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    Hey all,

    I haven’t had much time to do public animal telepathy now for quite a while, but I figured some people may like to read what I used to do years ago on Book-of-THoTH.com. Even if one is not interested in animal telepathy, there is a plethora of info on other interesting subjects over there to read and immerse yourself in!


    Animal Telepathy Thread #1:


    As you read through, each thread has a link to the next. There are, I believe 6 threads total and one where I ask if people want to try to talk to my animals. It was a lot of fun and I think we all learned a lot about animal telepathy from this. 😀

    You’ll soon notice that I am certainly off quite a bit. Especially when it comes to physical details like colour. Sometimes I wonder if I am really seeing things in a remote viewing way combined with messages from the animals. I’m receiving images, feelings, perceptions which I turn into words and phrases as if they are talking to me so it’s like a translation from one language to another. Lots of fun, but take it with a grain of salt. 😉

    Now, my animal telepathy is down to a few close friends and family. Some of them pay me and some of them don’t! I generally say that if they have received enough value from the “reading” where they feel they want to pay me for my time then great! If not, no worries… 😀

    I “spoke” to 5 racehorses this morning so it got me thinking that I should share these old threads (started this online in 2005) with my Comm-Unity of Light friends!

    Also, I wrote an article on animal telepathy that will be published in the Book of THoTH – Wisdom of the Ages book coming soon. Here’s a link to that: http://www.book-of-thoth.com/article_submit/paranormal/esp-telepathy/learn-to-communicate-telepathically-with-your-animal-friends.html I wrote it several years ago…and should do some edits, however you can get the gist of what I do when I communicate and hopefully it will have you looking at your animal friends a little differently!





    It’s so cool to learn this about you, Annu! I, too, have a special gift for communicating with animals – a ‘whisperer’, I guess. Only there’s no whispering involved… 😛

    It’s just always been that way for me and animals seem to know that I am open to their communication, like they seek me out and are drawn to me. There is no outward communication, I can just pick up on their vibe – even when they are not around. All I have to do is hone in on them. I’m able to do this with people, but to a lesser degree. Personally, I’d rather ‘read’ and animal than a person. I don’t try to read people, but sometimes it just happens out of the blue and I’ll suddenly have a telepathic thought or remote vision.

    When I’m outside in my gardens, most times I am visited by many winged friends – birds, butterflies, dragon flies, bees, etc. I invite them and they come. And I call upon nature’s pesticide – geckos – to inhabit my lush gardens to keep them clean and healthy. I speak to them mentally (telepathically)- and they don’t even need to be near me – and they respond. It not about words, it’s intention wrapped up in emotion focused upon a subject which, when ’emitted’ creates a resonance, a frequency, a vibration, that the subject picks up on, translates and responds.

    I also ‘communicate’ with trees and plants. Communicate is not really the right word. Basically, I can feel their distinct energies and interact with them energetically. They come across like a mix of emotion and personality. Trees have incredible energy, like old souls, guardian sages. I can’t help but compare them to the Ents in Lord of the Rings. I can see their giant auras, extending far beyond their physical dimensions.

    I also had a very profound experience with the healing of my dog, Logan. At 11, he’s an old man now. But when he was just 5 months old, he contracted parvo and very nearly died. His brother, Max, did die. To make matters worse, I had to leave on a week-long business trip right after he got ill. Even though he was very young, our bond was great and I could feel what he was going through – thousands of miles away. It was heart wrenching.

    I flew home and when I got in the house, I threw down my bags and immediately went to the laundry room where he lay. The room smelled of death. Logan lay in a heap, but at the sight of me he struggled to a sitting position. I kneeled on the floor, wrapped him in my arms and we sat there motionless for some time in silence, unmoving in our embrace. I could feel the soothing, healing energy passing through us.

    That night, I brought Logan into our bedroom and lay him on a pillow next to our bed. During the night, I felt a ‘thump’ – Logan had jumped on the bed! He recovered rapidly and completely. Our bond was made even stronger. Both he and I remember this well.

    At the time, over 10 years ago, I wouldn’t allow my mind to believe that a spiritual healing had occurred, although my heart screamed for me to listen. A lot has happened (before and since) that finally quieted my mind and opened my heart to these possibilities, these personal truths.

    I don’t even question it anymore. I know that it is so.



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