with any discussion or processes that might come out of that.

    I don’t think I am able to ‘dis-resonate’ with something like this.. I am too far gone for that, LOL

    I will try again.. sorry to leave and come back.. I really am
    but I just need to read some of these threads and work out how to get back into the flow of it.

    I really felt like you were singling me out for nothing.. everyone else in that thread seemed to be talking about whatever , it took me till today to find out what I was doing wrong. I think you knew I would be back, at least to explain?

    Thanks for your patience.. the thing is I probably am not going to read every word of the papers or every thread.. I am just not a thorough fanatical type of person .. I just like to skim around the edges of things.. Jack of all trades master of none.


    @GTTOWNSEND wrote:

    What to do about beloved ones who are not of ascension-consciousness due to their youth or for whatever other reasons.”

    @multi wrote:

    I think you need to understand a paradox, that their path is theirs alone .. we can’t take them with us because they are already with us.

    @GTTOWNSEND wrote:

    But when someone starts a sentence with “I think you need to understand…………”

    Hi there..

    I wasn’t assuming anything really.. because you asked that question in that way I guess did ‘jump the gun’ a little, I dived in too soon .. so to speak

    I do tend to state the obvious quite a lot..
    I really did probably ‘mean’ to say:
    I think you need to understand the nature of paradox

    I don’t feel I necessarily need to apologise for this.

    Make me out to be judgemental if you feel the need to.. I am not quite sure why you need to do that.

    All I can really say is ; you asked.


    …sorry Z…

    …my bad also…

    …I cleaned up my own mess and brought my two posts over here…

    …I will play well…

    … we will see what 8 has to say of the children…

    …my pre-game feelings are that the Universe is *Self-Healing* and that the most Benevolent course for All will be taken…

    …Let’s Play !…


    ..there is a Bible verse that says…

    …” And the Children will lead them “…

    …there is Nothing to worry about… and …

    … God keeps Soul-Families together… we complete lessons, compare notes, and then Ascend together…


    …Jesus Loves the little children…
    …All the children of the world…
    …Red and yellow…
    …Black and white…
    …they are precious in His site…
    …Jesus Loves the little children of the World…


    Awesome stuff, folks.

    Multi you’re welcome back. I trust we’ll understand each other better now. I am certainly not here to victimise anyone or anything like that. But at the same time I do have a purpose that I wish to fulfil and I don’t intend to be pulled off course.

    Please note we are now at the second part of the game.

    The first part was the declaration of intent regarding your willingness to realise your creator nature. It went as follows:

    “I am willing to begin to realize my creator status.
    I am willing to co-create my reality with other beings of unity-consciousness.
    I am willing to join in the creation of the most joyful, loving outcome to the challenge of…

    What to do about beloved ones who are not of ascension-consciousness due to their youth or for whatever other reasons.”

    I expect you to be able to say words to that effect if you want to play.

    The second part is to talk about your fears. Please read about that here to bring yourself up to speed.


    I am eternal and immortal.
    I am willing to begin to realise my creator status.
    I am willing to co-create my reality with other beings of unity-consciousness.
    I am willing to join in the creation of the most joyful, loving outcome to the challenge of knowing myself to be part of the great unknown where change is the only constant and to embrace the uncertainty with playful curiosity
    I am willing to be One with the One that Is.


    …I AM not afraid…

    …if I linger closer to the campfire it is only for the warmth…

    …I revel in the Uncertainty of it all…

    …I celebrate it !…

    …even Source created the manifest so could celebrate also…

    …( what woe to be God… and to be bored ! )…


    @Zingdad wrote:

    @multi wrote:

    @multi wrote:

    II guess I am not really one to conform too well with group rules and regulations

    I didn’t realise there would be any

    I’m afraid there are ALWAYS rules. Try play a game of poker with no rules. Try drive on the roads with no rules. Try have a relationship with no rules.

    Recipe for disaster.

    heh.. point taken.
    I really need to ask why you mentioned poker?

    I don’t drive a car but I do play a lot of poker.


    …but can you play poker while driving a car ?…

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