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    Hi everyone

    I’d like to share a channelling that I received in April this year. It started while I was sitting down at my computer to do some creative work (for my job). As I cleared my mind to try to think creatively I found there was something there. A subtle pressure. Something that wanted saying. By now I know this feeling well enough – it is a being wishing to use me to get a message out. As I am very particular about who I allow “in” through my psychic gate the fact of someone already being “inside” meant it could only be one of a small group of beings that I trust completely. So I allowed this and what follows is what came through – as it turns out it was from my “higher-self”. It may be of some use to you or someone you know. I hope so.

    When the channelling was done I was lead to understand by this being that the topics under discussion are huge, multifaceted issues of tremendous complexity. In the interests of getting the message out the being had taken some liberties and over-simplified some of the understandings. If you will accept this and understand that there is much, much more to all of this then, on behalf of the being, I would be grateful.

    Other than that I offer my usual caveat: I am a conscious channel. I might be getting this wrong. I have no proof that what I am experiencing is what it purports to be. I appeal to you to use your own discernment to decide if this is right and true for you or not. If it is not right for you then discard it. If it IS right for you then use it because your inner truth approves – not because some ostensible being in my head says so.

    I offer this in love

    Joy-Divine Speaks on Dealing with Despair and Reality Creation

    I would speak to you today on the subject of despair. A particular despair. Those of you that live now on planet earth that look around themselves and see only cause for tears. Those of you that think the world is doomed. Those that lament their lives and lose hope. I speak to you.

    My story begins with your beginning. Let me say first that you have no TRUE beginning for assuredly you are one with God and are infinite. Eternal. Immortal. But there have been many beginnings that you might choose to point to despite this. The beginning I would point you to is when your spark of consciousness first descended beyond the Veil of Unknowing. Allow me to explain. You are, each of you, a part of a great spirit. This magnificent being wished to engage in a rather remarkable and amazing experiment. It wished to know how it would be to not know what It knows. It wished to engage in a very complex experiment where It would have some of Itself go to a realm where that aspect would be able to forget that It is an indivisible part of a great spirit. Indeed that spark would forget that It is a part of All That Is. It would forget Its own essential nature and even forget what Source is. It would forget everything and THEN begin a remarkable process of self-rediscovery from this place of knowing nothing. You agreed to this. Each for Its own reason and each in Its own way, you entered this system. It is a most remarkable and complex arrangement and it would take a great deal of time and effort to explain even the rudiments of the system and how it works but the essence is this: you are doing something that in all of creation has never been done before. You are a unique pioneer in an experiment that serves all of creation. You are honoured for this. What you do now is recognised to be unbelievably difficult. You are stripped of all your knowingness and understanding and then you are blocked from using your normal tools and resources and then you are put together as babes to find your way home. We stand in amazement that you agreed to do this. Be assured the learning that comes from this is a wonder for all creation. So… yes… most of you struggle with this existence you call “life on earth”. It is clearly very difficult indeed. You create your reality but do not know it. You do not understand your tools of creation. You do not understand the nature of energy, matter or time. And yet you create your reality. A natural out flowing of unknowing is, it appears, fear. So you create with fear. This means you literally are creating for yourself the outcomes that you least want. And then, when you get that outcome and are miserable and angry. You feel like a victim. Some others turn their fear into all manner of sinister manifestations: they manipulate, control and abuse. Some of these are in positions of power. Often hidden positions… behind the scenes manipulators. And so your world comes to look quite dark indeed. And hence your despair.

    Well here is the good news. Here is reason to take heart. This experiment comes to a close. A great deal of light is being expended by what you might call The Hosts of Heaven to bring you out of your misery. But this is complicated. You see free will is a rule that is not easily broken. It DOES I have to admit get bent from time to time but then imbalance is created and that imbalance must later be righted. But the point is there is the law of free will. If beings are creating a fear-filled reality for themselves then we cannot, may not and will not swoop in and take from them that which they have created and replace it with a happier reality. Much as you might ask us to it is simply so that YOU must create for yourself a reality in which we assist you. Otherwise we cannot. But there are all manner of other interventions which we can engage in. We are wily and wise. We are also able to traverse time and space in ways which you will not now comprehend, manipulate energy and matter most powerfully and enter your consciousness in the subtlest of ways. We find ways to encourage you… to hint, to nudge, to gently persuade. And the goal of all this is that you turn your faces towards the light. All of you. It is simply so that not one of you, once he or she knows what awaits beyond the veil will choose to remain on this side. You will understand that your function is fulfilled. The experiment is done. You may return home in triumph. And so we create opportunities to show you this. We assist in numerous permutations of what might be called an Ascension Process. Each of you will have the perfect process mapped out and each of you shall return to full realisation of your own beauty, power and magnificence. You will again know your oneness with All. This will take a lot of work with some. Those that are deeply buried within the illusion… those that have become particularly preoccupied with this game and are deeply wrapped in cloaks of darkness and fear. Such beings will need a little more coaxing. But you… you who now feel despair… for you it will go a lot easier. I say this simply because it is obvious that you desire change on a very deep level. You look at your world, at your life, at your reality and your heart cries “THIS IS NOT RIGHT!”. You beseech us in your own private way to come in and help. And we do. All I ask now of you is that you cease to hinder us in our attempts to be of assistance. I ask that you turn your despair to something productive. Use your pain to drive you forward. All you have to do to accomplish this is to answer this question as comprehensively as possible:
    “What do you want?”
    Truly. This is all you need to do. Create for yourself a complete answer to this question. If you could have any life in any reality how would it be? Now remember you must create for YOURSELF, not for others. Only for yourself. It might be that others want to create a similar reality and that you can co-create and co-habit. But those are details. For now you need to simply know what you want. How would your ideal world look? How would it operate? How would your life be? What would you do? Create your dream and colour it in. Fill it with all the details you can imagine. Do you know you cannot have what you want if you don’t know what you want? Well… now is your chance. Begin by deciding very firmly what you DO want. This is a far better strategy, I can assure you, than living in fear, getting what you don’t want and then bemoaning your fate.

    Some final pointers:
    1. Do not concern yourself with the journey, only the destination. By this I mean you only need to create in your mind the type of life you desire. You do not need to figure out how you will get there. This is the thing that stymies most of your creations. You begin with a wonderful dream and then immediately say “but I don’t know how to make this happen” and promptly you abandon this nascent paradise.
    2. Similarly let go of any “problem thoughts” that crop up. What about my children? What about my dog? You are simply creating your own dream right now. Populate it as you wish. The final manifestation of this dream will take place such that it is in everyone’s best interests. All you need to do for now is create your ideal life.
    3. Do not create a life for others in your dream that you would not wish for yourself. This type of dreaming will keep you in density. I do not recommend you dream a life where others serve you and your ego.
    4. Do not create negatively. This does not work. For example do not say “in my ideal world I will not have any bad politicians”. There is no value to that statement in creation terms. Rather create positively like this: “in my ideal world all leaders will be absolutely honest and accountable,” or maybe you’d prefer: “there would be no need for government as all people would always live in their highest good and be accountable for their own actions”. Think about it how would this ideally work for you. Or maybe your ideal scenario is a small community that needs no governance. Maybe your dream reality is such that you have no concern for matters of politics – for example you may wish to simply flit from one space/time point to another like an eternal tourist of all realities. So…
    “What do YOU want?”
    Now create it positively. Visualise it. Experience it in your imagination. NOW you begin to assist us in our chosen role of assisting you. Now you no longer hamper us and work to keep yourself stuck in density.

    And what if none of this is true? What have you lost? Try it is all I ask.

    I look forward to the day when we might again meet and you might again remember that we have always known each other. Such reunions are a blessed thing indeed! Until that event I send you my love,


    So there it is. The first of my “public” J-D channellings. There was some follow up which I shall post next. But if you have any questions or discussion or anything please feel free to post that in this thread.


    As a result of the above post I had some people asking me questions. Like “what about people with mental handicaps? If they can’t “create their reality” are they just abandoned here?” So I want to address the question of mental handicap from my perspective and understandings. A while ago I was pondering this whole issue of WHY some people’s brains are much slower than others. I know a guy who is the very dearest person but who is… well… extremely slow in his mental processes. If you ask him a question then you can literally see the answer developing in his head by the expressions that wend their way across his face. He’ll stand there for minutes at a time and then suddenly his face lights up and he begins his answer. So, anyway, I was thinking about this. I was wondering why his spirit might have chosen to incarnate into that experience. Please forgive my arrogance at that thought – it was where I was “at”, at the time. As you shall see I learned something valuable. I asked my higher self (Joy-Divine) about this and had an interesting conversation. I’ll re-channel it for you now:
    Me: So why would Brynn’s spirit have chosen an incarnation where his is so slowed?
    J-D: My dear boy. Do you imagine that YOU and not also slowed?
    Me: Me?
    J-D: You reside in a density that progresses at a particular speed. Your thought processes are pitifully slow and unwieldy compared with others who are not where you are. As an example: you would not cope with receiving information if it was not very specially, and at some effort, slowed down and stepped down energetically. One of the reasons you can receive information like THIS is that I am always here helping you – translating the high speed information that you think you are “channelling” and making it available to you at the snails pace you can cope with. I strip almost all the energetic content out too for otherwise you would be emotionally overloaded by most of your channelled conversations. You see? Your experience now… your life… you are drastically slowed in a great many ways.
    Me: Oh. So why am I doing this?
    J-D: You are the aspect of me that is having that experience of life that you are having. I, as I am, could not have that experience except by having an aspect of myself drop down into that density and traverse life at that pace. Stated more simply: I could not experience THAT reality without you being there as slowed as you are.
    Me: Ahh. But then Brynn? Why would he slow his mental processes even more than are necessary.
    J-D: His soul has its reasons and it is not my place to tell you his story. But I will tell you something about you instead. In that world where you live you find that you have a very agile and active mind. You comfortably and easily engage in sophistry of the mind. You like thoughts and philosophies and ideas and you value intellectual pursuits quite highly. Do you not.
    Me: I suppose I do.
    J-D: Your lessons that you came to learn this time round in this incarnation were about “truth”. You came to UNDERSTAND things in this life time. Your work and challenge was in the realm of The Mind. So you equipped yourself with good tools to do this. Now, if you had a few lifetimes of this… of valuing the mind highly… you might, I suppose, get unbalanced. You might get too much “in the mind” and place all your value and development there. You might then find that you get stuck and cannot progress becasue you are not enough “in the heart”. What might you do then? One option would be to return with a less capable thinking apparatus and a more capable loving apparatus. You might come,metaphorically speaking, with a truly great heart. Then you’d advance in leaps and bounds and immediately know the value of love. Do you see? You look at Brynn and you only see his incapacity of the mind because it is what you see, what you measure and what you value. But you failed to see a for more important thing about him. You failed to see his incredible capacity to love and to feel. If you had you might instead have come to me asking “inner-self, why is it that I feel less deeply and profoundly than Brynn?”. Now THAT would have been a great question!

    And so it went – more or less. A light-bulb moment for all Zingdads. As a result of this I will never again believe I am in a position to judge another’s capacities to experience life.

    So the bottom line is we are all handicapped a bit in some way or another. Some handicaps are more obvious than others that is all.

    So that brings me full circle to the question of Creating Your Reality. You do not need to be able to do this to move forward to the next density… the next realm. It is simply ONE way of doing this. It is A very good way for people who have over-active minds and imaginations. Such people need to put these tools to work or they can very easily slip into creating fear-filled outcomes. People with huge, open hearts like my friend Brynn don’t need to do this. They are already “there”.

    I’d also like to say that the planetary ascension is not a “sorting” of the good and the bad or the capable and the incapable. What comes is a wonderful beautiful thing. Maybe my friend Brynn can’t think the complex thoughts I can but sure as nuts is eggs Brynn can dream a wonderful life where everyone just loves each other and no-one is ever mean or cruel. And in THIS regard, I am sure, Brynn is a MUCH more powerful dreamer than I am. And when the change comes Brynn will be a glorious and magnificent creature of multi-dimensional light, just as I shall be. He shall then inhabit the reality of his choice. We dream now to build a new consensus reality… not just to carve for ourselves some happy little niche out in our corner of heaven. The work we do is MUCH greater than that. We work together now and for each other. But it is much easier for us each to dream our own dream than for us all to try to dream some great collaborative vision. But on higher levels that is what is happening. And if it is not your forte to dream some complex dream then maybe it is your forte to find your way to love and acceptance of self and of others. Together we do this wondrous work. Do not fear for those that seem to have less capacity. If they are beings of love then their hearts will lead them. They’re doing exactly what they came to do.


    And here is a follow-up from Joy-Divine to the first channelling above…

    Joy-Divine Speaks on “What Next”

    Hello dear friends. Your friend, Zingdad, has again placed his hands on the keyboard with that expectant air that does so well. I suppose I should say something or else he might sit like this all day .

    What he is wrestling with is the question of “what should we do now?” and I suspect this is a rather common theme amongst those who begin to awaken now. Certainly it is to one degree or another common to you who will read this. So much anticipation, so much expectation, so much excitement… all ballasted with a little concern, a dash of confusion and maybe some scepticism. This balloon of your dreams wants to fly free but you don’t know if you should let it go quite yet. And if you did the ballast might just bring it bobbing to the ground. And you know dreams really should fly free. What weighs the heaviest on your balloon of dreams is that you really struggle with the “how” of making your dreams all come true. I spoke to you previously about dreaming. I said in that missive that you should not concern yourself with HOW you make your dreams come true but that you should simply dream the dream. It is time to add to that message with a little clarification.

    I do not blame you that you struggle with simply dreaming and not concerning yourself with putting your dream into action. Your life to this point has taught you that you are to rely on yourself to action your own desires. No one will swoop in and grant you your wishes… or so you believe. This is your experience and therefore what you believe and therefore what is true for you. What I wish to appraise you of is the fact that all the rules of life as you understand them are up for review. The time of transformation is upon you. Things are beginning to change right now. All the rules for life as you understand them are beginning to flux. Your old ways of living will soon enough no longer apply. The first thing to understand is that time-lines are now beginning to diverge. I cannot get into the mechanics of this yet. My messenger, this one called Zingdad, can not be easily made to understand and relay the exceedingly complex notions involved. His thought constructs are adapted to simple and linear time-flows. For now, simply understand that what you are NOW ALREADY experiencing will not be experienced by all the others on your planet and around you. You that make a firm choice for love, for Service To Other, for personal ascension, for planetary ascension, for no violent end-of-days conflagration… you that are creatures of light… your world is changing. It changes because you do. You “en-light-en” and so your experience of your world changes. Possibly some of the most sensitive of you might have begun to note the occasional sensory or visual disturbance. Possibly you have thought you have hallucinated a little. Colours have suddenly seemed much more vivid and bright. Foodstuff gain a more vibrant taste (healthy food tastes much better and unhealthy food worse). You begin to see the Life in that which you previously though to bear no life. Perhaps you have seen a rock look like it is breathing or the stars dancing in the sky. This is the first sign. A while ago this messenger received a communication from our beloved friend Adamu in which he was told that the first inkling will be visual disturbances of a mildly hallucinatory nature. I ask the messenger to go back and find that reference. [I’ll do that and post it – Zingdad] This was foretold and now it begins to occur. Be mindful of it. Expect it. It means you begin to see through the outer-skin of your reality. You see and feel the pulsations and thrumming of that which surrounds you. Expect a gentle increase in this phenomenon. You begin to really SEE. This is the first sign. What happens now is that there is a new light coming in to your life. Not light the way you understand it. Light, as in the energy of Source. It enters your reality and transforms it. It will increase as you proceed. Things will become very wondrous and beauteous indeed. Be prepared and please accept it. Please do not begin to worry about this or think that this is an aberration or something negative. It is a blessing in the highest sense of that word. It is this which will allow you very clearly and easily and with ever greater power and clarity to differentiate between that which is “for you” and that which is “not for you”. You shall see. It is given to you to aid you. Watch also your inner vision when your eyes are closed, for example at night when you prepare to sleep or during your meditations. Also watch your dreams. These might get quite interesting as you gain the Light. You may begin to see interesting things play before your closed eyes and even more so in your dreams. Then also feel what occurs in your body. The Light does not only play in your external perceptions. It plays in your body and will cause things which no longer serve you to be brought to your attention. When you have discomfort and pain then it is greatly advised that you have a warm bath to relax your body and that you find within yourself a love for your body and that you mediate and “breath-through” that discomfort. Mediate and send that which ails you love. Think upon these discomforts as that which is negative being torn free from your body. The process is not comfortable or fun but it is good news. You are releasing these things which no longer serve your experience. As long as you resist the departure of that which ails you so it will remain with you and pain you. The more you “release, let go and let God” the faster you will find great healing. Remember these things may also need to leave your body attached to physical material. You may therefore have occasional intestinal upsets too as such things find exit from your body in that manner. Allow for this. Bless and love your body for the service of the cleansing. That is what is happening now and will continue to happen. As you experience anything like this know that this is you experiencing an increase in the Light of Source.

    What you should be doing now is building and refining your dreams. Create these things in your mind like a blue-print pattern. Feel, know and love your future life. Do this in whatever way works best for you. Now is NOT the time for concerning yourself with how you will get there. Please understand that you simply cannot create your path there. It is not possible. You are not living in the same world as the one in which your dreams will manifest. The path to your dreams does not exist in the world you currently inhabit. You cannot see it and will not see it and cannot create it. Let go of the conceit that you always must have the wherewithal to create everything that will play out in your life. I say again: this world that you currently inhabit is not the same world as that which your dreams will actualise in. I have mentioned that time-lines are shearing off. This means that there is a separation of realities. This is too complex to explain through this messenger. It will sound like a fist-full of paradoxes to you who are still only truly comfortable with a view that there is one world in one reality which proceeds in one direction on one time-line inhabited with one version of your being living one life. This is just not how it works but I cannot imagine how poor dear Zingdad’s head will absorb a good description of how things actually DO operate. So, for now, until I have found some pretty picture to show him so that he can get this, please simply accept that there is, from your perspective, a really wondrous but strange change coming. The process of that change has already begun. The result of this change is that you will, in the not too distant future, find your world somewhat altered. The alterations will increase and accelerate. The rules that seem to govern life on your planet will change. So you currently think: “I want life X, in X place busying my self with X avocation and providing Life with X great service.” And then you run headlong into “but how can I do this because I need Y resources to make it happen”. The point of that which I am attempting to communicate is that this is only the way it works now in your current reality. Things are going to change. Do you suppose when Heaven ordained a great shift in consciousness and an influx of the very light of the Creator that it was proposed that you should then keep struggling with the same silly little obstacles that the dark and the confused have used to manipulate you? Do you believe such little roadblocks can slow the force of Life itself? No! I say things CHANGE. They do not change subtly. They CHANGE! All we wish from you is that you work out your dreams. What value is this great magnificent life-altering change if you use all this light to manufacture a small dream with mild hopes and gentle ambitions? I am Joy-Divine! I would not associate my own personal and direct energy with this endeavour if this was all that was on the menu for you. I sacrifice and give. I am here. I am with you. And there are many other beings here with me vast in Light and consciousness and we all do great work that a magnificent outcome should be manifest. You might view such beings as angels of light or even gods if you should perceive them. Truly they are as stars in your sky. Please believe me that your mind has not the scope in its wildest imaginings to understand how much light and energy is being bent to the task at hand. So dream your dreams. Make them bold. Fill them with colour and light. Grow them up and let them reverberate with your laughter. Have them be the very essence of love. LOVE your dreams! Cast them broad and high. If you can do ANYTHING in ANY permutation of life as you can see it… what would that be? It doesn’t need to be in just one reality either. You will, by the very definition of what comes to you now, become a being of multiple realities. Most of these are taken care of by that which you might call your “higher-self” but if you wish to put in a claim on those other realities, by all means DO SO! Do you understand? Now is not the time for small, for tame, for responsible and humble. Joy-Divine does not invite himself to a party where those are on the list of entertainments. Now is the time for large and wild and extravagant and bold!

    Finally a note about the “how” of this thing. Just to key you in. What would happen if all those who are of a Service To Self, use-and-abuse, take-and-steal mentality just suddenly disappeared from your reality? Don’t worry about what has happened to them – they are taken care of. I mean what would happen to YOU if that share of your planet which was concerned with Service To Self was removed? How would your reality look? Suddenly you would discover that all the things which you consider to be in short supply are not. There would be abundance. You cannot comprehend how much this will be so. Not only will there be an abundance of resources, but there will not be the kind of individual that rushes in, grabs for self and makes scarce for others so that he has power. You cannot currently see to what enormous degree this distorts the availability of resources. By removing such beings from your reality you will suddenly find that there is more than enough of everything. Now look to yourself. In such a world, what would you wish to DO? I know already that your answer involves you doing some wonderful good service for other humans. This is your deepest desire: to give. Imagine that there are ONLY other such beings in your world. Imagine there is not a single human being on the entire planet with the thought in his head “give me”. Not one that wishes to take, to steal, to abuse. Not one who is thinking “where can I get what I want”. Everyone is thinking “I wish to give”. You might begin to get excited at this prospect but I daresay you will not now be able to imagine the far-reaching implications of this: You will never lack for anything but that someone will be ecstatic to give you what you need. They will just be too happy that that which they love to do is being appreciated, wanted and loved by you. Your need is a gift to them. As an example: Think how you feel when a beloved person sits at your dinner table and you have made a wonderful meal. Think when they tell you that this meal was the best they have ever eaten. They were SO hungry and now they feel wonderful and sated and their hearts and taste-buds have feasted on your gift of love. Can you see what I speak of? This will be the experience for all your interactions. Each will just love to see another relishing their gifts of love. And each will KNOW that every other is a beloved brother or sister. Each will know that all is One. There will be no strangers… only new friends, as yet unmet. Does the dream begin to catch your heart? Can you feel it? Of course you can. In your soul you have been hankering for just this reality.

    Many of you will begin to make new partnerships with you avocations. For example: if it is your passion to make some product, perhaps it is another’s passion to provide that which would be your raw material and yet another’s to travel the world and share things with people. So it will go. A new economy will form. Perhaps you will still like to use counters-of-value (money) or perhaps you will not. Perhaps you will have an entirely gift-based economy. What is YOUR dream in this regard? You see why you must dream? You must know what you want… or how are we to give it to you? In reality we will not “give” it to you. In reality, by dreaming it you begin to give it to yourself. But we do fulfil a function with the energy workings behind the dreams. Again, too complicated and non-contextual for our dear Zingdad’s head.

    But now I feel I have said, more or less, that which I wished to say. Finally, I wish you all to know that I am not “other” from you. I lie upon your lips when you smile, I reside in your being when you laugh, I well though your heart when you feel profound love for another. I am ever with you. I am a part of your very life’s experience. So I am not so much an “other” as another you! As is every other. This will become more and more apparent as you proceed.

    I am you and you are I. I love you as I love myself.

    I am your:


    I am so glad I met you.
    Your channelings and yourself are teaching me and helping me understand so much.
    Thank you
    Love mia xxxx


    That was simply AWESOME Zingdad!
    Thank you!


    @Zingdad wrote:

    Joy-Divine Speaks on Dealing with Despair and Reality Creation

    Allow me to explain. You are, each of you, a part of a great spirit. This magnificent being wished to engage in a rather remarkable and amazing experiment. It wished to know how it would be to not know what It knows. It wished to engage in a very complex experiment where It would have some of Itself go to a realm where that aspect would be able to forget that It is an indivisible part of a great spirit. Indeed that spark would forget that It is a part of All That Is. It would forget Its own essential nature and even forget what Source is. It would forget everything and THEN begin a remarkable process of self-rediscovery from this place of knowing nothing. You agreed to this. Each for Its own reason and each in Its own way, you entered this system.

    I love this part. It feels right to me. After I read this I went to bed and listened to the following music by the Wingmakers which has a similar message: Track Two (My Central Message)


    Zingdad: Truly. This is all you need to do. Create for yourself a complete answer to this question. If you could have any life in any reality how would it be?

    alainiz: Well i all want is people to be nice to me…

    Zingdad: Now remember you must create for YOURSELF, not for others.
    Only for yourself.

    Alainiz: oh sorry then i guess the internet…

    Zingdad: It might be that others want to create a similar reality and that you can co-create and co-habit. But those are details. For now you need to simply know what you want.

    Alainiz: mmmh sound nice internet with online games with everyone ya!

    Zangdad: How would your ideal world look? How would it operate? How would your life be? What would you do? Create your dream and colour it in. Fill it with all the details you can imagine. Do you know you cannot have what you want if you don’t know what you want? Well… now is your chance.

    Alainiz: if it was a world like the internet game made in this world i’d go all the way!

    Zangdad: Begin by deciding very firmly what you DO want. This is a far better strategy, I can assure you, than living in fear, getting what you don’t want and then bemoaning your fate.

    Alainiz: sound like fun zingdad how about being a super hero? I’ll be dimantion man!

    Anyone want to join my party?

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