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    Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when history will be made. You have reached a new stage in this cycle that will see you move even further ahead, and all the promise of a new age will begin to unfold before your eyes. Does it not seem appropriate that at a time when you will be preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, you will have another reason that will bring joy to so many of you. Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will go ahead, and none other than President Obama will sit at that table. Over a period of time we had been anticipating a more open contact, but in keeping up with your likely re-action it has been decided to take a formal approach.
    The message that you are to receive, whether direct or through President Obama will set the stage for a series of announcements. These will reveal the facts about us and our long relationship with you, and put aside the false and distorted stories. You should have reached this point many years ago, but a deliberate plan to conceal the truth has caused much confusion. In the last cycle during the Atlantean and Lemurian times we regularly visited their civilizations. It is quite normal to do so when a civilization reaches a certain level of understanding, and is ready to receive us. In your case it is imperative that we start working together as soon as possible, as there is much to do to ensure the plan for Ascension is carried forward. You must know by now the nature of the preparations for it, and we shall be able to help you speed up the process. The year 2012 will remain a crucial point in your evolution, and from thereon it will continue in the higher dimensions.
    Allowing this information out so early is to give those hearing of this news sufficient time to consider what it means to them. It will certainly change the outlook on many matters, not least of all the procuring of world peace which has unceasingly been sought in your prayers and thoughts. It is a signal to face in a different direction that leads you ever onwards towards the Light. There will have to be a great change of attitude amongst your leaders, as our part in your future becomes made known to Humankind. We come not as some marauding aliens that have set their sights on taking over your Earth, but more as your servants upon the orders of the Creator. The plan is in place and it will complete this cycle with Ascension.It is your great opportunity to ascend and leave duality because of your dedication, to uplifting yourselves into the higher dimensions of Light.
    After patiently waiting for the signs of change they are now about to come to fruition, and there will be absolutely no going back to the old ways. Naturally the dark forces will make life as difficult as possible for those charged with bringing the disclosures to you. However, one thing we will not allow is interference to the degree that it stops the revelations coming out. It is your time now to show what you can do to support the Light, and those Lightworkers who are at the helm of what is to be broadcast. Send out your love to protect them, and see them enveloped in the Golden White Light.
    You can expect some negative reactions to what is coming, but again there is time to deal with them before they can cast a shadow over the event. The final proof of our existence will be undeniable, and put paid to the scaremongers and their false stories about us. We will soon be able to assure you all that we come as your benevolent friends, and that we along with you are one galactic family. Why would we otherwise spend so much time progressing your evolution, and keep our distance so as not to frighten people. It would have been easy enough for us to make a peaceful colonization of your planet, as you could not have prevented it if we had wished to do so. Our mission is as always stated, one to bring you to First Contact and prepare you and the Earth for Ascension. With that comes the fulfillment of all promises to restore your freedom and rights currently denied you. Also, to bring you into a new technological age where all your needs are supplied. Finally and perhaps the most important, is to guide you through the higher dimensions until you reach full consciousness.
    The ripples of excitement already move amongst you, and any apprehension will soon be overcome. Nevertheless, please allow time for developments because as fast as we can move towards our open landings, there is much to do to create the conditions we require to go ahead. Everything has to start somewhere, and the announcements about us will clear the way for greater co-operation between us, as we have all of the benefits lined up for you. Although we have previously made contacts with your past Presidents, this will be the first time that our offers to help you have been accepted. Bear in mind that we have a policy of non-interference, and have no desire to influence your freewill beyond carrying out the Will of the Creator.
    We shall progressively come more into your lives as the months roll by, and we see co-operation between countries coming at an unprecedented level. However, first there must be changes that result in the more spiritually inspired souls finding their way into government. We cannot entrust our projects to dubious characters, or those who have proven to be corrupt. So you see Dear Ones, you must make allowances for the groundwork to be completed before you expect too much from us. It is all there under our safekeeping and no one person or group will be able to prevent the completion of our tasks. Our security is way beyond your comprehension, but we still need to set the scene so that all proceeds according to plan.
    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, just one of millions of individuals who are members of the Galactic Federation. Along with our technology that surpasses anything you have at present, we shall speed along at an astonishing rate. It is the sheer numbers of personnel and craft that are available, that will seemingly perform miracles. We send you endless Light and Love to lift you up.
    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.


    Thanks that was extremely reassuring.


    Oh my God, that was SO nice. Some tears here and there. 😆
    I can feel it everywhere, the speed of disclosure is going up exponentially.

    But I have to put one or two questions which would be greatly appreciated to be answered. This First-Contact/Oct-14th scenraio had this “renegade” factor on it – going from the ETs directly to every heart of every human being. But this whole new tendency now, with going through our leaders first (although Obama isn’t really the ‘leader’).. this all seems very dangerous to me to be honest.
    I mean, first of all, why would TPTB let this happen?? Why? If they’re really THAT powerful, why don’t they do anything against that? I know that the ongoing disclosure is a great success in the last months/years, but I simply don’t think they would OBAMA allow to do that, or any other president of the earth.
    All of this seems to be exactly like what they did in the past, with the Moonlanding for example… release a story to the public that has 40% truth in it and 60% bull**** to control the minds of everyone, along with a precisely planned point in the timeline. HOW ON EARTH CAN WE KNOW that what will be released there through Obama/whoever will really be of truth?? How on Earth can we know that it will not be simply another instrument to control the 85% that still don’t have any idea?? Think about 9/11 for example..
    All Lightworkers would be brought to tears, would finally be heard, but the 30 or 40% of BS in the announcement simply could not be identified, and this would just set the course for TPTB to continue with their course EXATCLY the way they used to in the last decades.

    Another thought: if there would be absolutely no opportunity to control the minds of the masses after that announcement because of the truth that is coming through everywhere, why would they allow it then? And who could assure us that they wouldn’t have some tactic in place that would makes us fall into their traps again?

    What do you guys think about this?? Please answer!! ❗


    When I read that post, Richi, I thought of Bill Hicks’ monologue about et visitation:

    Bill Hicks on UFOs

    They know the masses of people have been negatively conditioned to an extraterrestrial presence. What I thought was that they would speak themselves in Obama’s presence, introduced by him, that’s the picture I saw when I read this.


    Thx for the input, Opal. I think that would be a great way to do it.. but still, I have to ask, why would they let Obama do this?

    (Anyway thank you for the vid, you introduced me to that guy some time ago already and now I actually happen to have a 2 hour video of him on my computer. 😆 This guy is just awesome!)


    Bill Hicks is my all time favorite. Sadly, he was called home young – just 32, I think. Of course, we keep him ‘alive’ here in 3d. The band Tool even dedicated an album to him, posthumously.

    There is a channeling from Tom Kenyon (The Hathors) from Oct. 8th that I think blends very well with SaLuSa’s 10/14 message. I’ve downloaded and listened to the MP3 referenced. I loved it – very ‘colorful’… 😉



    Tom Kenyon (and the Hathors)
    October 8, 2009

    Chaotic Nodes

    In one of our previous communications we discussed the concept of chaotic nodes. From our perspective we believe you are on the cusp of one such node.

    When predicting chaotic events, one is presented with an enigma, since by its very nature chaos is unpredictable. Yet within the flow of chaotic events there is a substructure that feeds the flow of chaos, as you experience it. Based upon our understanding of this sub-structure (the quantum-field), we predict that a Chaotic Node will manifest somewhere in the next 90 days. In reality it could appear within hours of this message or weeks past the window we have predicted. (Note: see previous Hathor message entitled, Chaotic Nodes: http://tomkenyon.com/chaotic-nodes/.)

    Nevertheless, regardless of the actual timing of this Chaotic Node, we believe that it will present itself in multiple ways, involving international finance, challenges to physical and mental health, planetary earth changes, including earthquake and volcanic activity, and increased weather anomalies. All of these events will strain the resources that your governments have to cope with such things.

    As we said previously, the nature of Chaotic Nodes is such that there are multiple effects that cannot be predicted, and so we do not wish to address the specific aspects of chaos that we believe will arise, but rather we wish to discuss strategies for dealing with the chaos, energetically and spiritually.

    We suggest you shift your perspective regarding chaos and view it not as an inconvenience and a difficulty, but rather as an evolutionary catalyst. How such events affect you resides in how you view them.

    What we mean by this is that there is a tendency for human consciousness to get stuck in a rut, to anticipate what things are going to be like, and to take actions based upon those predictions. And for most people, when the reality does not match expectation this creates great internal travail, and yet by the very nature of Chaotic Nodes your predictive abilities collapse in the midst of multiple probabilities.

    For most persons, chaotic events generate a fear response, since the stability that one counts on to predict appropriate action has seemingly disappeared. And while fear is certainly an understandable response, it is only one of many possible responses. Thus, we encourage you to train your mind to jump out of the habitual rut of self-limitation and expectation, on a moment’s notice, whenever confronted with unexpected events.

    From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located.

    Thus, two people in the same location experiencing chaotic events can have vastly different emotional responses. Whereas one person might be paralyzed with fear, anger, and resentment, the other person might experience the moment as humorous. He or she “gets” the cosmic joke, which is the sudden and unexpected realization that the reality everyone experiences as “real” is nothing more than the fabrication of their own minds.

    When chaotic events disturb the status quo, a doorway briefly appears, an opportunity if you will, to jump upward in consciousness, to wake up from the dream spell. But waking up from the collective dream only occurs if you are prepared to step across the threshold.

    For a person who is prepared mentally and emotionally to embrace chaotic events as evolutionary catalysts, the near future will be full of amusing incidents, unexpected serendipity, and a feeling of waking up from a mass dream that has gripped humanity for the last several thousand years.

    So here is the line in the sand, so to speak. For those who wish to continue blaming others for the problems they are facing, for those who would rather die than wake up from the dream that they are collectively dreaming, this coming Chaotic Node will be extremely difficult to contend with, and as we have said, this is just the first of many such nodes to come. But for a person who has embraced the idea that Chaotic Nodes are evolutionary catalysts, it will be a different story.

    Again, it is not where you are physically located that matters, it is your vibratory frequency, the state of your consciousness.

    In the past we have given many tools to assist you as you move through these portals that are a necessary and unavoidable aspect to the ascent of earth and humanity. Some of these methods we have shared involve sacred geometry. Some of them involve emotional mastery and what we call “ecstasy and the heart.” We would suggest that you refer to these previous messages and work with the tools we have given.

    For although we have said it twice already, we shall say it a third time. It is a fundamental principal we would like you to understand.

    It does not matter where you are physically located. It is the state of your vibratory frequency, your state of consciousness that matters most.

    However we wish to turn our attention to a very simple method of shifting your vibratory frequency.

    When you are in what we call a “coherent vibratory frequency”
    you move through chaotic events with a greater deal of mastery, heightened intuition, and greater awareness of how you are creating the dream for yourself. These three elements free consciousness and create a positive attractor, so that in the midst of chaos you find the passageways (i.e. the right actions) that will lead you through chaotic situations.
    This is the type of spiritual mastery that will guide you through the coming times.

    Although there are very sophisticated and complex coherent emotional states you are capable of, we wish to speak to the simplest one. You would call it “joy” or “appreciation.” When you are in a state of joy or appreciation, your vibratory frequency shifts and you are at the beginning of a continuum of vibration that moves upward.

    So however you do it, and there are many ways to do this, we encourage you to choose joy and appreciation as the primary emotional tones you live in. This is mental and emotional training, and we consider it vital to prepare for what is coming your way.

    Your culture hypnotizes you into believing that you must have a reason to feel joy or appreciation, but we say to you as spiritual masters, you have the ability to create this response regardless of what is happening around you.

    In other words, you do not need a reason to feel joy or appreciation. If you train yourself to move into, and live in, this vibratory realm, you will pass through the coming chaotic times with a greater degree of mastery, heightened intuition and unexpected serendipity.

    Dimensional Attunements

    We wish to share with you a gift of sound, what we call a Dimensional Attunement to assist you through the energetic portal that the earth is now passing through.

    Dimensional Attunements are a series of sound patterns that shift your vibratory rate through specific actions on energy centers within your subtle body. In future communications we will offer many Dimensional Attunements, based upon how we perceive the transition of earth and humanity from its current dimension into higher realms of consciousness.

    This first Dimensional Attunement we are offering deals with the pineal gland, which has within it a crystalline structure, and from our perspective, operates like a cosmic antenna, allowing you to receive impressions, information and energy from the light realms of being.

    When you listen to the Dimensional Attunement, we suggest you place your awareness in the center of your head, and as you listen to the sounds, imagine that they are coming out from the pineal gland, which is located in the center of the head.
    This shift in perceptual imagination will allow the sound patterns to work with you more effectively.

    There is, paradoxically, within the crystalline structure of your pineal gland an infinite world of subtle impressions, knowledge and information.

    Depending upon your level of self-awareness and evolution, you might experience the effects of this Dimensional Attunement as a simple energy movement within the center of your head or you might experience the complex waveforms of light that it generates. And you might experience the flows of this light and informational-energy throughout the neural networks of your brain, and in some cases, through your entire body and subtle bodies as well.

    We suggest you listen to this attunement and determine, for yourself, if it is something of value for you. For some persons, it may take several “listenings” to determine this.
    If you feel that this Dimensional Attunement has a positive influence upon your mood, your thinking processes and your subtle awareness, then we would suggest you listen to it at least once a day, or more, if you choose.

    In essence, the sound patterns of the Dimensional Attunement are an auditory reflection of complex wave patterns composed of light. You are hearing sound patterns and harmonics, but this is an auditory reflection of what is occurring in the realms of light. In other words, when you use this Dimensional Attunement while focusing upon your pineal gland, you are stimulating complex evolutionary, catalytic light waves that have vast implications for your spiritual journey.

    We offer this gift freely with an understanding that those of you who have the ears to hear will recognize this as a music of the spheres, a calling home and the opening of a doorway to a great destiny that awaits you.

    You will find a link to the Dimensional Attunement here: http://tomkenyon.com/sound-gifts/

    Website: http://tomkenyon.com


    I thought I would keep the Mike Quinsey information going.
    Not sure if many people follow him but it will be interesting to hear what everyone thinks as things progress….

    16-October-2009 SALUSA

    The Light has suddenly surged and taken another upturn which delights us, and long may it continue. Bless you all in the name of the Creator.
    As to be expected, the news about the declaration to be made acknowledging the existence of your Space friends has caused a stir. There are some of you who are cautiously accepting it, and that is always desirable where other events may eclipse it. However, as a high point in our plan, it can be taken as a positive move that will take place, unless the overseers decide otherwise. You have been awaiting such a first move not knowing from where it might come. Now it is nearly here, do not allow your expectations to run away with you. It is but the first of a whole chain of events that are planned. Remember that all of our actions are dedicated to bringing you what is yours already by divine decree. They are based on the truth regarding your purpose for being here, and to ensure that you are fully prepared by the time Ascension is to take place.

    What will soon be apparent is that the new times opening up, will give many of you the opportunity to be of service to the Light. Some of you have been searching for a way to do so for a long time, and your desire to help has not been ignored. There will be plenty to do as the truth unfolds and projects can begin to go ahead. Everyone here at this time has been aware of what may be asked of him or her, and came to Earth for that very purpose. Naturally, very few have any recollection of what their life contracts are, but feel the urge to put themselves forward for selection. We know all about you and have your profiles upon our computers. In fact, should the need arise; we can also locate you no matter where you are at any time. Your Government has planned to use their technology to control your every move, but we can say that it will not go much further than it is now. Freedom of movement and speech is very much at the forefront of our plans, to release you from the Draconian laws that now reduce you to not much more than slaves.

    Your dreams of a state of Utopia upon Earth are not unrealistic at all, and in the course of time you will see all that stands in its way being removed. However, allow time for the forces for good to be set up and become operative. The technology and equipment are ready, and our Supply Ships have enormous capacities to hold more than sufficient for your needs. Your engineering and manufacturing industries have been savaged by the quest for ever-increasing profit levels, and the consequent loss of contracts to foreign countries. The economic and financial position is also leading to a lack of work, and even so if we suddenly required your facilities they could not cope with our demands. That we are fully aware of your problems, means that we have provided for our own needs, and will also help you update your machinery and methods.

    Once the changes really get started, you will find that they will take place at an ever-increasing pace. Speed will be of the essence so as to keep any inconvenience to you at an absolute minimum. Forget Man’s ways as ours are so advanced that in spite of the amount of changes required, they will in no way be labor intensive. Even our robots can be programmed to carry out quite complex tasks. We are already in a far more advanced stage in computership, and have quite intelligent models that are extremely clever and able to solve problems. Our Motherships function almost entirely through computer application and usage to very high standards, to the extent that they are almost independent of us. All of this technology is to be yours as you rise up more to our level of understanding, and can be trusted to use it wisely and only for the good of all. Sharing is a word that goes with love and service for the benefit of each other. There is no personal ownership involved, or monies that exchange hands

    We know that at heart you are beautiful souls that will take quite naturally to a new way of life. The separation that you have experienced from one another for many thousands of years, will pass into oblivion and you will wonder how it was brought about. The Controllers of Earth and its people have deliberately set you upon each other, to keep you under their control and in a frequent state of chaos. Peace is coming, and when the old threats are removed you will see how readily people can put aside their differences, and become friends. The spiritual aspect of life will return and be understood, and it will be realized that you can be your own teachers by looking within. The schisms that have caused so much trouble in the past will be consigned to the scrap heap. It is possible for different beliefs to live side by side, providing there is no intent to thrust them upon other people. The truth will bring you together, and it will be acknowledged that there is but the One God.

    Dear Ones, be prepared to think anew and leave your selves open to new ideas. Those who refuse to move on will be allowed their freedom of choice, but they will remain in the lower vibrations, which they cling to. There will be every opportunity for any soul that is seeking to find a way of satisfying their needs, and at the same time create a pathway to Ascension. There is nothing to be frightened of, as you will lose little and gain much more than you could imagine. Consider how you would like to jump ahead a thousand years by your present standards, and enjoy all of the benefits it would bring. That is realistically what you stand to gain, and not least of all upliftment to a state of full consciousness.

    The adventure is about to begin in earnest and you may pinch yourself to see if it is real. You are gradually leaving the illusion of gross physicality for a refined state of being. You are gravitating towards a more realistic dimension that will be more consistent with your higher vibration. It was never the plan that you should remain in the 3rd dimension forever, but take your place as Galactic Beings in the next stage in your evolution.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that at last we can talk of implementing an important development that will lift your spirits. You can look forward to more exciting news as time goes by, as once the ball starts rolling there will be no stopping its progress. The Light has suddenly surged and taken another upturn which delights us, and long may it continue. Bless you all in the name of the Creator.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

    19 Oct

    It is a joy for us to see how many of you have made a positive response to the coming announcement about our existence. We do not really need much in the way of publicity to reach people. The presence of our craft and the many contacts made over the last 50 years, have ensured that we have a place in your minds. What it will achieve is official recognition, that will sweep away the cover-ups and false stories about us. Those of you that accept us have no difficulty in finding all of the proof that you need. However, many people have blindly followed the rejection of us by those who have no desire to move on, or welcome a new Age. Humans do get into fixed modes that make them feel comfortable, and they become very insular. Events can no longer wait for them to raise their consciousness levels, as certain changes must commence very shortly. Moving you into a new paradigm requires many changes, and it is essential that they start in accordance with the Divine Plan.
    When the truth of our reasons for contacting you is known, it will offer a lifeline to those who see no future for Humanity. Suddenly your souls will be uplifted by the promise of a way out of the chaos deliberately put upon you. We are allowed to help you as your spiritually appointed mentors, and because the cycle of duality is coming to an end. You are not meant to see out this period by yourselves, and the plan has always allowed for guidance and direction so that you arrive at your true destination. Ascension is simply upliftment into the higher vibrations of the Universe, and it means that you will be part of it unless through choice you decide not to participate. However, as simple as it sounds it has far reaching effects, and nothing will be quite the same again. It is a wonderful event that allows you to move into the beauty and peace of the higher dimensions. It comes as your right, and is an opportunity that will not come around again for thousands of years.
    Start preparing in your minds for the changes that are inevitable once we can arrive openly amongst you. You will be kept informed of what is taking place, and with our assistance you can be sure that there will no area on Earth that is without contact. We can if necessary superimpose messages onto your television sets, without using your conventional means of doing so. Once our plans are widely known, there will be few if any that will object to the upliftment that will be taking place. To gain the return of your freedom will in its self be a major achievement. Big Brother may be breathing down your neck, but we will curtail their covert operations and plans for greater control over you. Knowing this we hope you will take a broader view of what is happening, and not allow concern or worry to enter your minds. Certainly do not react to the news that speaks of the need to introduce martial law, as fear is like a cancer and spreads quickly. Rise to the challenge and cover it with your Light, and you will be helping restrict its power to entrap people.
    We expect you to come sailing through these coming months, and your faith in us will be justly rewarded by knowledge of the latest contacts that have been made. They will answer much that will arise in your minds as to why it has taken so long to happen. It has not been for the want of trying on our part, as we have contacted many leaders over many years without success. Our aim was to offer our technologies providing a finish was put to war, and instead peace was established. However, instead your government turned to the Space Beings you know as the Greys, and brokered a secret agreement to allow them bases on Earth in exchange for advanced technology. Many of your recent advances have come from this source, and for example you would not otherwise have had your chip or laser technology. Therefore what should have been directly for your immediate benefit through a peace agreement with us, was secretly used to gain world dominance over other countries.
    In the Galactic Federation no civilization tries to set itself above another, indeed there is a policy of sharing so that all may benefit from each other for the good of all. This is a measure of how far any civilization may have progressed, and sadly yours is largely caught up in service to self. However, we find the influence of those who do care for others is gaining ground. There is an expanding consciousness that accepts that you are All One. It will not take much to bring the love out of other people, and when it is seen that all of your troubles come from policies that have set you apart, things will change.
    You are not all equal viewed from a purely material point of view. That is not the individuals fault, but centuries of subjugating tribal countries to slavery. It is not without coincidence that they have been way behind the Western world for so long. The Illuminati have worked their plan for total world control for far longer than you might imagine. They have not had it all their own way, and Lightworkers also laid down plans to combat their ultimate attempt to enslave you all. The quiet resistance has concentrated on raising your consciousness, so that you could find the truth for yourselves and act accordingly. There have also been provisions made to bring abundance and change your lack of material wealth. It will mean that the schemes for fair sharing can be instigated, and no more shall any be too poor to provide for themselves and others.
    It is not just the Galactic Federation that will appear on Earth, and as we have often mentioned, the Masters will also return to put right the false teachings that have passed as the word of God. At a much later stage your Inner Earth family will surface to also help you through Ascension. As you can see, the operation to lift up Mother Earth and all life forms will be attended by multitudes of Light Beings, who act out of love for you. They have always been near to you, but now is the right time for them to appear and renew their friendship with you.
    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and share your anticipation in respect of what is to come very soon, that shall move you more into the Light of understanding. You are One Family in the eyes of the Creator, and none are given favor above others. It is you who do the choosing as to where your future lies, and as time passes by we expect many more to seek the path to ascend. Be of Love and Light, and live life as one who seeks to spread it wherever you go.
    Thank you SaLuSa
    Mike Quinsey.


    Thought I would add this in as well…..

    Blossom hasn’t been able to Channel since 23rd Sep

    Oct 19, 2009
    The Lights on but no-ones home!

    Hello again kind people
    Just to say that unfortunately I am still unwell, therefore unable to do channelling. I know many are eager for the next one, especially with Mike Quincy’s Oct 14th/16th channellings creating much excitement. See http://www.galacticchannelings.com/index.html
    Clearly it is not meant to be for me to channel at this time.(Having trouble connecting with myself ,let alone anyone one else!!)
    I must be doing great work on some other planet … because I certainly don’t seem to be about much on this one!!!!
    Mean while …… keep your chin up ….
    Many thanks to all for your continual support and well wishes.
    Continue to spread that
    Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays
    Bloss …


    I’ve had sporadic connection times as well, undergoing system upgrades I suppose.

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