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love moves in mysterious ways: the game just changed

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“Everyone wins when all are seen as divine.”


For most of the world, the election of Obama is cause for a big sigh of relief, if not outright jubilation. For most of the people of the country he will hold office in, however, there is confusion. You have never been in such a position before, have you? No more awkward separation, no more guilt, no more reason to fear. What a strange place to be in. The future strangeness is yet stranger, however, so best to deal with the strangeness now before you. Looking at this now will make what soon will be a lot less strange. For the world is about to have a new gameboard, a new set of rules, and a new broadly defined game to play, and this one ensures that everyone wins.

Through the generations of history, not much has changed in a very long time, as the game of domination has played itself out. Though there have been regional variations, the most telling quality of the game has been that of “me first” to the derivative power of insensitivity becoming a bonus power for enabling the players who wanted to win to bend the rules to their benefit. Some have learned in doing that the game has some hidden rules, and that winning at the expense of a player with less drive to make their own lot better while others struggle to stay alive is not winning at all. You have some idea of self-sacrifice as a trick to help others win, but we are here to tell you that making yourself less than divine is not part of the new game. Everyone wins when all are seen as divine. In the new game, everyone wins, and with the election of a game-player who understands this rule, the losers from the old game have nothing to dread, save what they carry with them.

Now that fear has been exposed as nothing more than a device used by game-players to beat down any who see through their self-serving strategies, it is no longer a consideration, for the new rules discount the need for such actions as beating, cheating, or only-me treating of anyone at all. No one need fear. When that basic rule of play is understood, as it now is becoming more widely understood, you will see how it is possible for the new game to be inevitably winnable, even for the most unlikely of winners, even for those who have historically been denied that role. If you think fear is needed to make the game interesting, that is your right, but to wield fear as a weapon of domination, to use it against another is soon to be known to be no fun for anyone. Those who continue to play by the old rules will soon find themselves without any playmates, but not without a choice. In the game of free will, choice is always an option.

Contrary to popular belief, your leaders have played their parts well, leading you to the inevitable end-game of love taking no prisoners and setting slaves free. The tide is turning and soon will wash away tears of pain, injustice, and remorse. As the game of trade to gain becomes, day by day, the game of being in the now in harmonic resonance with love’s joyful music, a wave of new energy builds to a thundering crescendo and crashes onto the shores of individual consciousness, forever changing the collective awareness of humanity and flooding your senses with the light of your own divinity. Play on, dear ones, for there is no turning back, and there is only love to win. The next events will reveal much to show our words to be true. Be aware of love as it shares some secrets. You might not guess what they are, but they are sure to give you a new understanding of who the players really are. We take our turn, and the world wins.


  1. blank
    Skytrooper82d November 8, 2008 1:52 am
    i hope I’ve misunderstood the comments above, re:
    obama. surely the author doesn’t believe that obama or any other politician will be a conduit for positive change. If so then they know nothing of US (or world) political history or are delusional. Politicians, by nature, are merely self-serving narccicists who seek only to increase their personal power/wealth and to repay the “high-caliber” ,ie rich contributors/special interest groups that now rule this once-great nation.
  2. blank
    opalescent November 8, 2008 9:30 pm
    That’s a pretty sweeping generalization, Skytrooper. Surely those in Paul Wellstone’s circle would disagree. There are still some public servants, and some who masquerade in the dark who serve the light. Time will tell, but so far there have been a lot of positive changes since Obama’s election. I see it, in the faces of the people I meet. His election has been a catharsis for millions who have for generations lived in fear and frustration. He’s already been a conduit for positive change. You know, I think that even if Jesus Christ was elected, people would find fault.

    I just write what I receive. It’s up to you to interpret. If your mind is already made up, then I’m afraid there’s not much I can say to shed any light on this article. I do recommend, however, checking out Ian Lungold’s information regarding the shift now upon us, according to his and Carl Calleman’s research on the Mayan calendar. The age of power is giving way to the age of ethics, and there’s not a lot anyone, not even the most vehement of naysayers, can do about it.


  3. blank
    NinKiAn November 11, 2008 6:07 am

    Hello Loves,

    I think you are both pretty much right. 🙂

    Whether it was Obama or McCain, both work for the same people and it is so that it didn’t really matter to "them" who won the election…as long as they maintain their illusionary control. They certainly would not risk giving up control when their house of cards is already falling down around them, so of course they approve of Obama. Their little game of Monetary, Religious and Political control is a losing battle and they know it. The economy game is no longer functioning, and attempts at repairing it are continually failing. They know this, so they will do what they can to maintain control.

    However, it is all for naught. It’s far too late for them to hold on to their old ways. The New Paradigm has already been created….it is already manifesting and it is gaining momentum.

    The people awaken, they understand things and begin to see the fallacy of the system and institutions. They will no longer be treated as cattle and so they stand up and make individual changes…creating their realities in harmony with each other.

    What is happening here is that there are those who currently work for the power cabal wholeheartedly…but they will soon have a change of heart! Love has infiltrated the fear fortresses already. Understanding has already been seeping into the minds of those who previously chose to be lights from within the shadows, but are currently still unaware. As these sleeping Bright Ones awaken…it is then we will see the changes taking place in politics, religion and the other areas of control. It will be pretty obvious at that time what is happening. The light will shine through the cracks of the old ways. The old paradigm will fall…and hard. There will be pieces to pick up and a time of healing then a new world is born. The transitional phase won’t be very difficult to bear because of the promise of the new world will put strength in the hearts of the Collective.

    This is it. As a dear friend has recently said to me "Shiva is here dear lady! BOM Shiva!" 🙂 "Shiva" will destroy the old ways, and once the door is closed on the past ways of living, which have become irrelevant, a new door opens for this, an enlightened modern technological society, who know they are all One and have finally decided to act like it! …Through this new door of opportunity awaits our New Earth and our New way of living. We will look back on the old world and wonder what took us so long to wake up!!




    Creating A New Paradigm on Earth

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