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    I am unsure if you class this as a Personal Close Encounter. Remove it if need be.

    In 2005, everything happened to me in 2005!
    I started having dreams.
    I am a person who doesn’t dream, or if I do, never, ever remember them.
    However, I remembered these!
    Then I started wondering if they were dreams, cos they were similar, but like follow ons from the previous night.
    So I asked on Steve Rother’s Light Worker board. Many had had similar dreams and the members there helped me realise I wasn’t going mad or imagining it. Phew!

    ok, here is my ‘dream/experience’
    I cannot find the original I wrote out so this is from memory

    I am standing watching a little man put tiny boxes in a cupboard. I am in what looks like a kitchen, but no appliances, just cupboards above and below a worktop.
    On my left is a huge entrance. At least 7ft high and 6ft wide. The top is arched, no door.

    The colour scheme is a pale cream and silver grey.

    I wonder what is in the little boxes, there are hundreds of them.
    The little man tells me “They contain the antidote to all illness and disease on Earth”

    I start to speak to him and he answers me before I do so. It’s then I realise he hasn’t turned to me or even spoken out loud.
    We are communicating telepathically!
    I then realise I am not dreaming, I am not at home and I turn round to look for a way out. I panic.
    Next thing, I am in my bed, and I wonder if I did dream it all.

    The following night, I am back in the ‘kitchen’ standing beside the little man. I ask to look at the boxes.
    They are about 2” square and each has a symbol on it.
    A back to front elongated ‘S’ with a dot just above and to the left of the top of the ‘S’
    An upside down egg
    A triangle with different length sides.
    There were many more symbols but I don’t remember them now.

    Then I awoke in my bed. And looked forward to the following night.

    The third night, I was led through the tall arched doorway and stood beside a table.
    I was shown how to assemble a sort of gun!
    I asked what it was.
    I was told “To repair wounds both inside and outside of the body”

    I got in a muddle with it and a taller being came and put me right. I apologised and he said it was his fault not mine that I made a mistake.

    It was after this ‘dream’ I asked on LW what pthers thought. Was I dreaming or was I on a spacecraft?
    Many answered me, who had had similar experiences. I was asked lots of questions I had no answers for.
    And I was asked to look around, see what colour the floor was, notice what the beings were wearing etc.

    The last night I remember going, there were others there, humans, like me.
    We all stood at our individual tables, I looked at the one nearest me, she didn’t notice me, I tried to attract ones attention, but they were all zombie like.
    The man, he was called a ‘guide'( not like a spirit guide, more of a chargehand I thought.)
    he told me the other people were not awake, so I asked why I was, he replied it was because I was awake by choice?!

    I tried to look around like my LW friends asked, but I wasn’t allowed to, they stopped me from moving my head.

    I think because I had spoken about them I either never went there again or I wasn’t allowed to remember.


    Sounds like you were lucid dreaming while your etheric body was on a lightship. :geek:


    What is lucid dreaming?


    Basically, it’s realizing you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming, and interacting with your dream.

    Here’s a wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dreaming

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