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    Hi, I thought many might enjoy this text. A friend of mine connects with multi dimensional beings . This is the latest text. His name is Jerry Brown.


    May 5, 2009

    I have come to explain how thought process becomes consciousness. I was sent here by the Usearians. I am Gus.
    All matter and thought originates in complete consciousness. In other words; they come from a thought that arrives out of a future time zone. It has to come from somewhere where the event already has happened. When you move to a higher connection with Source, time has no meaning because Source does not operate in the “time equation”. Thought originates through a sequence of aware consciousness that operates without the time-factor as a distraction. The only purpose ‘time’ serves is to help us learn to escape from a process that always has a predictable beginning and end. Once you understand that our mental connection with life is created without using a manifested time factor, you can begin to work with the mind without interference from low density consciousness, which is always controlled by time.
    If this gets confusing, don’t give up……

    All creative thoughts are manifested out of time, and then introduced back into the time-equation. This is how the process of levitation works. Once you understand how to move in and out of time, you will introduce a creative thought and be able to levitate by using this method. That is who I am! Time is only a set pattern which only works within the cosmic law of time and space. Acquiring the understanding on how to separate yourself out of time and space will allow you an experience of separation, which in turn opens you up to a whole new perspective of consciousness. For thousands of years very few have really understood this “frequential” concept…and often the ones that did were punished, and in some cases put to death as witches or warlocks.
    Once you learn to transport thought consciously, not subconsciously like you (Jerry while receiving text) are now doing, you will understand how this concept works. While operating in the subconscious state you are able to discern between the same understanding of an idea you have in the conscious state, because the subconscious thought process has already decided on what it thinks is the only way. At this point, your mind stops investigating any new ways of processing thought, and in most cases it does not allow the mind to explore any further. Now you need a new process which will allow you to make the next conscious connection into a dimensional change.
    One of the reasons that human beings come together is to experience life with each other. Each person comes in with a different agenda and a different astrological sign. This is where the strength from, the connection can either start working in creative patterns, or begins destroying themselves like they have many times in the past. When anything was done with ego and greed involved, eventually this enteric field of consciousness would become a self-destructive process. After many centuries of various countries fighting amongst themselves, many people nowadays have finally realized that ego and violence do not bring a solution to any situation. Because of the tremendous struggles of previous encounters, the only winners that come out of these violent contests are the ones that stay out of any conflict…..the ones that hold their light for others to see.
    Now that humankind has tried many methods of using universal laws, they are more and more realizing that violent and oppressive ways only work for a short time, because the only real creative force that exists can only come from the heart…by using the combined energy of the WE.
    There is a reason this channel has been opened. Important information is being introduced to a group of individuals helping them to create and align a “Cresenic” connection between elevated frequencies. This allows different living forms with different energy fields to communicate with each other.

    JB: I have a few questions that I would like to run by you. The first one is; who are you and what drew you to our frequency? Two; there are so many processes that this planet and universe has gone through to develop into what it is today. I understand this is not an answer you can give easily because of the complexity, and also I’m sure it involves many different processes in long periods of time, but I sure would appreciate it if you could take a stab at it.

    Gus: I will see what I can do..like you said, it is very complicated. Though not in your vocabulary, “Cresenic” connection is the word used to describe different bases of thought…even thoughts that have a different mental origin. You are used to people with different languages but who still have the same mental connection of thought..and this “Cresenic” mental connection allows you to communicate even if your thought processes are separate from each other’s thinking. Before incarnating this time, some of you learned to use this inter-universal mental connection, allowing you to connect with many different living species that are much separate from yours.
    I have also been in contact with several of the different beings that you have brought in over the years. We finally decided it was my turn to introduce some timely new information. I know we constantly hear from many of you, “When is something going to happen”? In the first place, since you don’t know what that something is, how can you label “something” if you’re not aware of it? In the second place, if something is happening, it can only enter into your space of thought if you prepare a place for it. And at the point when all preparations are met, you will be able to ‘slide’ into your next experience without any difficulties or confusion. Incidentally, there are many more of you around the world than you realize who are very close to this new experience.
    The other question I was asked; Who am I and where am I from? I am basically what you are soon going to be. I live in a state of consciousness, not in a place….I still have a shape and form. I still have emotions and feelings, and that is as close as I can explain it until there is a little more ‘water under the bridge’.
    There is one thing that is confusing to many of you, as well as myself; how did this whole planet get started and became what it is today? This is such a complex process to explain to anyone that has been in a frequency that you are used to and also one injected with belief systems. I think by now you realize any belief pattern stops someone from contemplating new experiences. The whole idea of being in physical form and vibrating at 550 billion wavelengths a second, is a long ways from working with a vibrational frequency that can distinguish information without holding it in some belief pattern.
    The interesting part of this whole creative pattern of how this planet and many others became inhabited, that is was originally started by the Gods, does not mean a single God created everything because it takes many different platforms to create such a massive hologram. When you use the word “God” you are looking for a creator outside….one that is basically inside yourself. You are that God. The ones that put this all together are a joint consciousness of creative gods that basically built a physical structure and allowed different souls, from all sorts of spiritual beings, to inhabit these physical structures….for one reason only; to learn to live in low density and overcome a tremendous amount of fear-based consciousness that was programmed into this physical hologram. Also, they devised a method so they could reproduce themselves and were then just basically turned loose in a frequency that has no clue on how universal laws work.
    However, what this does is it forces each individual to learn to fend for themselves. And their experience of doing this allows them, when they return to their original state, to live in their environment with much more clarity than they had before entering into a physical mode. This is only a small part of explaining to you that the way you are designed, all you need is a “kick start”…and for the most part, for the ones that do have the intent to understand more of creation, the pieces will begin to fall into place.

    JB: Thank you for that information. I will work on it and see what happens. When the so-called “gods” combined their thought force and created living beings, what was the reason for the giant animals that we find the remains of in the ground? To me this was not a necessary process because it seemed to go nowhere and they just died off.

    Gus: Well, basically it did go nowhere and they died off. But, when the gods first were designing physical structures, many things were put on the table with which to experiment. So they had to start with these strange looking creatures that roam the earth, and they basically killed each other. All of these different processes of which you have seen the remains, as well as a lot of other different processes, were experimented with until they decided to create a structure that a spiritual being could inhabit. As you know, the structure they ended up with is pretty amazing. It can reproduce itself with a separate spiritual inhabitant, and at some point in its development, it can repair every single part of itself. The only reason for a physical base structure to become sick, break down or die, is that the mind has lost connection with its true self. And if you look at the bigger picture, this was also planned—to lose the conscious thought that you are always repairable. So, what you are doing now by becoming sick and hurt is learning how to restructure thought into your higher self, and therefore, create any situation in your physical body that you want to change or upgrade.
    Many entities are experiencing life without a physical body. In fact, in true consciousness having a physical body is very rare. It is basically a big pain in the ass to experience life in a physical body. But, as a lot of you know, the payoff is huge and that is why you take on this experience while you are still in true form.
    Once you understand that you are able to repair anything in your physical body that was designed by thought, you move into an elevated state, and that helps train your mental processing reactor to repair anything that is out of original creation, without using the assistance of a surgeon or a physician. What I am attempting to put into process so you understand is that all things in your physical body, if you understand how the process works, can be replaced or repaired. Understanding “universal connection”, which ties everything together, totally works on a balance concept and this allows you to replace or repair anything that is living in low density. Many processes are repaired without a conscious thought, like scratches, cuts, bruises etc. This can only be done by using a higher frequency with a thought that puts this in place while it is in the process.
    Of course a higher frequency can be seen by the pineal gland, which many of you call a third eye. Once you understand how to focus through the use of this process, and then allow the automatic healing system to take charge, you basically can repair everything, unless you are in the chromatic state. The only time it is possible to use this process is if you already are using the pineal gland during time consciousness. Remember, thought in time has very little creative connection with “Tripmatin” levels of your mental connection with Source.

    JB: I’m trying to incorporate all this because some of this I have never experienced before. Apparently, before we were born into a physical body, at some point in non-time, we each created ourselves in a collective state and entered into ourself in order to experience a physical form with minimal understanding of life….so basically we could start from scratch and understand life in a lower density in physical form?

    Gus: Yes, this is it, in sort of a crude form. The whole idea of this transcription is to give you your power back, and not still be handing it out to a higher source. Because once you realize you are the one, with the help of all the others who designed, and basically became the physical body you inhabit now. Until you totally understand this process, you are constantly looking for somebody outside yourself to take on this responsibility, when all along this responsibility is yours. Once you understand it is totally yours, then you won’t have to depend on anybody else to “maintain your vehicle”.
    Now remember, when space or time does not exist, this outlined process has to be put into play by everyone helping to construct a planet within the universe that will all work together. With your experience, if everything wasn’t set up prior to you coming here, you would have no place to incarnate into. So remember, it was with your combined effort with others similar to you, that you decided to manifest time and space and create self-sustaining spaceships called planets to experience life in this condition. Remember, this was quite an undertaking! You still are who you were prior to taking a physical body. You just didn’t have the discomforts and mental distraught that you brought here with you to learn to overcome.
    This is why we all experimented with many projects prior to building a physical form for ourselves. We had to learn to understand and overcome heat, cold, gravity and many other processes and at the same time, design a physical body that can survive in this harsh condition. The animals were all created to pretty much survive within these different realms and conditions, but the human body must basically mentally devise an environment just for his survival. You also had to learn to understand the concept of time. When we were working with this process, we basically had no place to start….if you have never heard of time before, you wouldn’t have an idea of what it was. But, before physical interaction was even a concept, time and space had to be understood in order for this to become a necessary factor of life.
    This was a multi-dimensional project that had to come together perfectly so that all aspects of life would be able to do their job in perfect coordination, to experience these lower essences, so that all could work together in harmony. Without the birds, the bees, the animals and trees, and everything in between, your planet could not exist. One thing I must explain, and that perhaps many of you already understand, is the talk about the planet global warming. This is no more than the vibrational structure returning to its original state. Many of you now are finished with your physical experience and will return to the original state with a tremendous amount of knowledge, more than before you came. Returning to this condition does not mean our physical body dies. By then it has learned to adapt to a higher frequency and will continue your life in a much more complete fashion. I know some of you have been given little glimpses of how this will be.
    Once you learn to return to the present, and realize that time is a device made for humans, one which requires rules and conditions to live by in order to survive, you can disconnect from this process that has a beginning and an end. When you are within “time” you are very easily controlled. Once you learn to not be controlled and still live in time, this opens many doors for you that were not available before. Many of you will start to feel separated in distance from others; because when you reach a certain point of connection with Mother Earth, you won’t need to follow anything because at this point, you will be part of Mother Earth’s energy field. Many of you are experiencing a sense of separation at this time. And during this “separation” quite a number of you, especially through your mental change, will start to forget everyday processes you normally use. When the mind and especially the thought form that is generated from this process, goes through this period, small insignificant thoughts and ideas become less important. This is because you are starting to see the “real” processing that needs to be addressed coming into the picture.
    One of the key points is learning to slow down, not only physically, but mentally. You are used to seeing everything and thinking everything at a certain speed in a third dimensional framework, which allows you to either miss, or misunderstand the new process that is being put into place. I’m sure many of you have noticed your physical bodies and thought process are going through an “Enneadic” period. This process moves you into a mental state which allows you the freedom to see the original state of life and not a preconceived understanding that has been put into place by beings with less interest in your welfare.
    Getting caught up in the world events and involved in how governments operate keeps you under control from a group of beings that do not have your best interest. This is why we are so excited and want to help where we can, because there are many at this time that are opening up to the clear reality of the central purpose of mankind’s experiment in physical form. The ones of you that are awakening to the original process that was set into place, will have to lead the rest of them into this new and quite confidential political field of life. This “first run” of changeovers will not involve a large quantity of people. The first group will not only prepare for others to follow their footsteps, but it will provide an example which will allow them to see a more efficient lifestyle, and how to best connect with the planet which was originally designed for them.
    There are a pretty good number of you now that have the will to step into the next frequency, but who still have to play the old physical games of keeping yourself entertained in the material world, which is quite normal because you think by keeping entertained, you are happy. True happiness only comes when there is a connection between Mother Earth. If you think about it, each one of you have a special purpose to be here. That special purpose, if connected with the Mother Earth, will enhance itself hundreds of times. Also, each person has a different route to this connection. So, in many cases it may look like they are tearing down, when actually they are building up, because they are not doing it the way you process. This is why allowing everything to be in perfect order keeps you in direct line with the earth’s energy, which is trying to match where you are coming from…if you will allow it to.
    The next step is to understand the manifesting of new and more functional parts in your physical body. As you can see, many things on the body can be healed just by allowing them to do it on their own. At one time humans in physical form could replace most, if not all functional parts, which would allow the body to continue in a perpetual living state. In creating “healers” and “ doctors”, they turned the healing over to them, and consequently lost the ability to manifest whatever was needed to be repaired. Just like an old car, if you want to spend the money and time, you can keep it running basically forever. The human body is designed the same way, the difference between it and a car is it does not cost a thing to have the body repaired. All you have to do is understand the thought that caused the destruction to start with and negate that thought and replace it with a thought that sees you in perfect working order.
    When you manifest a new body part, use it in your mind; for example, hardening of the arteries. Once you imagine this process and see it as an interference of your life, at that point you reverse this interference and create a hologram that sees the arteries in a perfect functional fashion. If you can hold this thought for a short time, periodically, so it becomes the primary thought of creation, and not destruction, the situation has to return to normal. As most of you know, Kirilian Photography (energy or aura photography) can show a missing part of any physical body or plant. This is because it is based on energy, not the visual part that is either missing or not functioning correctly, it has a pattern to follow to return to its natural state. Many people agree with this process but the hard part is following it consistently because it does take a huge change in your belief patterns.
    There is a huge tug of war going on between your programmed consciousness and your open subconscious. But, continuing awareness of this process will allow you to take and use it; a process that is really establishing new parts for your physical body. Don’t forget, you created this body and with the same process you can fix it. All it consists of is a thought put into a hologram and allowed to become a third dimensional functioning part. This is not something you have to believe or disbelieve. All you have to do is use the process. As soon as you see it manifest into reality, you will no longer have doubt about making it happen. This probably is the biggest single thought action, one that as it takes place, will allow you to go into a new frequencial pattern.
    Understand that your entire body is constructed of an energetic field that responds to “Hypoltropton” fields of genetic light particles, which is directly in line with the thought generated by the pineal gland.

    JB: Well, it looks like we have a lot to digest at this point. You never did explain who and what you are, and where you are from. Is there a possibility to process this information?

    GUS: I have a lot more to say, but I think I’ll give it a break at this point and let you digest some of this. The “Relonic” connection we have with the ones of you that are crossing into higher frequencies, allows us to interact with that energy field. And just like many before me that have come on this information station that you provide, I really don’t have a set place or time that I come from. So it would not be advantageous to try to explain this. But, I do advise you to stay in touch with the patterns you found in your desert, which will allow you a true form of understanding as you advance through these higher vibrations that you are experiencing. Thank you for your cooperation and I have more to say as soon as this has been processed. Then we can continue with the next plateau of information.
    This will be the end of this dialog for now. Gus.



    I found this place when I did a search after reading another string of your posts at another forum. I have quickly registered here so that I can post a reply that, for now, must be brief. Firstly, thank you so much for sharing this information. I know much of it personally as true. I recently did a life between lives spiritual regression where I remembered much from spirit world after my last life just prior to this incarnation. There are many stepping into the next frequency who are in this “first run” and I am trying to connect so that we can combine our efforts for maximum results. We have much assistance from non-physical guides who want to move us in a better direction and help us to remember; we need only to tune in and receive.

    I have to get to work now but I felt moved to post my thanks to you as soon as I saw this.

    With purpose,



    welcome Reekis, glad you liked it and could relate. I look forward to hearing more from you. I highly recommend reading the ascension papers – at www Zingdad.com… they are discussed here.

    hope work was great.



    Hey Jilly,

    Thanks for the referral to Zingdad. Did this originate from there? I thought this post was Jerry Brown channeling “Gus”. Elsewhere I saw where you posted some more of Brown’s channel sessions that were extraordinary too.


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