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    This forecast is extremely long with a lot of interesting info!
    So I’m just posting a couple of excerpts, in particular, those which pertain to the Galactic Federation & First Contact:

    Read the entire 2009 Forecast http://www.cosmicawareness.org/Links/2009_Forecast/2009_forecast.shtml


    CAC General Reading Nov. 12, 2008 Will Berlinghof Interpreter, Joan Mills Questioner


    May we have the 2009 forecast please? ……………..

    The Galactic Federation in 2009


    The next topic is the Galactic Federation situation. Is there anything new that could be considered for 2009?


    The basic information this Awareness has is that there will continue to be an escalation of the belief that there are extraterrestrial forces that are ready to present themselves. The event of October 14th, the planned First Contact, even though it did not occur, did much to escalate interest in this matter and escalate belief that there was likely to be an event sooner or later when the extraterrestrial beings would present themselves. This Awareness in its forecast in 2007 for 2008 did indeed suggest that the plan was for a First Contact. This is still the plan, but the timing of this event is affected by the consciousness held on the planet, and it was deemed that while more and more individuals were aware that such an event could occur, and were even looking forward to it, there was also energy that would have made this event a very negative one.

    First Contact Will Occur in 2009 For Sure

    It was understood by the Galactic Federation that humanity was not quite ready, but that it had taken a huge step forward. The plan is still to have a First Contact in the year 2008, the present year, in the remaining weeks of this year, but this will not occur if the event is still not appropriate, if consciousness still has not quite shifted to the degree it needs to; then it is seen that 2009 will indeed finally see such an event occurring.

    It is seen that lesser events than just the Mother Ship appearing will start to manifest themselves more and more in the skies ahead and above, and there will eventually be an official First Contact of such a degree that it will be undeniable. There is seen opposition to this event by the elite, the powers that be, for they are still largely controlled through the Orion-Reptilian energies and presence. This event will do much to break open those who are the followers of the present government powers and authorities versus those who are working toward their own Ascension and are willing to open up their world to the presence of extraterrestrials beings who are also part of the universe, who are ready to assist and guide humanity forward at a very critical time.

    It is seen that the powers and energies of the Galactic Federation will continue to work toward First Contact in 2009. There is not seen a specific time frame, other than this event is still seen to be on the books at this time for 2008.

    Some Other Information About 2009

    (Ancient Civilizations to be Revealed)


    (Thank you very much) Are there any other areas that were not covered that should have been?


    It is seen that there will be revealed ancient civilizations. This is also part of the changing consciousness that will help humanity finally step out of the egocentric position it has been in for so long, that it is the only consciousness on this planet or in the universe. The two events: the extraterrestrial contact and the evidence of Atlantis and even Lemuria will help many see, those who do not already have the understanding of these two continents and the extraterrestrial connection, that we are not alone, that we are not the first. That is how it will be seen, and this will do much to shift consciousness.

    The Most Remarkable Thing About 2009

    What 2009 may be most remarkable for is the shifting of consciousness, the shifting of awareness away from an insulated and isolated consciousness to one that is expansive, that will embrace more than one small world, or one defined history, that will allow a shifting of perspective, that will allow an expansion of reality beyond the narrow limited borders that it is currently confined by. The box that so many live in will expand. In 2009, many will finally come out of the box.

    The year 2009 promises to be an exponential year. While this Awareness has been speaking and dealing with energies of the powers that be, of what their plans are, this Awareness wishes all to understand that one does not have to be privy to such plans or under the power of such plans. One can indeed start seeing that there are many other agencies and forces out there that have power, that are part of the destiny of this planet, and of the expansion of human consciousness.

    More Mummy Consciousness to be Released

    It is seen that there will be a further releasing of the consciousness of the mummies that this Awareness spoke of earlier this year. This expansion of the Ra consciousness of those who chose to be mummified so that their consciousness would be released in this year, 2009, will do much to expand consciousness on this planet. While this Awareness has spoken much of the plans of those agencies that have sought to control the destiny of this planet, to create an enslaved race, to kill off many individuals; that there are also energies that will help to expand consciousness and free individuals from that enslavement and expand the boxes that so many have been in for so long.

    Those who have already stepped out of their boxes will find that this is a year of marvelous opportunity, of joy and hope and happiness, for that which is available to them. It is not simply a year of doom and gloom. It is not to be simply a year of suffering, but rather a year to become aware of certain plans, to see through those plots, to understand that this also has been part of the plan to get humanity to this point where choices can be made, responsibility taken on to shift consciousness, to step beyond the confines of the realities defined for so long by those power agencies that would control and enforce and create a negative reality.

    2009 Is a Year to Look Forward To

    2009 brings the planet one year closer to that magical time of 2012, that ending of the present journey, and much will still occur on the planet that will help advance consciousness in the year 2009. It is an exciting year, one to be looked forward to, even if events around one seem to indicate that all is in collapse. This will be the challenge, not to believe this, but to act and believe otherwise, to experience the other reality, to look to other sources that will help to promote this expansion of awareness, this expansion in consciousness. It will indeed be a very interesting year indeed.

    CAC General Reading 11-17-08 (November 17, 2008)

    Will Berlinghof Interpreter, Joan Mills Energizer and Questioner ………….

    The Multidimensional Aspect is Opening Up Daily

    The multidimensional aspect is opening up on a daily basis. Many are starting to understand and appreciate their own multidimensional realities, their own multidimensional consciousness. New healing techniques are becoming available more and more that put the onus of healing back into the hands of the individual themselves so that they do not go looking outside of themselves to be cured and healed. There are agencies available to help the healing process. There are techniques available that will help the individual gain a greater understanding of their individual capacity to heal themselves, to even create a highly resistant immune system so that they will not become subject to the illnesses that this Awareness did speak of in the first part of Its 2009 forecast.

    When the Extraterrestrial Card is Played

    Such is available, such is part of the alternative reality that this Awareness wishes one and all to start looking into and start calling into their lives in this year 2009. Thus it is that if the extraterrestrial card is played, and it is intended that this will be manifest, that this will be the reality and truth for those who have opened their inner consciousness to a degree that they can participate in the alternative reality that will experience the arrival of the Galactic Federation. Then those beings who have arrived can do what they are really here to do, and that is to assist humanity in its growth and development into truly conscious and sentient beings of a high order, for it is not their purpose and goal to save humanity, to come in and rescue humanity, for this would just put another outside master on the pedestal and still keep the individual at that subservient level of reality, expecting the extraterrestrial beings to do it for them.

    This Awareness has spoken in the past that the extraterrestrial card will not be played until consciousness has reached such a stage of development that the higher developed conscious being will step forward into a greater role of responsibility, both for self as well as the collective. This remains so. It is why this Awareness is now speaking of this matter, and is suggesting that no announcement of the event will make it so, such as what happened on October 14th when the planned event of an extraterrestrial First Contact did not happen, but simply being open to and aware that when one is ready to take the greater responsibility to create the responsibility, this will open up the threshold of the event that will then allow an extraterrestrial First Contact to be experienced by those who have raised their consciousness to that level in 2009.

    Another Alternative Way to Avoid a Negative Reality

    This is but one alternative way to view the situation. Another alternative way is to understand that even though it was requested of this Awareness that It present the forecast of 2009, and It has done so, that it is still behooving the individuals themselves whether they wish to truly 100% believe that the forecasted possibilities will occur and they will then experience them in their own individual lives, or not. In other words, if the individual chooses to simply be aware of those possibilities but to energize from within that they choose rather to experience a reality where they will not be severely affected, even if those events occurred in their lives, that they will not be at the full measure of those events and if they are truly fully competent, that they will not even experience them at all, then this can indeed be the alternate reality………………..

    Probable Realities Occur When You Choose to Experience

    Thus it is that all roads are taken in every choice, but what is the determining factor is where you keep your focus. Choosing to experience the events that this Awareness forecasted, or that others are forecasting will indeed create those probable realities that would experience the results of those predicted forecast events or one could choose to focus on experiencing that which will not include those events, that will say that, “This is not my truth, not my reality!” In that choice, the alternative reality will be experienced. That will be the focus.

    Therefore, this Awareness is asking all to remember in a dualistic reality where there are always two choices, that both choices can be experienced. One can experience the light side and the dark side, but one can choose to be more focused in a line of consciousness along a probable line of reality. This may seem somewhat confusing, but this Awareness will indeed be prepared to discuss this matter further at a later stage. Mostly It wishes now to present that concept that the inner and the outer are part of the dualistic concept of reality and it is important not to just focus on outer reality and outer choices, but to remember how the inner world, the inner creative capacity can indeed create the outer world, and indeed does create the outer reality, and to start working more and playing more from the inside out.

    Dualistic Nature Allows You to Create in the Light or Dark

    This will help create the alternative reality that this Awareness spoke of. This Awareness also spoke at the very beginning of Its forecast, that this 2009 was a 2 Year. The 2 Year energies being such that it is starting to create substance, starting to create that manifestation of the 1 Year, 2008, and because of the dualistic nature of mankind, one can choose to create in the light or in the dark. To create in the light one must come from within and be more and more aware of how it is so that the reality one experiences is really created from within and projected outward, to be experienced as the reality that is outside of oneself.

    Coming: A True Experience of the Words of Awareness

    It is not projected from the outside inwardly, feeling that one must experience that outside reality with no recourse to affect it or change it. It is simply not that way. The two energies will be available to be played with in 2009 and one will start to see more and more how you can, as a Creator Being, affect your alternative reality, can create an alternative reality of experiences. Finally, this Awareness wishes to say that there will be, through the heightened consciousness that is already emerging, more energy available to effectively see the results of the creative energies that each and every individual holds, so it is not to simply be a bunch of fancy words that are expressed by this Awareness, but rather a true experiencing of the words of this Awareness.

    This experience will begin to create even greater understanding and power, the power to truly create the manifest reality that one understands and holds from within. This is the nature of the alternative forecast that this Awareness wished to talk about. Opening up to such events, as peace and tranquility and solutions will start to call those events into one’s life. To open up to guides coming from the multidimensional levels, extraterrestrial beings here to assist, as well as the other events that could happen to create such a positive hopeful planet, are all there to be participated in and called into one’s life in 2009.

    2009 Can Indeed Become a Magical Year

    It is this message that this Awareness wishes to leave the membership with. 2009 can indeed become a very magical year as individuals begins to see more and more how it is possible to create an alternative reality for themselves. By not choosing to totally give power to the outside world, the outside powers and authorities, by starting to take one’s own power, by starting to exhibit to oneself their capacity as a Creator Being, it will become easier and easier to step into that role, to share this knowledge and advice with others and to redefine and recreate one’s world………….

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