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    … this seemed to be the most appropriate place for these subjects…

    …places of power nodes and the connections between them…
    …do others have feelings about where they have been stationed ?…

    …I live to the south of Mt. Shasta…and was stationed by Spirit on property directly over a geographic formation known as the Mother Lode…which is a gold-bearing quartz dike the extends about a 100 miles in length…this is part of a fault system that demarkates the N.American Plate from the Pacific Sheild…and extends deep into Gaia…where I live is along a Grid line that extends from Mt. Shasta towards other nodes in Arizona…I am not sure if this power point was in place before I came here or if it was developed as I was awakened…but part of my *job* is that I act as a *Lightening rod* to this place…

    …I believe that Annu mentioned that she had been to power points in Guatamala…

    …does anyone else have feelings about where they are,have been ,or have images in their dreams ?…we do travel and connect in our dreams…


    I have heard that the kundalini of the earth has shifted from Tibet to Teotihuacan… but I can’t remember where I heard/read it… 😕

    I live in Appalachia and it’s chock full of both pretty stones underground and power places above. In the back corner of my yard is a place where the trees grow all twisted, and you can just about feel a vortex when you near the area. Just a little one, I guess. The center of it is a huge dead tree and barbed wire, so I haven’t stood there… I think it’s an entry point. I have discerned guardians coming through when I called for them, from that area.

    It feels a lot like the energy of the red rocks in and around Sedona, AZ here. And the dirt’s about the same color, red mud. The word “Appalachia” has Atlantean connections, I think… but I can’t remember where I heard or read that, either! 😆

    And I am sure if we wanted to connect in our dreams we can and do. I’ve been having some strange dreams lately, they seem so much more fluid than they used to.


    …dreams have got to be a whole ‘nother forum board…

    …I set my intention before falling to sleep…

    …it’s like dialing up…


    I know Glastonbury (England) has strong ley lines.

    I visit there several times a year.

    When I climb the Tor, I feel stuck to the ground, like a magnet.

    I love the place.


    And I have had some beautiful/magical meditations in Chalice Wells Gardens next door 🙂


    Love mia xxx


    Wow, I live on the south London triangle. Both my childrens schools (separate schools) are on that same ley. Our house is between the two schools. There are two leys cross over at my daughters school (which then go onto to the Tor) it has a long history which is very interesting. Elizabeth I used to visit there as did henry VIII when he was a boy. The land my sons school is built on was an estate owned by sir Walter Raleigh who is said to haunt the graveyard next to my daughters school. The gardens to the school were closed off as they found an underground grotto – there is also a system of underground caves in the area. I dont know if this is all coincidence but I felt as if I was “meant” to live in this house – given the circumstances I should never have had this house. I always wondered why the schools were on the ley – I know that often churches are placed on the leys. I am interested in this subject I just haven’t gotten round to really looking into it. As I have a lot going on – have quite a few crystals and organite I am hoping to start to make organite in the near future. To be honest aside from a feeling of calmness and sometimes a ringing in my ears I havent really been aware of the ley I just know its there. I havent been here that long (since late july) and a lot of things have been happening I need to relax and start meditating (which is something I dont do). My son is the one who seems to have blossomed here hes much calmer and happier.

    Here is a history of the local area.

    click the link below and search for the section I have put in quotes:



    Part 2 – South of
    Mitcham Common:
    Carew Manor (my daughters school)
    The Ghosts of
    Beddington Park
    Beddington Parish
    Church & Churchyard

    Under Beddington


    How do you find out about Ley lines. I have been trying to find out the ones that we have in Canberra, but there is no info out there with maps etc and the like. I am sure that we have ley lines here as it was a meeting place for aboriginals back in the time (Canberra means meeting place), and aboriginals were, dont quote me on this, quite selective in where they met, and had to have reasons as to why they met in that particular place, whether spiritiual or for some other reason! And I have heard that Canberra is in the centre of a trianglular group of ley lines. Can anyone help me out, maybe point me in the right direction?



    Here are a couple of links which discuss ley lines in canberra – don’t know if they will be of any help as a starting point.

    http://www.kheper.net/ecognosis/essays/Canberra_its_Geomantic_realities.html – Canberra – Its Geomantic Realities

    http://www.kheper.net/ecognosis/essays/Canberra_and_the_Griffins.html Canberra & the Griffins, a Theosophical View – Info towards bottom of article

    Extract:(from second link) Towards the end of the story …
    Canberra’s present and possible future.

    Canberra has geomantic patterns etched into its landscape. In the ceremonial part of the city many things have been added to the Griffin’s basic formulations. The latest is Commonwealth place and its adjacent and, strangely named, “Reconciliation Place”.

    Both these locations are on the Griffins’ “land axis line” which runs from Mt Ainslie to distant Mt Bimberri. The line passes through the War Memorial, down Anzac Parade through Parliament House and across the Woden cemetery War Graves. In geomancy terms the Griffins’ land axis line is called a “ley line”… Ley lines connect points; thoughts and energies run along them. They cause aligned sites to become similar.

    Reconciliation Place was intended to commemorate the reconciliation between Australia’s indigenous people and those who came to this land from the British Commonwealth. Actually, the location is a midden, a burial mound. Meditate on it and you are quickly drawn into the underworld, the world of the near dead. It seems to connect with forces from deep within the earth, to the spiritual being that controls the flow of water on the land.

    Earlier in the week I was near Reconciliation Place – I had just left a book launch with forty Aboriginal people in the nearby National Library. After a shared lunch I wandered over to the midden and sat for awhile. In my meditative consciousness I perceived aboriginal ghosts, the ghosts that had been with us during lunch (ancestor ghosts according to a woman I spoke with) disappearing into the mound. Perhaps, Reconciliation Place has become a sacred site that links the social, political and spiritual activities of Canberra with the living realm of aboriginal “Dreaming”. The Aboriginal embassy for the underworld.

    Over last few years a lot of strange new things have been building up underneath Canberra … and of course parliament house is built where a hill used to be and has grass on its roof.

    Arranged on the land axis ley line, near the War Memorial are a growing number of monuments celebrating Australian doings in War. Between the Nurses Memorial and Korean Memorial stands a huge Deva. A Deva of ceremonial. On many occasions I’ve had contact with its being. A purple strand from her arrives at every meeting with a spiritual content that takes place in the city. A purple haze announces her presence during the monthly Theosophical lecture. She seems very similar to the being described in H.K. Challoner’s book, “Regents of the Seven Spheres” on pages 59 to 63. Here is the part of the poem …


    I knew there was a reason for coming here, you are als so helpful and willing to point “newbies” that are in search of information in the right direction. I commend what you do and am very grateful:)


    Wow, Alora, that makes my heart so happy, what you just said 🙂


    Just the truth. 😉

    5 Ahau Manu

    Have you seen nassim haramein his work? Part 1 and 2
    Their is a part on it.



    And if this does not help it’s interesting anyway.

    Another you

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