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    Hi Silver,

    Asking you this as you seem to pop in with the space stuff and all that so thought you might know, but if anyone else has something to offer, then great!
    There maybe a simple answer to this but I haven’t figured it all out.

    Basically – how come, from the pictures that were taken from the moon looking back at the earth, the earth looks small, yet, when we look at the moon from the earth it looks bigger? I would have thought that it should be the other way round!

    Because I haven’t been there, so I am guessing – would you not think that if you were standing on the moon the earth would look massive in the sky yet from al the photos I have seen the earth looks small.

    I am no scientist but looking at the full moon lately – it’s rather large, so thinking, man, if I was standing on the moon, the earth would look massive, almost like – right in your face!!


    Yeah, that and I always thought you’d be able to see at least a few stars in space…
    I would imagine there’s something refractive about the denser Earth atmosphere, but I don’t know how the optics would work in that regard from the moon. What a great question. If there were any correlation, the Earth from the moon would look even bigger viewed above the horizon than overhead, right?


    Well, Syme, I guess you are totally right. I have only basic knowledge, but let’s do some simple maths.

    Let’s say the Earth has the size of 10x. X is just a random length unit. The moon has the size of 1x.
    Of course when you look at something from a distance, it appears small. Since the distance is the same regardless if you’re standing on Earth or the Moon ( 😆 ), let’s say there is the factor 0.1 or it appears as 10% of its size. Of course these are just speculative numbers.

    Standing on Earth, the Moon appears with a size of 1x times 0.1 which equals 0.1x (length units).
    Standing on the Moon, Earth appears with a size of 10x times 0.1 which equals 1x (length unit).
    That means, Earth would appear ten times bigger than the moon (0.1x times 10 equals 1x).
    One can also easily come to this number by taking the relation (Diameter Earth / Diameter Moon) which is (10x / 1x) which equals 10. It’s ten times bigger, and it should appear ten times bigger.

    The real sizes are:
    Diameter Earth: 12,756 kilometers / 7,926 miles
    Diameter Moon: 3,476 kilometers / 2,160 miles

    You can easily say (Diameter Earth / Diameter Moon) is (12,756 / 3,476) or (7,926 / 2,160) which both equals 3.67.
    WHICH MEANS, Earth should be more or less 3.5 times bigger in the moon’s sky than moon is in our sky.

    My theory? All images from the moon are faked. xD
    Well maybe not all of them … but my personal theory is, we have been on the Moon MUCH earlier than 1969. The landing was faked, and nearly every images we got from then are faked. There are BOOKS that look at every single image that has come from the moon landing, and they’re almost all faked.
    My personal position is .. I don’t really believe anything space-related that comes from officials.. sad as it is.

    Did you know all planets are hollow, including Earth? 😉
    Of course this is a “conspiracy theory” if you want… But one has to live with that. 😕


    Err, I googled a little, and I have to say, this images seem accurate:

    OMG, gotta love this one:

    Well of course NASA scientists can figure that 3.67 number out in no time, even faster than I did (because I had to google the diameters 😆 ), but I won’t refrain from my opinion that you wouldn’t believe how much stuff that comes out there is faked. Maybe this images are true.. I don’t want to say they aren’t anymore.

    BUT of course this doesn’t explain that there are entirely no stars visible besides, of course, Earth. Futher proving my theory that …. 😉
    Alright alright I stop. 😆


    hmmmmm, very good UFO, pretty much what I was after. Nice calculations and very easy to understand.

    Good question about the stars, cause if you were on the moon then you should see thousands of stars as there is “apparently” no atmosphere – but in all of the photos I have seen there are non. Yet on earth we have an atmosphere and if you go to a place where there are no external lights, say, in the mountains etc you can see thousands of stars and parts of the milky way with the naked eye.

    Maybe they have airbrished out the galactic armada of light ships poised waiting…………:)


    … then you’d both probably enjoy watching this:

    Project Camelot interviews Richard Hoagland

    Site link includes transcripts.


    I can explain the “no stars in the sky” thing. It goes like this:
    The pictures that you are seeing are “in the day time” on the moon. The reason the sky is black is that the lunar sky is ALWAYS black. There is not enough atmosphere to refract the in-coming light to make a blue sky like earth has. But there is still enough light coming in from the sun that the camera’s aperture must be too small to catch the comparatively faint light from the stars.
    The thing is that we ARE earthlings. And to an earthling there are two sky-states: blue sky with no stars and black sky with lots of stars. Now if you came from another planet you might have very different expectation. So that is my explanation. However that does not mean I don’t believe in those same conspiracy theories! 🙂


    Very good answers, everyone, and all before I even saw the thread….. 😆


    Ok, so here is another.

    Why is Venus so very bright in the sky at the moment, I mean, really bright. I can’t remember a time when it has been so bright. I’m guessing the eliptical orbit of us all around the sun means that Venus just happens to be close to us?


    It’s not only how close we are, but what phase Venus is in. Like Luna, we see different amounts of the sunlit area of Venus. Right now, we are seeing over 50% lit(I’d have to look up how much it actually is). Venus’ atmosphere is very reflective, so this makes it very bright.

    Oh, and another thought, at closest approach to Venus, we are looking at the unlit side, so it would be very dim at that point.

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