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    I’ve been following Lyara’s work from the sidelines since about 1999 on Operation Terra. This update is also a good summary of the history of the site. If you’ve never heard of this, and it resonates, you might find the volumes of messages to be rewarding reading.

    Looking Back, Looking Ahead
    Posted on OpTerra August 24, ’09

    Speaking only for myself, this has been a very long journey of preparation, spanning many lifetimes, which came into sharper focus on March 9, 1981 (see My/Our Story) when Christ appeared in my bedroom and called me to this particular path. A year later, I received a vision (see A Vision of Things to Come) that laid the ground for what would later be called Operation Terra. I learned to voice channel in the fall of 1985 and in the spring of 1987, I began a period of intensive training during which I was awakened every night between 2 and 4 a.m. to channel, logging hundreds of hours of channeling practice. I was also led to experience many “shows of presence,” in which ships would reveal themselves to me in various ways (see, for example, My “Close Encounters”). This gradually led me to realize that there was much more to reality than I had been aware of before and that there were many beings working with me in various ways.

    During this time, I was personally mentored by Christ/Sananda and assigned a personal tutor from Constellation Hydra whom I referred to as Quaternicus. He was the one who told me that all of our embodiments were basically like a costume party, and as long as we didn’t think we ARE our costumes, all would be well. He told me about my Lady Lyara persona, and I was also interacting daily with Lord Michael Andronicus of Sirius Star System (Andronicus), who had introduced himself to me as my twin. It was a very active time and much information came to me through books, authors, workshops and seminars I attended during those formative years. I also was directed to become personally involved with a man who was incarcerated in Florida and who was identified to me as Andronicus’s 3D embodiment. I was strongly identified with him as my/Lyara’s twin until I became aware that my twin had another expression in 3D (see below).

    In 1993, I began working as a book designer/editor. I edited David Icke’s first book about the power elite, … and the truth shall set you free, and did the design for the late Bill Cooper’s documentary volume, Oklahoma City: Day One. Both of these experiences taught me much about the power elite and what is going on behind the scenes in our present world, and while I knew it was important to not engage in enemy patterning, I also knew I needed this information to understand the context in which Operation Terra would play out.

    Without knowing why, I had acquired many skills in this life (see, for example, About the Author), all of which would have been needed for “Plan A” — a large scale “op” that would have been coordinated from an isolated site in northwestern New Mexico. However, on May 15, 1997, a decision was made to go to “Plan B,” which would be a much smaller scale “op,” due to the fact that apparently not enough people were ready to make the trip to Terra at that time. Therefore, two questions had to be answered:

    1) How to get the those who had come down from the higher densities and incarnated into 3D to participate in these times (“starseeds”) safely off the planet; and

    2) How to make use of the work that HAD been done to benefit future generations.

    In June 1999, I was asked to deliver a series of Messages from the Hosts of Heaven that became the Operation Terra material and web site. The Messages carried light codes that were seeded into three audiences: those who were making the trip to Terra in their present bodies; those who would drop their present bodies and be born onto Terra as the first generation of Terran natives; and those who would drop their bodies, experience more lives in 3D, and incarnate onto Terra after that. This was part of the response to those two questions, as the codings would activate those who are making the trip now and would be seeded into the consciousness of those who would make the trip later. It was Lyara’s job to bring the Messages forth and to act as steward for that material as it became established in the world. (That job is now complete and Lyara left my body some months ago and returned to 4D. She will not be prominent in Operation Terra again until the colonization preparations are under way on board Midway Station, after the evacuation is complete.)

    Following 9/11, the OT Family Forums were born, and in September 2006, the OT Online Radio Shows came into being and ran their course into May 2009. Both of those are now closed to new members, as they have served their purpose and their time has essentially come and gone. The last public Message was received on December 7, 2006, which completed Volume Three of the Messages. On December 20, 2008, something within OT awakened that had been dormant until then. Sentinels went off, many subprograms coded into our DNA were activated, and many changes and rearrangements began to occur within Operation Terra.

    I met my “other twin” at that time and became aware that I had been carrying TWO identities within me. One was Lyara, the messenger for the Messages (who has now departed), leaving me with one 3D identity (Sara) and one 4D identity (Lady Adonna of Sirius Star System), twin and mate to Lord Michael Adir of Sirius Star System (Adir) to work with and integrate. Between April 15 and April 28, 2009, a number of people experienced the splitting off of their 4D identities back into 4D. Their remaining 3D bodies experienced a profound shift in focus as a result and many who had followed OT for years moved on to other things after accepting the fullness of what had happened to them. Andronicus was one of those who had split off from his 3D “carrier.” A few others experienced this same process in June 2009, and those of us who remained in 3D and were still aligned with OT began going through an intense inner process that continues even now. Nothing is as it was, and that has required time to register, accept, and integrate.

    This journey has required many shifts in perception and understanding. It began somewhat simplistically and more detail and understanding has come with time. Most of us who found our way to Operation Terra interpreted the Messages through the understandings we had at the time, understandings and perceptions that have had to change as we matured spiritually. Despite the fact that the Hosts had told us this was NOT a “beam me up Scotty” phenomenon, it was only recently that I began to fully grasp that the “lifting” was the result of a change in consciousness, facilitated by the cleansing of the cellular memory being carried out by our upstairs teams. It did not necessarily involve the disappearance of our physical bodies, at least not yet. That will come when it is time for each person to experience that, if at all. The details of the journey are unique to each individual, so no generalizations can be made at this time that would apply to everyone. However, it can be safely said that each of us will experience what our Oversoul intends for us to experience — no more and no less — and that all of this was written to occur when this portion of reality was created, billions of years ago. There are no accidents, and true choice only exists at the level of the Oversoul that creates us and inserts us into a particular location within space and time.

    The emotional residue of billions of years of experience is being cleansed and purged, and many of us have had clearings going on for years. We are integrating internal changes so fast that it often seems that nothing much is happening, when we are actually moving through changes very quickly on the inner planes. The other part of the question dealing with how to safely get the “starseeds” off the planet still has to be dealt with and that is what lies before us now…

    To read the rest of this update, visit http://operationterra.com.


    I like her below newly expressed view of the “lifting”, on going within to find your own truth of universal consciousness, which seemed not to be the perspective in the 3 volumes of The Messages, that otherwise had some quite interesting and enlightening material.

    Despite the fact that the Hosts had told us this was NOT a “beam me up Scotty” phenomenon, it was only recently that I began to fully grasp that the “lifting” was the result of a change in consciousness, facilitated by the cleansing of the cellular memory being carried out by our upstairs teams. It did not necessarily involve the disappearance of our physical bodies, at least not yet.

    I keep hearing similar views to the below, as with Zingdad’s messages, and struggle with appreciating the extent of our self conscious free will as opposed to that which is destined by the choices of our Oversouls. I hope the new chapters from Zindad will speak to this some more.

    it can be safely said that each of us will experience what our Oversoul intends for us to experience — no more and no less — and that all of this was written to occur when this portion of reality was created, billions of years ago. There are no accidents, and true choice only exists at the level of the Oversoul that creates us and inserts us into a particular location within space and time.


    BTW, the update has consistencies with Zingdad’s chapter on the Singularity Event, which she calls the “big blink”:

    The evacuation will transport approximately 6 million people onto Midway Station where they will reside for several years while they prepare for the colonization of Terra. Terra will be a totally new planet and a totally new experience within our galaxy. Many of the 4D positive-polarity civilizations from our galaxy will establish demonstration colonies there. Earth’s principal activity, “seeking harmony in diversity,” will be taken to an entirely new level on Terra. This will result in a new evolutionary step for the galactic mind that will eventually require the negative-polarity entities throughout the galaxy (and beyond) to either become positive-polarity beings or be reabsorbed back into the Creator.

    This, in turn, will eventually restore the manifest universe to the way it was when the Creator first breathed it forth (the Outbreath), before the negative polarity was created. We are now about to take those initial steps that will pave the way to the full return (the Inbreath), spanning billions of years, during which this Creation will eventually be absorbed back into the Creator and a new Creation will be breathed forth again. The birth and colonization of Terra is the seeding of that return, which is why so much attention is being focused on 3D Earth at this time. We, as elohim, designed it to happen this way, and when the task of establishing Terra is complete, we will be free to move on to other forms of creative play throughout the manifest Creation. This particular cycle will end, as it was designed to end from its inception.

    We stand at the threshold of a pivotal time in human history and in the history of the Creation we presently occupy. Things are already unraveling across the globe and the present course of activity simply cannot be sustained. The timelines will split from one another into different directions, with different outcomes, and some of us will actually ride to multiple destinations through multiple expressions of the same Oversoul.

    Oversouls generally create multiple embodiments simultaneously, although these embodiments do not typically occupy the same planet at the same time. The mechanism of multiple timelines creates opportunities for a given Oversoul to seed multiple embodiments across the “big blink,” when the present Creation will be redrawn and the players in the drama will end up in different places on the stage. I expect to live one 4D lifestream as Adonna and a separate 4D lifestream as Lyara, each of which is paired with a separate expression of my twin. Others will not have such complex arrangements, but apparently I do, and so do my twins. We also simultaneously exist in other embodiments across our entire spectrum of expression, and all of this will become known and available to us when we return to full consciousness again.

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