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    I have an inner voice.
    It talks to me, out loud, but only I can hear, like a guide.
    If I am becoming irritated with a slow driver, this inner voice tells me to calm down.
    When I am tired and don’t want to go to bed, my inner voice explains why I should.
    If I find myself becoming argumentive, when I really should be just listening to anothers point of view, this inner voice tells me to listen.
    It’s amazing!
    I have told it to ‘shut up and mind it’s own business’ on more than one occasion.
    And thanked it on several.
    I have a little teacher sitting inside me 🙂
    Love mia xx


    That’s beautiful, Mia.

    Reminds me of a song by Sinnead O’Connor which always touches me really deeply called The Healing Room. Every time I hear this song it brings me to tears. The kind of tears which are about “Oh my GOD that is so true for me”. So anyway, here are the lyrics which I found at this website.

    The Healing Room
    I have a universe inside me
    Where I can go and spirit guides me
    There I can ask oh any question
    I get the answers if I listen
    I have a healing room inside me
    The loving healers there they feed me
    They make me happy with their laughter
    They kiss and tell me I’m their daughter
    I’m their daughter
    They say
    You have a little voice inside you
    It doesn’t matter who you think you may be
    You’re not free if you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me
    See I’m not the lie that lives outside you
    And it doesn’t matter what
    You think you believe
    You’re not free if you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me
    See I am the universe inside you
    You come to me and I will guide you
    And make you happy with laughter
    I joy in seeing you’re my daughter
    You’re my daughter
    So believe you’re not free if
    you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me
    If you don’t know me


    Oh! That is so lovely!
    I haven’t heard that song before.
    Thank you Zingdad xxx


    I love it Mia! Well written!

    I actually have “the healing room” on my I-pod. I’ve always loved the message on that song. I’m glad someone else appreciates it.


    I have more than one inner voice. I used to have conversations even arguments with the voice in my head. But there is another voice (it is extremely quiet and gentle) that was the voice in my heart. I equated the voice in my head (the logical argumentative one with my ego). The voice in my heart that I barely used to hear before is the voice I now listen out for – the ego used to drown this out with argumentative logic and reasoning. The voice in my heart is instinctual knowledge instantaneous guidance we do not speak (there is no need) I only listen – it guides me – before I knew the truth I would hear it but logical ego would persuade me to go against this guidance usually to find I should have listened all along.

    Mia your words sum up how I feel about my inner heart voice. I am learning to listen more and more and its becoming easier – I am literally following my hearts desire.

    The words from the “healing room” are very moving and profound. I will search and listen to the song. Sinead Oconner is an amazing artist.

    Great thread and one I resonate with 😀

    Thank you 😀


    I have been having problems with what I guess you could call my inner voice. I’ve thought about it for a while and have come up with nothing but confusion and no sign conclusion. At first I thought that it was just my imagination generating thoughts for the fun of it. I’m the kind of person who will listen to what is going on, but think about something different. I guess that’s what you would call Attention Deficit Disorder. Even though I was diagnosed with ADD I never took it seriously, in school I was always able half pay attention and still retain enough information to pass my classes. but lately my conscious has been irritating me.

    @Ascend2luv wrote:

    I used to have conversations even arguments with the voice in my head.

    Basically this is how I feel. I’m also an introvert; I hardly talk and spend most of my time thinking. So I feel like I’m constantly at battle with myself to come up with a coherent thought that both of my personalities agree on. It tends to happen when I’m at work or when I’m busy, or when I’m around a large amount of people. This “voice” does provide me with entertainment in the form of another perspective and helps me come up with some interesting ideas. Unfortunately this does have its down side. Because I’m thinking so intensely trying to have conversations or arguments with myself I forget about reality and work on auto-pilot. I don’t notice it, but I know that my face reflects the thoughts that float through my mind (i’m assuming that it looks strange for people that catch me while im so deep in thought). There is also another thing. I’m not sure what caused it, but I can only guess. My face has become contorted.

    It’s weird to talk about, but have you ever noticed when you talk to someone that their facial features aren’t exactly symmetrical. An eye is higher than the other or whatever. I’m sure you might have even noticed for yourself when you look in the mirror. It’s something like that But for me it’s so severe that it’s like looking into two different faces. For those who took the time to read through this, it may seem like a strange thing to believe, but what I’m trying to say is I did this to myself. Somehow I used my mind the wrong way or not enough and I let myself fall apart and somehow misshaped not only my face, but my back/posture. It’s sad, but I can’t even smile, evenly anyway, so for the most part I don’t even try to show my happiness. I would post an image to show you what I mean, but It’s far too embarrassing. But the hardest thing for me to believe is that no body told me… Not my friends, my brothers, not even my mother. But I haven’t lost hope and there’s no need to play the world’s smallest violin. I’m attempting to correct it, I feel that my face should reflect what goes on inside; right now it’s a mess.

    I wrote this the other day:

    the fabric of time weaves through space
    patience wanes from constant obsession
    while you wait for your tale to begin
    the smile fades from your face
    my blank stare and empty expression
    could never share what happens within

    This is not the only thing that afflicts me. I feel like I’ve become crazy. I’ve actually come to terms with my insanity. My inner voice used to be rational, telling me how to avoid confrontation. But somehow the other part of me kept putting me in situations that required confrontation. I’m not sure what I was trying to show myself or to show other people, but I was stuck in constant conflict with myself and I still haven’t resolved it yet. But ever since this past spring and my visit to the hospital, my thinking has changed. It has become more and more unrealistic. Sometimes I feel like I’m having a conversation with someone else. It’s like a presence I feel, sometimes like a welcoming, comforting feeling, sometimes i feel like I’m tripping and it can be really surreal. At first I didn’t know what to believe. I thought I was talking to an angel, or god, even the devil. Then I thought I was telepathically communicating with someone I didn’t know. Like our minds were crossed and we never knew, we were just so used to thinking together. I also thought I was talking to everyone around me, I thought of every possibility I could come up with. Now, I’m not so sure. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just can’t shake this feeling that this connection existed and may still exist.

    Stuck between channels my thoughts all quit
    I thought about them too much, allowed them to touch
    The feelings that rained down on the plains all dried and cracked
    Waiting for things that never came
    ” -Jack Johnson (sleeping through the static)

    This was all before I heard anything about channeling or twin flames, the galactic federation, and light and dark workers. If anything all these things confused me more. But I have been patiently driven to find out more about the paranormal or spirituality. Sometimes it confuses and frustrates me to the point I can hardly take. But the strangest thing is, ever since the spring I’ve been noticing strange patterns and evidence of some deliberate design and the way I perceive things has changed. I’m attempting to charge my thinking positively by paying attention to my vocabulary, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I’m even trying (not intentionally) to broadcast my thoughts or energy so that the people around me can see some of the light I might have found. But I’m not really receiving any solid feedback that assures me I’m not just slipping. The hardest part is the choice to ignore what you feel could be important and revolutionary or follow what could amount to nothing, robbing you of your mind in the process. (I say I’m changing my thoughts, but I can’t break away from this negativity. Why are both of the options I have both negative?)

    I also wrote this, a while ago:

    All he wants to do is show you
    what to do and how he does
    but became an part of something
    that never really was

    This might not sound like it, but this is a cry for help. I’m very lost in my own mind and I can’t allow that to happen. I refuse to miss out on what life really has to offer. I don’t feel genuine, accurate, or balanced in my own mind anymore. I feel like whatever I think is judged and criticized. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of a benefit; I get an indication when my thinking is off. But I’m afraid that I can’t become the change that I want. My ego, my shame, and the deep rooted pain from my past are a few of the things I struggle with every day. By writing this I’m not looking for pity or attention, but compassion and reassurance. I hope that if you don’t hear me, the universe will. I share this with the purest intentions and solemn composure awaiting anyone who is willing to address this broad and strange subject. Thank you.





    …I’m listening…

    …don’t know what to say …but I can listen…

    …don’t feel alone…and don’t let things drive you crazy…

    ,,,just Be the Light that you are…you don’t need to worry about broadcasting your Light…that does it automatically…and those around will pick up what they are ready for…

    …this is not an easy world…

    …if it were easy then everyone would be down here living…

    …they only sent the strongest…take solace in that…

    …you can talk to Us…we are your brothers and sisters…

    …your poetry is weighted with truth and emotion…and…

    …Jack Johnson sings for me also…

    …Love and Light…sister echo…


    The “ego” has a lot invested in keeping things on an even keel, maintaining the status quo, and “tricking” you into believing it is an all-knowing, wise source of guidance who knows what’s what. But it is merely an agent of fear, an artificial construct of mind that we feed and allow to grow out of balance. The ego is part of our experience on this planet of forgetfulness, but when it’s out of balance, it gets wily, threatening, confused, and generally like an out-of-control adolescent.


    Echo If I had written this to myself, this would have been my answer to me…

    If you could recognize in the inextricable jungle of thought forms, one thought of love for your Self expressing your true self, your divinity and then cultivate it by aknowledging it as divine, this complicated architecture would vanish in what it is, void.
    Breathing meditation is a way of getting there as you focus on exhaling and inhaling air, you will find this treasure thought which is you breathing.
    Spending some time REconnecting with mother nature also, where I am free merging with a tree , a river or the sky, the elements.
    You are a body also, gymnastic movement may appease obsessive thoughts 🙂 ……


    Echo –
    As I read your post , this instantly came back to me:
    ( It is from Carla at LL Research (yes , the same Carla that channeled the Law of One , or the Ra Material) )
    “That which you worry about , that which you fear , you call to you. We would encourage you to watch your thoughts like a hawk. When you find them becoming toxic , ask yourself to stop thinking along those lines. Ask yourself how your highest and best self would approach the situation that has you in worry or fear.”
    “When that thought comes to you of what the highest and best would be , try it on my friend. See if it feels more comfortable to you , more profitable , more skillfull , and more helpful than your fearful thoughts. This is the kind of choice which does not look like a choice of polarity , but it is. The choice of fear is the choice to have life be about you. the choice of LOVE is the choice to have life be about the One Infinite Creator.”

    Now , I almost hesitated to post this , as it feels a bit “preachy” , but I know that when I began to face my ego , and the demons he had created , this little tidbit (along with a LOT of help from a certain Renegade here 😉 ) helped me so very much.
    I hope it does the same for you.


    Thank you all for your help. I’ve read each of your posts twice so that I could soak it in. I think meditation could do a lot of good for me, so I will try it tonight before I sleep.

    I am having a hard time with my “ego” mostly because there are some things that I think that I want to believe in or bring into my life. Is that selfish? “The choice of fear is the choice to have life be about you. the choice of LOVE is the choice to have life be about the One Infinite Creator.” This is also something I think about a lot. I can (at least this is how I feel) see god in anyone. I also like to entertain the thought that I can see it in myself; this is when my ego batters my head like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. Sometimes I feel like this multiplies my insight so I can understand the questions in my head. But I tend to coast off of this ego-trip and crash, leaving me confused and unsure what to believe in. This happens nearly every day and it leaves me feeling drained and somehow amused.

    @Will wrote:

    …Love and Light…sister echo…

    In my defense… I’m a guy. But no worries, I take no offense 😆


    In my opinion , meditation will help you a great deal at this time.
    It will help ground you.
    My evening meditation , my “time” I spend re-connecting with Source , has become just as important to me as eating. That’s a HUGE change for me , but a WONDERFUL one! It took me a good while to shut ego down. I allow his input but do not grant him final say. I am working toward the “shutdown of ego” state being easier and easier to access. Then I can handle the 3-D world from the perpective of a much more expanded awareness. Ego is SO limited!
    Try the silence , my friend…….


    Since you’re reading…

    A helpful mantra for those who can see god in all but have a hard time seeing god in the mirror is “Om Namah Shivaya”… here are a few words on its activity within:

    (lit., Om, salutations to Shiva) The Sanskrit mantra of the Siddha Yoga lineage; known as the great redeeming mantra because of its power to grant both worldly fulfillment and spiritual realization. Om is the primordial sound; Namah is to honor or bow to; Shivaya denotes divine Consciousness, the Lord who dwells in every heart. link

    This mantra has no approximate translation. The sounds related directly to the principles which govern each of the first six chakras on the spine…Earth, water, fire, air, ether. Notice that this does not refer to the chakras themselves which have a different set of seed sounds, but rather the principles which govern those chakras in their place. A very rough, non-literal translation could be something like, ‘Om and salutations to that which I am capable of becoming.’ This mantra will start one out on the path of subtle development of spiritual attainments. It is the beginning on the path of Siddha Yoga, or the Yoga of Perfection of the Divine Vehicle. link

    Find a location where you can be quiet for a few minutes without interruptions. Sit in a chair with the spine erect with feet on the floor. Or, on the floor, yogi style. Close your eyes and watch your breath coming in and going out. Repeat the mantra, “Om Namah Shivaya” silently to yourself. When the mind wander off, just gently bring it back.

    Om Namah Shivaya means I honor the God within me, the great power that resides in all beings. Like the Bible says, the kingdom of God is within.

    As you meditate, all kinds of thoughts will arise. Just gently let them all go, put them aside. You can pick them up later when you are done meditating. They will wait. In the meantime, just go back to the mantra. link

    I’ve posted videos of the chant on other threads… youtube is not allowing me access at the mo’…

    And know that you are loved beyond measure


    echo, the Pleiadian Renegades have responded to your post… and to those who have not or cannot voice their inner questioning…

    In the days you spent in chaos, dearest echo of love, you had an experience no one could impart to you. It was yours to discover. Now it is yours to master. The soul is a teacher and you are its student. You are an emanation of love from the source of all, and your soul acts as a lens, focusing and refracting the core frequency of OM, I AM, into the particulate hologram which you see when you look in a mirror. You are echoes of light, ever responding to the love which ever sustains your existence. Love, of course, is not merely a nice, warm feeling. It is the whole of all, it is the infinity of experience, the movement of atoms and thought and being in relation to everything it encounters. It is endlessly taking form both as beauty and filth, as kindness and violence, as sanity and that which cannot be ordered into coherent expression. All this is love, and love is the substance of all things seen and unseen, heard and voiceless, true and without merit, at least none that can be discerned. For there is always a bigger picture than you can with human eyes see, and a greater purpose to all things than you can with human faculties reason out. Love remains, always, the signature of the source. In gaining greater understanding, dear echo, we point you toward the lens of your soul.

    If you sense what others cannot, does that mean you are inoperable, unfunctioning, broken, or wrong? No. It means you receive signals from other sources than the familiar voices you have grown accustomed to. Signals from outside the spectrum of your 3-D reality, yet signals nonetheless. Is there meaning in them? More importantly, is there love? Tune yourself to the frequency your soul has opened to in refracting the vibratory impulse of OM, I AM towards you as its creation, and trust that your soul loves you, dear echo. It is the sender of the signal from a source which is only love, and you, as an individual being, are the amplifier of experience. Tune into the fineness of vibration and let the baser movements of intelligence and existence organize themselves according to a broader coherent spectrum of light, one that encompasses that which you cannot see with human eyes, one that extends beyond the known limits your reality has defined. Let your soul teach you of love that exists and which seeks expression, and know that it is in service to OM, I AM.

    What meaning do you ascribe to such impulses as those which you feel threaten the very fabric of your being? How do you interpret the experience of receiving the transmission of energy that has no vital core to its purpose other than, as far as you can tell, vexation? Look to the lens of your soul and see what comes through understanding and insight. The universe is immense, dear one, and you have experienced in your short time on Earth only a small part, that you can remember. Memory seeps in where it finds an opening, however, and gives you more to think about than you have prepared yourself for. Hence, you have needed a break, and arranged for yourself to have one. Part of you remembers and part of you wants to play the game of forgetfulness and discovery. You can avoid conflict within forgetting, dropping out, or creating escape with all the drama of a thriller. To what end? In thus forgetting even that you have forgotten your source and sustenance in love, you handicap yourself unnecessarily. Remember that you have forgotten while you explore the reality of the time and space your consciousness now finds itself in, and know that you will again come into full remembrance. Know that you do not face the annihilation of your soul, but that your soul knows exactly where you are and what you are experiencing at any point in time. You have a connection to your soul and through your soul to OM, the source of love, from which you cannot ever be cut off. We ask you to remember this, if nothing else. In the times to come, you will see many people in forgetfulness struggle to maintain a reality that cannot hold, as more and more of the fabric of what has been recognized as real unravels more and more. Maintain your remembrance of yourself divine, whole, lacking nothing, complete in love. Remember yourself as love whole in its expression and honor the choice you made in tandem with your soul to enter into a game of forgetting and discovering secrets to remembrance and new pathways to greater understanding, experience, and expression of OM. If you ever feel lost, call on your soul. Acknowledge your self, and ask for guidance to love from love. Echo of love, you can never be lost. It is only a matter of remembering. Re-member your self. OM.


    again, thanks for the direction. I’m assured it will all work out for the best. I know now that my journal will be my strongest tool, best friend, and among other things, my worst enemy…

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