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    Date: 10/2/2009

    Master Kuthumi Provides Guidance to the World for Our Future
    Galactic Gathering Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations
    Denver, Colorado
    September 25 – 27, 2009

    Norma Milanovich:

    Good Morning Kuthumi: I surround myself with the Threefold-Violet Flame of Purity and Perfection and request that you connect to my essence and transmit a message to those who will attend the Colorado Conference of the Galactic Gathering on Extraterrestrial Civilizations. I eagerly await your words and thank you for coming forward at this time to bring forth enlightenment and wisdom for the world.

    Kuthumi Speaks:
    Good Day to you Oh Daughter of the Celestial Command. It is I, Kuthumi, stepping forward to connect to your Light and transmitting the information that you request. I come on behalf of the Celestial Hierarchy and the Galactic Command as I relay this message of importance to you today. Together, we thank you for agreeing to be a spokesperson for both worlds and for stepping forward at this critical time to be a way-shower for the Light.

    Our words are but a reminder of that what is programmed within each person’s soul, who will attend this gathering or view the events from afar. Let each individual understand this from the beginning, for it is important for all to comprehend that they are attending the gathering for higher reasons than what they might expect. There is a portal that is destined to be opened over Denver the week-end of this celebrated event, and this will occur because of the codes that each individual carries and brings into the arena of Light at that time. There are no innocent bystanders destined to attend this gathering, which is what every soul must understand to fully take advantage of what it is that will occur following the event.

    NOW IS THE TIME for action and peace. There is little time left. The Earth has moved over the threshold of the Fifth Dimension on February 14th of this calendar year, and everything now prepares for its baptism into the New Dawn that waits. This is an exciting moment in Earth’s history books, and it will be remembered as “the time that thought forgot.”

    How interesting you might add, as you study the expression just delivered at this time. Contemplate the meaning, Dear Warriors of Olde, while we prepare the world for its manifest expression of truth. Together we will begin to create the higher world that awaits and while we are doing so, let us also all celebrate these moments experienced — for they shall never return again.

    The Earth is moving quickly into a time when thought and form will become one – not only within individuals, but also in what is perceived as the manifest world around. This is the time when each soul must begin to make peace with all around. It is also the time when each person must begin to find its expression in the Light of higher worlds yet to come. The Alpha and the Omega wait right around the corner of your experience, and those who carry the codes of enlightenment within their souls understand what this means.

    Over the next three years, time will cease to exist as you understand it to be. There will be only ONE reality that will engulf the hearts and minds of the people of this world, and that reality will be truth. Presently, the illusion (or Maya) on the planet is filled with deception, trickery, lies, and faulty words. These serve to hide the truth from the innocent who are tossed like ships in a sea of a violent storm. In the past the illusions have worked to cover up the deeds of the few who lead the world into its demise, but now, after this conference, when this portal of Light opens, the disillusions of the many will begin to shift into the consciousness of the Light.

    This gathering of eagles (as we refer to the participants on the higher planes of existence) carries the codes of the “Eyes of the World.” Each individual who will be present holds a unique and separate coding system that can only be activated in the presence of the others who are also in attendance. This is why so many have felt a calling to attend. One by one, as the membership enters the portal of redemption, the energy of the higher rays of truth will be allowed to enter. With each person comes a new frequency, until the resonance pattern of the entire group unlocks the portal. When all pieces of the mosaic are in place, the keys of redemption for the world will be released into Universal Mind. This will be the moment when consciousness will shift. This will be the time when time ceases to exist, initiating the acceleration into the unknown. At midnight, September 26th, Mountain Standard Time, the new Alpha situation begins. This will continue until December 21st, 2012, when the Omega hour is understood. So as it is written, so shall it be done. It is so!

    The Galactic Command prepares now to welcome the people of Earth into the unknown and diffuse nebula of tomorrow. Since so much about this arena is misunderstood or unknown, let us remind you to tread carefully over the next three years, so as not to fall into one of the many unseen traps or crevices that silently wait to engulf its victims.

    On September 27th, you will all arise in the arena of the mind, where thoughts, words, and emotions rule, but are tempered by the mind. This is an entirely different world than the world you will leave, just minutes before. Once the soul passes through the invisible doorway and enters the time of the unknown, all rules change and there is nothing but the propulsion of the soul that can get you through the maze that lies ahead.

    This is why it is so essential that the soul be cleared of all debris before entering this higher arena of life. Many will journey, unprepared, and will find themselves struggling in chaos that they have never encountered before. Exposures will become “business as usual” and details will no longer be swept under the rug, only to be examined at a later time of day. This day will represent the first days of the reckoning, and all must prove their worthiness of maintaining their positions of Mastery as the world journeys into the higher worlds that rest on the horizon.

    Those who believe in Fate will rejoice, for they will see how quickly justice is served by the same hand that struck the first blow. Others will be awestruck, as time goes by, to stand witness to the mighty hand of authority that shows itself to rule. Clashes will result and rest and discontentment will rule, and these states of existence will continue until that moment in time when everything familiar disappears. This is the time of the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.

    As this conference membership stands on the threshold of tomorrow prepare to become one with the membership of the higher arenas of life. Forbearance and patience are soon to bring sweet fruits to the many who have so lovingly and patiently waited for entry into the Fifth Dimension. You see Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Universe, it is not we who do the choosing for entry – it is YOU who earns the right to enter and be among the higher intelligences of the advanced civilizations of yesteryear. This message serves as an official invitation to all who wish entry into the Fifth Dimension and who wish to establish allegiance with those of us who rule the worlds that are deemed to be more evolved than the world upon which you presently reside. Contemplate all that is said at this time, and please take this invitation seriously. Also know that when you do, there is a price for entry that must be paid, and that price includes payment with your souls.

    You are about to enter the moment in time/space that will serve as your reason for coming to Earth. With that said, let us also say that this is the time when your true service to humanity, the Earth, and the Creator will be released unto your souls. For the majority, you will begin to become who you already are. Your soul will soon cast off the garments of the shadows that surround who you are today, and you will take up the garments of the Adam Kadmon that comprises the greatest pieces of your soul. The majestic accomplishments of your soul, earned in lifetimes past, will begin to re-connect to who you are today. This will happen because of the Light that will enter your auric fields and mend the scars and infidelities of your souls. Your minds will enter a new arena of peace and tranquility, and this will allow all that is mis-qualified in your lives today, to be healed. All of these actions will precede the transfiguration that is coming to this world.

    How many present at this conference are prepared for this higher shift that is quickly coming to your world? How many of the code-bearers understand the responsibilities that are connected to these shifts and what honoring these responsibilities means to us on the higher planes of reality? It is doubtful that many do, so allow us to explain.

    Melchizidek, the Arcturians, and the Celestial Hierarchy sadly observe that the majority of humans still operate on the level of self serving, self-aggrandizement. Do you agree and/or understand what it is that we reveal today? If you do concur, then follow along as we continue to explain what it is that will happen on Earth, and what this means for the people of the beautiful Terra and for us who wait on the higher dimensions of time/space.

    The Earth is part of a cosmic cycle of truth that governs its existence and that cycle is the Precession of the Equinoxes. Each Age (that lasts for approximately 2500 years) has its own agenda and included in those agendas are the keys and codes that govern evolution through the Universal Language of Light and Codes of Light sent to Earth by the Elohim and higher worlds of existence. There can be only one curriculum to follow for each Age, and as the Earth continues its journey along its path through each Age, the opportunities to learn the unique agendas become less and less and, ultimately, more limited.

    In the beginning, each person has the same amount of “time” to learn the lessons and to embody the vibrational frequencies that comprise the higher agendas of each consecutive Age. As each Age draws to an end, though, those souls who have mastered the curriculum and who follow the rules, graduate and advance to the higher classrooms that wait for them. It is similar to the way in which education proceeds in your schools of today, is it not? Remember: “As above, so below.” Those souls who have not mastered the vibrational frequencies required to graduate, must remain at the levels that are compatible with their Light Quotients. These souls are not allowed entry into the higher classrooms, because they simply carry too much “baggage” that holds them back vibrationally when they attempt to pass through the veils that allow entry into the higher world. Simply put, these souls must remain back, but there are always plans designed to fit their needs that direct where their souls will go.

    Half-way through each cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes the world always experiences what is called “A Reversal of Momentum”. This occurs approximately every 26,000 years when the Earth crosses key celestial markings and shifts its alignment in the Heavens. The last time the Earth went through this experience, Atlantis fell for the second time, causing much hardship and pain on the planet. Although this moment in time/space is a physical and astronomical occurrence in the heavens (which can cause hardship and chaos), it is also a metaphysical opportunity for all who align their minds and hearts with the higher agendas that lie dormant within their souls.

    Most of the souls who will be present at this upcoming “gathering of the eagles” are the same souls who were in embodiment on Earth at the time Atlantis underwent its second destruction and fall. Programmed in their souls are the keys of remembrance, of how to navigate this experience with ease, grace, power, and the right use of will. The souls who will come forth now are the same souls who observed the cataclysms of that great civilization and who escaped successfully to write the Akashic Records for the future annals of history. They wrote the collective base of knowledge based on their observations and experiences, that has held the world’s truths in check for hundreds of years, until now. Although many do not remember this accomplishment, we assure you this is so. That is why so many are returning at this time, because it is testimony to the fact that they do recall, on some level, the programs that are contained within their souls.

    It was agreed in that lifetime, that this collective body that controlled a single vision of truth would re-assemble again when the world was preparing to cross that fatal cosmic line. That time is now. And here they are. The alliance that their souls made some 13,000 years ago was with the higher realms, so they assemble at this time to prepare to bridge the worlds in hopes that this will assist the transitional period that is about to befall upon the Earth. We celebrate their return and are proud to witness the strength in numbers, as all move with confidence and determination to correct the flaws of yesteryear and prepare the way for a smoother transition into the New World that cometh.

    December 21st, 2012 is not a moment in time to take lightly, Dear Commanders from Afar. Neither is it a time to fear, for the real phenomena of this experience rests within the minds and hearts of all who will experience its effects. Herein lies the truth of the matter – all rests within the minds and hearts of humanity – and this truth will become manifest in the highest of ways based upon each individual’s connection to the Divine.

    We have stated for decades, that WE work for the Divine which means that we are a part of the agenda are here to assist the Earth to make its smooth transition into the Light of the Most High. What is about to transpire on the planet is pre-destined and cannot be stopped. Let it be known here and now that, in the next three years, each individual will witness a unique experience, regarding this transition, and what each experiences will be directly determined by the soul’s ability to align with the Golden Light of the Great Central Sun. In order to accomplish this, the person must master his or her emotional and mental bodies, and in so doing that, he or she must also master the power of speech. This is essential because here in the higher dimensions, sound rules in union with the mind. If a person cannot master the sounds and thoughts that are expressed from one’s mouth, then havoc will rule and chaos will be the result. It is only when a soul appreciates and understands these laws, that the soul has the will and discipline to control these functions of the human experience. Once these lower behaviors are called into check, then, and only then, can manifestation and creation rule!

    From this day forward, the membership of the Light Brigade on Earth will quickly begin to see their lives changing, as this group aligns to the pull of the Celestial Equator as it draws Earth into its sphere of influence. Everything will begin to happen more quickly and more powerfully, as the Light’s magnitude penetrates the cells and electrons of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. For those who are not afraid, and see this as an opportunity, the Light will carry these souls through this transitional period, laying many blessings at their feet. For those who still fear or who experience doubts and loss, those souls will be aligned with whatever curriculum is necessary to provide them with the opportunities to instantly leave those lower agendas behind. Trust us when we say, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE COUNTED AMONGST THOSE SOULS!

    Take heed in the days and years ahead and make prudent decisions regarding what it is that each of you needs to do. Listen to the still voice of Oneness within, that guides all of you to your destinies. Hold the hand of your Sisters and Brothers of the Light who will always guide you to the feet of the Most Radiant One. And, with courage, dare to venture into a world that is prepared for you and one that will be created in your own minds and hearts – in the fulfillment of your missions on Earth in service to your higher calling.

    What the Earth is about to experience will be dramatic and stunning, both in the physical world and in the metaphysical world of the soul. The time approaching is considered to be “the greatest opportunity of one’s spiritual lifetime”, as it will allow for each individual to prove mastery over and over again in the same arena. Beginning on September 27th, all the rules will change, and as they do, each person will be provided with many opportunities to see through the illusions around. This will position all to complete any unfinished business they still might carry on their rosters, and complete such things as:

    Right the wrongs that still prevail
    Accelerate their souls into higher positions of mastery
    Increase their telepathic and empathic abilities at an exponential rate
    Witness their DNA change within and benefit from the blessings this will bring
    Align with the Christ Consciousness Grid to bring peace and good will to Earth
    Create the kingdoms of the Father and build the mansions with many rooms
    Experience the ending of one world and witness the initiating of the next
    See all Beings of all dimensions of time/space at the same instant of time
    Become recorders of history and store the details of this transitional period within the Akashic Records of each person’s soul
    Unite with the gods and goddesses of antiquity for the common purpose of building another Golden Age
    Expand consciousness beyond the speed of Light and record all knowingness within the DNA Akasha of the human experience
    Dance with the Masters of Love who understand how to create new worlds with the power of one’s mind
    And finally, become one with the Love and Light of the Creator, which is the ultimate goal and destination of any soul in embodiment on Earth

    These are just a few of the delights and benefits that one can receive that will be placed on the transitional buffet table that awaits the world’s leaders of the Light Brigade.

    Your power animal will be the Bear, as this animal will give you the strength you will need to endure and navigate the long, hard winter that appears to be waiting.

    Your sight will be guided by the eagle which will look into the future and guide you to the higher roads. It prepares a nest for you on top of the highest mountain, but it is your responsibility to climb that mountain at this time and witness the journey as you proceed forward on your paths.

    Your daily direction will come from the Horse, as this majestic beast of power understands work loads, dedication, duty, and honor. This animal will be available for all to ride, and for those who carry the highest aspirations and commitments to the Divine Plan, Pegasus will come personally to escort you to your destinies.

    The Lion will conquer your fear and replace it with courage. Never underestimate this gift in the years to come. Call forth this noble beast and partake of its qualities, always knowing that it will lead you unharmed to your future and victories, yet to come.

    Your intuition will be directed by the Holy Spirit. Command this power to flow through your minds and hearts on a daily basis and align with its connection to the God Force. Do not forsake this Light, or this Being of Perpetual Forgiveness, for it is here to guide your footsteps to the Summit. It will never forsake you, but it will only work with those who demand and command a union with the person to be true. Ask that open-mindedness be restored to your soul, and persevere with this in mind, for having an open-mind will be one of the only traits that will save you in the years to come.

    Your manifestation power will only be realized after you make the connection to the Elemental Kingdoms and understand that it is this Kingdom that truly controls all creation on Earth. Understanding this kingdom was what gave King Solomon (El Morya) his power and control when his soul ruled on Earth. Now it is your turn to follow in his footsteps and learn the keys and codes to access this level of wisdom at this time.

    Your protection still rests in the hands of Archangel Michael. His Sword of Blue Flame is literally the weapon now of all who wish to use it to cut themselves free. Many souls no longer need this tool to move ahead on their journeys, but many still do. Know that this magnificent Being of Angelic Light is now at your disposal and we encourage you to use this leverage whenever you feel a need to do so.

    And, finally, your destinies lie in the hands of Sananda and the Christed energies that most assuredly will bring peace on Earth and the Seventh Golden Age. He will guide your faith during the moment of uncertainty and pause. He will connect you to the God of Justice, who wishes to pay us back for all the injustices of this world. Do not take this connection for granted, Dear Commanders, for this is the key to not only your salvation, but also to the salvation of the planet. Restore this connection now and allow this heavenly grace to flow through your souls. It will be that force that will MOST ASSUREDLY bring victory to your souls in the end.

    Your Space Brothers and Sisters are standing by and coming in force from all sections of the Universe to assist with this transitional period that is quickly approaching. Call upon us on a regular basis and let us serve your needs to advance. We cannot interfere and violate the rules of planet Earth, but with your free will you can work with us to accomplish anything that is in your highest path for enlightenment. We will not forsake you. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened. So prepare now your minds, to receive our assistance, with thankfulness and gratitude in your hearts. Practice these higher traits now, so that grace will flow from your lips when you have the exciting opportunity to meet them “in person.” Depending upon what level your soul resides, that will predict the connection your soul will experience with these Beings from outer space. The higher up you aspire to walk, the higher the Beings you will have the privilege to sup with.

    The path to the future is simple: Always keep doing the right thing and take the high road when there is a choice. Stay aligned with the God Force, and you will never experience defeat. Let the Light Set You Free, and let the God Force do all the work for you at all times. By letting go and letting God, you will find that you will become exalted in front of your enemies for they will someday witness who you really are.

    These are words of wisdom from your Space Brothers and Sisters who stand now to witness your triumph in the years ahead. In each of their civilizations, they too have all experienced something similar to what is about to happen on Earth. They look now, in hindsight, and realize that those past experiences were nothing more than graduation simulations that made them who they are today. It is your turn now. Look into the future as being one of the most exciting times your soul will ever have the privilege of witnessing. Take good notes though and record it all in the Akashic Records of your souls, for you will never have another opportunity to walk this path again.

    I AM Kuthumi. Adonai in the Light of the Most Radiant One. I go now to prepare the way to meet all of you on the other side of the veil.

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