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in answer to your silent questioning, we speak

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Just around the corner is a whole new reality.”


Following the enigmatic message we relayed to you last we spoke, a reader posed a question of sorts, seeking clarification on our intent and also remembering to say even the most unanswerable question can yet be asked in faith that an answer will be given in the spirit of truth and love of all. Here is his note to us:

Dear Pleiadians,

Your presence is undeniable for me, but not for all. Faith is fragile and has been shaken, nearly destroyed in the heart of many humans, to such a point that for certain creatures of this planet tomorrow is a hypothetical thought. When you say, “You have seen a show of lights, color, and energy unlike anything you have ever imagined”, I have to reply, no it did not happen. This is problematic in our human experience, because trust is fragile.

My sister and a few of her friends residing in France are shaken by the 14th of October which was a non-event for them, their spiritual eye being closed.

The worse thing in spirituality is to fool oneself, this leads to further disappointment and much pain. I trust your channel from the bottom of my heart, but I need more explanation on the nature of what you are describing in this paragraph; juggling with timelines is not a satisfying answer to most of the neutral observers, because the extremity of this is saying you are still where you are, ok don’t worry your life is funky because it did happen in another timeline. If everything is subjected to timelines, you should have specified in the beginning that your description of terrestrial events has no certainty in our material temporality and everything would have been in order.

Dear one, your question is well put. You have given voice to words many are asking in various degrees of silence right now. We answer all in our answer to you, and thank you for being so agreeable in playing a vital role in the continuing unfoldment of the drama.

Since the message was dispersed across the planet that our ships did not, in fact, make a grand show of lights in the sky, many have been scratching their heads to figure out what happened. None more so than those who have no real sense of our presence and are motivated in their quest for truth by the possibility that our ships are taking it no more seriously than God that you need help. Those people might be disappointed, but they have only to make a shift in their understanding about where the source of power to change your world really is. Once that neural connection is made, understanding comes. In preparation for that, first other neural connections must be shaken loose, hence the more resistant to letting go of those connections you choose to be, the more shaken you will feel. More of the infrastructure of belief has be to triggered in some than in others, and those with rigid beliefs will feel the most impact on their reality than will those who have some sense of our reality already.

Showing up on a certain date, as was announced by a channel of the radio dial of the stars, was at one time an option. As the day unfolded according to the choices of the receivers of impulses — meaning, as you as one organism moved through the realm of possibility along the meter of time, point by point each individual consciousness embodied on the planet making decisions about what to say, not say, think, not think, do, or not do — as the day unfolded, certain conditions came into being which would have led to more of a shake-up than would have been survivable by some portion of the organism of which you are a part. The cancer that eats at your world, the entropy which encroaches upon the integrity of your reality is going belly-up very soon, as it has run its course and has before it to learn the lesson that will change it utterly. This so-called cabal has little desire to change course, but the tide is turning and with it the cabal’s chances of realizing certain visions. So, since the tide is about to crash on the shores of your reality, it seems in keeping with the energies at play that this short delay is made. It is a delicate balance we keep.

Just around the corner is a whole new reality. We will not risk a single soul’s desire to see that for itself. To have shown our presence, despite the fervent wishes of so many who long for a day in which their secret is no longer a secret and the reunion is at hand, would have denied lifetimes’ worth of effort its day of glory. Though many long for that day, many yet dreamless sleep. Help your brothers and sisters see the light that shines within. This is all the preparation anyone really needs.

In our last message before this one, which is released just before our presence is quite generally known, we spoke from the vantage point just ahead of you, where you will enter a new understanding of your place in the heart of the universe. We spoke from a future point in time, one which will be known to you as “now” in a very short time. There is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. You are on a timeline, as a single planetary organism, which may delay your satisfaction but which enacts certain possibilities that bring more people to awareness. In this are you all served, you are loved, and you are integrated into the higher-vibrating reality with as little completely forgotten as possible. In placing our voice on the timeline in which the future for all of the life of the planet is most loving, joyful, powerful, peaceful and promising, in accord with your mental and emotional intention, we have sent an echo which you can orient your awareness to. There is nothing greater on which to set your intention than the heart of God, whatever you conceive that to be. It is what we align ourselves with, as well, but the view is a little clearer once the lens is free from the distorting effect of careless awareness. By positioning ourselves ahead of the craft sighting, we spoke to you as a people transformed. We speak to you now as guides who have traveled along similar ways and can help you see the possibility of a reality more joy-filled than you can see as a people without a clear idea of what such a transformation entails.

All you need do is to see yourselves and each other as we see you — as powerful amnesiacs regaining their sense of self and a greater understanding of love than you can, at this point, remember ever knowing. We see you as stars encased in dots of flesh, as our own brothers and sisters, cousins and kin. We see you as ourselves, you who have awakened and you who still sleep. You are us, and we are you, just as every star is part of a constellation and every constellation is part of the stars which determine its form and meaning.

Now, as you ponder yet another gift of words from the truth of love, we remind you that only a short time remains for your dark cabal, and that its transformation into the entity it forgot it was will result in a complete redefinition of inspiration. Any evidence for such a claim? Stay awake and aware and you will see, soon enough.

We are with you, dear ones, whether you sense it or not.

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