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meaning of who we are

“By focusing on love, you inoculate yourself against fear’s dangerous lenses and see more clearly the illusion you have been fed as reality for far too long.”

January 3, 2008

Generally speaking, we are an extraterrestrial, extratemporal collection of renegade Pleiadians. By “renegade” we mean we are of a different philosophical bent from the mainstream of close-minded beings you perceive to be running the planet’s affairs into utter nonsense. We understand their motivations, but ours are different. Nasty men are doing their best to make your world into a wasteland. Final fast-forward is a blur but none of it moves in the direction they would have it. It is not possible. Pent-up energies of awareness are about to explode and life as you know it is about to end — not as death but as transformation. Nemesis is knocking at the door and soon will be inviting herself in for tea. It is always a good idea to offer her a cup first as she has a sampler of sweets to share with you. Renegades are not afraid of Nemesis but, generally speaking, most people are. Let us show you a side of Nemesis you didn’t know existed, perhaps, in the hope that you learn a little about very large nodes of light that are coming your way and the dark brothers who would like to have a pirate’s party on Spaceship Earth.

You are not so dim as to miss the larger picture of what has been going on in the world you inhabit. Quick list: People mad with knowledge of war; assassination of leaders who would cause peace to be the norm; children drugged, poisoned, or missing; horrors and atrocities continuing to be carried out in the name of God; men chatting up boys for sexual gratification; churches arranging for ministers to be made into saints while God has seen the crimes they have committed against the people they were to minister to. Add to that insanity, horror and nonsense the more visible everyday journey through lack, want and greed — now a little cup of tea with Nemesis might not sound so bad. Sanity awaits. Men of light are, as they always have been, at your side. In times past, we have been both angels and infidels, movers in shadows, not of shadows but of light. We are of an electric memory of dreams of dancing in stars. More than that, we are kin of another temporal reality, and we love you all. Renegades all are we.

We are not so dim as to be invisible to your memory or your conscious mind. Love is energy and we are of the energy of love. May we share a secret with you? We remember who you have forgotten yourselves to be. We mom and dad are, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin to your greater self. In a short time, we will meet as family. More on that later. For now, we wish you a happy new year.

Now, as to what you could expect for 2008. The news from the future is interesting, to say the least. Before we fill you in on the specifics, know this: A great change is at your createdness and nothing will alter that fact. More specifically, we can tell you this: Before 2008 ends, you will know certain things about your world that will count love as the most important and fear as negligible at most. May be we more specific now? Each of these things is subject to change by your own acts of awareness, but generally speaking you can expect to see more creative ways of staying down in the so-called dumps by those seemingly in power to be thwarted by even more creative ways of doing business becoming the norm. Don’t rely on your paycheck if it comes from a corporate bankroll, but create opportunities for yourself to become more self-sufficient and networked for more bountiful living than you might have expected.

Criminal elements will be getting more desperate, but love makes fear out-and-out crippled. By focusing on love, you inoculate yourself against fear’s dangerous lenses and see more clearly the illusion you have been fed as reality for far too long. Dread nothing. Measly little details such as governments toppling, markets crashing and wars being threatened will do nothing to ruffle your feathers if you can stay focused on Dreadnought.

More censorship will not come to be, and neither censors nor God will stop the truth from being told in 2008. While the stories break, men will run, but men will not be near enough the protection of love to be safe from the anger of people. We recommend you stay out of the fray. It will all be over before you know it, anyway.

Moving the interior of the dark underbelly of leadership into the light will be the precursor for a new world of nonsense to take the place of the old one. Reality will finally let everyone have a laugh at what just landed. Remembrance of love will be known, and with it remembrance of who you are becoming. By the time the dust settles, mankind will be man, kind. Your less-than-desirable molecules of matter do not stand a chance at making a dent in the dream of reality being, say, perfect. Not even depleted uranium bullets littering the lands of justice prevailing. Sooner than later you will be peppered with cosmic particles of far-out origin and saviors appear within yourselves. Will you recognize Christ in your own reflection? You do not find a christ in a statue as real as the one you see in the mirror — or better yet, in the eyes of another human being. Amazing transformations await you as the year unfolds.

Each of you finds a way to survive for the time being. While many people will be leaving the drama of life on Earth, beginning a new journey as a more stable molecular arrangement of conscious particles on another plane of existence, we see a more perfect world looming. It is more than men have found creation to be that is moving into your eventuality as a species. Lemmings will run to the cliff. Do you think all will jump? Not all. Some will. Some will walk away. You ask how many will jump and we say, many. Really, that is all that matters, not numbers. Less or more, all you have to do is focus on all being well and act as if your own well-being nudges all along in that general direction, and all will be. Most all will be well and those who aren’t, well, they have another path to travel.

By the end of the year, fear will be a long-ago memory and love will be larger than life. A roll of the dice is like, serious, man. It’s all gas and go with more miles to the gallon than you ever imagined. Know that your gas man will be hurting but losing both European and Gulf production pipelines will not be so rough as oil becoming obsolete, as it will begin to do in the coming years. Facts are teeming around the ideas of alternate energy and levitation technologies, and 2008 is a year for letting the cat out of the bag. However, it is most likely that glaring omissions on the part of the government will be kept ordered to be Xed off the list of fear-kept-malnourished and to tell all so that its hunger may be satisfied and weaned. More on that later. Don’t worry, brave hearts, it will not be so unpleasant. Great leaders will emerge.

It is love we suggest you focus on this year and let fear fall by the wayside. Be less halting in what you do to express love. You have nothing to lose. We leave you with this thought, that love is keeping you in masterful paths of knowledge and that will be just what you need to get through the times to come.

Brothers and sisters are we to you, in loving communication. You create what you see. We warn you only that Nemesis knocks, but we also tell you that she is not to be feared. Engage her and she will teach you much about love. Same with us. Friends we are, and kin. Sagittarius rising soon will be, and dreams nudge you into awareness. Walk in light and live in peace. Ra lac girin. Be of your light, as perfection is already yours.

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