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    Ashtar SPECIAL MESSAGE: Decloakings are Seconds Away!
    Posted by admin On October – 28 – 2009

    Greetings, This is Ashtar. One of these days soon there will be mass declaokings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously.
    New developments recently have made this possible.
    When this takes place, you will know arrests have taken place. We cannot make the Galactic presence known on a worldwide scale until everyone is safe from any threat of danger, including world leaders, news media, and military officials. Many in the news media are prepared with specials already crafted that they will launch which will explain what mass decloakings means. When Ted Kennedy passed, there were several video tributes ready to go. This will be the case for mass decloakings.
    It will not be a surprise for the news media. KOS has talked to news media all over the world. Those news media who are penciled in for removal, already know they are leaving. Motherships, as you have already seen in China and Moscow film footage, will decloak in over 120 countries all at once. This will happen in different time zones, in day and at night. It will happen for millions of people at once. There will be film footage shot in all of these countries. This will go out over the internet as it is happening. YouTube and Servers will be supported by our technology during this time. Not only will there be Motherships in a large number of places, but millions of smaller ships will fill the skies in a shock and awe experience. ALL of these will have their lights on. Some will show in their Higher Dimensional forms as Light Ships and some will show up as metal discs. Some will show as a display of lights.
    There is an elaborate plan in place for this.
    Almost everyone who sees the mass decloakings, anywhere on Earth will be completely filled with universal love. It will be so moving that no one will miss the meaning. No one will be questioning if this is Our Family. Children especially, will be interested in knowing what is going on. They will help the older crowd assimilate the news. Everyone will instinctually be aware that this is something they have waited for a very long time. There will be a raising of energy frequency when this happens. When the arrests happen, it will remove in one large action, a great deal of negativity from Earth. All programs in place to intimidate with fear will, in a blink of an eye, be wiped away. The change will be palpable. Immediately, those prepared to take their places will be put into place. They are waiting for a signal. The news reporting of mass decloakings will speak of the event from a place of TRUTH. They will also be commentating on recent arrests and explaining how the decloakings effect everything. There is no part of this scenario that will be a surprise to tv, radio and newspapers around the globe. There will be a mass dissemination of Truth following mass declaokings.
    This is what is meant when we say there is an incremental increase of consciousness for everyone on Earth. This will be a half step increase, a significant rise in intelligence as well as heart opening, together. The heart mind will work more effectively at once. This allows each person to fairly decide for themselves, through their own Guidance, what is taking place, and how they feel about it. The rigid religious types, of all religions, in all countries, will be surprised at how easily they accept the new information. They will be able to see how it fits into the story they now believe, an expanded view of their story, an expanded view of what they believe.
    There will be great relief from worry. This will happen as a result of an increase in heart awareness. Egos will shrink and have less power over the individual. This will quiet the mind chatter. The local mind will reconnect with universal mind and memories of the Truth will pour in. With the criminals removed from the public, with the news broadcasting
    truth, there will be an almost overnight shift in the fear powered senseless actions controlling the world at the moment of this transmission. The old timeline is, in simple terms, GONE. Nothing can change that and the result is about to be witnessed by all.
    When the news media stop reporting lies about the need for war conflicts, and the hearts and minds of all on Earth increase a half step, the result is a swift end to war and a break out of World Peace. The radio broadcasts of hate will be replaced by beautiful music and people will be in the mood to sway to the music. Everything will suddenly “make sense”.
    All the bankers who have been running their bankrupt empires into the ground will be removed, all the corrupt attorneys and law officials as well as all corrupt doctors-gone, arrested and taken away. Stock Brokerages in New York, London, and Japan, as well as those all over the World, will see an end to the corruption as all of the deal makers who are criminals will be arrested and gone. Stocks will be frozen as things are worked out.
    Decloakings will be massive and happen for a sustained amount of time. Those awoken from sleep, due to bright lights in the sky, will not fear they are dreaming. This is not something that will be mistaken for a strange weather pattern.
    In the American government, the government officials who are not telling the truth, and stealing funds as well as manipulating the system for their own gain, will be arrested and gone. There will only be a shadow government as things are worked out. The increase in love and understanding will have people celebrating the changes, instead of fearful.
    There will be a striking and sudden lack of worry among all people everywhere. The jobless, homeless, sick and hungry, will suddenly feel good again. The almost instant remittance of fear will have a profound effect on the Earth. Imagine a World suddenly with nothing to worry about? The initial good cheer just after arrests and mass decloakings will shortly change to endless questions from all, about what is next?
    The answer for what is next, is the Announcement that we have been under NESARA Law since October 1, 2008. There will be a great deal of education placed over the news media of what that means, but it will come directly form the Galactics, in every language, over the Earth, to all people who receive tv, radio or newspapers. People will feel a need to be at home and rest and absorb the news. There will be no urge to be out and about. Not at first. It will be a lot to take in. We of the Galactic Federation have been working on this with the other Star Nations in this Universe to present it to you in the most compassionate and loving way possible. We have worked a long time to formulate a plan that is the most fair to all involved. There will be much support in the changes times. No one will be left out. Be in joy with us, as the changes are seconds away.
    PEACE. Ashtar.


    I don’t know about the rest of you but these messages, along with the stuff David Wilock is saying in regards to disclosure as well as the channelings by Mike Quinsey as of late, all of that information put together just gives me such a good feeling of hope. This isn’t like the blossom message with a specific date, although I did see someone post an actual date on another forum. I’m definitely not concentrating on a date this time. All I know is that something good is brewing in regards to disclosure and it makes me feel wonderful about the idea.

    This particular message above is very inspiring and makes me think “i wish”. Hopefully many others like me are reading it and wishing with me at the same time.

    Can’t wait for the curtain to come down and watch the reaction on peoples faces 🙂

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