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    Hey guys,
    last 2/3 days have been quite a Soulstirring experience for me.
    I was reading through the Ascention Papers and yesterday evening I got to The Singularity Event part.
    About 2/3 through it suddenly every cell in my body started vibrating and everything around me started to change.
    I could still see all the edges of all things in my room, but all matter seemed empty or spacious.
    I tried to keep calm and let myself soak in the feeling and just BE in that moment,
    but my heart started beating like crazy and I kinda panicked a bit, so I stood up from my chair
    and went to lay on the couch and then the experience already started to subside.
    My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and I immediately called a Lightworker whom I am in contact with.

    We talked about the whole process and that at the moment things are really going fast at the moment.
    So I calmed down and she advised me to take a shower, point the stream of water between my shoulderblades
    and do some grounding.
    After that shower I felt great, but I was sort of afraid to go to sleep 😳
    I still slept for a little more then 3 hours (it happened in the night and I heard the church bells ring 5 o clock in the morning, after that I fell asleep pretty quick)
    Then I woke up at 9.10 and couldn’t sleep anymore, so did breakfast and decided to go into nature with a friend.
    We had a great day today and it was good to be outside.

    We both went home, but when I came home and sat down on the couch I started to feel like I was being pulled away from my body.
    It was almost as if my body started tingeling and I was falling away.
    My eyes wanted fall shut, but I kept them open and my heart started beating uncontrollably again.
    I was a little bit stressed out, but from my experience with psychedelics I knew how to keep reasonably calm.
    It was kinda stressful, so decided to go under the shower again to do some grounding.
    But I again started to feel weird, so went out of the shower to sit on the couch again.
    I started to play guitar, just to stay present.
    Then I got a pillow to lay on the couch again and I just figured I’d visualise Golden light around my body,
    just for protection and I’m not sure if it worked, but at least I got a lot calmer.
    Then I could lay down and close my eyes and be at ease and slowly warm, friendly waves went through my body.
    I dozed off for an hour or 2 and then wanted to call the Lightworker, but she didn’t answer her phone
    (I also tried to call her before the shower, when I wasn’t feeling that great)
    So I just called a friend who had a similar experience during a Lightweek (which was held by the woman whom I just mentioned)
    He just left and I feel more at ease.

    I don’t know exactly what happened, but it’s probably my whole system readjusting to a higher vibration.
    Yesterday was also kinda unsettling, but also a very wonderful, loving experience.

    The woman Lightworker has a busy schedule, but she told me to call her this week to make an appointment
    for a “table session”
    She does a sort of her own Reiki, to allign the chakra’s and to release old energy and old patterns and bagage.

    So yeah, I just wanted to share with you this experience.
    I’m not sure how to place it, but I will hold it in my heart dearly.
    Also in acceptence that I have to get through the slightly unsettling moments to get into a new energy flow,
    to get ready for the unimaginable transformation that is at hand.

    In Lak’esh! <3


    Sounds like you did all the right kinds of thinks, Bask. If you know how to keep calm with psychedelics, you can apply the same kind of breathing tricks or whatever works. Breathing is very good to focus on, btw, sometimes it can get chaotic when the energies of transformation intensify. Believe it or not, a little bit of chocolate can also help immensely. Might have something to do with magnesium, which helps calm, all I know is it has helped me. Another thing that has helped me is mantra. Good to have one handy to repeat while intensity peaks and you wonder if you will be exploded into tiny bits of light. Helps maintain integrity while allowing new patterns to settle in a sort of high-frequency bath of sound. I have literally felt my beingness reassemble itself after losing integrity by repeating the Mrityunjaya mantra, but anything will work. OM is a good one 😉

    Just as death is transformation, in transformation there can be an experience in which part of the old you passes from your new-present experience. Whatever you can do to relax into the shift as it happens will ease it. I’ve also found it helpful at such times to take a look around at my living space and see what I can get rid of, that used to seem so vital to my existence. Feels really good! Goes along well with chakra clearing.

    Sounds like you are in excellent hands, both seen and unseen! 😀


    Thank you for your reply.
    I know I have to get through this, it is necissary and I’m really glad it is happening (:

    BTW, I use the Rama Apadamapa mantra a lot, but yesterday I couldn’t really focus on a sentence that long 😆
    so I just went:”Calm as a breeze, solid as a rock” 🙂
    Whatever floats the boat right? ^^

    But thanks again, I am much more relaxed knowing that this is part of the transformation/retuning phase.
    And ofcourse I am loved and all is well :mrgreen:

    Namasté <3 😉


    Ok, the story is getting more interesting.
    Last evening I was reading the introduction to 8 and apparently I’m one of the people who is co-creating it with Zingdad 😯

    “you see I am not alone over here where I am. I surrounded by a good number of what you might call Spirit Beings and Light Beings. Many here with me are related to some that are on earth right now: your readers… the ones that are wishing to come and play reality creation with us… the ones that feel the deepest resonance with The Ascension Papers. Such ones have THEIR soul-family here with me now. Inner-selves and spirit-guides and the like… they are all with me and Joy-Divine in the planning and the co-creation of all this. And that is how it comes to be that the reader will know if these Ascension Papers are right for them. Their own Inner Self and spirit family would have been a part of their creation right from the inception. In some ways it is so that they are very much a part of the writing right from the start. So they will feel it deep within their being as they read these words that something “right” is being expressed.”

    When I read this I felt the same thing as tuesday, but without the stress and without the visuals, but just a deep resonating loving feeling that made my body tingle and hum 😛
    I’m still quite amazed by this and yesterday I took some time to thank Zingdad, JD, 8 and my own guides and “higher-self” and beings who are involved.
    Maybe I’ll try to contact Zingdad, or at least as soon as I know what to say 😳 🙄 😆

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