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    Not sure what to make of this and not sure if this has been discussed before or if anyone has further information on it……….


    December 21, 2008
    World Shipping Comes To Halt As Global Navies Prepare For ‘Unprecedented’ Confrontation
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

    Of the numerous reports we have been able to access from some of the World’s most secret intelligence archives the strangest have always been those from Russia’s Interior Ministry, which though not controlled by the Soviets anymore is still believed to be at the forefront into the research of extra and strange science subjects such as UFO’s, psychic powers, remote viewing, etc.
    The first time these deepest secrets of the Soviet Interior Ministry were revealed to the World was in the 1970’s with the publication of “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain” by Canadian and American researchers Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, and which according to the Russian environmental and civil liberties group Ecology and Living Environment the research of these projects is still continuing today.
    But what has caught our attention today, to put it mildly, is a combined Russian Interior Ministry-FSB report circulating in the Kremlin today that states that our World’s Navies are about engage in ‘unprecedented’ hostilities with the ‘giant founders’ of the ancient Biblical Garden of Eden to prevent our Planet from being re-colonized by an alien race most popularly known as the Annunaki (or “Nephilim”) who ancient Babylonian texts state are the ‘Watchers’ over our Earth.
    What makes this report even more disturbing is that as these very words are being written, Naval Forces from all around the Globe are now converging upon The Gulf of Aden, the area historically described as is “the freshwater river that left Eden and split into four heads of branches, based upon archaic notions of a great river encircling the world” and which is the exact location given by these ancient Babylonian texts for the location of the ‘main undersea base’ of these Watchers.
    Global Naval Forces currently steaming towards, or already in, The Gulf of Aden include ‘friends and foes’ alike The United States, Iran, China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, European Union and India under what these reports state is the ‘cover story’ of protecting the shipping lanes of that region from the US backed pirates operating out of Somalia.
    Current news from this region are, also, appearing to show that hostilities have already begun between our Earth’s ‘Defense Forces’ and the Watchers as like the United States last attempt to attack these ‘aliens’ by themselves this past January has, once again, resulted in massive cuts by the Watchers to the many undersea communication cables laying upon the seafloors of this region which have now isolated large parts of the Middle East and the sub-continent.
    To the worst fears confronting our Earth’s Defense Forces, these reports continue, is a repeat of the catastrophic events that occurred on December 26, 2004, when the American nuclear attack submarine USS San Francisco attempted to launch an attack against an undersea Watcher base in the Indian Ocean causing these ‘aliens’ to retaliate by raising the sea floor over 100 meters which the USS San Francisco than slammed into but which also launched the cataclysmic tsunami which killed over 250,000 and whose earthquake, latterly, changed the orbit of our entire Planet.
    The Earth Defense Forces in an apparent bid to mitigate any further such retaliations against them have ordered a near halt to shipping on all of our World’s oceans, and which has been confirmed by the reports issued on the Baltic Exchange Dry Index [see top photo left] which shows that Global shipping is now grinding to a near halt as over 93% of all cargo ships have been recalled to their ports.
    It should be noted that as hard as these reports may be to believe by the average propaganda filled person, the threat to our Planet by these Watchers has been known by all of the World’s powers for many years, and with one of the first mass warnings being given to our human race by the American President Ronald Regan who on September 21, 1987 stated before the United Nations:
    “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”.
    Today is indeed showing us that an ‘outside, universal threat’ is ‘quickly’ making ‘differences vanish’ as both the American and Iranian Navies are confronting a common Global threat even as they stand on the brink of war as separate Nation states having no common bonds between them.
    And, to these events occurring at the exact same time as our World’s economic structure continues imploding leaving billions of human beings in its tragic wake broke, homeless and starving, one can indeed see that the final ‘end game’ for the control of our Planet has now begun in earnest, leaving only the question to be asked…who really are the ‘good guys’ in all of this?
    For the answer to this question it is wise to remember the Sorcha Faal’s words in her book “Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors” wherein she wrote of our need to understand our Earth’s most ancient myths in order to understand these times we live in today…
    “The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls”, say the Inuit people of the great Arctic regions of the World.
    According to these ancient people’s beliefs, all living things have souls, just like our human ones, and once we kill a life its spirit is then free to exact revenge upon us, that is unless we humans perform the rituals necessary to free them.
    The beliefs of the Inuit’s come from a world-view that is devoid of religious belief, in fact, they believe that the universe is ruled by nothing.
    There are no gods or creators, there are no punishments in either this present world or the hereafter; there is only the belief that is best summed up by the Inuit’s themselves, and who say: “We don’t believe. We fear.”


    …I am cross-posting this from another thread I posted at earlier today…Appropo…

    Anomoly update 1/5/09
    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 12:01 AM

    Update on the craft transiting through this ‘anomaly’ in the Gulf of Aden. We now have received information that confirms part of what was originally reported below, and adds units of the Amethyst Fleet to Lord Anton’s Silver Fleets–from Telos. It is certain that this is building to a significant breakout in the news and their ”Somali Pirates Fiction” will not stand up under the news blackout now in place. The only time they clamp down on the media coverage this firmly is when they are flummoxed and want to coverup their distress at having no capacity to control what is happening. It is now well known that they would move heaven and earth to prevent disclosure of their perfidy in the coverup of galactic presence. These are fleets of the Ashtar Command, terrestrial and galactic. Lord Anton and St Germain are in charge of those Fleets.

    We will be asking Mother Sekhmet to take us in her shuttle craft tonight to view the Gulf of Aden ‘anomalies’, and hopefully to make drawings we can share in our next update.

    More as it becomes available.

    MarkH P.S. The earlier report about Obama moving into the WH was correct except it won’t be until the 20th…they say. He can move into the Blair Guest House on the 15th, but will stay in the Hay-Adams Hotel, nearby until the next change. His two girls are enrolling in the local school now. Leon Panetta is being named as head of the CIA…a good choice. He knows Steven Bassett who is a registered lobbyist with great credibility in UFO circles and this suggests a much friendlier approach to Galactic Presence disclosure.

    Above Mark replies to Kay’s question below:

    I would like any more information on this that you are able to give us. The media is not going to be able to sit on this much longer. Kay

    “In the Gulf of Aden, over 300 Naval vessels from friends and foes alike are circled around a deep seabed-embedded StarGate that has activated out over the waters and has visible metallic rings suspended in the sky and which have fully opened up an interdimensional/multidimensional portal through which–the King of Egypt reported to us this AM–large cigar-shaped ships have been transiting. When they come through a stargate they have to momentarily decloak and become visible.”


    …I had seen another mention of the Gulf of Aden at another site also but can not find it at this moment…

    …seems to be more going on than meets the eyes…

    …opal or Zing…

    …are your people talking ?…


    Thanks Will,

    yeh, I read the stuff over at Federation of Light Community Forums Lefora – the forum kind of connected to Blossom.

    But it is all kind of spinning out of control. You have things being stated on Above Top Secret website and on the Federation of Light Community Forum, but it just seems to be getting out of control and I really can’t make sense of it. Maybe I want answers and I’m not finding them and it makes my mind spin cause it’s like – how can this be happening and no one can report even a snippet of truth. I mean, geez, what? A Stargate on Earth – um like 2 of them, one in Baghdad and the other in the Gulf Of Aden? And the forces of the world are battling the Aliens? I mean, come on…I could be watching my favourite Sci Fi program and be getting the same thing. Is this really what it is all about? Good verses evil on our own planet. Haven’t we been watching these re runs on our TV screens and movie theatres since god knows when?

    Ah, yes, thats the word – truth

    Where is it?

    I guess that I am posting this mumbo jumbo here cause everywhere else frustrates me and whenever I wish to find the truth I always end up here.


    Another thing that puzzles me is this:
    If the controllers are 4-D and 5-D negative , as stated in the Casseopean material and numerous other sources , what could a Earth (or otherwise) 3-D naval force possibly do against these higher density entities , ones that can manipulate space/time? Also , where do the 4-D positive forces come in – intervention? Have they been there fighting the negative 4-D all along , or are they gathering now? I assume that 5-D positive forces have realized there is no need to fight at all , as you are just fighting Self.
    Just some thoughts.


    …I have not read the Casseopean material but in my awareness we don’t interact with Negatives above 4th Density…there must be Negatives in the densities up to 11thD…but that they *channel down* to affect us…”THEY” (Pos and Neg) have to lower their vibration rate to interact with us here at 3rd D… ships such as those downed at Roswell had come close enough in resonance to be affected by our new technology that was resonateing “up”,i.e. radar etc…but that has been 60 years and we have back-engineered or traded tech much higher now…I’m sure that Others have tech that can blow us out of the water…so confrontation at a violent level would be fruitless…or as “They” say,”Resistance is futile”…some still believe that you can fight fire with fire but that’s a good way to burn the planet !…and feeds more fuel to the Negs…maybe this is another “false flag” operation on a larger scale…like how 10.14.08 did not work out for the Illuminati so this is a back-up plan.

    …opal or Zing…jump in at any time…

    …there are more than two…

    …there is supposed to be one in Antartica…Wingmakers (anyone familiar ?) say that *something* will be discovered on each continant…

    …*OtherSources* have told me that *Things* were buried a long time ago and that is one of the causes of so much interest in this planet…

    …my *feeling* is that All thes portal are to act in unison and create One Large portal…


    Sorcha Faal writes in the future tense. This isn’t what’s happened, but what could. Kinda fictional.


    Ahhhh! Thanks for that Opal. So this means she is sorta trying to tell us what WILL happen? Like some kind of prescience? Or is it really not meant to be taken seriously at all?

    If it is meant to be taken seriously then all I can say is that I for one have absolutely no resonance over this. I mean they may be relating something that has some truth to it or it might be complete nonsense. Probably a bit of a mix of the two. But, if I look at the tone and the approach, then the objective of this rather shrill communique is clearly to incite fear. Then, beyond that, there are many things that don’t make sense. For example: If, 6000 years ago, the Annunaki had highly advanced space-flight technology when we were, well, primitive barbarians with clubs… And if we have developed as far as we have in the intervening 6000 years… And if (as we have experienced) technological advancement occurs in logarithmic fashion… Then sending our military against them will be futile, wasteful and stupid. They will have technology so far ahead of ours that it will be nothing short of magic to our eyes. And if they wanted to take aggressive action against us then it would already be taken. The notion that our military with their little floaty bits of metal on the sea could in any way contain them is just silly.

    Oh – and the story of the Anunnaki causing the tsunami to take out a submarine? huh??? If you had the kind of technology that could shift the ocean floor and muck around with plate-tectonics you WOULD NOT be concerned with the existence of a sub. And if you were, well, it would be pathetically easy to destroy it without needing the elaborate ploy of doing such damage to the planet. That’s like swatting a fly with the continent of Africa.

    I’m sure I could pick many more holes if I tried. But that doesn’t serve my purpose. I don’t desire to convince anyone of anything. Instead I’d rather just say this: this message carries the energy of fear and disempowerment. It seeks to have you get panicky about events that you have NO way of verifying and therefore cannot discount. It seeks to make you panicky about the presence and actions of a race of beings that you have not being able to see for yourself to adjudge their motives and nature for yourself. It seeks to make you panicky about unfolding events that you have no way of doing anything at all about. In short this looks a lot like pure victim-making to me. But that is just my call… I have been assured over and over (and had it proven to me in my experiences in my life) that I do not need to have any “doom and gloom” stuff occur in my life at all as we go into the shift. But I need to be willing to let go of fear as a creation tool and I need to be willing to accept that that which I focus on I create in my life. Then I can have an experience that is devoid of all such painful unhappiness. I very firmly believe that this would be true for others as well. But each will create as they choose and experience what hey have created…


    Hmmm, well this article didn’t particularly resonate with me because as you mention Zingdad “this message carries the energy of fear and disempowerment”. After reading the article I decided to check the source & I did a search on the net for Sorcha Faal last night. There are many references to be found about him/her. It appears since 2005 there are several people who have tried to find out more information about Sorcha Faal & have been unsuccessful. All of the sites I read suggest that Sorcha Faal does not in fact exist & is not who he/she is set up to be.

    There are also some sources that claim Sorcha Faal is in fact David Booth, who is connected to or the originator of the whatdoesitmean.com site. I don’t know about the validity of any of these opinions but it does seem a little strange that no one has been able to find any other reference to Sorcha Faal to date. Anyway do your own research if interested to form your own opinion.

    By the way, Happy New year everyone. I have been reading here most days but haven’t had much time to post lately.


    What if all of life’s answers came to you in the form of a beggar? The idea is that the average person caught up in life’s big problems is to distracted, or too preoccupied to comfort a person in need that they miss the whole idea of progress. Ignoring the circumstances each person has and understanding that each individual is no different than an other is a good way to find common ground and learn from one another. Usually in our lives we subconsciously attract unwanted situations in our lives in order to make a change that we consciously avoid. So in this particular situation we avoid an unwanted individual because of his particular circumstance. The idea is for both people to put their differences aside and help each other (in ways I’m assuming only pertain to those individuals in that particular moment). But the whole purpose of the moment is lost when the opportunity is ignored when the two people (both or either of the two) don’t relate.

    Now let’s take this type of thinking and compare it to a more familiar situation. Why not try to share with a person who is afraid how to calm themselves down. It’s fairly parallel with the previous circumstance. A wealthy person is to worried about sharing his “wealth” with a person that has very little to survive on, because he doesn’t wish to be poor. Just like a confidant person isn’t willing to comfort a frightened person because of the desire to maintain their mind frame. Another example is a person who is socially awkward. Why would a person with friends stick their neck out to comfort a stranger and risk being associated with an undesirable person? The problem is people are so much more willing to express their dislikes than sacrifice their comfort to focus on what is important to them (or so they claim to be important).

    I’m guilty of this. I’ll admit that pretending that you don’t have an opinion on something whether it be a controversial subject or everyday conversation is easier than explaining exactly what it is you want to say. The issue is: who wants to take the time and listen to what is actually being said, by an undesirable person? Who will hear what a beggar has to say, forgetting about the life the life the speaker has lived? Sure the words spoken might not have any credit whatsoever… but the point is to take the time to listen because that fear or judgment you pass onto another is really something you reward yourself. Anyway this is purely a what if situation and a caution not to ignore the words of another because of it being bad news…


    I agree with Zingdad, I read this and my first reaction was to laugh, they cant seriously expect people to believe it. Not logical and sounds like something I read in a really bad tabloid.


    “What if life’s answers came to you in the form of a beggar?”, this is brilliant Echo!! Thank’s to Sorcha Faal’s “brilliant 😉 “Holographic fictional story telling, some of us have awoken from slumbering dramatic scenario dreams.
    This a step forward into empowering our own holographic creations be it in communion with angels, Pleaidians, or ascended masters, instead of waiting for the next bulletin giving the exploits of super creatures “fighting” the poor reptiles who seem to be part of an axis of evil 😉 in many of these gargantuan frescos .
    By the way I believe most of us have had reptilian soul experiences and that pointing a finger to assumed reptiles completing the reptile experience in this life time won’t help us transcend past lives’ painful experiences prisonner of a body of scales. Recognizing scales in a previous soul life, merging with them and offering them to my collective soul of love has been an efficient healing for me in this compartment and I can thank the Pleaidians “Bringers of dawn” Barbara Marciniac “for that….

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