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    Master Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene
    9:9:9 The Fluid Love, Fluid Universe Activation & Air Gates 23 – 29
    Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
    Channelled on the Serena Alpaca Farm in Mooi River, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa on 9 September 2009
    Copyright Notice

    To find out more about Michelle Eloff and The Lightweaver, please visit http://www.thelightweaver.org

    To download the audio version of this channelling click here

    I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of joyousness, integration, realisation and observation of the light that exists within you. Greetings and welcome. Surprised I assume? (yes)

    It has been my task to hold these energies up until this point, and because it was my task to anchor the portal of light at which you are currently participating in, it is my call to service to communicate with you at this time.

    These energies that are being anchored today is expanding the Crystal Egg of Light in Cairo to embrace your entire planet. It is for this purpose that I come forward with my league of Solar Archangels accompanied by Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada and the Cosmic Grandmother. All the Cosmic Goddesses are present enveloping each of you in a powerful vibration of light, ensuring that that which comes to fore through your processes of realization can be rooted within the systems of light that exist within Mother Earth’s body.

    You have completed three very important cycles of nine. This completion is commanding that humanity come to the party (as you all say) and truly take on their power in a way that has not been taken on previously. There are dynamics at play that most of you are not aware of, these dynamics are revealing to you the next leg of your journey and how it is that you are to embrace the power of light that exists within you. Each step that you have taken that has brought you to this point has resulted in the unfolding of patterns that have either supported you, or debilitated you.

    In Jezebel’s most recent transmission she spoke of the time of facing the subconscious and this is where you are now, you are challenging yourself, you are turning to the darkness that is stored within the subconscious and you are coaxing it out into the consciousness for the purpose of being able to recognise the divine qualities of your electronic systems, which move through the electromagnetic field of your atomic structure.

    Each frequency emitted by you seeks out its equivalent, and merges with that equivalent. t empowers that energy, strengthens it and that is woven into the tapestry of Mother Earth’s body, into the etheric field of manifestation, and what you find yourself experiencing sometime down the line is that which you have invested your energy in. For most of you this is not anything new, it is in fact old news ,however it is vital that you understand that the basics of reconstructing the light within yourself is vitally important, and unless you remember the basics you will not be able to manifest the more advanced aspects of being a master alchemist.

    At this location we anchor the third Fire Temple of Goddess Alchemy of Quantum Tantra, and it is at this time that you come to recognise that the qualities of light that exist within the Goddess are as important as the qualities of light that exist within the God.

    I, Kuthumi, stand before you as the King of Love and Wisdom, the Solar Archangel of all Solar Archangels and I present to you a new way, a new pathway, an opportunity for you to direct your energy in a new direction.

    Much of humanity’s consciousness has been entrapped in the astral planes of the past paradigms. For the past two years all of you have been working very hard at recreating a dynamic of the ancient ways. When I speak of the ancient ways I speak of the origins in which light was utilised to perform alchemy, and in some cases what is considered magic. This is a very real part of your world, and it is time that you also recognise that you are a magician, you are an alchemist and when the human mind continues to haunt you with its past patterning you will find yourself experiencing great difficulty in manifesting the new world.

    As this portal closes the entry point to the astral plane of the old paradigm ,it opens a very powerful new system in which those who are ready will be able to create. The very first step that all of you need to take is the conscious decision to buy into that which is new and not that which is old, old in terms of your past paradigm, old in terms of the patterns that you have experienced within this lifetime.

    Your fate has shown you dimensions of life that exist in which pain and suffering are experienced, debilitation, denial and dysfunction. That however does not necessarily need to be the theme for the rest of your existence, and I say existence for a purpose, because the majority of humanity is purely existing.

    The time of participation is upon you, the time of conscious interaction with yourself and the aspects of that which hold life beyond the conscious mind is the turning point in your lives, therefore we activate the sacred codes of Goddess Alchemy in your sacral and heart chakras today ,and through the third Fire Temple of the Goddesses you will be transported into a new time and into a new place. This place will manifest its reality to you over the next twenty-seven months and will influence your life for the next twenty-seven years, if you choose to be around for that long that is, however for those of you who decide to go run around in the daisies on the other side while others are left up to their responsibilities in the material world you will guide those who are left behind, you will become the solar guides of the children that shall come of these Lightworkers and the children who are present, the children who have taken it upon themselves to spread their golden wings and allow the vibrations and emanations of the gems encrusted upon these wings to touch the consciousness of that which it comes into contact with.

    The world of poverty must now end, it will not end for the entire planet but it must now end for those of you who are vibrating at the octaves which the Mighty Elohim of Grace, Power, Truth and Divinity are extending to you. The advanced workings of Lightworkers has nothing to do with your level your intelligence, it has absolutely nothing to do with your gender, your race or your culture, but everything to do with the qualities of light and love existing within you.

    The wisdom that you have gained as a result of your fate up until this point are key elements that shall guide you through your future, therefore wise up everyone and use your wisdom instead of banging your head against the same brick wall, which shows you the same dysfunctional picture of your past. If you are going to insist on investing energy in the old paradigm ,well then, all I can say to you is expect what you have had in the past, however expecting the unexpected is the best way to move into your future now, and that which makes logical sense will make no sense in your future, for the logical mind is based upon the patternings of society’s projections and all of that which has been imprisoned within the cells of your body.

    Your ancestors are gathering with us now, each of them extending a ray of light to you granting permission for the slate of the ancestors to be wiped clean, for every programme that has come into you held within your cells, held within your DNA, the molecules and atoms of your physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual make-up to be rearranged.

    The process of rearrangement requires that you make choices in the moment commanding different outcomes, not necessarily predicting the outcome but expecting something different. This is the greatest challenge now for humanity; you have faced many changes and many challenges over the past years. This gateway of the triple nine (9:9:9) is showing you the cycles of the moon, the cycles of the mother and the cycles of the Goddess hold power and will take you into new systems of recreation, co-creation and individual creation in ways that have not been able to be created in the past.

    The reason for this is because there have been blockages, and are still blockages, that prevent you from stepping into that full power and light. The only reason why you have not been able to step into that full power and light is because of the intensity of that light – that light sheds light on everything, and quite frankly, there are aspects of your reality that many of you do not want to see, you do not want light shed upon it.

    As I stand before you, my Solar Team embraces you in the golden rays of the Emerald Mystery School activating the light of the Golden Temple Teachings inside of you. Those of you who are physically present upon this day, you are the keys to unlocking the next level of the Golden Temple Teachings, it does not matter what these teachings consist of ,for each of you are a light unto your own, you are a power within the greater power of Cosmic co-creation. Each of you hold a glyph of the Galactic Centre, which is being activated inside of you right how.

    Those of you who shall come to hear these words at a later time, you are the guardians of the core guardians, and it is your role to ensure that the light that comes through you is of a higher vibration. The way that this vibration will be projected through you is through the mental patterns of your intellect and your subconscious. This comes from every aspect of your life, therefore projecting your own shortcomings, self-doubt and insecurities onto others will not be tolerated in any form or fashion whatsoever, for that is projecting poverty consciousness.

    The world of poverty consciousness is no longer a reality in the world of the advanced initiates of the Pathway of the Authentic Ones ,and if you are choosing to embrace poverty be it in thought, be it in mind, body, spirit or emotion you are inhibiting your own journey. t is time to expand the mind beyond the boxes that the world has created, it is time for all of you to look at yourself and to acknowledge that poverty is purely a state of mind, regardless of what you physical reality shows you. If you are sitting with very little in the form of material possessions let that not be what measures your worth, let that which exists within your heart be that which shows you what your worth is all about. Let not the external projections of those who are suffering and who are in pain and who are experiencing limitation, inhibition and debilitation be the energies that determine the quality of energy that you experience on a daily basis.

    It is your role now to raise that vibration, to live your life in the centre of light so that that which comes at you holding the negative qualities is absorbed by the light and transmuted. If you are going to give into the manipulations of those projections, if you are going to fall prey to the limiting vocabulary of those of poverty consciousness you will bring your energy down, this will create dam walls which prevent the flow in your life.

    I bring this message with a powerful, powerful energy which I now feed out to all of you present and those who shall hear these words in the future. I ask you to open your heart, to open your sacral chakra and to receive these energies. I ask you to rise above the paradigm of the old world and allow yourself to swim within the pools of abundant light and abundance in all its forms containing the frequencies of light. Have empathy and compassion for your fellow Lightworkers, for your fellow brothers and sisters and those who do not understand the mechanisms of the other world, but do not sell your power to them through feeling sorry for them.

    The dynamics of what is coming is beyond your comprehension. We ask you now to trust that there is a power way beyond what you could ever imagine, way bigger than the human mind, the human form and the human ability in its current levels of consciousness to create. This energy merges with each of you and is brought to you by the Cosmic Grandmother. Lady Nada stands within the centre of this circle and she holds the keys of fluid wisdom, fluid love and the fluid understanding of the practice of unconditional love.

    When you buy into the fears of others you are placing conditions upon your own world, your personal ability to create, for in the pity of others your patterns of self-pity are triggered, your subconscious taps into the equivalent because you are having an emotional reaction to that which you are observing, that which you are hearing, therefore if you can listen and support, help and assist from a point of empathy without buying into the emotion of those who share with you, you will be able to draw the energies beyond the old world, however if you are going to be swayed by the issues of others, you trigger that pattern for yourself. So pay no attention to that which contains negativity, that which contains pain and suffering. I am not telling you to not love, support and help those in need, that is not my message, my message is not to buy into it and make it your issue.

    You are all now pushing the boundaries of poverty consciousness and victim consciousness and opening the vista to the grander worlds of co-creation and manifestation in ways that have not been experienced before. This requires a level of detachment from you, the detachment I speak of is the ability to be in your power, to stand in your light and honour what your journey is, honouring what you are creating and leading by example. That has always been my main message to all of you – lead by example. I repeat, if you buy into the sad sorry stories of others and make them your own you will fall, you will find yourself back in the old paradigm systems of patterns, and yes, you will have to climb the ladder all over again. It is time to present facts, to tell it like it is, there is no more time to paint pretty pictures around this pathway, either you want to change or you don’t, either you want something different or you don’t.

    Now take a deep breath in exhaling fully as I, Kuthumi, wrap my golden wings around you activating the 9:9:9 portal of new definitions of your divine destiny.

    Breathe the light of your power into your body, allow it to extend through all of your chakras, exhale, relax and release.

    Lord Arcturus makes his entrance as does Commander Ashtar, Lord Hilarion, the Solar Archangel Soltec, Lord Maitreya, Lord Melchizedek and my brother of light El Morya.

    They gather around us, me holding you in my wings. Lord Arcturus steps forward and he places his hands upon your head. The energies transmitted from his hands come from the infinite source of the Cosmic Grandmother united with the Galactic Centre, which taps into the infinite universal sources of all intelligence of higher wisdom, higher love and higher truth, and this flows into your brain, into every cell of your brain sending messages to the subconscious that the time has come for it to relinquish control to the light of the worlds that exist beyond that which it controls.

    Imagine these energies filtering through all the human filters that have been created by your subconscious. Imagine the higher wisdom of the Cosmic Grandmother filling your head, moving into the glands of your body filtering through every cell, every strand of DNA and as it enters the molecules of your body an explosion of light takes place, absorbing the information the Galactic Centre is releasing to you at this time coming forth from all the universal higher intelligences of love, truth, wisdom and creativity.

    Surrender to this, for this energy now creates an alteration of the systems that have broken cords, broken systems of communication that have inhibited the ability to communicate freely with the higher sources of higher intelligence, expanded wisdom and the grand knowledge of Father/Mother God.

    Lord Maitreya comes to stand behind you. He has an amethyst crystal which he very gently inserts into your etheric spine. It rotates, travelling up your spine until it penetrates the corpus collosum. This amethyst now becomes fluid and becomes one with the corpus collosum, emanating messages which Lord Maitreya has been holding for you, and this is absorbed into the molecular structure of your entire being.

    The fluid amethyst energy flows out of the molecules and into the atoms of you, and all around you, and the signal has been given that you as a being have chosen to step into the new way, the new paradigm, the new system in which Lightworkers are now required to work within in order to transcend the fate of the past and to fully embrace the levels of their destiny – they, and you, are now ready to take on.

    Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully as Commander Ashtar comes to stand in front of you, his great big eyes penetrating your soul. As he scans your soul he removes the fragmented aspects of the past, releasing them to the light, and the power of that which he is responsible for is released to you, but only the levels you are able to withstand, integrate and understand.

    Open your heart and your sacral chakra as these energies flow into you absorbing the density of the human patterns that you have been a part of, and relax.

    The almighty Archangel Metatron extends his wings. The Solar Archangels extend all their wings and you see their wings are almighty flames; these flames creating a ring of fire around you.

    Breathe this light in, feel these flames representing the fire of your power. The Air Gates oxygenating these flames, extending the power beyond what you have become accustomed to. Release it and allow it to move beyond the boundaries of your conscious mind and to burn through the veils your subconscious holds onto for dear life, and let it be.

    Take another deep breath in and as you exhale the Almighty Elohim of Grace, of expanded awareness and creation enter. The pulsations of their energies vibrate all around you sounding like the beating of a heart as it pounds against your body, massaging the cells of your body to release, to relinquish its control, its fear of the future, and I want you now inside of your body, inside of your mind to command that all the old be released, that every subconscious fear you have of the future be absorbed by the flames, those flames fuelled by the Air Gates so that its raging furnace incinerates every connection to those patterns.

    Now see those flames raging through you extending to your entire bloodline, burning through all the subconscious fears of the future.

    Surrender, let go and know that it is being done through your choice, through you surrendering to this time now, this opportunity to walk away from the final cycle of nine and to create three new cycles of nine that catapult you into a completely new lifetime, a reality so different from your past that at times you will have difficulty remembering it.

    Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada, Goddess Jezebel, Mother Mary, Guinevierre, Alchemaya and all the Sacred Fire Temple Goddesses now come to stand closely around you. As I step back they join hands. The light of the Cosmic Grandmother shines down upon all of you. Their hearts opening to you, their sacral chakras opening to you and the codes of the Holy Mother contained within the Holy Grail are released to you (only those which you are ready to integrate, align with and understand).

    The codes of the Cosmic Grandmother ask you to relinquish all control. It asks you to let go of your hold on the past and to trust in the support that comes from the higher realms.

    Surrender to this time of facing your subconscious, knowing that what shall be revealed to you is part of your past and not necessarily who you are now.

    Take a deep breath in, as you exhale completely open your heart and your sacral chakra to receive the energies pulsating from the Galactic Core. Accept them with gratitude and with grace.

    The Goddesses now begin to chant the ancient mantras of Goddess Alchemy. Each sound emitted from them readjusts the systems of electromagnetic energy, which affects your ability to receive transmissions telepathically. Now we activate the process of separating truth from illusion so that when your telepathic communication is taking place you can confidently ascertain what is coming from higher dimensions and what is simply a projection from the subconscious, trying to warn you not to go there, because “do you remember what happened in the past?” Delete it! It is obsolete and no longer any part of your reality. Hold this light, hold this truth and be at peace with it.

    I am now going to step into your body and activate the Solar Codes of the 9:9:9 energies. These are extending to the Crystal Heart of Cairo activating the preparation for the forty-eight flames that shall be anchored there in November ,preparing the energy grids for the activation of the Emerald Mystery School so that all the Golden Temple Teachings can be released to the world, to the Lightworkers who are ready to receive this, therefore I ask you to be gentle with yourself, to stand unconditionally trusting fully in the powers that are beyond your physical understanding. These powers will never harm you, these energies can only do good for that is what they were designed to do, therefore nothing sinister or malefic can penetrate it.

    You have earned your right to step into this level of power, and those of you who will make the choice, and who have made the choice to be present with me on Mt Sinai in November, you will receive a higher octave of this light and for the rest of your existence as a soul you will carry that Emerald in your heart, and it is through that Emerald that the core truths of Mother/Father God will flow and direct you.

    Before I fully anchor my energy inside of you you need to bear in mind your light quotient is increasing dramatically as a result of what we are doing with you today. This will attract more attention to you, the quality of attention cannot be always chosen for the darkness is attracted to the light, however you are strong enough within your own light to withstand those challenges. These challenges will come in the form of ones rejecting you, rejecting the information you present, challenging the structures that you have implemented for your personal life, your work, your spiritual journey. You will see it as resistance, attack and projection but you know what to do, I hope, if not then take the wax out of your ears and listen to what I said at the beginning of the transmission.

    This kind of attention cannot necessarily be avoided in the physical, material world, protecting yourself however is a completely different story and this is why I have been granted the permission to step into your bodies, projecting my energy and anchoring an aspect of Solar DNA inside of you. This solar strand keeps you connected to the central light of the heart of the Sun of the Galactic Centre. It is through that thread that you have a singular, clear hotline to God and Goddess. This thread bypasses the inhibiting impressions of the subconscious, you however will need to be alert and aware of yourself, conscious of your own reactions and actions in every aspect of life. Catching yourself before you fall into the old paradigm. Allow yourself the space to release and vent that negativity when required, but as I have always said let it be short lived, do not make it a hobby.

    The Goddesses now step backwards still chanting the mantras of Goddess Alchemy. Your body is lit up like a Christmas Tree, all the colours of the Universe flowing through you, little explosions of light happening everywhere where the new energy points are connected replacing the old connections. Energy is flowing and rushing through your chakras, the entire system of your chakras being recreated, taken beyond the levels that have been activated through the Fire Gates, and everything which the Goddesses have done with you until this point.

    I, Kuthumi, bring you the Staff of God to merge with the Staff of the Goddess. So now surrender yourself completely, be like a sponge, release your attachment to everything know and unknown, seen and unseen and just let it be.

    Very gently I pull you towards me, your energy becomes golden liquid light and our energies are one.

    The solar energy now rushes up and down your spine and will travel up and down nine hundred and ninety-nine times in total, each flow releasing a message to your chakras. These messages begin the new foundation.

    These energies now extend to the central point of the Crystal Heart in Cairo and nine hundred and ninety-nine Emerald Flames are activated there. These flames are extended out to Moscow and St Petersburg, to Turkey, to Brisbane, to Slovenia and one almighty flame containing all the qualities of all nine hundred and ninety-nine are anchored here at this geographic location. (Serena Alpaca Farm in Mooiriver, KZN, South Africa)

    Take a deep breath in, relaxing as the creatures you know as Alpacas open their hearts, and a powerful flow of fluid love is now projected towards you flowing into your heart chakra and extending out to your bloodline, and this brings a harmonious balance to every aspect of everything which makes up who you are, who you know yourself to be and the parts of yourself that you as yet have not encountered.

    Continue to breathe in deeply, exhaling fully as the nine hundred and ninety-nine pulsations of fluid love come from the Alpacas soothing the cells of your body, moving into the DNA, wrapping its light around all the traumatised aspects of yourself, flowing into all the traumatic memories held within your conscious and subconscious. This magnificent unconditional loving flow preparing you for the new way.

    Lady Nada comes to stand in front of the both of us standing as one light, one glowing golden orb of energy and she inserts the key to the future cycles to come. All of that which will influence you and your life for the next twenty-seven years, even the aspects of your life that you will have created which will continue after you leave, if that is your choice.

    The energies coming from the Alpacas now ignite a beautiful magenta flame inside of the emerald flame. Inside of the magenta flame a golden flame ignites. The golden flame expands until it embodies the emerald and magenta flames. This golden flame represents Goddess Alchemy as much as it represents God Alchemy.

    This flame continues to grow igniting the light and power of the Sacred Fire Temple of Goddess Alchemy being anchored at this location. As the roots of this temple penetrate Mother Earth’s body the energies are extended all the way to Brisbane, to Slovenia, all the way to Russia, moving to Turkey, to Cairo, to Johannesburg and back to this location.

    This has created a grid which will feed the co-creative powers contained within your sacral and heart chakra, and for the next sixteen months each of you will be taken into this temple where you will be personally trained by the Fire Goddesses to fully tap into your Goddess Alchemy, and to release it to the world in whichever form your destiny has determined for you, but because your destiny has determined it you will be completely at peace with it for destiny is totally different to fate.

    Take a deep breath in as I now begin to amplify the energies in my body, amplifying the energies in your body and I want you now to imagine yourself extending, expanding and growing. As my body grows we become bigger and bigger until we are a ninety-nine foot blazing Solar Archangelic being – you contained within me. These energies vibrating, extending the flames to your entire world, and as these flames blaze you feel the powerful winds of the Air Gates dancing amongst the flames, extending the flames, and as they dance together, flame and wind, it speaks to you, the flames dance in patterns that speak to you. Observe, look, see the beauty and the magnificence in the life-force contained within these elements.

    Another almighty being reveals itself to us, far grander, far bigger than you and I are right now. This being splits into two and you behold the Cosmic Parents.

    All there is is light, close your eyes, open your heart and breathe that in. They are calling to you to move into the higher octave worlds, to move beyond the old paradigm, and the Golden Egg of Christ which was anchored in Cairo two years ago now cracks open and a new level of the Christ is born – Christ Consciousness which you are receiving, the sacred blessings of a body of wisdom that shall expand beyond every barrier created by humans, by their minds, influenced specifically by fear. Every limitation, every inhibiting barrier is being removed in alignment with your level of awareness and in alignment with the levels of awareness of those who follow closely behind you. However, the levels of awareness will not be left at a lower level to support those who completely sleep, absolutely not, it is these higher octaves that must be anchored so that they can have light shed upon that which holds them in darkness.

    The energy is building in your head, it is building in your spine. The vibrations rushing through your spine are communicating to the future aspects of yourself, those future aspects are connecting transmitters to your present self. These are the aspects of your future that have lived by the principles that are being anchored now and has fully embodied those higher expressions of the higher mind, the higher intelligence and the higher qualities of unconditional and fluid love. Allow these in, if that is your choice.

    Imagine these threads through which the transmissions will flow strengthening, becoming like solid gold, yet fluid, and this is linked up to the Emerald Mystery School, to the Golden Temple Teachings, and the light that has now been birthed through the Golden Egg of the Christ extends all the way to the Galactic Core, bursts forth into life on another level and showers down upon you – golden stars falling all around you, becoming one with you.

    Breathe this light in and as you breathe you notice you are beginning to rise in love, rising like the phoenix from the ashes and your golden fire wings burst to life as I, Kuthumi, now gently remove my energy from you and you are hovering just beneath the Galactic Centre, your blazing wings of fire holding you there.

    As you are hovering between Heaven and Earth the Solar Archangels extend their love to you in acknowledgement of your choice to join them as a leader of the Solar Pathway of the Authentic Ones.

    You have received an initiation of light that now takes you to the next level of the Pathway of the Authentic Ones, and with your solar wings you now will be assisted, not only by your personal Solar Angel, but by the entire army of Solar Wisdom.

    Take another deep breath in and as you exhale gently bring yourself into the centre of the Fire Temple.

    Each of the Goddesses hand you a gemstone. The chanting of the mantras have ceased. The Air Gates are firmly activated within you, the chakras of your body scintillating with light, for the codes of those Air Gates are shining a new light on your pathway forward.

    All of the energies that you have experienced are flowing into Mother Earth’s body creating the same shifts, and the activation is done.

    It is time now to give thanks for that which has been activated for you and for the collective. Give thanks to all the beings who have been present and witnessed this almighty activation and solar initiation.

    Lady Nada assures you that the key is firmly held within your heart, and the Cosmic Grandmother extends her hand to you handing you a magnificent crystal.

    As the energies expand gently begin to draw your consciousness back into your physical body. Extending your energy into Mother Earth, grounding you and reconnecting you to your current timeline and to your life, but not necessarily as you knew it.

    Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, push the roots of your energy into Mother Earth ensuring you are fully grounded and back in your body.

    Beloved ones the after effects of these energies will stay with you for some weeks to come. Prepare yourself for very important changes, bear in mind however that the changes will not be the same for all of you. Some of you may experience your changes in your physical world, in the material world, for others it may be emotional, psychological, spiritual, mental. Do not place an expectation on how this change will come about. I do however assure you that these changes are the catalysts and driving forces that will move you into the new world so that you can extend your energy into the future tomorrows knowing full well what you are doing in the present moment.

    Those of you who did not listen to the transmission of Goddess Jezebel (Sacred Fire Temple Activation and Air Gates 16-22 – 07/09/09) I urge you to do this, in fact I urge you to go back to Mary Magdalene’s message of the “Change of the Guard” (Change of the Guard and Air Gates 9-15 – 01/09/09) for that prepares you and will give you greater insight as to what we have done today. The Change of the Guard and Jezebel’s message is all a part of this, use it, grow with it.

    The most pressing request that comes to each of you, the message, is that you rise above the old and under no circumstance do you buy into the poverty and victim consciousness of those around you, known and unknown, seen and unseen. This is the time to create new structures, the foundations solid gold – prosperity consciousness. The walls of the structure solid gold – prosperity consciousness, and everything inside of it filled with gold and all the sacred gems, the treasures of God and Goddess’ Kingdom.

    Set your boundaries in that sense, for the longer you give into the whims of others poverty the longer you will experience poverty, and the same applies to their victim consciousness, including your own. This is a dynamic, divine new start. You have been elevated from an aspect of your fate, this means divine destiny is a part of you more so now than it has ever been, therefore old behaviour will not work. I know I am repeating myself, but I am making sure you get the message.

    So it is then, beloved ones, that I say thank you to each of you for being present, it has been truly joyous and exhilarating to reconnect with each of you in this manner. I have had to be quiet for a very long time, but now on my return there is much to be done, the Goddesses will still hold their place, Mary Magdalene is working alongside me. There is a lot to be done and you are all a part of it, therefore you need to have your wits about you, you absolutely need to know who you are in order for us to anchor the Golden Temple Teachings, to expand the projects of light that have been activated, and for each of you to develop in your personal capacity, for each of you are universes on your own and you are required to go out there and touch other’s lives.

    This is the greatest project of collaboration ever to be anchored on Earth where Lightworkers in their numbers are coming together, not necessarily through the teachings of the Lightweaver, but everyone is joining hearts, and that is what is important, and if your light can extend to other groups of Lightworkers taking the messages that you have received which have enhanced your life then do it, spread the love, spread the light, weave it. You are all love and Lightweavers, own your position and go forth.

    I will continue to prepare your energies for the month of November at which time the third and fourth ascension wave comes. It is incredible that the energies have expanded to the degree that they have, which has enabled two ascension waves to be anchored at once and earlier than we originally anticipated.

    November holds the gateway to the Eleventh Dimension which will take you into the Twelfth Dimension at which time we are excited to say, the triple twelve code will be anchored. This grants all Lightworkers who are interested, who are ready and willing to move into the centre of the realms of the Twelfth Dimension, this means you will be living the energies of 2015 onwards and not 2009. Your energies and everything that you are aligned with surpasses those timelines, but in order to be able to manage those energies properly you need to apply the messages we have transmitted to you today.

    And so it is, precious ones, that we embrace you in the higher light of all that is of light, of love, of wisdom and truth. Know that there is not a moment that you walk alone for we are all one. The light that exists inside of you is the light that exists within all of creation. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know that we are always with you, in all ways.

    I am Kuthumi, King of Love and Wisdom, Lord of the Solar Archangels, may peace and grace guide you. Adonai.


    I am Mary Magdalene, greetings and welcome to each of you.

    I could not let Master Kuthumi get away with the stage all to himself. My presence is coming to bring you the energies of beauty, of sensuality and of the fluid creations that come through the Goddess.

    I bring each of you the blessing of this more serene frequency, which merges with the power of Master Kuthumi, and I am most delighted that he has announced his return and that he has announced our working together in bringing forth these extraordinary projects of light.

    As the Air Gates continue to anchor your fire will expand. The fire is the raw power of Spirit, which we spoke at length on in the Fire Gate activations. The Air Element of the Air Gates is rising and it is ensuring that you rise above the old way, it is the wind beneath your wings to take you into the higher part of your being.

    I would like to reiterate something that Kuthumi mentioned to you and that is the importance of knowing who you are in order to move forward on this pathway. Who better to trust than yourself when it comes to making important decisions, and when you know yourself you will be able to recognise old debilitating ways of reacting and own new ways of doing things. I assure you I will assist you.

    The Alpaca energies are still around you and I want you to take a moment to sit in stillness once I take my leave, for these energies will still you and calm the powerful vibrations that have come into your body. It will ground you and help you to better integrate them with ease and with joy.

    Thank you to all of you for making this such a special celebration and I look forward to the years that lie ahead of us, working together, creating magic and transcending the old worlds together, for we all grow together.

    I am Mary Magdalene and my love for you is deep. Thank you for your time. Au revoir.

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