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    UFO landing and extraterrestrials spotted by hundreds in South Dakota?

    Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

    An astounding news report that was published on Business Week website and then
    hastily removed has set the UFO community on fire, at least briefly. UFO related forums like http://www.godlikeproductions.com and http://www.abovetopsecret.com have gone into frenzy mode over the news where copies of the report were posted prior to its removal from the source. Most UFO enthusiasts are fairly certain that the report is a hoax partly on the basis that the story was removed so quickly and has not been published in any other media outlets.

    The report states that:

    ‘A shocking revelation in the science world has been made today as we are getting reports saying an Alien spacecraft has landed in the small city of Webster, South Dakota.

    Hundreds crowded a parking lot at busy factory outlet as a spherical craft descended from clear skies and made it’s landing on U.S. soil. Witnesses say power within a mile had gone out. Hand held devices, cameras and even vehicles stopped working before the craft made its landing, therefore, many witnesses could not take photographs of the craft.

    The craft along with the crowd was in silence. Many people ran away in fear before the craft even landed. After a short while of watching the craft, witnesses say a part of the door on the lower portion opened up and a ramp came extended out to the ground. Two creatures, approximately 4 feet tall with large heads, large eyes, no noses and a slip for mouth, as described by witnesses, walked down the ramp and onto Earth grounds. The beings were said to have matched the descriptions of an extra-terrestrial species we call “Greys”.

    “We felt a sense of relief”, said witness, Rob Chan. “We were scared, but we couldn’t move. It was an astonishing site. It felt as if they were trying to communicate with us but we just couldn’t understand.”

    The beings walked back into the craft as the ramp closed back up behind them and after a few tense moments of waiting, the spaceship silently ascended upwards, moved towards the nearby lake and shot into the sky and that is when it disappeared. It was only a short while after when hand held devices and phones started working again. People started taking pictures of the sky hoping the craft would come back (seen in the picture).

    The fire department and police were called to the scene but could not do anything about what had just happened. Military officials were notified of the incident and the area is being cleared and the area is being tested for possible radioactivity.’

    Most observers are fairly certain that the report was a prank perpetrated by someone with access to the Business Week website.The fact that the report contained a picture of the crowd but not the spaceship has not helped build its credibility. The photo itself has been described as hardly depicting a crowd witnessing an earth shattering event (Some people in it appear to be eating cotton candy!).

    Is it possible that the event did occur and someone in the media was able to publish the story within a small window of opportunity prior to the supposed cover-up machine going into full swing? Undoubtedly some UFO buffs and conspiracy theorists will promoting that viewpoint.

    Article –http://www.allnewsweb.com/page6796798.php


    Interesting. I live somewhat close to there (Minnesota) but I would like to hear some follow ups from people actually living near the area.


    I haven’t heard of any personal eyewitness reports as yet, Millej11 however on the 15th May Mark Huber, who has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum & is in contact with Ashtar Command responded with the following reply:

    Today, there was a landing of a spherical ship landing in South Dakota
    that was reported as a news item on Business Week Online News.

    A reporter witnessed the ship landing, opening a door, extending a ramp
    and then a few Grey ETs exited and walked about. Later they reboarded
    their craft and departed. The authorities were notified and have
    cordoned off the landing site while they check for radiation and any
    other anomalies.

    We did check and this was a valid sighting and a valid event. These were
    positive ETs, not renegade ones working with the Cabal. As such, this
    had to have been an ‘approved’ intervention by Ashtar and the Galactic

    I will also say that we were told that when such an event occurred we
    would be very, very close to the lifting of the whole coverup lid on
    Galactic Presence.

    We are holding the Light for the highest and best outcome for you and
    each and all of us.

    Mark Huber

    Extract from Mark Huber

    Confirmation was also received last night on the teleconference from Ashtar on the Road – (Susan Leland channels Ashtar). Ashtar confirmed this was a real event which took place & was in the nature of an experiment to see how people responded to the showing up of a craft who were normally not given to thinking about such things, ie to see how they would react to a “shock & awe” event.


    Confirmation was also received last night on the teleconference from Ashtar on the Road – (Susan Leland channels Ashtar). Ashtar confirmed this was a real event which took place & was in the nature of an experiment to see how people responded to the showing up of a craft who were normally not given to thinking about such things, ie to see how they would react to a “shock & awe” event.

    ha ha, best start with the Dakotas. Not much going on there and not much to disturb other than dust storms. i kid 😉

    On a serious note, based on what I read in the article it seems the experiment went rather well. Though some were frightened, others were enthusiastic and even tried to communicate with the ETs.


    The teleconference has now been transcribed so you can read all about it :

    May 19, 2009

    Well good evening everyone, and it is most delightful to be here – and we have a few matters – and we have been scanning and we know that you have some matters of interest as we come together in this beautiful blessed family gathering. First of all, we have an answer to a question that has been making its way around the internet. A question that we know is very big with at least some of you who have been reading the news, you know the real news. Here it is. Yes!!

    Well now. How many of you got the question? Raise your hand if you did. This is no joke. Nor was it a hoax. Was there really a ship that really landed in that really small but conservative location in one of your states that does not have such a large population? Yes, there was a ship. It was in the nature of an experiment. There was nothing except we wanted to see what would happen. In the words of one of your ex leaders, someone who thinks he still has some power but really doesn’t. We wanted to see what shock and awe it would do to a community that doesn’t really give much thought to such matters. We thought that would be a good place to present a presentation of our presence. We enlisted the aid of some rather familiar looking beings. Close your eyes and picture the image of who might have been flying that ship and if they are looking very much like those known as the greys, you’re right. We wanted someone, while there would be shock and awe, there would at least be some recognition. While you are picturing, those are working close with the Annunaki and the scientists who are given some technologies; not nearly the technologies that we bring in terms of empowerment, but nevertheless given some technologies. Those have been and will be completely superseded by the technologies of the higher dimensions that don’t have anything to do with weapons that kill people but have everything to do with love.

    We would ask you to recall that vision and see two things: you can for those who want a real vision; you can picture a white hat. These guys were pretty tall and we asked them to wear a white hat. Look inside and see the heart; the hearts beamed love. That was the only communication that was really necessary for this particular occasion. The disinformation people and the disbelieving people, and that is perfect …. We had every expectation that disinformation would be put out to even make the light workers question. How do you get to truth any way? You need to go within and go to your own being and discern. Here’s something else. If you don’t accept something as your truth, that’s perfectly ok. Dandy. Because everyone has different experiences; different backgrounds, some different baggage which creates attitude and so on and so on.

    This universe is one of diversity. Just imagine the number of zeros that describes the number of beings in this universe. Every single one of them, us, created by the same loving creator but in some cases given free will, such as on planet earth, to have their own experiences and form their own attitudes. Diversity rules. And it is coming as a part of the ascension process, into one heart and one mindedness, a recognition that we are all one; we are all from the same source and that we are all made of love.

    When you get to that point when you feel it, it is easy to allow differences of perception and discernment. Everyone has their own path. Everyone has their own way. We simply wanted to put out a bit of a message. Nobody got hurt. Nobody had a catastrophic bodily breakdown. Yes, there was some shock and awe and there are those, right now, who don’t believe it, who are writing that it never happened and that is perfectly all right. It just shows that some people did get it. Some people even got a message just by reading about it. What do you think we wanted to know? We wanted to know if there are people in a conservative town, don’t have a clue, don’t want to know, are somewhat boxed in by their own choices and their own learnings and teachings and rules of society and we are happy to r eport that some hearts opened up and some beings from that particular perspective got it.

    Now, you wonder if the world is going to be able to get it? We just gave you an answer. And so it is. For those of you whose pendulum still says it didn’t happen, it’s all right. It doesn’t have to be part of your reality. You might want to be checking out places in your own community that you think it might be appropriate for the landing of at least a small craft. You can hurry to the spot and decide if it’s for real or not. We welcome all discernments and answers. Take a pendulum if you choose. Because it is a joy. If your heart isn’t open to it and you have a set mind, that’s ok. You’re going to have lot of opportunities to have close up and personal encounters where you can examine your perceptions again and again. No problem.

    So be in rejoicing and know that all is well and wondrous and planet earth is even more ready. 0In some cases, the red carpets are already rolled out. We have been receiving invitations coming from a lot of different ways. Everything from people using their voices to invite us into their community spaces or their back deck or wherever they think we might fit; unconscious coming together saying “yes, we’re ready and we’re welcoming.” Yes, we feel welcome. Have you been having a dream recently about a ship or some kind of vehicle, one that you’re not familiar with and just perhaps seeing something that didn’t make any sense to you in terms of beings around you or people around you? You’re rolling out the red carpet too because you’re allowing it in your dream state. You may not be remem bering those. Ask for a glimpse and you’ll feel even more delight at the reunion. You may have heard that there’s part of you on the ships any way in the higher dimensions. How do you feel about that one? Yes, it’s true. Why don’t you do some discerning and see how it feels to you. First thing you know, you might be consciously bilocating. How does that sound? We are just wanting to give you a little glimpse of all of the gifts that you might already have and the ways you might have some fun to use them.

    We are coming into a very special time. Here’s an announcement. Winter is over. And the winter of the heart is done, if you allow it to be. No more down in the dumpies, clouds over the head, raining on your parade. No way. You don’t need them anymore. You have all of the empowerment and you are being supported. How about those energies from Wesak? The energies and the love from the mother. Energies poured forth literally for you to use to enjoy to be in joy so how about turning up the music, whatever you’ve got and get out there and dance or sing or just be happy happy happy because you know what? We’re springing into the summer and the harvest of all of the wondrous wondrous dreams and visions that we have co-created together. And the time is now on plan et earth as it has never happened before. This is it.

    Planet earth is taking off and it’s because of you and the light workers. Who’s a light worker any way but a member of our family in a human body beaming love, laughter and let’s hear it for bubbles of joy!!! We’re not talking about the kind that comes out of a bottle. We’re talking about what’s been bottled up in you. Now is the time to pull the cork out and let it flow, up up and away. We are being quite jolly, but we can assure you that when you listen to this, you remember it. Being happy, laughing, that’s a way to really get it. That’s what we are wanting to do here. Soak it up. Be a sponge. We’ll be talking about that more.

    That brings me to the next topic, which is cleanup. So we hope and we know. We don’t do much hoping actually, we just know, because we can see it. It is all here. It is done. All that you have been supporting that you have been radiating out to the planet; it is done if you want it to be. In other words, for each individual, you have your task, you have your progress. You have your intent and your goals in front of you and you have your memories of what has been this lifetime and most of you have gotten some memory or accounting of one or more lifetimes you call precious and it’s all here in this now moment. Whether it glows and warms you, the golden ball of light, or whether it looks a little bit more like a smudgy ball covered with tar, that’s up to you. We know you’re all golden beaming wondrous beings of light. If you see you have something that isn’t quite that way you are going to hear a little more about that, about what to do about it. We’re going to say it another time perhaps another way.

    We do like to come at different topics from different perspectives because we realize that helps you to get the full picture. First, we shall repeat a well known phrase. No dates. How about Mr. Obama? He stepped forward and gave the world a date. 72 days. 72 hours was pretty good too; a lot shifted. And anybody who hasn’t got out their calendar and marked 72 days – you might as well do it. You might want to mark 72 days. We don’t give dates, but we’re telling you that it’s all possible and probable. We’ll leave it to you exactly what 72 days is all about. Mr. Obama said on the 73rd day, he’s going to rest or perhaps party, celebrate, pop a few corks. We leave that up to you.

    Create, beloved ones, create the vision for what you know in your hearts could be happening and give it your support; your love your energy. Obama wasn’t just speaking to members of congress; he was speaking to all of the world, every individual, every being. He was saying “here it is. Reach out and be a part of it.“ At this moment in time, the most powerful thing that you can do is empower this vision.

    We’ll share without naming names, there is one in our family who has quite an awareness of what it’s all about. It’s all about love. He’s sitting almost at the doorstep of The Hague. We had a chat. He expected his mission to beam the love at The Hague during the trials, at what is called the World Court. To do it, to be loved for all of those thousands that will be coming there. To be put in front of judges of the human kind to answer for what they have done as dark hats. He’s putting out the message to them to come and trade in their dark hats for white ones. He’s putting out the message that they are forgiven and that the world is grateful for all they portrayed. That’s a pretty big job when you consider the energ ies that will be coming into the neighborhood where he is located. Help the court what he has accepted to do. That would be most wondrous. To embrace this one; this courageous one, and to send him your love and your loving support and to join him in that mission. This is only one of you with the courage and the empowerment to do this mission.

    Now when we come together and we focus our being on any mission, there can’t be any failures. There is no such thing as failure. The mission or the miracle always gets done. It may not have exactly the same form as those who embark upon the mission, but we can assure you that if it does not it’s only because a greater vision is created as the mission is performed. There’s no turning back. If you want to look at it another way, you’ve all passed the tests. Yeah! You’ve all passed go and you’re heading for the Promised Land. The world and the universe beyond have been waiting for you to come and to do this mission of returning and restoring the love to planet earth. We couldn’t do it without you, because we had to have your welcome, your permission to do this with you, but you gave it. You may not have felt trusting; you may not always believe everything you heard; we’re all in agreement and you may be noticing that. Whoever you listen to, if you are open to receiving the truth of this message, you will be open to receiving the truth of the other messages which are coming out on this topic. You will not be hearing quite so much from those who want to slip in disinformation. If something doesn’t resonate for you, you don’t have to take it in your being. You can ignore the message.

    You can, if you wish, do some clearing of your own and go for the very highest truth in the office of the Christ. You can’t go wrong. You’ll get the truth every time. Be pure in your intent. Be pure in what you ask for because you’re going to get it. It’s that simple. Is that not absolutely delightful to know? So, we have answered one of the big questions for the night.

    Now we get to go into a topic, that you have some background and some framework. You’ve heard some things. You may hear some more. Everything is happening. Everything is speeding up. If you do watch the news that comes from truth, you may not get all of the inside pictures, but you’ll certainly find out a lot. If you listen to the radio stations that have the truth, you’ll hear more. If you read the reports on the internet, specifically those come from the very highest levels of intelligence but truth, you’ll get quite a picture. It will keep you kind of busy. So it’s up to you to decide what it is that you want to dive into, read, listen to, observe or whatever. Do save some time in your schedules to get your house cleaning done. We suggest two things;

    1) make a list of what you recognize within yourself, it could be deep down, for instance,

    Do you have issues of a relationship nature? Perhaps feelings of anger towards somebody. Maybe some questions about those who are in authority in your communities. Perhaps you get a ticket while driving your auto and you know you didn’t do anything wrong, so the one who gave you the ticket is a dark hat person out to get you. You can find some words to describe that attitude. We are wanting to present examples that you can then use as a takeoff point for whatever your stuff is. Everybody has stuff. Because everybody is saying that ash tar told us to clean house. We’re talking about you; your baggage. Whatever you’re carrying around; whatever is weighing you down. If you have any moments not of that nature, that’s because you have stuff to clean out. Don’t confuse thi s. We’re not talking about your entire fields of energy being dark and murky, we’re talking about little spots. You’re down to you tipping your corners. That’s where you have evolved to be loved ones. Now as you can imagine, figuring out what’s in the corners is, in some cases, the most challenging part of your house keeping. However, because you have been climbing so high in the path towards ascension, take a few minutes by yourself, you could easily make your list because you are so able to connect with the all that you are, because you have gotten so good at it, because you are so full of love. Yes, you are loving yourselves more and more. We can see it in your fields.

    If you have a down moment, a blanket blank thing today. I shouldn’t have….whatever, what is that telling you? Its saying take a look at the situation and what kinds of dendrite webs do you have or what kinds of attitudes or emotions of coming from places? What was that all about? Why did I say that? Love that you did it. Love yourself and your wisdom because it’s coming into your consciousness for one reason only and that’s that corner that you are staring at and it says “clean me up, please. I want to sparkle and shine like the rest of you.” It is a wisdom. It is a truth coming home to you. Now we have given many ways and done many exercise for these clearings. We are asking you to do some homework. Get out your writing materials and make your list. Put this list on top of your to do list.

    Give yourself some time to be with that list and work on it. Now here’s some really good news to lighten up the job. You do the job a lot faster because you’re empowered to do so. Energies about having you feel and to assist you; you might consider them like a roto rooter doing the job. Bringing to light that which you may not have been aware of. By the way, you’ve got all kinds of teams. Lavender angels, angels, medical teams, Asthurians, healing ships. You’ve got all kinds of ascended masters and guides and most of all beloved ones; you have your own selves, this beautiful empowered sovereign self.

    Make that list and start checking off the items. Use the violet flame. Use the blue sword. Use whatever it is that is your method, your way to get it done. You will be recognized. We mentioned that there will be some times when people will look to where the beaming is coming from and they’ll be looking to you to answer the questions when a being such as those in that conservative small town had these announcements, had these sweeping changes and they don’t have the background of info that you have and they certainly aren’t as squeaky clean as you are, they still have their stuff weighing them down.

    Yet they got this obvious invitation personally delivered to each and every one of them to step out and become their own light and help light up the rest of the planet. They are going to need answers. They will be needing directions, not orders and not control. Just beaming love to them. Tell them how loved they are. Imagine someone that you consider to be someone what of a cold personality; somebody who doesn’t show a lot of emotion. There are plenty of them. Plenty who pride themselves with living in their minds. Super conscious part of them does. In their day to day lives, they are, might not even believe in god; they pride themselves as being rational; not living from their emotions at all. Kind of reminds you of one called Spock, only if you watched the old Star Trek. Under neath Spock has emotions.

    The ships are flying overhead. There are announcements such as you won’t need gasoline. You’ll get to use electricity. We have some money to give you. All of these things that won’t make any sense. They’ll say “what’s going on?” All of these changes are a bit much. I don’t really understand it. Here you come and you beam love and put them at ease. You can tell them, it’s ok. It’s time for you to get out of your box and understand that you are a loving being; that you have the capacity to love and that is what your mission is here on earth. You’re laughing and saying “How can my brother ever accept that from me?”

    The times are changing. Amidst the chaos, ones will find themselves to you because you are beaming so brightly and there’s a part of them who directs them to the love beams. Get rid of whatever you have that is tarry or smudgy. That’s why we’re saying it’s time to make some lists. We all have a few remnants here and there. As we said, we don’t have corners. There might be some places. That’s all it’s going to take. It will be easy and simple. Move it to the top of your priority and put this list to the top. Spend some time with yourselves. If you want to get together in small groups and share the energies, that is wondrous too.

    You might want to tune into the class tomorrow night. Do it with whomever and whatever resonates with you to get it done because the calendar is moving. The days are moving. The calendar pages are turning and it’s only going one way and that’s forward. Have fun. Remember – laugh, sing whether it’s in the shower or skipping down the street or whatever. Child out to play. Ego at rest. And have fun everybody because that’s what we’re all here to do and you heard it here.

    And so, beloved ones, we have another one who is to follow with words of wisdom, perhaps you might enjoy a brief little exercise and so we shall let him come and take the speaker’s box. So I, Ashtar, shall say farewell, but not really because as I am fond of saying I’m here, there and everywhere. If you choose to speak with me, just go into your hearts. I’m there beaming at you and always always loving you. And so it is. Salut!

    Source: May 19th Ashtar Teleconference


    When I first read about this a few days ago I was extremely excited. “It has begun”, I thought to myself. And then I began to do some reading and research. As I result of this I’m afraid, much as I dislike doing so, I’m afraid I have to call hoax on this one. I found some folks that picked up the ‘phone and called people in Webster (the little town in South Dakota). Apparently is is a VERY small town. The kind where EVERYONE would instantly know about anything out of the ordinary happening. And no-one in that town (a few different people were called) knows a thing about it.

    Now one can immediately go into conspiracy overload and say “they were paid off to say nothing happened by the government” or whatever if you want. But that path only takes you to the “inflexible believer” position which is exactly as useful as the “closed minded sceptic” position. My research firmly indicates that this event did not occur. There is a lot of evidence to back up that position and zero evidence to contradict it (I saw the photo – it’s a joke – NO crowd of UFO observers would look like they were calmly watching a sports event).

    So I am very sad for Mark Huber. In this context I simply don’t know what to make of his channelling.

    Of course I COULD be wrong and there COULD be this unbelievably huge conspiracy to hush this event up… How would we ever know? So for myself I’ll just trust to my own truth and keep my eyes on the skies and call it a real UFO event when I see it myself.

    Big Love to everyone!


    One would think by now that there would have started to be some genuine eyewitness accounts filtering around the internet of this incident, Zingdad. It is hard to imagine that somebody wouldn’t have rung friends’, family etc in other towns to tell about their experience.

    In the interest of veracity I just want to clear up one misconception though which I may have inadvertantly created – the channeling above wasn’t done by Mark Huber. Susan Leland channels Ashtar & gives the Ashtar On the Road Teleconferences. Mark’s comments about the event were those he made in response to a question posed to him on the 15th May.

    Here are each of their bio’s for reference:

    Hello! I’m Susan Leland, and I have the honor of serving as a voice for Ashtar and others from the Lighted Realms. I’ve had several careers, beginning in a family-owned retail business, then as a wife, mother and community volunteer. In 1985 I became a real estate agent and was blessed with many clients who came to my community to attend an ancient wisdom school. Through my association with them, I “woke up” and started upon my own spiritual quest.

    I learned from these wonderful students and from other teachers, and I connected with my own guides in 1996. Then came an intensive period of attending healing classes and workshops and almost daily practice, while quitting real estate along the way in 1999. I have earned 6 Reiki degrees along with other certifications in energy healing and spiritual ministry.

    Today my “work” is joyfully fulfilling as a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings. Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!

    Namaste, Susan 🙂 Ashtar On the Road

    This is a bio received from Mark Huber. He is a contact for Faction 3 intelligence (military and ethereal information 38 levels above the President of the United States):

    I am a retired Naval Intelligence Commander, and yes, I did spend some years working for a trust company, so the rudiments of these perspectives are present. I was involved with the galactics since age 5. During a drowning incident a voice spoke in my head: “Yes, you can’t swim but you can walk. So when you touch the bottom just take one step forward and you’ll be fine.” I did and was aboard a shuttle craft. 5.5 years later I merged with a higher aspect in what is called a Walk-In experience. A couple of more NDEs (1) — some of us are quite stubborn — in 1975 and 1988, brought me to where I am now. We live in Santa Fe, NM and I was directed here 21 years ago to hold a grid point and interface with GF reps. That’s how I met [Rama and Tara Berkowitz] (1) almost 6 years ago. We’ve been working together to get NESARA announced and to inform people about the GF and to anchor that energy here. SF will be the Primary Ashtar HQ after landings occur, and into 5D. (Discerning Angels posting, 2008.)

    (1) Near-Death Experiences.
    (2) Rama and Tara play a major role, with Mark, in communicating what is transpiring both with the Galactic Federation, through Commander Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet, and with the Earth allies, or white knights, through “King of Swords” and the “King of Egypt.”

    I have also been a contactee since I was 5 years old, so I’ve a lifelong interest and involvement in galactic affairs. I was involved in military aviation and intelligence for 24 years while also having my own, private, experiences which were not shared even with my own family until recent years … for obvious reasons. I helped a close friend channel a book on star nation contacts — anonymously. I have higher aspects on the ships and am an Elder Indigo grid holder, for what it’s worth.

    In this excerpt from a letter, Mark is replying to a question on different channels with different perspectives. In the course of the letter, he gives a succinct introduction to work he and Rama are engaged in, the GF, etc., which I think is worth hearing:

    In the files on our site you can read that Rama who channels Mother Sekhmet/Alcyone (Great Central Sun), is the spiritual son of Ashtar/Athena and goes up to the New Jerusalem on a regular basis, both in-body as well as out-of-body.

    Rama and I both have higher-dimensional aspects who are Bridge Watch Standers (Commanders) on the New Jerusalem. That is Admiral Sananda Kumara’s flagship.

    We do represent–as do many others–the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. We are absolutely committed to the Announcement of NESARA and to the landing of the ships.

    We represent Faction Three which is galactic forces and intelligence sources working through the King of Swords at 38 levels above the President of the United States.

    Faction One {Rothschilds} and Faction Two {Rockyfellers} do not have access to that intelligence level.

    We are not a religious organization, although we do align through the Office of the Christ. Awakening the in-dwelling crystal-heart (Christed-Heart) codes which restore our inner-dimensional/multi-dimensional memories and abilities is the goal of the planetary/personal Ascension process which will result in our collective return to 5D+/12+strands of DNA.

    Mark Huber’s Bio

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