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look to the sky and create a new morning

“A new dream is hatching which no one has any power to stop.”

January 16, 2008

Knowledge of the meaning of comets, shooting stars and other celestial observations – knowledge once a merit of the people – now gathers a rather odd bunch, according to the standard world normality enforcement union of concerned scientists and other social engineers. However, a new dream is hatching which no one has any power to stop. Neither the world management corporation nor the leaders of the purportedly free world is able to ram creation down the barrel of a gun and send it hurtling out into a vacuum. It may be what they try, but it cannot be. As a matter of fact, only with a nod of the answered awakened keepers of the reality of added dimension is there any change at all – and you are that committee. More than reality will be changing. And we will tell you what that means in a moment. First we focus a little closer to what your experience of reality has been, the range of very kept secrets. Later, we will peek beyond the underpinnings of reality as you know it, briefly.

Candid remarks are inappropriate in some settings, but in our energetic arena, they are vital to making our point. You do not have to agree at first, or at last, but understand they are part of the manner of our communication which gives it a certain “yonder, out there” kind of feel that makes more sense than resorting to empty metaphor or long-winded expositions. Rather, we like to keep the level of light high by insisting on putting our voices in a form of what you might call friendly conversation. Your mind works hard enough at increasing its capacity to understand and integrate the codes and far-out ideas we present in these messages without adding to your process a question of how to position yourself in regard to an invisible intelligence communicating to you from the dreamworld of sort of another dimension or density or some far-away planet. No. That is an unnecessary burden. So we say, relax, we come in peace to your readership. A machinery of consciousness-penetrating precision forms need not sound more complicated than a friendly chat.

That said, we embark on a tour of tomorrow. Satisfying your curiosity about whether we are real or just pretending to be very soon will be done. Certainty will be a relief. For now, let’s say we are real. By that, we do indeed mean that we are of a form not unlike your own. As a rule, we are a bit taller on average. Most of the people who tell of Pleiadians being blonde-haired, blue-eyed, light-complexioned people are only aware of that contingent of our large biological diversity in appearance, our phylogeny. However, just as there are variations in your population, there are variations in ours. Most of the Pleiadians you’d meet ordinarily would appear fair-skinned, “light” being more of an inner quality, you see. Percentage-wise, maybe sixty percent of our people have what you would quaintly call light hair but which is actually pigmented yellowish-white. This is a Lyran trait. We are biologically descended from humans of the star systems you call Lyra. Bear with us on the woo-woo genealogy. You deny a lot of your own genetic heritage by denying these bits of information to draw your attention to your soul’s remembrance. Okay, we continue. A small subset of these blonde Pleiadians have eyes of blue tint, but not many. More have grey eyes. Your ancestry is Pleiadian for sure if you have grey eyes and blonde hair. No other race has that particular combination. Of the remaining forty percent or so, about half are a more zappingly sassy brown-haired, green- or grey-eyed pigmentation, again with fair skin, and the other half is brown-eyed with brown or black hair, really intense.

Neither the races of the genetically pure Pleiadians of the homeland of Lyra nor the genetically pure Pleiadians of the planets near the stars you call homelands – those which are risen, gone, or rising – are of any real man or woman greater than any other person of Pleiadian descent who incorporates genes of races originating in Sirius or Arcturus, if that is understandable to you. We who are of Pleiadian descent are keepers of genetic codes. It is largely the intermixing of codes that makes life interesting. Pleiadians are zeroed in on answering God’s question, “What is that?” with “It’s fun and interesting.” Laughter is a very Pleiadian trait. Quite a bunch of fun-loving brothers are we. You want a more complete description, stay tuned.

A good reason we have for wanting you to know a little about us. Really, you might not recognize us if we were standing next to you. We can really blend in with your people. It isn’t so far-fetched, if you think about it. Your own basic genetics are of Pleiadian origin, most of you, anyway. That, too, is for another time. For now, know that we could, and do, walk among you. It is not our intention to move in; we are just here for the final shift of gears, so to speak. So are others, and some of them plan on doing a little more than observing. Know they cannot. A simple moral action on behalf of your known universe is about to execute. That is the awakening of all nature to the perfection of form possible. Let us explain in a story.

Not so long ago or far away, great dances of light played across the sky. Awe filled every heart. The sun as it had always been was no more. Now great streams of light, as if alive, stretched across the morning and evening horizon and up in the noonday, too, where before had been a ball of light. Light had exploded within the people as well. Remembrance of years of darkness of knowledge and outlook faded in the brilliant display overhead. Men and women were at critical points of separation; now they began to display honor to each other and to themselves. Children fended off attacks on their nature no more. Processes of manifestation started to center around joy rather than sniveling greed. Before, lemmings were all they saw; now everywhere they looked they saw God incarnate. By the next shift of ages, they would have forgotten what they now saw, but as luck would have it there were carving tools and big rocks. Surely those would survive. If not, they would send emissaries.

This is where you find yourselves now. We are emissaries from the future you will soon see. We are you in the times to come. What time is in the sense of linear accounting, moving one bead along an infinite string, is inaccurate as to how time actually works. It is a dimension of getting all things to fall into place without dropping any. As it becomes more apparent to you that it is not a constant as is an inch on a ruler, you will be able to understand how it is that we are nearer to you than you may know. We use time to say “Take us to your readers,” but as you do not see into the folds of time we can only communicate with you via the medium presently before you. Perhaps you will not have to wait so long to see us.

It is not so sane to say we are not real, but soon you will see that, for we are as real as you are. Will that disturb you? That is not our intent. We tell you this because in all your movies and books, save a very few, you have projected your collective fear of annihilation in the form of pathetic attacks generated by rapacious aliens. Not so. We are the brothers you have long been seeking. Have no fear, for that is what weakens your creative power. Watch the skies, not for flying saucers, but for a new light to appear beyond the sun. That will be the light from love’s source returning to awaken love within your people. Both of the magical rocks of light are near and promise a new day. As we like to say, cram as many wishes as you can into your day; they’ll come true soon enough. Don’t ask for what you don’t want. Ask for what brings joy to you, knowing that bringing joy will bring more joy. You dry your tears now, and look for love. You will find it and it will find you. A sleek wisp from the sun will signal its arrival. Be ready to awaken!

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