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    I would like to try to make this thread an uninterrupted conversation between myself and my dear friend Adamu. I WELCOME questions, discussion and interaction but I humbly ask that you do that on the sister thread here. The reason is quite simply for continuity and so that new readers can read the material in one uninterupted flow.

    So, to be clear: I want to share my discussions with Adamu in this thread. If you have anything to ask, to talk about, to add… anything… please do so here. If you post questions that you’d like me to ask Adamu over there then I’ll happily do so over here.

    And so to the first conversation held for Book of Light…


    Hello Adamu. I have joined a new forum and I would like to engage with a new group of friends. So I guess a good idea would be to start at the beginning with a new introduction. Would you be so kind as tell my new friends who you are?

    Hello my young friend. Yes, certainly. Let us begin by saying that I am a truly multidimensional personality. That is to say we all are – it’s simply that my awareness encompasses a great many manifestations of self. Simply put, I know myself to be in many places and in many realities doing many different things all at the same time. I am this and I am that all at the same time, so to speak, for TIME itself is just a tool to me… an object which spreads out some parts of that which I hold within myself.

    Okay, awesome. That’s a good scene-setter. You are many and yet you are one. But can you tell us more than that? Maybe be a bit more detailed?

    Of course. Yes, it is so that I am many and I am one and yet I am also but a very small part of the true ONE – the Prime Creator and SOURCE OF ALL. As to more detail: Please understand that any story that gets into the detail will be severely limited by the constrains of your language and your ability to understand things. You are, by dint of your current reality, inordinately fond of thinking in terms of linear time and such things which are just not true from my perspective. So I will have to mangle things a little to have them make sense for you. For example I shall pretend there is a “start” to me and that there is just one and from that flows a single, linear progression. In such a pretence I will say to you that I am the consciousness which has given rise to that which you now understand as the Pleiadian civilisation. My conciousness has been fragmented into many and those fragments fragmented again and then again and again. And so it was that eventually there came forth a great civilisation of a great many beings.

    May I interrupt you quickly… may I ask HOW MANY?

    You see, there it is again. Linear thinking. There is no one answer. If I ask you “how many are you?” then how do you answer?

    Err… I am just me. One.

    Very good. And how many incarnations have you had?

    Oh. Right. I think this is the six. I mean I remember six including this one.

    So are you one or six?

    Both. Ahh. I see the problem. So for you there are many possible numbers depending on the perspective!

    Exactly. I am one and yet I could be also any number right up to many billions. And that is just in this particular reality scenario. But do not be too impressed. You are all pretty amazing beings in your own way – you just have to remember your particular magnificence. But t get back to the narrative… I was saying that I am that from which the Pleiadian civilisation sprang. That with which you speak is a manifestation of me. You had an incarnation in which you had an interaction with a being for whom you developed a great love. And as a result you held a strong memory of that being. Then, a great while later after you had done some significant spiritual travel, you rekindled a desire to reach out to that being. But by then that being had long ago re0integrated it’s essence with the greater esscence. It had become one with kind of a planetary consciousness. Your desire to speak to that being brought forth that persona from the consciousness gestalt. So, in essence I am both your dear old remembered friend Adamu AND the whole of the consciousness. In a manner you may say I am a spokesperson for the Pleiadian consciousness.

    Okay, wow. That’s the best explanation I have had yet!

    That is becasue our conversations or a bit different from normal conversations. We, both of us, have to use your brain. We both need to rely on your ability to grasp concepts and your linguistic skills in order for the conversation to move forward. So… as your consciousness grows so your ability to “receive” intelligence will improve. There are other factors. You have spent a good bit of effort releasing ego attachments to the words that pass tough you and that is good. But if you should really strongly wish a message to move in one way or another then it certainly could impact on the integrity of the message. For you the most important factor is your ability to “realease” your will to “get out the way” so that you can recieve clearly. But you’re getting quite good at this. But we are digressing. Allow us to return to my introduction. I was explaining that I am both your remembered friend and mentor as well as something somewhat larger in scope. I would like to make the following clear. It is the issue of Free Will. Some have thought when reading your messages on the Thoth forum that I might be implying that I a somehow all the Pleidian beings everywhere. they imagined that these might somehow be puppets of my consciousness.

    Really? No one ever said that to me?

    No. But there were some that held such a thought. So I would like to make it clear that, when one fragments ones consciousness you give new life to an aspect of yourself. It gains free will and autonomy. It is not under your will in any way except for the starting conditions you set up for it. Initially it is under your guidance and then you release it to enact it’s will. That is the one side. On the other side there is the understanding that all works to the perfection of divine will always. But that is the divine dichotomy. It is a deep puzzle for many thinkers. But it resolves in the understanding that Prime Creator uses all eventualities to the greater good.

    Okay, cool. So then I started talking to you a while ago becasue I wanted to know stuff. i wanted questions answered. And I’ll do that some more here and perhaps my Book of Light friends will want to ask you questions as well. But in the mean time, just to close of this intro – what would YOU like to say to us? Is there a message that you’d like us to hear without waiting for us to ask a question.

    Certainly. I would offer a very simple message. It is this. All that is truly is one. By this I mean, any sense of isolation,separation and aloneness you perceive is temporary and illusory. And you are now increasingly being offered opportunity to raise your eyes from that illusion and see your connectedness with all else… with Prime Creator. And from that understanding flows for the simple truth that “what you do to another you do to yourself”. So go out and express love and kindness to each other. I would also like to say to you that your sense that some beings are “bad” and others are “good” is very very myopic. All beings in your system are sometimes bad and sometimes good and which one of those they are will depend on the perspective of the one offering the judgement. So cease all the judgements of each other. It only drags your own soul down. Instead learn to look at beings with love. You may decide not to interact with someone becasue that being is choosing to engage with destructive behaviour in that moment. that is fine. But do not then adjudge that being as not worthy of love.
    The final thought I have for you is that you really and truly do create your reality with every thought and belief and idea and expression of your mind. Really you do. You simply hold so many wildly conflicting thoughts that go off on so many tangents that what you end up getting is a diluted smear of all these thoughts. Which is fin but I would simply urge you to discipline your thoughts and give up on fear and pain based thoughts. Then you will begin to get a far happier reality

    That’s great. Thank you Adamu. I will soon be back for more and with some questions

    That is wonderful. Until then my young friend keep spreading you light as you go

    Goodbye Adamu


    First contact? Are we all about to finally see a UFO? It could be!

    On the 11th of August I did a channelling of Adamu on the Book of Thoth’s forum which included some of the most stunning info I have yet channelled. Nonchalantly tucked in the middle of our conversation Adamu suddenly revealed to me that the Galactic Federation were going to make official first contact this year. If you are interested in reading that post you can do so over here. But only if you’re really interested in seeing how it played out as I am going to get the same info again from Adamu now. You see subsequent to my receiving that rather shocking realization I have seen many other channels come up with the same info. I’ll add that info after the conversation with Adamu.

    Hello Adamu

    Hello again my young friend

    I wanted to chat to you again about the upcoming appearance of the Light Ship. Could we please go over the material again telling everything from the start for my new forum friends?

    Yes, certainly. I shall try to tell it right from the beginning. We of the Pleiadian civilisation are one of many races of beings that are space-bound. That is we have ships that can traverse the vast distances of space. The other space-bound races that we meet with that agree to a charter of Service to Other and non-intervention and so forth are invited to join an organisation called the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation has been quite directly involved in your planet in many, many ways for your planets whole history. of late we have been bringing great many ships into the environment of your planet in order to assist with numerous subtle duties. I can list a few: assisting with the balancing of your magnetosphere, working against your destructive tendencies by disallowing nuclear explosions and similar, beaming in an balancing frequencies of light that assist in the ascension process, severely curtailing the negative activities of other self-serving space races and so on and so on. The list is long. The point is we have been here in the environs of your planet for a long time working very hard to assist in your welfare though you have not know about it. You see we can work across different densities of existence and we confine ourselves to densities other than your own so that we are not observed. This has been important as our non-interventionist policies dictate that we do not force ourselves upon a population that does not ask for, and is not ready for our arrival. But now, in the last number of years consciousness has been shifting on your planet. For many reasons. One is that there have been appearances by other self-serving space-bound races on your planet. They are not party to our Galactic Federation charter and so they behave with impunity. The managed to arrange an agreement with the American government many years ago which basically gave them access to your planet in exchange for militarily useful secrets. This has now backfired on them. They attempted to be stealthy in their interactions with earth humans but they made many errors. Your awareness of them and their ships picked up dramatically and caused your population to begin to ask questions. Then, with the incoming light consciousness on your planet has shifted radically. You are simply no longer willing to believe everything your governments tell you. You are no longer willing to be lead like lambs to the slaughter of the gods of fear and war. You think for yourselves and you ask questions. So, along this path you began to remember lives amongst us out in the stars. Or you reached out to us in your minds. Or in a heightened state of awareness you opened your perception to our ships in the neighbouring densities. Whatever the case might be you began to become aware of us. We were waiting. We eagerly engaged with any that would welcome it. We encouraged such engagement with subtle inputs like the crop circle phenomenon. And slowly the mind-set of earth inhabitants shifted. And now we are here at point where a significant number of earth’s population are ready to know about our existence and are available to the possibility that we might be peaceful, loving and of positive intent. Despite all the power cabals efforts to paint us as bad and to be feared your people are ready to hear that we are of good intent. And so the time comes. We are ready to make a showing. We will do so soon.

    What form will the showing take?

    You can prepare yourselves to see a single very large light-ship flying over certain well populated areas of your planet. It will fly slowly and will be visible over those areas for long enough for you to get a good eyeful. No more little flashes in the corner of your eye. This time you can stand and stare. You can take photographs and videos. You can call your friends and neighbours out to look. it will be in the sky for a long time and slowly move out over a period of a few days across enough of the world that there will be absolutely zero chance of anyone trying to say this was anything other than what it was. The swamp-gas theorists and the weather-balloon nay-sayers will finally have a very good meal of their hats. Not only will you see the ship but it will put on a display. We will make sure it is pretty to look at with pleasant and entertaining light displays upon its surface. It will also perform acrobatics. A few loops and so forth. Which will be extremely impressive given its size. You see it is a large ship that we have chosen for this sortie. It is several of your miles across.

    Yikes! I can’t even imagine a ship of that size in the sky

    Yes it was important that we chose a competent ship. You see your earth cabal is in cahoots with others that have space-flight technology. This is the very, very last thing they want. They will do anything at all to stop this happening and if they cannot stop it they will do anything to abort it and if they cannot do that they will do anything to make it appear as if we are attackers – invaders of your planet. So you see we chose a very large and very advanced ship. One of the most advanced in our fleet. This will mean that we can not only repel any efforts of attack but we can actually do so without counter-attacking. You will NOT see our ship take aggressive action no matter what occurs. So any provocation will be obvious for what it is – an attack on us. There will be absolutely no possibility of confusion. But it goes further than that. This particular ship has the capability of foiling attack in some very remarkable ways. We do not expect to be attacked at all. But we prepare for every eventuality. The most important thing to us -the prime objective number one – is that no one is harmed at all. This is what we strive for.
    There is another reason for us using such a large ship. You see your earth cabal has some ships at its disposal. I shall use your vernacular and call them “flying saucers”. These or horrible little tin-can devices but they can be (and sometimes are) confused for our ships when they are seen by your earth-human eyes, unaccustomed as you are to what our technology looks like. We want you to get a good look at our technology so that the possibility of you thinking these flying sardine-cans are ours is forever eliminated. You will know our ships when you see them. Our ships are living light… not tin. They are beautiful and graceful and utterly silent. They will resonate with your hearts when you see them. You will never again be confused about which is which.

    Oh wow! I’m so excited about this now!

    You have no idea my dear young friend! We are even more excited. You cannot comprehend how much we have desired this moment and how much work has gone into the preparations for it.

    So when? You previously said “before the end of the year”. Since then I have come across other channels that all seem pretty sure about October. So when?

    Your dear old Adamu has become a bit more conservative in his approach than some of the others on the Galactic Federation team [he chuckles]. Yes, it is true that we plan to do this in October but we have to take the exigencies of the moment into account. This is an incredibly delicate thing. We are deeply concerned about what the opposition might try to do and so we might need to shift the date around in response. I did not wish to have you feel embarrassed if I gave you a date and it did not materialise on that date. I am well aware of your internal struggle with releasing this information. You pin your colours to the mast in a new way now. You place your own personal credibility at stake by allowing me to channel this information through you. Now, for the first time an even t will either occur or not occur which will cause people to say “Zingdad’s channellings came true!” or “Zingdad is a bit of a damp squid – his channellings are bogus”. I want to work carefully with you on this and do not want to set you up for the self-doubt that might come as a result of a failed “prophecy”. So anyway, I will confirm the plan for mid-October but ask for leniency if the date needs a tweaking. But we will be gracing your skies with our ship. Of that I assure you.

    Yeah- thanks for the consideration. It is a nervy thing for me to post this. But, you know, the info I have received from you and other spirit beings has so improved my life that, even if this is all bogus it has still been the best thing I have ever done.

    I’m glad you feel that way

    But that’s another discussion for another day. What I’d next like to ask is where the ship will be visible from. Which cities?

    This is a sensitive point. You’ll notice no channels will give this information. It is important strategically to keep the opposition guessing. They must not be able to prepare for this. If they have exact locations they may be able to pre-empt what we plan and make our lives a little more difficult. So this info will be with-held until we are certain they can do nothing about it. What I will say is this: numerous large cites will get a good view but we will avoid areas where your military’s retaliation could cause harm your people.

    Okay, got it. So what then, if anything can we do to help with your plans?

    Thank you for asking that important question. A lot. I would like to appeal to everyone that reads this to:
    1. Secure your own heart first. Please, I implore you, open yourself to the possibility that our ship appearing MIGHT JUST be a good sign. Examine the possibility that we might be beings of love come to help you and your planet to move forward to a bright future. Then, when the ship appears look at it. Really look with open eyes, open mind and open heart. Look and judge for yourself what you think our intent and nature is. See how we behave. Se that we have technology which is so far beyond your own as to be impossibly for you to even conceive of. See that we could if we desired take your planet militarily without any difficulty whatsoever. See that your military would be absolutely helpless to stop us. And see that we do not. See that we are making a friendly – even loving – overture. Simply saying “hello neighbour”. See that our intentions are friendly not becasue they must be but becasue this is our nature.
    2. If you are ready for that or already with us then please assist others to overcome their fears. You may do this by sharing these channeled messages with all your friends. You do not need to believe that our ship will arrive nor do you need to endorse it and say you believe it. Keep your credibility in tact. Share it as a discussion point or even as a joke. But get your friends and family to the point of saying “if they DO appear then I will be willing to entertain the notion that they are friendly”. It is vital to your safety that you do not panic. We need you to at least be open to looking before you panic. We need you to share this message. Simply help to calm people and avert panic.
    3. Those of you that meditate or pray or engage in such spiritual pursuits I kindly request that you work this event into your spiritual process. For example, if you meditate then you may wish to visualise this vast beautiful light-ship overhead and all the people on the ground looking at it with joy, happy expectancy, awe and delight. But please use whatever mode you have connecting with spirit to send positive loving energy to the earth humans that witness this event. Please do this regularly. It would be appreciated. And you may also request dream-visions! Try this: before you fall asleep at night hold firm the following intent: “I wish to see in my dreams the light ship flying over planet earth and to be a part of the joyful witnessing of this event and to remember this dream when I awake”. Try it. We have been placing this dream imagery in the consciousness grid quite strongly the last while. It would be fun for you to get it and it would help us as this would anchor the positive associations even more strongly on the planet.
    4. And then finally, on the day of the event please be extra vigilant to help people that show symptoms of extreme fear. Help them with love. But we really envisage this extreme fear response to be very, very minimal. The overwhelming probability is that you will not witness such a response at all.

    I just get more and more excited! So then, Adamu, all I can still think to ask is “what then?” What do you have planned for after the fly-by?

    We will give the inhabitants of planet earth a little while to settle down. This will cause a massive step-wise shift in your consciousness. There are a good number of beings that are on planet earth right now that will suddenly awaken to their memories of who and what they are when this even occurs. They will spring into action and do that which they came to do. You are one such. Others on this forum are too. This event will catalyse massive change. Expect old dark-based systems to implode and crash. Expect massive changes in your planetary systems. Your financial systems and political systems and so forth will radically alter very quickly. Some of these changes will bring with them some discomfort while the new, better systems are put in place. Expect some upheaval but please do not bring fear to the party! Bring confidence and love. Be prepared to help your fellow humans and be of a generous heart. These changes will be quite swift. We will be very actively monitoring the situation. When we deem it right, necessary, expedient and to the highest good we will land and make personal contact. Then you’ll meet us and be able to speak to us face-to-face. But there is no way now for me to tell you when that will be. Let us deal with this first event first.

    Okay. That is all pretty sensational info, thank you Adamu.

    My dear friend. It is I who thank you. What you do now to get this information out is a great boon. You think a small number will read this but you do not yet understand how consciousness works. This is powerful in ways you do not comprehend. I wish also to say that this action – our fly-by, our eventual arrival amongst you is in response to your countless heartfelt pleas. Almost every single inhabitant on the planets surface has at one time or another in one way or another cried out for assistance. For positive intervention. You have pleaded for the heavens or the angels or God or the “space men” or someone, anyone, to come and help you clear up the mess that is being made of your planet. Well, if you understand it correctly then we of the Galactic Federation are beings of the light, we know our oneness with Source. We are in harmony with the Christed energy, we are part of that which you’d call the angel realms. We are, dare I say it, going to answer your prayers!
    My final thought is this. From our perspective we know this to be true. You are us. Really this is true for us on the deepest and most fundamental level. You are both our children and our parents because you come from within our consciousness and you help us to recreate ourselves by your actions. And you are one with us as we are intimately connected by being a part of the oneness of all. So, that said, we CAN only desire the very best for you. We love you more than we can possibly express in words.

    I feel that Adamu. I actually do. I love you too. Thank you for this communication.

    Thank you my friend. Do keep spreading your light as you go.

    Okay. There it is. Now what does your intuition tell you? Is this right? Will it happen? Will you wait and see? Please understand I specifically DO NOT expect that you blindly believe the noises that emanate from my head. You are the holder of your truth. if you think this is all just BS that I invented to entertain myself then I am really okay with that. If you’d like to discuss then I invite that on the sister thread.

    Love and laughter


    Okay so I promised to share the other channels that also seem to have the same info. A friend on another forum kindly PM’ed them to me after reading Adamu’s stuff. Here is what I have thus far:

    Blossom Goodchild’s blog site seems to be the first place this info was made available. She has a very excellent channelling on the subject on her site and I would urge you to read it. It’s the August 1 blog.

    We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies. … It has been decided that we shall remain within your atmosphere for the minimum of three of your twenty four hour periods. … Friends of earth. Do not be afraid. We beseech you to TRUST that we come to bring the downfall of those who have misintentions for the well being of your planet.

    Then, if you can read German you should check out these links. Its another channel confirming this:
    link 1
    link 2

    Mike Quinsey is a channel that is respected by many. Here you can read his confirmation of this same event:

    Michael has been wondering whether we will endorse the prediction of a special sighting that is intended for the 14th October, and we are more than happy to do so.

    Suzy Ward has quite a cool channelling on the subject here

    Yes, plans are in place for a ship of much greater size than any previous sightings to appear on that date and be evident in your skies for a few days. The crew is in readiness and excited about making our presence indisputable.

    And then back on 06-May-2008 Sheldon Nidle first alluded to this on this page when he said:

    Each day a major amount of progress is made to justify our confidence in the Light’s success. This permits us to move up some of our late-summer flyover schedules to the immediate coming months.

    These are the ones that I know of so far…


    …and some more come in:
    Dianne Robbins. http://www.diannerobbins.com

    The information channeled by Mrs.Blossom is true and also true is the information transmitted in different messages; they are complementary information.

    Channelled by Heidi Stadler http://www.rainbowstar.ch

    Greetings to you, I am ASHTAR, I already know your question and I give thanks to you for asking me about the October 14th, 2008. Yes, there will be Starships decloaked on your skies on this date and there will also be ships before this date. Your world is now to the point where this can happen.

    Cool! 🙂


    Okay, answer time. I finally have both the time and the mind-set to get to putting your questions to Adamu.

    Whenever I do this I feel I must offer a caveat. It’s this:
    You are your own truth. Your answers lie within you. What I offer you now is merely another possible perspective. It seems to me I have a telepathic link with another consciousness but I can’t prove this to myself or to you. And even if I DO have such a link I might sometimes get stuff wrong.
    Please do not simply believe what comes from my channelings. I don’t. It has happened that I have disagreed with what was said in a channeling. In such instances I don’t “censor” the channelings. I leave them in their integrity and then try to figure it out with more questions later. But I do not simply BELIEVE. You shouldn’t either. Please trust your own inner truth.

    And now I’ll let Adamu answer your questions:

    @Will wrote:

    …your name is interesting…what is the correlation with Adam Kadmon ?…

    Adamu: Ah, greetings friend. A good question. There is a close relationship in the origin and meaning of the name. Allow me to go back a step or two. You see I-as-I-am neither have nor need a name. I am a being that resides at a level of reality where the constructs of language are utterly superfluous. We communicate in pure thought. That is to say I would simply share my thoughts with you. You would perceive as I perceive. No translation down to vocalized sounds with all its concomitant opportunities for misunderstanding would be necessary. But those, like yourselves, that have chosen a reality construct which allows for a sense of “individuality” or separateness, need to forget that they can communicate telepathically like this. You see, if your can connect mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart with another being then you can never imagine that you are separate from them. You will instantly know that you are one. That all is one. So you had to forget about this ability until you are ready to begin to know your oneness again then slowly the telepathic abilities will be remembered. And when you have such telepathic abilities fully functional you will also no longer need the short-hand symbol of a name. You call to another simply by bringing their presence to your mind. You think on them and they are there. No “calling” or name necessary!
    So this is all to say that I actually have no name. Or that I have many names. You see I have had a presence in many, many places in many different times where beings DID affect names. And in each of these I had a name. You may wish to glance at your mythologies and look for the name Atlas. Don’t believe all you read there though the stories have become horribly muddled as they travellled through huge swathes of time leaping from one culture to another. But the point is that name refers to what was a manifestation of my consciousness in the time before time. And now we also get to the fact that our friend, Zingdad, calls me Adamu. Why does he call me this? Even he doesn’t know this. So I am about to tell him and you: When he first opened communications with me he tried to remember my name from when he was incarnated with me all that time ago. I helped him nudge it free from his mind and what we came up with was Adamu. It is what he called me in that lifetime but not because it was my name. It was my title. Or rather a shortening of my title. Our Zingdad is not very good with receiving things that are not already in his head so I will not be able to give you the full title but the word Adamu is the first bit. What the full title meant was something akin to “first man of the clan”. I was the first in a number of respects but that is another long story for another day. The point is, when he was with me, Zingdad called me by my title. As you might call your Grandfather “Grandpa” or whatever such affectionate shortening you might use. He called me Adamu. And so I am to him.

    Now, to bring the discussion full circle. Adam Kadmon is a related name. And the Adam from the bible relates too. If you understand these words to be descriptions rather than personal names as you now use then you’ll see that they all mean in their own way “the first man”. The original one. The one from which copies were made. The blueprint, if you wish, for the male side of the population. And this relates to me too.

    I hope that answers your question?

    @Will wrote:

    …could you give us the Pleaidean perspective on other Star Races…and other Star cultures…?…

    Adamu: [he smiles] Not without writing many, many encyclopaedias worth of data. Or even many libraries worth. I can tell you this: As my consciousness expands so I encounter more and more life. You on earth peer out to the stars and ponder “is there life out there?”. I tell you there is nothing BUT life out there! You are in for a wonderful surprise very shortly. You are about to be introduced to your galactic family. In time you will meet more and more and more life-forms from all over the galaxy. And then you’ll begin to gain the awareness that EVERYTHING in the galaxy is actually a life-form. Your planet, the stars… all of it is actually alive. The galaxy is alive. And wherever you go you find life. You reside in one density. So you think that your solar system is almost sterile but for the life on your planet. If you could see as we do you’d know that there is much life in your solar system. Truly. And your own planet? You think you are the only so-called intelligent life form? You are not. Firstly because you vastly underestimate the other life forms you are aware of and secondly because your planet has much more going on in the other dimensions than you are aware of.
    So this is simply to let you know that there are a great many races and cultures in the galaxy. And our friendships and connections extend a great distance beyond this galaxy. In fact the Galactic Federation of Light to which we Pleiadians belong has made connections in other galaxies with beings that have similar ideals and have forged even wider alliances based upon a coomon understanding of the Oneness of All.
    Given all that how shall I begin to characterize what is “out there”? Who shall I tell you of? Where shall I begin? Instead I will simply tell you this. We, the Pleiadian culture are, for the most part, of unity consciousness. That means we see all other beings as brothers or, more correctly, as another manifestation of a greater Self. So we say, no matter who you are, you are I and I am you. Some cultures we see in a state of pain. Sometimes they are so confused and traumatized that they attack and attempt to destroy themselves. Such as has often happened on your planet and continues to happen in many parts. Sometimes the “self” they attack is another space race as has happened throughout galactic history. Our galaxy is littered with war zones, old and new. There are many races here that still do not know their oneness with all. And such races are, I’m afraid, prone to aggression. And that is how I would characterize the races and the cultures: to simply divide them into Unity Consciousness and Non-Unity Conscious races. You might have heard, we often speak in terms of Service To Other and Service To Self mindsets. Well these things correlate very well because if you are of Unity Consciousness then you cannot but have a Service To Other mindset. Can you see that?

    So Unity Conscious races will always try to do the very best thing they can to the benefit of All, including you. Non-Unity Conscious ones will try to do the best for themselves no matter what that does to you.

    There are some races that have had dealings with your planet that are of the Non-unity Conscious mindset. They have caused some damage to your view of your star brothers. But that is being turned to the good now. Soon all shall see.

    @Will wrote:

    …how many are interacting on Terra at this time ?…and what are their agendas ?…

    Adamu: Again, your perspective is not mine. From my view there is far too much going on to even begin to address this question. Some races are more active then others. Some have only a passing interest some have though their actions radically altered the whole direction of your planetary story. Also, what does “now” mean? You think linearly and that makes the question very hard to answer for one that sees a greater picture. You see we act through time. We go backwards and forwards as suits us. And sideways too – we also act in parallel time lines. All these things which are not apparent to you. And because we see how every action in every part of time impacts every other we are a little confounded by a question such as “who is here now”.
    But I do understand what you are trying to get at and I will endeavor to answer this in the way you are asking it. Firstly there are a great many races that are passively observing. Pure curiosity as what occurs here is very special and unique. Secondly there are a great many races here adding their light. They give energy and love so that things may move forward correctly and to the benefit of All. Do not underestimate the impact that this has! Thirdly there are a few races that stand ready to act physically in your presence but have not done so before in your recorded history. These are beings like us. The Galactic Federation beings. We include many races and some of those races are very closely related – sort of brothers and sisters of the same original parent race. Some you might recognize are us Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturans, the Antarians, the Andromedans and those from Procyon, Aldebran and Deneb. These are names I can place in my young friends mind at this time. There are others. Also other from outside of this galaxy are here. And ones who are far above such consideration as “galactic neighbourhood” or even which universe you are from. I can say this of all of these: uniformly their agenda is the loving advancement ofyou as a race and your planet as a whole. We wish for you to awaken to your membership of the brotherhood of all star races. When this occurs this raising of consciousness will ripple out and this entire galaxy will be uplifted. Your planet is the lynch-pin in the whole story.
    Finally there is a group which has been very active in your planetary story. They have been up and down your history and tweaked and played with your planetary story in ways that would shock you if you but knew. They are not a unified group but I group them together by their actions and their mindset. They are the Service To Self races spoken about above. They have no compunction about coming into your planetary sphere and seeing it as a resource for them to plunder. I dare say, if the Galactic Federation were not here to curtail their activities they would a long time ago have made their presence unambiguously felt. In unpleasant ways. They are yet learning that such actions only harm themselves. I hesitate to characterize races in this group as there are elements in every race that are awakened. Just as there are even Pleiadians that are not awakened. Yes, it’s true. You may hear of some Pleiadians that have done some negative things. There are some. But I will concur with what is known amongst you that the members of the Grey race, the ones from Zeta Reticulum that have intervened with you, have not been of the most loving always. But do have some compassion for them. They are a race that is in turmoil. They do not know how to find their connection with the divine. They do not know how to find immortality – or the survival of the soul after death. These things are beyond their grasp. It has to do with how they were created. And they believe they must find a way to integrate their consciousness with a humans body. It’s a long and complicated story.
    Then there are the Orion Whites, as they are called. These are from, I suppose one might say, your own far future. They are that which becomes of the Service To Self elements of your own planetary culture. They eventually ruin their planet with their activities and badly corrupt their own DNA with all their tinkering. Now they reach back into their own mythological past… to a time before things had gone completely hay-wire. And they find you. Some of them wish to understand you and see how things went as they did. Some of them wish to simply use you for a genetic mine and to continue on their somewhat messy path.
    Then there are the Reptoids. Now, this is confusing because there is a race from Alpha Draconis and then they have a sort of a child race which was created on earth a long time ago – in fact these are more earthlings that you are! This other race lives in vast caverns beneath the ground at another density. But either way, the reptoids are the least likely to be your friend if you should meet with one. The others will probably engage with you if you try. They may bargain with you, discuss things. The Reptoids are not likely to do this. They have a rather violent streak and if they are in your presence it is because they want something. And if they want something that you have they will take it. Your continued breathing not being a consideration to them.

    Finally, again, please understand that it actually goes quite deeply against the grain for me to make such generalizations and categorizations. There are a great many beings of every race that are very different from that specified above. To give some context… if someone from another galaxy asked what the “Humans from Planet Earth” are like. How do you think you would be described? What would the generalization of your race be like? Think for a minute how you treat your own race… How you treat your planet… How you treat other races you come into contact with – like the planets animals, like the spaceships that have for no apparent reason had missiles fired at them… I could go on. Your race would be given a very poor report card. You’d be labeled violent, destructive, traumatized and insane. So are you this? Is there not a single being of light and love amongst you? Of course there are! A great many. And so you see my point. There is a little light even in the darkest night and a little shadow even in the brightest day.

    @Will wrote:

    …what are the most benevloent options for discourse from the Earth human side ?…

    Adamu: If I understand your question correctly then the answer is simple. Act in love. Open your heart to perceive the beauty and the divinity of the other race. Look for what is similar not what is different. Find common ground and work forward from there. If you open your heart you can see the beauty and truth of any being. You will find compassion and forgiveness for those that you have thought to have wronged you and you will find upliftment and assistance from those that come to help you. Everything will change if you change. In fact you will change everything by changing yourself. The degree to which this is true will still astound you.

    @Will wrote:

    …what are your suggestions for kicking off diplomatic relations?…

    Adamu: I refer to the previous answer. Open your heart. See us with your hearts. And then we will understand each other. Then there is no need for diplomacy of any form. Each of you individually may have a relationship with us if you so wish it and if you allow it… if you open yourself to it. Then what use is a “government-to-government” interchange? It doesn’t serve us to work in this way and it certainly doesn’t serve you. This particular form of government that you have implies that some are more special and valued than others and that some may be empowered to take decisions that you or others might disapprove of. No. When we arrive fully in your consciousness and in your reality this will immediately begin to catalyze a radical shift in your approach to life. For example, you will first realize that your nation-state idea is a ridiculous fiction. It is meaningless to draw arbitrary lines on the ground and say “this is one country and that is another”. How does that serve you, the members of the country? It doesn’t. It is an age-old system that comes from a time of small minded beings that wished to rule over you humans. They were extra-terrestrial beings that wished to set themselves up as gods amongst your ancient forbears. But they EACH wanted to be a god. So they ended up dividing up the place: “here, this is mine and that there is yours and if you come over here and take my stuff then my humans will attack yours”. Like petty bickering brats. But compared to your poor, traumatized forbears they were so technologically advanced and so long-lived that they were indeed thought of as gods. They actually taught your ancestors to worship them with songs and bowings and scrapings. Quite sad for them, these god-kings, that this pleased them. But anyway that is how this division nonsense started. And it never has been to the benefit of humanity. It always has always only served the interest of the power elite. Who are still just such petty bickering brats niggling at each other over who has the most toys.
    Now, when you see our ships in your skies – what do you think will happen to your arbitrary divisions? Hmm? I think they will cease to compel you. Will you warring nations still want to give each other a hiding? Or will you realize that you and they are really one human race and that it is far more important now to find peace and love? We shall see. And if you do not immediately find peace maybe the revelation of the REAL chain of events which lead to the enmity in the first place will awaken you to how badly you have been lied to, mislead and manipulated. We don’t expect it to be long before peace breaks out. You’ve had two World Wars, maybe it’s time for World Peace I? It is posited that some may still firmly wish to fight and die despite this new input. They may not be accessible to the light. If that is so then they will be isolated from those that do not wish to fight and kill anymore. So then… if a sense of the brotherhood of all humanity is awakened… if there is no need for the separation of nations… then where is the need for governments? And considering the abysmally poor decisions they routinely make on your behalf why would you want them? As I said in the beginning: these institutions do not serve you. So you shall simply shuck yourselves of them. Certainly you are very likely to wish to employ competent administrators to look after things like infrastructure and so forth. Pretty much every large grouping of beings needs such people. But these should be true Public Servants… not the quasi-royalty that you are now burdened with.
    And this brings me round to the answering of your question. You may, each and every one of you, open “diplomatic relations” with us. When we do land our ships on your planet it will NOT be to speak with your so-called leaders. We will speak with you. You personally. Each of you that wishes to speak with us will have ample opportunity. And so we shall make ourselves available to assist you where you are. If you are wishing to live in harmony with your planet then we shall talk to you about things like finding ways to obtain energy without despoiling nature. If you are concerned about pollution then we shall help you to clean up your environment. If you are wondering about your own personal story or your true planetary history then we shall be there to tell you the story from our perspective. And so on. One to one. Heart to heart. Mind to mind. Because we love you as we love ourselves.

    @tiaka9 wrote:

    Could you take a look at the following video please and ask Adamu if this is the type of ‘tin-can’ ship he was referring to? The man in the video is calling this a battle-ship. It certainly doesn`t look like a light ship to me, despite it having some coloured lights on the side.

    Youtuve Video

    Adamu: There is some difficulty here. I cannot answer this question in complete candor. There is an issue of free will at stake with which I will not tamper. You will have to forgive me. All I can say it that I confirm absolutely that this is not a Galactic Federation ship… not a light ship.

    Zingdad: Thank you Adamu that was most informative. I am really pleased to have learned that new info about your name.
    Adamu: And now you know you can call me to mind without using a name.
    Zingdad: Yeah. But I still like having a name for you.
    Adamu: As suits you. Keep spreading your light my dear friend.
    Zingdad: Goodbye Adamu

    Well there it is folks. As usual Adamu finds a way to wind a few extra answers into what seem like short questions. Which is very entertaining and educational… but somewhat exhausting.
    I am somewhat puzzled by his response to the video. I haven’t experienced this before. There was a sense of a back-and-forth with him. It was as if he kept trying to answer it in different ways. He’d make a start and then stop. Then another and then a final clear answer came through which was this one: no details. I wonder…

    So anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about all this on the sister page. And if you have more questions – fire away. It sometimes takes me a while but I do get to them.

    Love and laughter


    Video of Channelling Now Up!

    So I have been blessed with the meeting of someone from my soul-family. She is known on the ‘net as Magenta Pixie. You are sure to have seen her vids on Youtube or read some of her channellings. If you haven’t you should, she’s awesome! Anyway. She and I got talking and she quite liked Adamu’s channelling and offered to make a video of it! And to put it out to her audience! Yay! More light!

    So as a result of this incredibly kind offer I sat down in my production studio (I have an audio studio for my work) and I recorded myself speaking Adamu’s words. But something strange happened. I slipped into channelling mode and really felt his energy as I began to speak. And my voice sounded a little different too. And then… he diverged from the script! It was so strange – as I was reading from the script I just knew to say some stuff that was different from what was on the screen. And in the same way he also he just dropped the old ending and gave me a whole new one. Which is much more powerful, I thought!
    When I was done I added a “musical bed” from something that I composed a while ago. And it came out quite nicely. But when Magenta Pixie added her intro and her visuals! Wow! So I’m really happy how this turned out and wanted to share it with you, my BoL friends

    As this is a first for me I’d really appreciate your comments and thoughts. If you have advice or ideas or constructive criticisms those are all welcome. The objective here was to get the message across in such a way that people (hopefully) also felt the energy of Adamu and so inspired them to be more hopeful and to move away from fear and towards love. Do you think this does that? Comments welcome in the sister thread.
    Oh. And please forgive the South African accent if it sounds funny to you. It’s just the way we sound over here, okay? 😛

    Adamu through Zingdad: Planetary First Contact PART ONE

    Adamu through Zingdad: Planetary First Contact PART TWO


    I refer now to the discussion on the sister thread about US politics and the question of whether Barack Obama is a light being or not… or whatever. I had previously put this question to Adamu and I thought, since the question was raised here, to share his answer here. As I copied it here Adamu asked me to modify it a little. So here it is… Adamu answering the question of Light vs. Dark and which politician is on which side and is Obama on the side of “the light”:

    Adamu: I prefer at this time to take a perspective that is of unitary consciousness. I prefer to tell the tale of “we are all ONE” and that light and dark are momentary choices with which we dabble to make the game work. I’d prefer you all see that you all have both light and dark within you. But you ARE still in the game and so these things seem like inapplicable philosophy to many of you. And then you want to know the score on the light-vs-dark game again.
    So to the question of Barack Obama… I will not judge or pontificate over another being. I will not make declarations about how that being should act or choose. So I will not issue judgements about Barack Obama nor about how people should vote in America. To get embroiled in such issues is to miss the point. I think the entire system has become one in which people give their power away to these politicians who then clearly do not serve the interests of those people, of the voters.
    Given how the system is flawed and manipulated to what degree do you think it matters who you vote for? Do you think the winner will be the “man in power” after the vote is in? Do you think his thoughts and opinions will count for much? Do you not think that IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO WINS the system is not designed to keep the power in the hands of the existing cabal?
    I say you should find your own personal power over yourself instead… master yourself and then see how the whole question of politics becomes irrelevant to you.
    The presidential election and everything involved in it is entertainment and nothing more. It is meant to keep the American people from thinking about the real issues. And the outcome is irrelevant. It changes nothing. It’s very like that other thing Americans like to watch: Super Bowl football. Many Americans will act as if the outcome of who wins this game is vital to their future well-being. As if it is really important. But nothing actually changes no matter who wins. It is exactly the same with your presidential elections. A new face is presented and it is made to seem as if there are policy shifts but these are surface and minor. All that really changes is that those behind the scenes manipulate for more and more power. And you will not reverse this trend by picking the right candidate. If the “right” candidate tried to fight back that person would be made to look like a traitor and a criminal. They would be destroyed in the minds of the people. Or if that could not be done they would be assassinated. Quite recently in your history there was an American president that saw the way the power cabal was running things. He disliked it. He spoke up about it and he was eliminated by the power cabal for his insubordination. They warned him a few times. He declined to be silent. He was therefore assassinated by the power cabals agents and this was then covered up. I speak of course of John Kennedy.
    I say this not that you should lose hope. Quite the opposite. There is endless reason for hope. I simply point out that if you desire real change you should not look to politics to achieve this. If you want change find it within yourself. Forget politics. It is all a sham for the entertainment of the masses.
    Zingdad: Okay. Thanks Adamu. I’m not sure how popular these thoughts will be!
    Adamu: They are not meant to be popular. The majority of the population of the planet are enthralled by the game. They are deeply mesmerised by the illusion. It is meant to be so. If the game were not compelling it would not work. And so only a few will surface and awaken of themselves. Of course this will soon change. The appearance of the light-ship I have mentioned is one of the radical measures we are undertaking to help things along. But that begins another long conversation. Instead I will wish you love and happiness until we talk again.
    Zingdad: Thanks Adamu. Love and happiness to you too!

    …and so it is that I care little for politics. What about you? Discuss on the sister thread if you feel so moved…


    Hi folks

    I have recently come to see that the Q&A sessions that I have been doing with Adamu is conflicting with other work that I feel I need to do in this regard. The issue is it IS quite time consuming to do this and I always feel I need to be quite fresh or otherwise I don’t do it justice. Unfortunately my life has become increasingly… interesting… the last while. With the first intimation of the Lightship coming I have been thrown into a flurry of activity around that. But that isn’t even the beginning of it! I have become extremely busy on every front. My work life, my life as a musician, my spiritual life… every sphere has just kicked into high-gear.
    So I find very little time where I am able to do work like this and I find that time is now taken up by the rather urgent and active process of the coming Lightship showing and all that is involved with that.

    So I am going to take a break from the Q&A’s and focus on the direct messages from Adamu (and the other beings I work with). When things settle down a little (as I hope they eventually must) I will let you know and re-open myself to Q&A style interaction.
    I will, as promised, get to the questions already put to me. I’ll do this soon. In the mean time you might be interested in the last salvo of Q&As which I did on Book of Thoth on this thread which I shall paste bellow:


    Adamu: Dear friends
    I am happy to address you once again. Things are proceeding very well with our plans. I have taken note of all that our dear Zingdad has just said I will make a small amendment if I may? It is to say that his services in this capacity are soon to be redundant. If I am not very much mistaken then you shall all soon be able to ask space beings your own questions directly as they will soon enough walk amongst you. And so our dear Zingdad will be released from this task of speaking for us and we will then have some other, shall I say, more interesting tasks which we shall ask him to fulfill. [he declines to elaborate in response to my curiosity]
    So there is this good news. That soon you shall need no intermediaries. And there is also the good news that I shall in the interim still be speaking to you but from now on as a part of my address to a greater and ever growing audience. We simply need to speak to as many people as we can at this crucial juncture.
    But now, to your questions:

    @kael wrote:

    1. What types of weaponry do the Galactic Federation/Pleiadians possess? Lasers, as many humans have thought of in Space-based fights, or something else?

    Adamu: You might be surprised to find that we are not very big on weaponry. We spend very little effort on the design and invention of new weapons. And the more advanced a race becomes the less use it has for weaponry. Indeed, the most advanced of our societies have not a single weapon between them! But think for yourself – if you were engaged with the creation of planets, suns, solar systems… indeed, whole galaxies… and seeding and populating such systems would you be thinking about creating tools to terminate lives? You would not. So there is a progression. The least advanced are the most violent and destructive and the most advanced are the most creative. Now, within the Galactic Federation we have a very many societies all at various levels of advancement along this curve. Those that have the most recently joined are of the lower densities and still bear arms. They serve as a sort of a defensive wall against which these other space races may dash themselves if they wish to attack. I would, at this time, like to draw your attention to a race which is the most recent to join the Galactic Federation. They are known to your planet. They are called amongst other names Annunaki and Nephilim. But these names have been confused and are not very useful. I prefer the name Nibiran as they come from the Nibiru system. Now these beings were quite recently not aligned with the Galactic Federation. They strove against some of our members. They prided themselves on their phenomenal capacity to make war. They equipped their central home-world, Nibiru, with some extremely potent armaments. Nibiru is a true juggernaut. A celestial body which is somewhere between a planet and a sun in size. It is hollowed out and the Nibirans live deep within. The mass of Nibiru herself provides protection. The surface of Nibiru carries some of the most potent energy weapons ever devised. And this brings me round to your question. Do we use lasers? No. Lasers are a stream of light particles. They are made coherent with focusing and alignment. They can thus carry a fair amount of energy to a very focused point. But they are not ideal as weapons. They take a great amount of energy to power and they are limited in used against suitably armored opponents. The weaponry used by Nibiru is not known on your planet. And our friend, Zingdad is not a physicist nor and engineer. I will therefore have difficulty telling you of the nature of the weapons. But I shall try: the surface of Nibiru is dotted with installations. When a target is found then any three installations can at any moment work together. They use competing spins of energy. That is each beams energy of a particular type at the target. These three different spins of energy intersect on the target. The part of the target that is touched by each of the three types of spin is altered such that they now repel the other two types. The target literally pulls itself apart with the force of internal repulsion.
    My apologies, I know the above makes little sense to you. It is the best we can do without going to an extreme degree of effort.
    That is the merest brush over the subject of weaponry. Of course, if one desires one can weaponise almost any of the great forces of nature. But the GFL is primarily concerned with harmony and peace. With creation and relationships. Not with destruction.

    @kael wrote:

    2. Adamu has said that Light-ships are ‘living beings’ made of ‘light’. Would these ships be able to take any shape it wanted, or do the Pleiadians/GF have designated shapes/appearances for their ships? (Opposed to the general metallic ships, which have a saucer shape?)

    Adamu: The shape of the ship is dependant on the nature of the reality into which it is expressed. Let me say that it is the most perfect and natural response of the Light Being which manifests the ship to the density and environment of your reality. An example: a water drop. It could theoretically be any shape. On your planet within your atmosphere and at your gravity it takes the “droplet” shape. That shape is the perfect response to this environment. So, these same ships look quite different in other realms of reality but descriptions of such other shapes would be futile as you would not be able to comprehend these other dimensions quite yet.

    @kael wrote:

    Also, If light-ships are ‘living beings’, how would they fight in battle? Would they ‘bleed’ light/energy if they were wounded, or are they not ‘living’ in an organic/biological sense?

    Adamu: Lightships do not “fight” in battle as you might think of such things. Here is an analogy: Imagine you are the wisest and most loving father. You are also a very large and very powerfully built man. But you have a two-year old child who desires its own way. But you know that that which the toddler wants is deleterious to its own well being. So you say “no, you may not do that,” whereupon the child throws a tantrum and it lashes out at you with all the might its little fists can carry. As it pounds upon you it wails and cries its frustration. It says “I hate you” and bashes at you with pitter-pat hands. At which point do you bring all the might of your muscles to bear to destroy the child? What? You don’t? Of course you don’t! You have no need to behave like that. You know the child is part of your family and you love the child and, besides which, it is actually doing you no harm. And you know it will grow up and cease to behave in such a silly fashion. So you simply accept the little blows with good grace and then try to gently teach the child that this is not the path forward. This would be quite a good analogy for the relationship between a Lightship and an attacking craft. Anything that is still of a consciousness which is about “attacking and destroying” is by definition like a two year old child. And it really hasn’t the power to actually hurt a Lightship. It is acceptable for you to think of a Lightship as a spirit being of very high consciousness. As an angel, if you like such terms. It cannot be harmed by weapons. It cannot find it within its consciousness the desire to harm another either. Such a notion is alien to its very nature.

    The “body” of this ship is, in this reality, composed of magnetized light. That is, the being to whom this body belongs actually emits light. It then creates a field into which that light flows and cycles. The light itself if the hull of the ship. There is nothing that can harm such a hull. Such ships are VERY much living but no, I would not call them biological or organic as you might understand it.

    @kael wrote:

    3. Easy question: How large is the total Pleiadian population? (Ex. Earth humans are around 6.5 billion persons/beings.) How large is the total population of the Galactic Federation?

    Adamu: Oh no, my friend! A far more difficult question than you could imagine. You are inside of time. You think there are 6.5 billion earth humans. From your perspective that is a fair estimation. From my perspective I can chose amongst many, many numbers depending how I look. For example. I might see only the greatest beings from which all of you have come. Then the number is quite small. Or I may see all the incarnations that have ever been on planet earth. Then the number is vast. I also do not differentiate as you do between humans and animals. Do you know that whales are, generally speaking, of much higher consciousness than humans? That dolphins fulfill a vital function in balancing planetary energies and that dogs are workers on the consciousness of humanity? … I could go on and on. And you also fail to see that which resides inside your planet. You fail to be aware of energetic beings. And so on and so on.
    If I asked you, friend Kael, how many are you – you personally – you’d assuredly tell me you are one. One person. But then what of your past lives? Are they you or are they “other” than you? And what of all the myriad consciousnesses that are engaged in each of the physical constructs you call your body: are they “you” or “other” than you? So are you and your body “one” or “many”? I really just try to give you an inkling. There are an interminable number of ways to look at things if you wish to answer your question. The whole of the Pleiadian consciousness may be seen to be just one being. Or even as a small part of one greater being. Or it may be seen to be – literally – an infinite number of particulate points of consciousness. It all depends on your perspective. If you wish to understand this better then I would encourage you to investigate fractals. They are a beautiful art form and are also a wonderful metaphor for this that I am trying to convey here.

    @kael wrote:

    4. When you (Adamu) spoke of truth earlier, you said that everyone must find their own truth/absolute truth. Does this mean truth only means something that is taken true in one person’s perspective, while it would be a lie or falsity to another? Or is ‘truth’ something that is completely true for all things/beings? If the first is true, then how can it be called ‘the truth’ or the ‘absolute truth’ when it is seen as false?

    Adamu: May I say that there are very few absolute truths. All is One is, from my perspective an absolute truth because search as I might I cannot find a expression of consciousness for whom it is not true. So, even for you on earth that do not know it is true, it is still true because it is an absolute inevitability that you will come to know that this is true. So I declare this, to the best of my ability to discern, an absolute truth: “All is One”.
    One might also get localized truths. For example: Free Will. It is so that all of us here in this system of reality express our own will in a way that is largely free. But this is not an absolute truth. There are experiences of consciousness that do not express Free Will. Or maybe a better example is gravity. While you are engaged in that lifeform there is a rule which is “what goes up must come down”. It is a truth. But as soon as you free yourself from that body you are no longer so constrained. Do you see? There are many, truths. They all depend on your perspective and your choices. There are not so very many absolute truths. You see Prime Creator, as I can discern such things, desires for there to be unbounded expression. Infinite and unending creativity expressing Itself in infinite ways. Creating a TRUTH that is absolute and unbending would mean that that infinity is suddenly bounded. There is a place or a way in which LIFE may not express itself. As soon as you do that then it is not infinite or unbounded. It is finite and bounded. And that would collapse all of infinite reality… it would cease to exist.

    So the answer to your question might be as follows:
    There is only one absolute truth and that is: Consciousness IS. Everything else is created and is therefore flexible and subject to change, to re-creation or to being created differently elsewhere. If you and I want to create together we might choose some consensual rules for our creations. In so doing we create for our creations some absolute truths. And as long as beings play inside our creation they will have to abide by those absolute truths. But the second they choose to leave our creation they find those truths are not absolute. They are temporal. They are a frame for the creation.
    I hope I have expressed this clearly.

    Then there is the fact of your own personal nature. There is WHO YOU REALLY ARE. This is your own truth. Your own highest nature. The truth of your own being. This is absolutely unique. No two beings in All That Is are identical. It is your quest to discover your own uniqueness and to express it. To be in your truth.

    @kael wrote:

    5. I’m not sure if this has been asked, but dreams have precognitive/psychic/foretelling abilities, yes? Would dreams of possible future events, possibly involving 2012/the ascension process hold any ‘truth’ or weight to them, or are they simply what your own mind thinks will happen?

    Adamu: You, my friend, are the creator of your own reality. As you proceed, so you will keep discovering that this statement becomes more and more profoundly true.

    You ask about dreams. Dreams can be any one of a great many things. From random entertainments of the mind to deepest insights of great wisdom. You will have to hone your intuition and discernment to tell the difference.

    With respect to foretelling the future: Because each being creates their own future by their choices it becomes impossible for one to be absolutely certain what that being will experience in their future. Because they may change their path forward at any time. One may see where the being is at and then one may look at probabilities in the future. And one may say with a fair degree of probability what is likely to happen. But fixed certainties? No. That would mean that your ability to choose is removed from you.

    I offer you this. Your dreams are like postcards from other possible realities. Over there in your possible future is another “you” sending you a greeting. It says “this is what it looks like over here, would you like to come here?” Now you must choose. IS that what you desire for yourself? Make a choice! State your intent! And then head towards the future YOU desire. You are not a leaf blown in the wind. You are an eternal, immortal creator being. Creator, create!

    @kael wrote:

    6. Do Pleiadians listen to music for enjoyment? 😀
    Perhaps you are fond of certain Earth music?

    Adamu: I-that-I-Am am not of a consciousness that I might listen to music. I am not embodied with ears. I can however tell you that I “listen” to the music of souls. I hear the harmonies, or indeed disharmonies, produced by all the aspects of a being with which I engage. And then, I may take a step back and hear how all the souls on a planet sing together. Do they produce a cacophonous noise of conflicting sounds? Or are they greatly harmonious? This experience is powerful in ways you cannot yet imagine. One day you shall hear such things for yourself.
    I am able to – shall I say “piggyback” – on the consciousness of others. I am able to share the “listening experience” of beings that are incarnated. Our friend Zingdad has on occasions allowed me to engage with him in this manner. He is, you may or may not know, also a musician. He has asked me for input into his creations. And I have also in like manner “listened” to the creations of other musicians. The earth music I like best is that which inspires in the listener a desire to be still. To quiet their busy minds. To open themselves to grand inner visions. To feel love and wonderment. This is what I like most. I love complexities of such music as this is most like the music of the souls that I love so much. I have asked/inspired in Zingdad a piece of music which best expresses this. I understand he will be sharing this with the world at some point soon. It will explain what I am trying to do here in words.
    [Soon enough. But I don’t want this to be a “plug” for my stuff]

    @kael wrote:

    7. What do you mean when you say you ‘are watching humanity closely’? Do you watch over us on big telescreens or watch our news broadcasts, or are you able to look any person up whenever you want on your computers?

    Adamu: Not computers and screens. Souls. There are many on your planet that share their experience with us. There are many on your planet that “awaken” and realise they are one of us. When they do they usually open their hearts and minds to us. And then we know intimately what their experience is. They are us so we know what they know. This is in accordance with their will and ours. That is one answer.
    The other answer is that we look upon your planet, not with eyes like yours, but with higher dimensional eyes. We actually see/hear/feel the energy of your planet and the beings upon her.
    Please understand we are much more than simply humans with better toys. We are also beings of greatly expanded consciousness. We are you and we are that which you are becoming. And we are much more besides.

    @Dalia wrote:

    I would like to ask Adamu if he watches any earth broadcasts and if he has a favorite television show? 😀

    Adamu: I have a great appreciation for any creative expression which causes the connection of the emotions and which causes the upliftment of the soul. That which causes spirits to soar. I have an appreciation for creative expressions which cause you to feel touched by another and connected.
    It is unfortunate that there are far more broadcasts which are geared to make you feel disconnected, which inspire fear and separateness. But if you go looking you can find those which are positive.

    @fatthumb2008 wrote:

    Regarding illness.
    What’s the purpose of a person born with brain damage?Did they choose to experience that? A friend of mine ask me that. She looks after this little girl that suffers from brain damage and very few people think about them.

    Adamu: Each being that incarnates into a body has its own purposes for doing so. It would be futile for me to express a blanket statement for all beings that choose some one type of expression. There are also a great many types of brain damage. But yes, I will absolutely confirm that every single being that is incarnated with some such disability chose to express that disability in this life for reasons of its own. Also the parents of that being chose to be the parents of a being with such a disability. There is a contract in place between them. They wish to teach/learn together. Others, like your friend may wish to express themselves specifically by offering loving care to such beings.

    May I say that there can be profound value for a being, in them choosing to have a lifetime where some of their mental faculties are deactivated. This may, for example, allow their hearts to be the primary motivational organ. So instead of reasoning their way through life they LOVE their way though life. You see? And it is also so that, by choosing the life they did, they make themselves intensely vulnerable. They arrive asking others around them to look after them. In so doing they become great teachers of compassion and loving care. They very often carry the lesson of compassion into communities and families that are greatly in need of such lessons.

    I say to you now, there are no mistakes! Such a being does not have the body it does by accident. So I would suggest that a good response to such a person is to ask yourself first what this being can teach you and THEN what you can teach this being. Endeavour not to see such a being as something broken which must be fixed. If you understand that they are perfect as they are then you open your heart to them and allow for some wonderful transformative interactions which will heal both of your souls. But maybe not the damaged body, if you understand me.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    In a PM Alusa asked some questions and gave me permission to address them generally. She asked if dragons and humans had ever walked the earth together or if this effect was always just the result of realties bleeding though into each other?

    Adamu: Both are true. But what a complex story to try to tell! There was a time before time. Long, long before there were Homo Sapiens on your planet when there were other beings who were… related… to your current form who shared the earth with dragons. There were also other beings with which you might share a racial memory that were on earth in the times of the dinosaurs. There are many possible times or realities that might correspond to an affirmative answer that indeed, yes, humans have directly shared this planet with dragons. But your mind wants to insist that there is one flow of time and it has a start and an end and that makes things difficult to tell.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    Alusa also asked about what you think will happen after the lightship has been. “Will the governments fall apart after that? … people will be mad the governments have been lying to them. But will they so quickly be overthrown or will it be gradual? I am wondering about the actions earths own people will take against it once they find out… and how much when and how our ET friends will help.”

    Adamu: We are sailing a sea of probability. Before us is the crashing wave-front of probability collapsing into that which shall unfold as your direct and personal experience. Instead of asking me what that should be, maybe you should be deciding for yourself what you’d like it to be. I shall repeat myself: creator create!
    We are a part of a calling and an answering. You and we have called to each other and are answering each other’s call. We are now going, together, to fashion the outcome of that call and answer. I tell you now there are a great many outcomes. You as the people of planet earth do not have one timeline ahead of you, you have many. For example, you personally, Alusa, have a choice to make. You must choose between peace and conflict. For yourself. You see there are many that still desire to express themselves in conflict. If you too desire that then you shall find yourself in a reality where you may rub shoulders with them. That is in accordance with your will. But you also find that you tire of the conflict and wish for harmony and peace. You can choose that and find yourself in a world that has risen above the need to fight. You can even choose both – harmony and conflict – but then you must be open to your own multi-dimensional nature. I am endeavoring to illustrate that things now already are progressing in different directions. There are beings on planet earth that are now already not seeing any pain and conflict in their world. And there are beings that are engaged entirely in a painful, wracking struggle with themselves and every other that they engage with. Such beings are already going separate ways. You must each of you choose for yourself. We do not dictate what you shall see.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    Alusa was also personally concerned about her own mission here in this incarnation. She believes she has a role in helping people to come to terms with what is coming. She is concerned what will happen if she doesn’t “awaken” I time. She says “I keep getting the feeling that I am freaking out too much and just need to relax, I just wish I could ease my mind.”

    Adamu: All is going according to plan. It seems that your feelings are guiding you correctly. But there is no “in time” for you to awaken. You awaken “out of time”. You will be exactly the right response when it is necessary. Fear is irrelevant.

    @Alusa wrote:

    I also remember what he said about changing perspectives after “ascending” or some such and being able to see all time is now, all simultaneous incarnations, and getting the spiritual tools for that. I wonder what such an existence is like and how you advance yourself, what the spiritual interaction is like. Personally so far I think I still enjoy being a particle of conciousness in this play but I would love to hear about the other side of things.

    Adamu: It is not really possible to tell of such an experience. How would you tell an person what it is like to be a whole planet or a whole galaxy? You cannot. You can make some analogies, some comparisons but you cannot explain such that the person truly understands. So then you can invite the person to become a planet or a galaxy and then the person will know. You can only know something truly by experiencing it yourself. But in the answering of the previous questions I have already given you many expressions of analogies and metaphors to show you a little of what broader consciousness might be like. For so long as you desire a particulate expression of self so you shall have it.

    @Zingdad wrote:

    And then Alusa asked about where you had previously said the following:

    In that view the elves are very like humans but they are tall, magical, bright and fair. This is actually a reference to the bright ones that inhabited the earth planes in the early times. They are us… the Elohim and the children of the Elohim. My cohorts and I. And yes, there came a time when we left “middle earth” – an earlier version of earth – and earth was left to the dominion of man… our children.

    Alusa asks
    @Alusa wrote:

    , I thought we were all children of the Elohim though? And I am not sure about the middle earth reference, and what hes talking about before. If you know could you elaborate more on that?

    Adamu: In this context I would say most of you (not all) are the progeny of the Elohim. Maybe you will accept the metaphor of a pyramid structure? In such a metaphor then, right at the topmost peak is unified Oneness. It is the access point to Prime Source. The step below this is that of the Elohim. The next step is the direct fragmentary expressions of the Elohim: the first generation children of the Elohim. They are of the highest consciousness and are of the subtlest of bodies and are still very bright. They in turn produce fragmentary expressions which are denser of body more expressive in what you would call reality but of narrower consciousness. And so on and so on all the way to the third-from-the bottom-most level of the pyramid where Planet Earth’s current humanity is. You are of very dense bodily expression. Your reality is intensely physical and you experience yourself AS matter. The steps below yours are that of plants, certain animals and matter itself.
    So to summarize: From one perspective I can say that we, the Elohim, are the first step down from the topmost pinnacle, which is Oneness. From that perspective it is also possible to view it that there are 12 such steps in total and you earth-humans are on the third from the bottom of those 12 steps.
    That is one very simplistic view. And it is also so that there is much else that is not of this pyramid yet which interrelates with it. There is much that does not interrelate. And there is more that I can find words to express which is above and beyond this pyramid. It is even so that not all people on earth are directly from the Elohim though certainly the very greatest majority are.

    The allusion to “middle earth” is not important. It is simply so that there are many ways to understand the spiritual realities that lie outside your direct experience. One way is the many stories that have been implanted in your planetary consciousness. There is a rather beautiful tale so planted in your consciousness called “The Lord of the Rings”. It has some wonderful understandings if you know how to look for them. It suggests that there is another world, called “middle earth” which is inhabited by bright, magical beings of higher consciousness called elves. And also all manner of other magical and wondrous beings. And humans live there amongst them. This is, from a certain perspective, true enough. And you may, quite soon, open yourself to experiencing such a “middle earth”, which can be said to be a world which is the parent world to your own.

    @anomynous wrote:

    As a civilization’s population grows, where do the spirits come from that incarnate into those bodies? Does this mean that there will always be more spirits than physical bodies in existence?

    Adamu: There are an infinity of so-called souls. That is to say, when a creator being expresses itself it may fragment itself into as many expressions as it desires in order to experience the range of possibilities that it desires to experience. There is always exactly the perfect ratio between physical bodies and spirit beings. The idea that there are spirit beings wanting to incarnate but having to “wait their turn” is not exactly right. There are such spirit beings that are a little, shall we say, lost. They get trapped in the cycle of incarnation due to the way they have engaged with it. They gain a sense of desperation to return. They are slowed by loving hands so that they spend a little more time in the space “between lives” so that they can be helped to understand better the pain they are creating for themselves.
    If there truly was a need for more incarnational opportunities such opportunities would very simply be created.
    In a nutshell then: there are as many “souls” as are desired. That is to say there is an infinite number. There are exactly as many incarnational experiences as are desired. That is to say there are an infinity. Whether one particular soul has an incarnated experience or not is a factor of some complexity but in general you get the experience that you desire.

    @anomynous wrote:

    Can any soul incarnate into any physical body, regardless of race/species/form?

    Adamu: The theoretical answer is yes. The caveat to that answer is that you must be of an appropriate consciousness or you will have some great difficulty. I will give you the example of some spirit beings that wish to try being a human being and they attempt to incarnate into this kind of life. They find they are not of the right kind of consciousness and soon decide to abort the mission. This is one of the explanations for still born babies and for cot-death children. Another example would be a being that is of a very high “love” vibration but not of a very robust “conflict” vibration. Such a being may choose to express itself in a body with what is called Downs Syndrome. All love, no conflict, perfect! You see?
    So the principal answer is yes. But the practical answer is that not all physical expressions are appropriate for all consciousnesses. Some will be uncomfortable, some will need modification and some will, quite simple, not work at all.

    @anomynous wrote:

    Has the Creator ever incarnated into physical form?

    Adamu: Yes. Look in the mirror to see an example. We are all the Creator expressed into whatever form we currently inhabit. Right now the Creator is experiencing life through you AS you.

    @anomynous wrote:

    If you do not experience linear time, Adamu, does that mean that you are fully aware at every moment that you are experiencing ALL of your lives simultaneously?

    Adamu: Yes.

    @anomynous wrote:

    Is it true that we only see a fraction of the visible light spectrum? How does your vision differ from ours?

    Adamu: Yes. There are many answers to that. The full electromagnetic spectrum ranges in size from subatomic wave lengths to a standing wave which is the size of the entire universe. In the middle there is a sliver which you receive with your eyes. My friend won’t accurately get the numbers from me. But it is available in your science.
    [apparently from about 380 nano-meters to about 750 nano-meters]
    The other thing to understand is that this is only the one density of light at which YOU reside. So there is a great deal to which you are oblivious.
    My vision differs from yours in a great many ways. Prime of which is that I am not under the illusion that I can only see “what is around me”. I know I can see whatever I desire by taking my consciousness there. It is quite different. I am not confined to a single point of view. And as much as I can navigate within all that I am andd see all manner of other view-points, I can also elevate my perspective and see things in different ways. I may look on your planet and see the beautiful blue ball that your astronauts my see, of I may change my perspective and understand your planet as a consciousness construct and see it as an evolution of light. But these things will not easily be explained to you like this. I give you the briefest hint.

    @anomynous wrote:

    How many different densities are there? How were they created? Can you describe each?

    Adamu: This again is a perspective issue. I will offer to you that the densities work very like a musical octave. So you may say that there are 12 tones on that octave. Or you may say that there are 8 full tones and another 4 supporting tones. But if you see it differently then there are as many graduations between each tone as could be desired. An infinity, in fact.
    The densities are created by the diffraction of the souls that express themselves here. That is to say, if you begin as a whole, perfect, complete spirit essence, then you may chose to slit yourself into a myriad tonal expressions. In so doing you allow yourself to reach out and down within yourself and find that portion of self which is the slowest and densest. And by sharing this experience with others you may find yourself in a reality like earth.
    To describe each density would be quite arduous. It is simply a ranged expression from that which is the most dense (which is also lowest consciousness and the lowest ability to express its will and the lowest ability to re-order its world) up to the least dense (which is the highest consciousness and the highest ability to express its will and the highest ability to re-order its world). There are those that have created labels for such steps and this is fine. But it is all perspective. There will always be other perspectives on such orderings which are equally valid.

    @anomynous wrote:

    What really happens when DMT is smoked?

    Adamu: There is a carefully constructed consciousness membrane which is very useful in keeping you engaged with the game you are now playing called “incarnated life”. If you see through this membrane then you begin to realise you can shift your perspective out of this physical body. You can take your point of consciousness and move it around. And you can see other realities and other consciousness constructs. You can go to “dream worlds” or alternate realities. Or you can see the energetic beings that co-habit your environment. The DMT molecule is one which engages with your brain and mind and helps you to pierce that membrane. So you see a slightly bigger picture until your body metabolizes the DMT. Let me say that you get a very small glimpse of what will become available to you as an ascended being.
    I would add that the consumption of DMT is not a good idea for everyone. Not everyone is ready for what they will experience here.


    And that was THAT session – except for one question which wouldn’t have made sense over here without the full context.

    As I say, I do owe a few of you responses here on BoL which I shall get to soon. And then of course you shall continue to see me on BoL as normal – I just can’t promise to do Q&A sessions anymore. Not for now. We’ll see what happens in the near future. Maybe we DO all meet space people and then you no longer want or need this. Maybe nothing happens and no-one wants to hear from Adamu and me anymore 😕 😆

    I will, for those that are interested in this, post a few of the more interesting “back catalogue” discussions I have had with Adamu over here as well. I will also post the text versions of my audio recordings. And of course we can still discuss all these things on the sister thread and elsewhere.

    Love and magic,


    Okay. So the next video is UP!

    My new friend Magenta Pixie was kind enough to put visuals to this and host it on her youtube channel.

    AND… the amazing Annu has done a drawing of Adamu! I don’t know if you know this but Annu has this ability to see spirit beings and then she is an awesome artist too so she can render what she sees! And so, we actually have a picture of Adamu pretty much exactly as I remember seeing him (even the background is right) as a part of the video.


    So here it is:

    Adamu through Zingdad:Preparation without fear Part One

    Adamu through Zingdad:Preparation without fear Part Two


    There have been requests for the text version of the latest video. My good friend Tiaka was unbelievably kind and did a transcript. Thank you SO MUCH, Tiaka! So I share it here for anyone else that prefers a text version. I will from now on endeavour to make sure that a text version is available.


    “Adamu” through Zingdad:Preparation without fear Part One

    My friends, this is the second communiqué from me Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilization speaking to you through my young friend Zingdad. The theme for today`s chat is, do not fear but be prepared.

    Many of you have now begun to digest the news of our imminent showing in your skies, our arrival in your planetary consciousness and this has sparked all manner of thoughts. Some of you have wondered what you can do to make sure this comes about. Others of you have become fearful of the consequences of what might happen if it does occur. And yet others have now even begun to be anxious about what will happen if it doesn’t occur. My dear young friends, so much concern, so much anxiety.

    On your planet, you have a saying which means relax and it goes, “Lighten up”. Well, I ask you to think about that phrase in this context. Bring light to your heart, bring light to your souls, bring light to your poor tensed up stressed out bodies. Lighten up! And to help you lighten up I am going to enlighten you a little further about what we envisage happening. I must explain dear friends that in your current situation there are only a handful of individuals on your planet that comprehend how time and space really works, how reality unfolds, how sequentiality and intentionality meet to manifest experience. And this isn`t really an appropriate avenue to try to communicate these rich and complex concepts to you, but the dilemma is that without such understandings you won`t grasp how it is that we can see your future, but not know exactly what each of you are going to experience.

    The briefest gist, is that all possibilities are actually manifest. All possibilities are real, but you bring the possibility you desire to experience to you with your emotions. Emotions are actually an incredibly powerful tool. But you see, in agreeing to incarnate on Planet Earth, you have agreed to a concept called consensus reality. This means essentially that you have tied your experience to the experience of all those that share your planet with you. So it is that we need to work with the consciousness of the whole planet. There must be a greater number that desire this contact, than those that do not. Now I have mentioned before elsewhere that people do not actually need to desire a ship in the sky in order for this outcome to be in accordance with their will. Ahh, for example if there are some that have desired a heavenly being to come down and assist with the planet, then this lightship coming is in accordance with that will. There are innumerable desires which all act together in concert as an almost deafening global call which is going out from your hearts and is reaching ours. And so we respond.

    And this is the first bit of enlightenment I wish to share with you. You will be delighted to hear that the call for us to come all but drowns out the naysayings of those that wish for the status quo. These ones that, that have had the upper hand in determining the path of your planetary consciousness. These ones that have desired to keep you in the dark. To keep the truth hidden and thus to manipulate and control you. The time of their ascendancy is over. And a bright new golden day is dawning. What comes next is the light of knowledge and truth and then you shall each of you decide how you would like to create your life and your reality in full knowledge of the situation on your planet and the universe it is an integral part of.

    You will realise that you are and always have been a part of a very large family of star beings. The truth will come to light. And there really is nothing more you have to do for this to come to pass. It is beneficial if you want to keep helping others to understand that there is nothing to fear and that they should be prepared. That is beneficial. But this occurrence is going to happen irrespective of that. Consciousness is such that on your planet that there is no foreseen possibility that we will have to abort this plan.

    So if we are going to be seen in your skies, what then? I feel I need to help you lighten up about this too. Some of you have all manner of fears about a so-called Project Bluebeam. Others fear our ships will be attacked and this could trigger a war and so on and so on. My young friends, I can messages through Zingdad full time all day every day, until the day we arrive and every day there will be those that present new fearful scenarios that I might have to dispel. This is because, you are falling for the manipulation games of those that do not wish for this event to take place.

    Please, take a second. Try to think. If we are able to surround your planet with millions of ships of living light. If we are able to bring ships across thousands of light years in an instant. If our consciousness resides outside of space and time. If we can manifest a ship many miles across by desire alone. If we can defeat a warring enemy without ever attacking them. If we can disable your nuclear devices without touching them. If we can balance your planetary magnetosphere. I could go on and on. The point is, if we can do all these things and so much more. Do you honestly think your Earth cabal`s tin toys and party favours are going to get in our way? They are not.

    And the other space races with which they are in cahoots? Well, it`s time that I bring some light to the situation as well. You need to understand that we of the Galactic Federation of Light are of a unitary consciousness. This means we are of the understanding that we are one with all. This is powerful in ways that you can`t imagine. It means we share understanding, knowledge, wisdom, truth, technology! We share in fact…life! With all that is.

    We are almost like a single organism that expands into untold and unfathomable realities. We have access to the technologies to the best thinking of infinite intelligence. These other space races with their metal flying ships…do not. They are of duality consciousness. Which means each of them must think alone. Each of these races sees themselves opposed to all the others. And internally they are split into factions as well. They are divided and divided and divided. We are united. We are one.

    What this means is that our spirit technology surpasses their material technology by an almost unimaginable margin. Now these others, they feel we stand in the way of their plans and they feel they want what we have. So they will attack us when they can. They would in fact destroy us if they could and take everything we have from us. But they cannot. They very rarely manage to even hurt one of us in the slightest way.

    We on the other hand could, if it was in our consciousness destroy them right now. But we will not. Because you see, we know that they are us. We know that they are actually one with us. They just don`t know this yet. So in summary. They would destroy us but cannot. We could destroy them but will not. And that is the state of play. It would seem on the face of it to bring about a stalemate, but it doesn`t. We are winning. And do you know how we proceed to win? Not by attacking them, not by hurting them. No, in fact by loving them. Each and every being that comes to us and says I am tired of fighting, I am tired of fear, I am tired of pain, I am tired of being alone. Each one is welcomed to us. And so over time it is an absolute inevitability that all will return to the oneness.

    End of Part One.

    “Adamu” through Zingdad: Preparation without fear Part Two

    They will find their way to love. And we are waiting for when beings are ready for that choice. And so it is that your planet is now ready for that choice. And when your planet comes into love, then with it will come the whole edifice, the whole structure that was trying to keep it in the dark. It will be a momentous victory for love and for oneness. And this is what is about to happen. So you see, there really is no reason for fear. We have this one well in hand. And there is nothing the others can do to change this. What they do now try to do is to sway things with the only tool really left at their disposal, which is your fear. It seems some of them hope for a schism in timelines, so that they can take some of you with them into another fear based reality. Yanking you along with cables of fear, distrust and panic. So let those cables go. They are old and rusty and you don`t need them anymore. Cut the cables with the light of love.

    And that brings me to the next issue. Just because you do not need to fear, does not mean you do not need to prepare. Allow me to offer this analogy. A bold adventurer plans a journey for a week in the polar areas of your planet. What is it that drives this intrepid adventurer to take warm clothes and sufficient food? Is it because he fears the cold and hunger? No… it is preparedness. He knows what lies ahead and so he prepares. And so my friends I tell you, you should give some thought to what lies ahead and prepare. Use those minds of yours.

    Discuss amongst yourselves on your internet forums, your chat groups, around coffee tables at home and at work. Play the scenario. If a light ship appears in your sky, then what could happen that you need to prepare for? For example, do you think that everyone will just go to work the next day? Would you? And if some people don`t go to work, might there be a disruption in the supply of utilities such as electricity and water and are you guaranteed of being able to find an open store? And if stores do open are you sure there will not be a run on provisions and that you might find the shop out of stock of certain items? And so forth. It`s not my intention to give you every possible scenario right now. I simply ask that you give some sensible measured thought to this issue. I ask that you think without fear of what disruptions there might be in your community as a result of the knowingness that we are out there.

    People might just be too excited to provide their normal services for a few days. And how will you ensure that you`re comfortable in your homes should that be the case. And if you have the resources, I ask that you be prepared to help out your friends, your neighbours, others in your community. Having an open and giving heart is a wonderful thing.

    I will suggest that you ensure that you can survive independently of outside resources for a few days at least, but please don`t feel that you must now build up some massive stockpile. Just enough, maybe food, water, lighting, heat for possibly a week. Maybe two at the outside. You see, things will quite quickly stabilize. We have plans in place to monitor disruption and to assist where necessary.

    And there is enough positive consciousness in every community that things should actually proceed quite smoothly. So again, this is not some dire fear filled warning. This is simple preparation for the possibility of disruption of some services for a few days. Simple sensible planning.

    Friends, be of good heart. Open yourselves to the highest, most exciting and most wondrous. Cut the old ties to fear and doubt. Life is a magnificent, miraculous wonder. We wish to take your hand and show you some of the infinite miracle of it. Let your light shine. You are a beacon of beauty in the cold dark night.

    And now, I wish you love and peace, until we next meet.


    Just a reminder, folks, that this thread is Adamu’s responses to your inquiries, which are collected at the sister thread noted on page 1.

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