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    Does anyone have any suggestions on what are some good crystals to have either around the house or on me personally.

    What ones are good for meditation/channelling etc.

    I guess i’m looking for ones that will help me connect with either my guide or higher self.

    Ones to have at home that will help with Love, Health, Happiness etc etc. i would say money but money is no longer a want anymore.

    I’ve surfed the net but there are soooo many with soooo many different meanings…

    I thought some people might have some that they either use or have in their home that they have found really good.



    …I have quite a few so where to start…

    …I am especially connected to quartz… there are many colors which are caused by different trace mineral content…

    …Selenite is an important mineral for mankind right now… so is calcite… both are relatively soft and absorb un-ease…

    …personally I think petrified wood is helpful… it is a transitional mineral… having been once in the plant kingdom…

    …two of the best books I have seen are…

    Love is in the Earth by Melody – ISBN 0-9628190-3-4


    Stones Alive ! by Twintrees – ISBN 1-890808-09-1


    For meditating to connect with higher realms, guides, angels, ETs etc, I have found the following stones to be immensely helpful:

    Quartz: you can find some called “record keepers” which have a scaly look to the main facet, if you hold it to the light. There is also a configuration called a “channeler” which is a seven-sided facet with a three-sided facet opposite from it, and you can look through the large facet to the smaller one. I have one that is on the smallish side, only about 3 inches long, less than 1/2 diameter, that has a series of 3 and 7 sided facets all around the tip. I fished it out of a basket at a crystal shop and couldn’t put it down, and the shopkeeper explained how to use it. I recommend this method of connecting with special stones! I also recently held a small marble-sized sphere that I could feel had an aligning effect on my energies.

    Apophyllite: very clear pyramidal points, usually on clusters, comes in clear/whitish and green coloration. In my experience, it has a strong teaching energy connected with very ancient knowledge. Sitting in meditation, looking at it, just holding it, or sleeping near it can trigger some pretty strong awakenings, if you resonate with it.

    Moldavite: comes from outer space, man, it’s molten glass-like green remnants from meteorites. In particular, Moldavite is very strong in its connection with ETs, and comes from central Europe, but you can also get tektites, which are basically the same kind of rock but from other places, and usually in larger chunks than Moldavite. Powerful.

    Celestite: yummy! Gentle connection with angelic realms, a beautiful clear blue stone you can get in chunks of geodes. Nice to have near your bed.

    Labradorite: helps facilitate communication
    Herkimer Diamond: holds a clear “vortex” open, stabilizing
    Amethyst, Sugilite, Charoite, pretty much any purple stone will help (especially charoite). Amethyst is an excellent stone to have around your home.
    Selenite is helpful too, Will you are spot on with that in my book!
    Rose quartz, kunzite, rhodocrosite, I have found, can help keep the heart open when you’re beginning crystal work. All are excellent “love stones”. Lepidolite and kyanite can help stabilize mood and mind. Citrine is a wonderful stone, my guides have recommended it to me a few times; it’s supposed to draw money, and it never needs to be cleansed. Garnet is a good all-around healing stone, besides the others listed here. If you have lots of electronics at home, Black Tourmaline is a must, or Lepidolite. Black Tourmaline, or any black stone, like Jet, helps with averting negativity of electromagnetic or interpersonal kind. Hematite, too, but I’m not really drawn to that stone personally.

    These are the ones that come to mind, but I’ve barely scratched the surface 😆 Of course as with all things you only need to trust your gut. Once you set the intention, it seems that the stone you “need” finds you, whether that’s walking into a crystal shop and feeling drawn to one, or having someone gift you with one.

    It’s always a good idea to clean stones once you bring them home, just by running them in a little cold water or setting them in the sun for a while (don’t clean kyanite (it will break) or selenite (it will dissolve) in water! and don’t set moonstone in the sun!), and if you use essential oils make sure your hands are clean of the stuff before you handle stones. Other than that, you will probably find that they will teach you all you need to know about them.

    Melody’s book is certainly encyclopedic. I have a copy of The Crystal User’s Handbook by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian is excellent, and The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall has lots of pictures, verrrrry helpful.


    Thanks Guys,

    Awesome. Bit more research and searching for me I guess, find the right connection. Time to create my own reality…….off I go!!


    Om lapis lazuli, rose quartz


    …ah yes… lapis…
    …this stone is riseing in rank and will be as important as Amythstist…

    …and I do Love Rose Quartz !…

    …my father in law found a large piece of Lavendar Rose quartz up in the mountains near here…it governs our kitchen window box…

    …nice shot of your healing hand Jam…good strong Life Line !…


    I’ve always been drawn to crystals but didn’t know much about them until mid last year. I wanted to get a crystal quartz pyramid to meditate with so I did some shopping around and found a nice website that has a lot of information on it which was great for a newbie like me. I did lots of reading and eventually chose a few crystals and I started to meditate with them. I also bought a book called the crystal bible to use as a reference.

    The website I use to buy stuff from is – http://www.healingcrystals.com/

    Check out some of the stuff customers write to them about. You might just find exactly what you need based on other peoples questions.

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