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    I’ve recently discovered the writings of Lauren Gorgo, channel for Pleiadians et al, and I love it! Here’s her latest, posted today at spiritlibrary.com:

    Note: As an inter-dimensional channel, it is customary for me to be caught between worlds. My daily existence is a consortium of thoughts that include the wants/needs/desires of the collective (yes, that’s you) and the higher-dimensional (future-based) energies/voices of the ascended realms who bombard me with alternate & holographic reality structures to highlight the path to oneness. My j o b is to bridge this dimensional gap by decoding/deciphering/making sense of it all and translating these constructs into relatable, earth-bound concepts. But this is getting tricky.

    Since the solstice, most of the information I am receiving/perceiving is based in the new reality constructs since there is not much left to report on the old timeline, yet physically we have not all fully aligned/anchored in this new space yet, which creates a wide dimensional divide and in turn leaves me feeling j o b-less. Part of me wants to run to the new paradigm and play with our new toys, but another part of me feels drawn to stay connected to the physical until we all arrive there together… so at the request of many and until I figure out how all this works, I will continue to straddle the converging timelines until they eventually become one.
    Full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn
    I have one word for you:


    The full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn that we just experienced on July 6/7 was quite an extraordinary event and one that apparently activated some new genetic (masculine) codes for the balanced physical creation of our higher-dimensional intentions….and one we’re still reeling from. ouch.

    I don’t know about you, but on Sunday, July 5th…right around sunset…I was sitting on the bay at this great lobster shack in Rhode Island when the bottom suddenly fell out of me. I definitely did not overexert myself or spend too much time in the sun that day, so I knew something big was up and I knew I needed food to ground or I was seriously going to be swimming with the proverbial fishes.

    Mere seconds before collapsing face-first in a razor-sharp bowl of steamers, I started to regain consciousness and realized that this event was much larger than I had naively anticipated. Unfortunately, whenever I am in public I close up my energy field for protection so if any of my guides were alerting me to danger…I was most definitely ignoring it.

    What happened?

    Apparently this full moon event was the equally-as-impacting follow-up to the solstice celebration which is re-setting or clearing the old paradigm use and abuse of masculine energy ..aka, we’re spinning off lots of distorted man-made debris in our lower 3 chakras which is SLOWLY allowing us to fully ground into our bodies.

    What’s interesting is that prior to the weekend I was receiving signals/info about this Cancer/Capricorn event as being the quintessential merging of astrological archetypal opposites but I credulously passed it off as a personal message… in retrospect, I am now realizing that what I was being told is certainly relevant for all of humanity.

    What I was hearing was that this lunar eclipse was providing humanity with an exceptional opportunity to connect with the cosmos in a rare and sacred way to allow higher frequencies of divine love to bathe the distorted masculine expressions of energy (sexual/creative, power/dominance, security/greed)….those very energies that are responsible for the physical creation of our material lives.

    You may have felt the intensity of this expressing through you in uncomfortable ways (ie. spaced-out/ungrounded/dizzy/aggressive/irritable/nauseous/headaches/anxious/weak/fatigued/bloated/etc.)….in fact, even my very stereotypically Capricorn partner who is usually very mild-mannered/laid back/centered/extremely grounded was unrecognizable in his behavior on the day of the full moon. It was as if he had been possessed by some tyrannical, aggressive, raging radical beast who was on the prowl for any argument he could summons. He even openly stated that he was, in fact, “looking for opposition”. yikes.

    What was strange was that I felt EXACTLY the opposite which is so unusual for me because I am generally the aforementioned beast waiting impatiently for something to trip my switch. The point is, I could definitely feel a confirming reversal in energy which led me to personally witness the not-so-subtle transmutation of the divine masculine, but it also opened a space in my heart to hold extra love for all our men out there who are releasing this repressed energy and may be confused about their seemingly uncontrollable and over the top behavior.

    What’s also interesting is that this Capricorn (masculine)/Cancer (feminine) full moon/lunar eclipse represented the sacred marriage/union of the archetypal divine father and divine mother…the symbolic representation of the merging of Heaven & Earth/Spirit & Matter…and the balanced energies of co-creation.

    So yes, if you needed validation to confirm the intensity of this weekend, I can assure you that it was another biggy. In fact, if you are a follower of crop circles you may know that there was great indication of the enormity of this event symbolized in recent crop images and even in scientific communities when an unexpected and apparently “the most active sunspot of the year” was reported on July3d/4th on spaceweather.com.

    As our lower energy centers balance out and expand, indeed we will notice more physical manifestations of our higher intentions…in fact, some of these synchronicities are already forming based on passing thoughts or a simple focus of concentrated energy. Since energy follows focus, you may also be noticing the increased intensity of your attention on sensation… for example, your healing powers may be revving up and if you focus on an area of your body you may be able to really feel the heightened power of your intention in a very physical way…more so than ever.

    What’s to come?

    Universally speaking, July is a numerological 9 month, a month of completions/new connections and on July 21/22 we will be smack dab in the middle of a super-charged eclipse sandwich which will include the solar eclipse/new moon in cancer and culminate with another lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 6th. (And lets not forget that little lion’s gate opening on July 23d that will most probably pack a punch as it catapults us forward into bold Leo action)

    Apparently lunar eclipses activate new codes in our emotional bodies, and solar eclipses activate new codes in our physical bodies…combined, these 2 transformations are precipitating a whole new level of awareness and creation that will take us far beyond anything we have ever known.

    The completions that we successfully let go of this month will create freedom from the dross as we become deeply connected to our power to create our realities despite the external circumstances that surround us. Regardless of the timeline your soul is following, this eclipse period marks the central navigation portal that all must traverse in order to arrive safely in the new earth.

    Eclipses generally serve to create the course corrections and shake-ups necessary to get all of us working toward a common goal and connected to our authentic selves so that we can each contribute the whole of who we are to the collective energy of the one.

    No doubt we are still physically anchoring in…the old ways don’t really work here and the new ways don’t either…we’re tired, bored, frustrated, our bodies still hurt, we may even feel abandoned, betrayed & left for dead, and we desperately want to move forward into something…hell, ANYthing that feels good… but the good in all of this preparation and waiting for others to choose has created an unshakable resolve where we are not about to let anything take us back to any of those old issues that have previously kept us bound.

    We have worked tirelessly to move our dense energy forward and past the goo to enter into a brand new existence and way of being where our purpose, passion and potential can finally make a difference.

    And this is exactly what these major gateways are providing for each of us: the solstice energy served to fully anchor the new-human template (divine blueprint) by which we will now operate and the eclipses are providing the impetus necessary to activate it. Once fully activated, these templates will provide us not only with our well-earned gifts of co-creation, but with the ability to finally restore our health and vitality so that we can actually enjoy them.

    Up and down and around we go….

    Keep on keepin’ on!


    Very interesting, I feel the same thing.
    Anchoring these dimensions in this reality is essential to change this planet for real not in an illusion.

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