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    A new message from Matthew:


    With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew to tell you what we see in your tumultuous world from our vantage point. On one hand are the results of lingering greed, violence, and anger and fear about loss of control; and on the other hand, growing numbers of individuals who are awakening into higher spiritual awareness and helping to propel Earth into lighter density planes. In a universal context, this is the reconciliation of dark and light—or negatively and positively charged energy streamers—into balance, wherein all is light. A more down-to-Earth explanation is, more and more soul searchers are “seeing the light” and taking charge of their lives with renewed strength of spirit.

    We also see disappointment at the pace of progress toward absolute evidence that the light not only is exposing, but is vanquishing the remnants of darkness. Those who have been expecting a marked winding down of violence are dismayed by its continuation, and in some cases, even acceleration by individuals and ruling regimes. Please understand that this is progress—these instances are due to the higher vibrations that are magnifying human characteristics and behavior as third density’s karmic experiencing swiftly is playing out the end of duality.

    We mention the dismay and disappointment because of its adverse effect on the collective consciousness of Earth’s residents. Along this same line, some feel concern that lightworkers’ efforts are not enough, that a larger number or greater percentage of the planet’s population is needed to bring to fruition the reforms that world transformation requires; and because dark activities still are going on, these concerned souls think not enough light is being generated to reach what has been called the “critical mass” that will enable Earth to reach her fifth density destination. It is not the number or any specific percentage of the population that constitutes critical mass, but the degree of sustained light, and this was reached and surpassed quite some time ago. So in that sense, it is not necessary that more people “see the light” and add it to the collective consciousness—the Golden Age, the era of love and peace, already exists in the continuum.

    However, that does not diminish one iota the critical nature of the collective consciousness! Not only is the collective consciousness what caused the planet to descend into deep third density and keep it mired there for millennia, but more recently it has been assisting her to ascend out of there. And, because Earth loves all her resident life forms, she is eager for souls to steadily radiate their light into the collective consciousness, where it can offer sleeping souls the “lift” into spiritual awareness and the cellular changes they need to physically move into the Golden Age.

    I have been asked why these cellular changes are necessary, and I believe my reply will show why your help in creating that glorious Age is such a grand triumph. The absorption of light is restoring bodies’ DNA to its state prior to the dark forces’ altering Earth humankind’s cellular structure to “dumb them down” intellectually, spiritually and physically. If anything can be called a “sin,” it is interfering with the growth of a soul, and in violation of all universal laws, that is exactly what the dark forces did to an entire civilization. In higher densities, cells are crystalline and their composition encompasses purity of character, spiritual clarity, and a long physical life span free of all dis-ease. Conversely, the carbon cells of third density life forms invite the base characteristics associated with evil as well as greatly reduced mind power, severely weakened will, and a multitude of physical, emotional and mental infirmities. Lifetimes with those characteristics and weaknesses dominant in the peoples’ bodies and reflected in their thoughts, feelings and behavior were stored in cellular memories and brought forward from one generation to the next.

    It was that diabolical alteration of humankind’s make-up eons ago that caused souls’ personages to gradually spiral downward from the planes of light into deep third density, where the planetary puppets of the dark forces could easily keep the masses in ignorance about their origins in the light, their unlimited manifesting potential, and the inseparability of all souls with God and each other. Emerging from that level of limitations, where the dark forces reigned through their powerful tool and fuel—FEAR!—has required a heroic effort on the part of souls who time and again incarnated with the intention to overcome the dark influence, but failed. Most of you spent many hundreds of lifetimes in that try/fail cycle, and this time you succeeded in breaking out of it! By absorbing the light, you are reclaiming your god and goddess selves and taking your rightful place in our universal family.

    Some of you are asking how to know if you are absorbing sufficient light for cells to change from carbon to crystalline. I would say that the best sign is your thoughts, feelings and choices: Are they aligned with godliness? Have you forgiven self and others for actual or imagined hurts; is your mind open to considering new information; are you exercising your powers of discernment and trusting your intuition? But cellular changes—as well as the higher frequencies that are affecting all peoples—also give signals such as fatigue, headaches, nervousness, mood swings, body aches and nausea. However, since those also are symptoms of illness, if they persist, always it is advisable to consult a trusted health care professional, and we strongly recommend one who uses holistic healing therapies and natural remedies rather than one who resorts to prescription drugs. Your bodies’ immune systems have more than enough toxins to contend with without adding the chemicals in pharmaceutical products.

    To answer readers who want to know if there are ways to ease or hasten the adjustment process, yes indeed: Relieve stress, the root cause of disease and dis-ease. You can do this by changing a negative thought to one of positive nature and feeling genuinely grateful for the blessings in your life. Find optimistic aspects in a situation that is worrisome. Either avoid encounters you expect to be unpleasant or calmly meet them head-on with a smile and self-confidence. Practice patience and see a situation from another’s perspective. Call or visit the person you have been intending to “when you have time.” Get six to eight hours of sleep each day, eat nutritional food and drink pure water, exercise your body and mind. A variety of other ways to relieve stress also are well known, but reminders may be helpful: deep breathing exercises; yoga; stroll in a park or forest or on the seashore; aromatherapy; put your hands in Earth’s soil to plant vegetables, flowers or bushes; volunteer for a community service; adopt a needy animal; listen to soothing music; watch comedy and other light-hearted films; read poetry or write your own; put your home in order; visit art galleries and museums—do whatever it is that you thoroughly enjoy and that imparts a sense of deep satisfaction. And remember that smiling lightens the heart and time alone is not selfishness—it is self-preservation, self-restoration!

    An email that was sent many months ago and has just come to my mother’s attention contains a question and an excellent suggestion. First, how can one open, balance and nurture chakras? Although experienced holistic practitioners can assist in chakra opening and balancing, you can do the same, and you can nurture the chakra system by everything I just mentioned about self-evaluation as to light absorption as well as more easily adjusting to cellular changes and the prevailing frequencies.

    The suggestion was for me to periodically mention the wonderful service the Illuminati-controlled media perform by focusing on violence, crimes, vehicle crashes, terrorism, geophysical events and other happenings that cause death, grief, fear and destruction. The writer related that these kinds of daily reports let her know where to send the healing love of Christed light—to all who suffered and all who caused the suffering. Although we often have urged you to send light to the captives of darkness, I have been remiss in not recently including this in messages, and I thank the writer for reminding me.

    First I say, we understand that is difficult to forgive and feel unconditional love for individuals who are hurting you or causing massive suffering to many people. You are not consciously aware of your own soul contract, much less anyone else’s, so you cannot know who is playing agreed upon roles in pre-birth agreements. The agreements are designed purely in love to benefit all the souls in the shared lifetime; and especially now, when all who embodied chose to experience whatever was required to end third density karmic lessons so they can evolve or help others evolve into higher vibrations, many are enduring extreme hardships of one kind or another. Because you cannot know on a conscious level who is doing what for whom, messages from beings in high light stations have included “Do not judge others.”

    Now then, some individuals use their free will to cause pain and anguish outside of all agreements. All souls are created of light. Those who became unconscionably greedy and used fear to control others became entrenched in darkness and lost their original essence except for the spark of light that is their life force. Those souls are desperately wounded by the absence of love-light, and the only way to heal their wounds is by refilling the void with its original ingredients. This is why all spiritually evolved sources have urged you to send light to those souls who are so wounded and lost in depths of darkness. Mother, please insert what I told you long ago that helped you be able to do this.

    Mother, you would turn on a flashlight to guide someone out of the darkness of uncertainty and anxiety onto a path where they are confident and secure, wouldn’t you? Those souls have lost their way and are fearful and foundering. Do not think of them as their deeds, but rather what you want for the world! Think of kindness, helpfulness and justness and sharing, think about the world’s people living in harmony, peacefulness and love and send those thoughts to those souls in darkness.

    Thank you.

    As for how to gather light within and direct it to others, it is as simple as receiving and giving love. LOVE is the key to health in mind, body and spirit, and you direct love-light energy—the most powerful force in the universe—to others simply by feeling it for them! Mother, please give the date of my message that covers light absorption more extensively. [February 7, 2009 in “Matthew’s Messages”

    I thank you again.

    Yes, the children whom you call Indigo or Crystal came in with or have acquired crystalline DNA. Although they chose parents who would cherish and nurture their differences, sadly, this has not been the case for many of these special children, particularly the older ones. It is heartening to see that some parents stopped drugging their youngsters into submissiveness and other parents are realizing that turning their children into listless conformists is not benefitting them.

    As clarification to the reader who inquired about repairing souls’ DNA, the repair process pertains only to souls damaged by nuclear explosions, and it is vastly different from the absorption of light that is restoring bodies’ original DNA. The latter refers only to bodies, just as physical death caused by a nuclear weapon does. The repair process is needed by discarnate souls—those living in a free spirit state or are astrally traveling—that were shattered by warring in deep space. Those souls’ parts were scattered in space and at a loss to understand what had happened. Specially trained souls have to locate and retrieve all the parts and reintegrate them so the fractured soul can be made whole again, with all of its parts healed of the various traumas they endured as separate aspects and all previous lifetime experiencing and knowledge must be restored to the composite soul. You cannot imagine the extent of difficulties and time involved in the searching, reintegrating and healing; but it will give you an idea of the profound importance of this undertaking and how much each and every soul is loved to know that Creator made this single exception to Its law that all souls’ free will must be honored: There will be no more nuclear wars, and spiritually evolved civilizations are authorized to use their technology to prevent any attempts to initiate one. That is why we have been able to repeatedly and confidently assure you that there will be no nuclear war on Earth.

    So there is no possibility of planetary-wide destruction, but it is as we have told you, bumps are along Earth’s ascension pathway as old systems give way to new. The “changing of the guard” within governments and as it pertains to the global economy are huge bumps, and changes of this magnitude do not come about without protest from those who want to maintain status quo. Throughout your recorded history, there have been the mayhem and mass deaths associated with revolutions and war after war after war “fought for peace” while the actual instigators reap the profits, more land and increased fortunes. This is a different era, an unprecedented time on the planet! What has been occurring during the past several decades is the implementation of the Golden Age master plan, which is in its last stages of securing peace throughout your world and preparing for you to meet other members of our universal family. [Note: The November 21, 2008 message in “Matthew’s Messages” explains the plan.]

    Because US President Obama is a major factor in the master plan, let us speak about him. Some see his administration moving boldly in new directions, others see it following the same policies as the former administration, and still others see it acting on too many fronts without well-defined objectives. To all who regard with pessimism the decisions and actions thus far, we say: Wait and see! Despite the formidable situations Obama inherited and the determined opposition of Illuminati members of Congress and those who are acting under that dark group’s influence, whether by bribery, blackmail or death threats to family, he will pursue his visionary course to benefit his nation and the world.

    As he does so, you will see changes in the president’s closest advisors. As I told my mother when she was surprised about his appointments and nominees for posts, most notably Hillary Clinton, “These are not cast in marble,” and I said that Obama was operating in the wisdom of “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” You also will see changes in Congress, either a lessening of opposition because members are turning to the light or they will be leaving in disgrace, as will persons in the previous administration. For several years a gigantic amount of investigation has been going on that ultimately will lead to charges of wrongdoing ranging from corruption to crimes against humanity. This far-reaching effort is being accomplished within legal means that require indisputable evidence, an essential but tedious and time-consuming process, and like all legal matters, progressive developments are not publicly reported.

    Other information that will come out incrementally includes proof of situations that have been ridiculed by the disparaging label “conspiracy theory”; insidious mind control programs and methods; deliberately contaminated vaccines and laboratory designed diseases to reduce the world’s population; corruption in “justice” systems; vast underground areas and what goes on there; the real perpetrators of terrorism and wars; the international web of collusion that has been controlling the global economy and commerce, health care, education and mainstream media; the long-time presence of extraterrestrial beings and their meetings with heads of governments; and the strategic divisiveness of religions. The amount of information is staggering, and revealing it in one fell swoop would be too much for any psyche to handle.

    As evidence comes forth, emotions will be mixed: shock, disbelief, relief. To the people who believe “official” reports, the revelations are certain to be shocking. Very likely pragmatists will scoff initially, and many, many people will reel. This is understandable, as it is almost impossible to comprehend the vastness, viciousness and secrecy of the darkness that for millennia has controlled everything that affected life on Earth. But to all who have been awaiting the disclosure of long-hidden truths, there will be not only relief that the time has come at last, there will be exultation, and it will shared by light beings throughout this universe!

    This is world transformation, not only the purging of one nation’s corruption and deception. The light that is cleansing the United States knows no national boundaries—it is permeating every country in your world and beneath all the current foment, positive changes are underway worldwide. To the many readers who ask especially about African and Mideastern countries, peace will come more slowly in those regions because of the heavy cumulative karma that has to be transmuted. Also, generations upon generations have inculcated in their children hatred, prejudices and burning desire for revenge, and many of Earth’s residents have that orientation. But please do not despair! Within very few years, every country in your world will have honorable, wise leaders and just laws; and tyranny, impoverishment and the inferior status of women will be only lamentable chapters in history books.

    As for the global economy, we would love to tell you that it has hit bottom and soon will move upwards into stability, but we cannot say that yet. Just as the eyes of the world are on leadership directives in the United States, so are they on that country’s actions to remedy its sinking economy. Reports do not reveal the whole story of what is known, but somewhat in defense of this, the fiscal disaster that erupted in the United States is pounding all nations, and there is no way that economists anywhere can accurately assess how far-reaching the impact of the current crisis ultimately will be.

    The word “toxic” is frequently used to describe seriously sour financial negotiations—it should be applied to the multinational economic system because it is toxic to the core. In a previous message I mentioned several major bulwarks of Illuminati control, and although those foundations have crumbled, the dark minds are fighting tooth and nail to hold onto the pieces. As futile as their maneuvers will be, the complete eradication of their corrupt systems and implementation of systems based in soundness, honesty and fairness cannot be achieved overnight.

    There will be “fits and starts” on the many fronts that require simultaneous action because all are integral parts of rebuilding the economy, but we hasten to say that some measures being pursued soon will show benefits. During the transitional period until all peoples of Earth are prospering, the spirit of sharing and taking charge of adverse circumstances with a positive outlook is growing exponentially as more and more people are acting upon their inspirations to form neighborhood and community assistance projects, cooperative farming, volunteer help, and exchange of goods and services. This spreading spirit comes from the soul, evidence that the light is magnifying not only negative characteristics and behavior, but equally magnifying individuals’ goodness, generosity, ingenuity, cooperative spirit and strong will to surmount temporary hardships. The “grassroots” movement that is spreading will merge with new policies and programs devised at the top, unifying the objectives and goals of the populace and the leadership.

    Now then, to answer a few more questions. Yes, films about war heroes or making ETs repugnant, fearsome creatures are more than distractions from vital concerns—they are the influence of the dark minds who want to reap the profits of wars and keep the public afraid of the benevolent civilizations those dark ones know are present. However, parts of the entertainment field are slowly moving into metaphysical and spiritual realms and planting fertile seeds in the minds of viewers, bookstores are filled with publications in that genre, and the Internet has a plethora of that kind of material. But as we have often advised, be discerning about which information is truthful in the myriad sources available!

    As for a pole shift in 2010—or any other of your calendar years—Earth’s orbit has been changing gradually and there will be no dramatic geological effects. Your scientists do not understand that the planet has left the space from which they are accustomed to viewing the heavens, and they are puzzled about their observations of unfamiliar celestial activity. And please keep in mind that some information is skewed due to lack of universal knowledge and other information is intentionally distorted to create fear.

    Individuals who do not absorb sufficient light to ascend with Earth will not leave en masse. The time of physical death will be in accordance with the amount of light in each body, and dying can be the result of any of the current causes such as disease, drowning, vehicle crashes, suicide, fires, and earthquakes. No one in your world can consciously know which souls departed because of insufficient light and which transitioned in accordance with their soul contracts.

    The fires that raged in Australia had a great cleansing effect by transmuting into light that continent’s deeply entrenched negativity caused by brutal treatment of the indigenous peoples. The fires also produced a unified spirit and generated a wealth of caring, compassion and assistance among the peoples there, and the souls who transitioned had chosen their departure in pre-birth agreements.

    Does chanting help raise one’s vibrations? Like everything else, this depends upon intent and belief. If chanting is pleasurable, done for the purpose of elevating consciousness into higher vibrations and you believe it will do so, it will at the time. If chanting is not a comfortable experience but you do it anyway to see if it will have the claimed effect, you are unlikely to feel anything except possibly confirmation of your doubt or disappointment. However, the only way a person’s vibrations can be raised and keep rising to new levels is by maintaining steadfastness in the light.

    There is no clear demarcation between densities, so there will be no dramatic indications that Earth has left third and entered fourth, then traveled into fifth. What you will notice all along her pathway are positive changes in human and animal behavior; the emergence of suppressed technologies and the introduction of new; new energy sources and modes of transportation; restoration of the environment; improvements in health care, educational systems, methods of food production, building materials, communication, employment—really, every facet of daily life. And surely not least, you will be working side by side with members of our universal family as long as you need and welcome their assistance!

    How does it feel to be in fourth and fifth densities? Some individuals on Earth have evolved into those planes spiritually and intellectually, but I believe the questioner is referring to the residents of Earth who make the ascension journey with her. Think of what fills you with such abundant joy that your heart feels as if it is glowing as brilliantly as the sun itself—that will give you an idea of the magnificence of life in the higher planes. Remembering that the heart is the “seat of the soul” and envisioning yourself as a glowing star can fill you with the sensation of BEing part of the celestial spheres.

    And now, on behalf of all souls at this station, I say farewell only to end this message. We are with you in loving spirit eternally.

    LOVE and PEACE
    Suzanne Ward





    Ok, so when Matthew says:

    Individuals who do not absorb sufficient light to ascend with Earth will not leave en masse. The time of physical death will be in accordance with the amount of light in each body, and dying can be the result of any of the current causes such as disease, drowning, vehicle crashes, suicide, fires, and earthquakes. No one in your world can consciously know which souls departed because of insufficient light and which transitioned in accordance with their soul contracts.

    Does he mean basically that all those that have not absorbed enough light into their bodies between now and 2012, they will die basically from an accident or natural disaster etc as they are still in the dark and do not have enough light or enlightenment to be able to ascend? And then when the date of 21 Dec 2012 arrives we should theoretically only be left with those people that have enough light in their bodies to ascend?

    Sorry – just trying to wrap my head around it all


    … I think that what he is implying is that it will be a more or less seamless transition…

    …this would be easiest on everyone involved… like a natural flow… only people won’t notice that it has been accelerated…

    …these are stressful times and the general run of the mill population will only be able to digest just so much radical change…

    …God is kind…

    …do you remember the scene in What Dreams May Come when Robin Williams had crossed over? Each saw the impression that they held in their conceptual framework, then they were gently brought into what was real… that was like an illustration of the 4th Density…


    Other information that will come out incrementally includes proof of situations that have been ridiculed by the disparaging label “conspiracy theory”; insidious mind control programs and methods; deliberately contaminated vaccines and laboratory designed diseases to reduce the world’s population; corruption in “justice” systems; vast underground areas and what goes on there; the real perpetrators of terrorism and wars; the international web of collusion that has been controlling the global economy and commerce, health care, education and mainstream media; the long-time presence of extraterrestrial beings and their meetings with heads of governments; and the strategic divisiveness of religions. The amount of information is staggering, and revealing it in one fell swoop would be too much for any psyche to handle.

    Thanks Matt…..you know, we are just a bunch of morons down here…..around 6 billion to be around somewhat correct, that are here to act like idiots. So good that you are pointing out from your up-on-high that we – are the morons we have been waiting for.

    I have noted your predictions in my…..ohh wait….I was just about to say brain, but according to you(?), me and mye fellow residents here on earth, do not have one – nor any pshyce attached to it. So I will go for a more secure solution, and write it down on a piece of paper, and put it down in my illuminati pair og Levis jeans. Hmmm…..wonder if a paper with that strong message could burn a hole in those filthy pants…..think I will go for putting it into a more convenient place…..maybe a non-illuminati fair trade coffe bag…

    So….waiting waiting waiting……..



    …it’s okay Annan…

    …don’t be harsh on Mathew or yourself or the rest of us…

    …we voluteered to come here… Matt is helping us out…

    …sometimes I feel like I am in the trenches up to my eyeballs in mud and smoke… I appreciate a little overview intel from above the din…

    …a hug goes out to my brother of the the North !…


    I am so glad that after three days of reading I made it through this massive message. To me, the bottom line seems to be “don’t be desperate because you don’t see any change, it will come piece after piece and will take some time to be visible to the public, so don’t despair and keep your heart filled with Light” … correct me if I’m wrong.

    Annan, I don’t quite get your humor there. 😉
    But I agree with the last line .. waiting, waiting, waiting. 😆

    I seriously can’t wait to see it. It is SO uplifting to hear general agreement from various sources about the fact that things are being set in the background – they just take some time to come into “fruition”.

    Oh, one big question about this. I understand that there is some sort of “dialogue” between Matthew and the Channel, like when the Channel pastes sentences and references to old texts, but who is this “mother”??? I seriously don’t get it at all!! Pls help me with that. xD


    UFO, the channel for Matthew is his actual mother, Suzy Ward. Her site where she publishes the channels is http://www.matthewbooks.com.

    It is difficult to sometimes know what is going on when people post articles / channels etc on their own blog or site & don’t provide the link from the original source or somewhere the link is easy to find (the link to Matthew’s books is provided in a list at the end of the channel from the link Gaian provided but this tends to assume you already know what the site is called).

    Here’s the story about how Suzy came to channel Matthew.

    The Story Behind The MATTHEW BOOKS

    THE EVENING OF APRIL 17, 1980, Suzanne (Suzy) Ward was packing for her next day’s business trip when she received the call from Panama that changed her life: Her 17-year-old son Matthew had died after a vehicle crash that day.

    The loss of a child has such an immeasurable impact upon the family that Suzy’s preoccupation with Matthew’s death would not be considered quite unusual. The direction she took in trying to cope with her grief, however, might be considered that. She called a medium with whom she had become friendly three years before, when they had lived in the same city, and asked about her son. The medium told her that he was in “deep rest”; she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium.

    THE SIGN CAME ALMOST NINE MONTHS LATER in her first dream about Matthew since his death, and in the months that followed, she learned first of a medium in Virginia, then one in Maryland, and later another, in Delaware. None of them knew each other and none asked Suzy anything except her son’s name. Yet all accurately described Matthew’s physical appearance and personality; they told her the cause of his death and the ease of his transition. They talked about his new interests and activities, sometimes with a progress report on educational pursuits or piano lessons. And they gave her explicit information about her own life, even details that she alone knew. They could tell her all of these things because they were merely passing on to her what Matthew was telling them — the love between him and his mother was the inseparable bond that enabled him to be aware of her comings and goings.

    Matthew also told all of those who spoke for him that when the time was right, he and his mother would communicate directly. But even when that same assurance came from a medium Suzy met later, after a move to California, she could not help but doubt that Matthew ever would talk with her directly. Why would such a unique gift — in her mind, telepathic communication was that — come to such an unremarkable person as she? To someone with no aptitude for anything extrasensory, no training in anything “New Age,” and no knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs; to someone who long ago had abandoned 35 years of religious upbringing because it never had been spiritually fulfilling?

    BUT IT DID HAPPEN! It was early February 1994, almost 14 years after Matthew’s death, when he started speaking to his mother. It was not simply her longing for this moment that created it — something definitely extraordinary was happening! For a while, each morning as Suzy recorded her and Matthew’s conversations at the computer, along with feeling elated by this glorious development, she struggled with the thought that perhaps some bizarre part of her mind was emerging. Soon, though, she realized that her imagination could not possibly produce the astounding information she was receiving from her son and, by now, the entities whom he introduced to her.

    It wasn’t long before Matthew started talking about the books she was meant to prepare from their transmissions. He told his mother that her profession as journalist was not by chance; it was experience she needed so that, later on, she could properly work with the information he and the others would be giving her. But the huge task of reviewing, indexing, integrating and organizing months of daily messages into some logical order was a challenge she didn’t care to accept, and she kept ignoring her son’s urging her to “start the book.”

    FINALLY, HE TOLD HER THAT HER PRIMARY MISSION of this lifetime was to publish that information about life beyond Earth and the celestial advice and guidance urgently needed during this era of unprecedented planetary changes. Finally, he answered her question about why he had died at such a young age: He had to, so he could send her that information.

    And thus began The MATTHEW BOOKS.

    THE FIRST OF THE SERIES, Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, is what the title denotes: life in the wondrous realm where we all go after physical life on Earth ends. The second book, Revelations For A New Era, provides a wealth of history from antiquity forward and cogent messages from representatives of our space brotherhood, vast and powerful civilizations that are helping our planet survive during this time of momentous changes. The third of the series, Illuminations For A New Era, explains why violence, greed and power-mongering have been in human nature for millennia and how they are being replaced by peace, love and harmony. Among other cogent information for this unique time in history, Voices Of The Universe shows how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our lives and our world and simultaneously affect the universe accordingly.

    With her husband Bob and their family of adopted dogs, Suzy is living in a rural area of Washington. Her numerous sources are providing more information to enlighten and assist us as we are changing at cellular level to enter the forthcoming higher spiritual dimension along with Earth.

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    Thx, Orissa. This is making it a lot clearer. ^^

    One question remains: Does Matthew (the dead son) have anything to do with the Matthew who wrote the Gopsel of Matthew? That was what I was initially thinking, that this is the entity being channelled.

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