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    Hi ALL!
    My friend called a couple weekends ago to tell me that her boyfriends dad saw some Ufo’s out at his house on Baggs Hill. There were 4 or 5 orange balls that were flying in formations and they got them on video. One of the guys who was out there is the pastor at one of our non-denominational churches here in town and he said he couldn’t believe his eyes and there is no denying that that was real.
    When my bother was about 12 (he is 23 now) he saw almost the same thing here on Bunker Hill where we live (about 5 miles from Baggs Hill) My mother and him were driving home when they saw 4 balls of orange light that were changing formations from a diamond to a straight line and such. Alot of people in out town called into the local radio station that night to report that they had also seen them. Later that week the airforce relased a press story saying that they were inthe area dropping flairs that night. Yeah right since flares go up and down and then way back up?
    Just wondering if others have seen these orange ovals in ther areas or what other kinds of UFO’s you all have seen. I haven’t seen either of these personally, but I have seen orbs many times before.
    Sara :mrgreen:


    …just watched …
    Phoenix Lights

    …out at the video stores now…lot of good material but you have to get past the “talking heads” thing…
    …but flares was the weak cover that they used on that one also…
    …I am kind of jazzed about the Oct. 14 fly-over that the Pleaideans are planning…it will be hard to deny that !…try to cover-up a floating city !…


    Its funny, I was just watching a show regarding that. Apparently there have been a few sitings like this in Pheonix, AZ. They talked about orbs forming a V shape or in a jagged line. The military said the same thing about the one in WI….. just flares.

    When I was a teenager, I did see UFOs at Devilshead in Colorado. They were flying in some sort of formation and one of them happened to land at the mountain next to me. We played a game together. I would flash my flashlight at it and it was directing a light my way, blinking back. I dont remember it taking off because it was so quick but I do remember the group of them gathering together like they were going toward a mothership. I wish I had a video camera rather than a flashlight!


    Yeah my ex-boyfriend had an encounter like that as well about 15 miles from here where he saw the orbs and they were flashing them with flashlights. They got it on video (where it is now I don’t know) but after they were flashing, the light started following their car! They said it was right above their car and the hair on their body was standing up like static electricity, they could just feel the energy. They got scared and that was the end of it.
    I too am super excited about October 14!!!! I can’t wait! Yeah it will be interesting to see what the government is going to try to come up with. I have been having dreams about it (first contact) that people are in hysteria and I am running around telling everyone…it’s okay they are friends! 🙂
    I have seen orbs, like one time at a TOOL concert and one actually followed us to out hotel room! i saw it come right through the window. And then we we got home as me and my boyfriend were laying in bed we both saw it fly through the window there too! It followed us all the way I guess. It is interesting that thoses smaller orbs seem to resemble the appearance of the ships. Do you think they are the same? I always felt thoses orbs I saw were just spirit beings, not ships. 😕


    I might be a little confused so I want to clarify. When you mention orbs, do you mean the ones like in ghost pictures?


    Yeah thoses like in pictures are like the ones I have seen, up close and personal. But the UFO sightings have been described as orbs as well, they are like a glowing orange balls. But they must be much larger since they are farther away in the sky. Just wondering about the realtion to the glowing orange balls seen in the sky and the “orbs” as you have seen in pics.


    I don’t think there is any relation although they do look similiar don’t they? The lights in the sky usually fly in formation and the ghostly beings are usually sparatic. You also have to watch out for ghost pictures. I would say a good 90% are fake, dust particles, or reflections of light off of a shiny surface.


    had a few encounter myself.
    ufo in the middle of the lake was vary foggy so cant make of it.
    Then i saw some thing falling real quick just behind the trees i though it was a meteor but i didnt hear any impact.
    last but not least i saw a ufo moving back and forth very hight in the sky or i think it was in space but anyway eventualy it went super quick and vanished.

    Now alien encounter i may have it wonce not sure though i just woke up drasticaly because i had problem breathing then i saw 2 small light in my room where their not suposed to have but i was so tired that i just drank my bottle water next to me and fell asleep. 1 hour later i woke up it was still dark and the light was gone. I couldnt go back to sleep then to creepy :/

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