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    July 20, 2009

    To My Spirit Family:

    As you already know, we sit poised on the potential of a massive shift in consciousness for humanity. Many prophecies from various cultures have foretold of this shift, yet none of them define the outcome. We are in unchartered territory and are, at this moment, creating what this shift shall look like.

    Were you to compare where we are timewise with a marathon, you would see we are ‘hitting the wall’. This is a runner’s term indicating a particular moment (around the twenty or twenty one mile mark of a twenty six mile race) where the lactic acid has built up in one’s muscles to such a degree that nearly every stride is excruciatingly painful, where the body is so fatigued and the emotional stress so severe, that every single cell screams “What were you thinking? There’s no way I can finish this race!”

    There’s nothing like a bit of stress to help you really get focused on what’s important, is there? And, stressed we are – to the max, on every level of our lives. The rise in vibratory frequencies upon the planet is forcing everything to the surface that would stand in the way of love. Lightworkers are not exempt from this cleansing.

    The Vedic and Hopi writings describe the 2012 period of time as the closing of a World Age; a 26,500 + /- year cycle in which souls have the opportunity to master a particular part of themselves and prepare to rise to the next vibratory level of existence. And, with time compressing as it is, this year is drawing nigh very swiftly.

    We are all familiar with past World Ages that did not fare so terribly well for those evolving in the third dimension; where those involved were steeped in war, survival and fear to such a degree that they ultimately succumbed to massive physical destruction when the Earth passed through the belts of energy during these intergalactic alignments. Either by natural or man-made disasters, very few souls ‘graduated’ to the fourth dimension and the majority were held back in their education so they could once again have the opportunity to know Oneness and Love as their true identity.

    Many beings from other dimensions and from all over the galaxy determined to serve those evolving on Earth to ensure their graduation this time. A goodly number actually incarnated into this dimension (though they were not required to) so they could physically act as a conduit to bring in the higher frequencies of love. In passing through the veil of forgetfulness, they knew there was the possibility of becoming enmeshed in the illusion, forgetting who and what they truly are, and of re-creating the karmic cycle for their own soul.

    The polarities of the illusion seem extreme right now, and with the ceaseless broadcasting of fear, it would be easy to believe there’s no possibility of a happy ending. In spite of the fact that we have already achieved quantum leaps in growth, so many lightworkers have grown disheartened as their own life experiences have brought challenges to the surface that may impede love. Remember, even if you are an attending angel, it doesn’t mean your life is free from the evolution necessary to make this shift.

    During the Convergence and the Concordance, as souls, we all agreed to graduate to the next dimension together – no souls left behind or held back, as it were. And since that time, a tremendous amount has been achieved toward that goal. But there’s still more to do and all the efforts that are being made are being magnified by our unseen helpers in awesome ways.

    Do you understand why Twin Flames play such an integral role in this shift? Because only they have the ability to connect to the Ongoing Moment of Creation and magnify the love that already exists in its purest form, then utilize their own human heart field as a conduit for broadcasting that love to the entire planet. There is no more powerful vehicle to achieve this!

    The Twin Flame Heart Womb is the Arc, the interdimensional gateway that bridges the human heart field and the Real. The heart exists within a torroidal field – a spinning, multidirectional energetic field that looks like a doughnut. All life forms consist of multiple torroidal fields nested one within another. Communication (transfer of information) between these fields is directed by consciousness through standing wave forms called scalar waves. So, when Twin Flames connect through the inner heart to the Ongoing Moment of Creation, they have the ability to then draw this field of information into their physical heart field and emanate it to every other torroidal field in the dimension where the consciousness directs it.

    The pure light drawn from the higher dimensions of reality across the bridge of the Twin Flame Arc can be used to re-attune every single electron to its true nature. Everything is created from Love – the only begotton of the Mother/Father God. Coalesced into form, its vibratory quality is altered by the consciousness that directs it. Nonetheless, it retains the blueprint of its pure and highest vibratory quality. When one delivers the pure light of Love through their Twin Flame Heart, Love recognizes itself and the higher vibration entrains the lower one. This is how Twin Flames serve to love humanity free from the illusion of duality. You came here to love everything and everyone free of the illusion. To love the shadows as well as the light – for they are made of the same thing!

    The massive influx of higher vibrations from cosmic sources that have relentlessly infiltrated our earth and influenced our four lower bodies, are growing even more intense in nature as the frequencies are rising.This is in Divine Order. During the recent summer solstice, all life evolving here experienced a shift in vibration which activated encoded DNA/RNA memories regarding the Twin Flame and the internal balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

    On Wednesday of this week (July 22), a very powerful new moon solar eclipse will open a gateway of energy that will help all humanity receive the strongest frequencies of fifth dimensional solar light we can tolerate.This is an important impulse of transformational energy for humanity – one that initiates our shift from carbon based human beings to crystalline based solar light beings. This wave of cosmic energy will greatly magnify our co-creative abilities in patterning our desired perfection for both our bodies and the new earth. Of course, that means our thoughts and feelings will be magnified and will manifest more quickly — SO IT WOULD BE WISE TO BE FAITHFULLY MINDFUL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS!

    The upcoming influx of light anticipated the week of August 15-20 will deliver an unparalleled flood of light. It’s tremendously exciting to watch the universe conspiring to help us magnify the love upon this precious planet.

    You wouldn’t be reading this newsletter if you weren’t one who had already heard the clarion call for the return home. May I quote Neil Diamond in saying “Turn on your heart light” in this final stretch of the marathon.Let the chorus to that song become your mantra. The most important and valuable thing you can do while the illusion swirls around you at this time is to Be a Beacon of Love and Joy at all times, emanating the truth of Love to everything your consciousness can include. With our eye held single to that truth, we can offer the greatest possible service to All That Is.

    When you rise each morning, ask yourself how much Love can you give today, then turn on your heart light and let it shine wherever you go.

    My heart is filled with such gratitude for each of you and the love you bring to this blessed earth and all life evolving upon it. Thank you for ‘dropping in’ and making a difference. You are held eternally in the infinite ocean of limitless love.

    Angelina Heart

    http://www.angelina heart.com


    Turn On Your Heartlight

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