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    APRIL 18th ..

    If I didn’t laugh I’d cry!! I have just spent the last 40 minutes channelling and was in full throttle … my fingers were going so fast they pressed something they shouldnt have, and a new document came up … in my haste I pressed ‘yes’ to save instead of ‘no’. and lost the lot!!! I have tried all I know , even system restore, but it cannot be retrieved. So … I must go with ‘All is as should be’ and assume it wasn’t meant to be. I have been in bed for three days … completely wiped out with some virus and in all honesty I was being a little low key , so maybe thats why. Or maybe … I just pressed a wrong button and lost it! Either way, I am afraid I do not have the energy or enthusiasm to start again, but I will give it another go tomorrow! I release my frustration with ease and grace!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just needed to come back to add that I feel something must be going on. I don’t know about any body else but my heart is vibrating BIG TIME!!! Really BIG TIME. Feels like I am about to go on stage and dont know my lines!!!!!!! (that’s only ever happenned in dreams by the way!) Hang on to your hats .


    Oh my I feel bad for her. xDD I guess everyone who has ever had anything to do with PCs knows how that feels. 😆
    Poor blossom, I hope she’s overcome the frustration. Maybe that was only meant to be for her “ears”. ^^

    Edit: In fact, my hard drive complete broke 1 or 2 days before I was going to make a backup. Some 3-4 days ago. I lost a lot of data, sadly more than just one text I wrote. Nothing of EXTREME importance, but of mediocre-high. It sucks …
    I am writing this on a PC with a totally new hard drive. My thoughts are with Blossom. 😆


    I’ve done this before, too. Sister, if you can hear me, I feel your pain.


    …here is her message for the 19th…

    …it more than makes up for the last !…


    15. April 19th.

    Well, here I am again chaps … not to be deterred. My friends, I have
    to go back to what I was speaking of with this feeling yesterday …
    as the feeling continues. But even stronger. It is this feeling in the
    heart as if it is going to explode. If one didn’t know better they
    would describe it as an anxious feeling, and I have also received mail
    from others saying they are experiencing the same. I am aware from times
    gone by that it is an energy shift `on the up’ … but are
    you able to explain it a little more please?

    Is it not from your heart that we are asking you to come from at all
    times in these days as opposed to your head space? Your area in the
    heart … which is the best place to explain where your soul can be
    contacted … is simply ascending into the purer vibration.

    Yes, but why then this feeling of anxiousness … sort of?

    Because there is an expectancy from the mind that expects that feeling
    within the heart to `feel’ that way. It is merely past
    expectation and the familiarity of what you think is happening that is
    causing the `stress’ factor.

    Erm … not sure if that makes sense to me … or indeed anyone
    else. Some say it is because maybe you are drawing closer to us. It
    struck me today that perhaps … if we are on the up … that we are
    drawing closer to you.

    Or perhaps we are going to meet somewhere in the middle!

    I was speaking to you yesterday about not always feeling this great joy
    that you talk about. That sometimes I feel my soul crying out to
    `return home’ … which doesn’t really seem fitting as
    surely, as we rise I should be full of `joie de vivre’ but in
    all Truth that is not always the case, and I get a little despondent to
    say the least about being on this planet. My enthusiasm seems to have
    flown out the window at times.. It was whilst you were beginning to
    explain that I lost the text. Are you able to re instate that of which
    you were saying … please? And if I lose this I will KNOW it is not
    meant to be!!

    Dearest Lady. We shall do our very best to explain what is taking
    place. It is not for you to feel guilty regarding the lower vibration
    you think you are swimming in. You feel this desire to come home and we
    say to you that there is reasoning that this is taking place for you.
    You see, the nearer you draw to your True home the stronger the desire
    to get there. The calling that you say you are giving to home is simply
    the knowing that it is indeed much closer to you than ever before and
    you can `sense’ its vibration. So do not condemn this feeling.
    We would say it is understandable. You have merely misinterpreted it.

    Oh good, because it’s not that I want to cop out of my reason for
    being here, it’s just sometimes the calling from my heart is so
    strong. It is like it is coming from my soul, not my thought.

    That’s because that IS where it is coming from. Your Truth. You see
    dearest Blossom, you are beginning to interpret your soul now, and let
    go off the head space and confusion it brings. That which we have been
    asking those of you in human form to do, many of you are doing.

    We would wish to change the subject now, if you are agreeable with


    In the minor scheme of things, one could assess that little changes are
    occurring at a pace that is suitable for many to `feel’
    comfortable with. And yet, are not many of you feeling that because of
    these minor changes, something BIG is afoot?

    Well, many are feeling as if there is a build up taking place , which is
    preparing us for something much bigger than that which is happening now.
    And I have to say, this feeling, be it anxious, exploding, Loving, HUGE,
    whatever it is, tends to make me feel that way. Again it is not a hope;
    it is like a Knowing that something is going on. That is what people are
    saying `Something is going on’.

    And they are correct. They are allowing their soul to speak to them.
    Many are HAVING to sleep, when they wouldn’t usually sleep, because
    we are working with them and finalising data collected, and confirming
    strategies that are to be put into place with those of you on the earth
    plane that already have their position in place and are awaiting the

    I know what you are saying. Truly I have felt of all of this for so
    long, yet at the same time, it all sound s like the next sci-fi movie. I
    mean that with respect … but we get `fed’ this info and we
    continue to Trust and through that Trusting we carry on Trusting because
    we are told to keep Trusting … so we keep Trusting … and …
    you get my point … I know you do!

    We `get’ many points dear lady. Yet, what can we say to ask you
    to carry on Trusting?

    Not a lot really. You ask … and we do. As I say, it is beyond a
    hoping inside of us. It is much deeper than that. This KNOWING that
    millions of us have , makes me KNOW that this is indeed not a movie. And
    yet when whatever it is takes place … I have this feeling that it will
    all seem very unreal.

    How we wish we could dissolve your feelings of unworthiness.

    Eh … that’s a bit left field, where did that come from?

    From our Truth.

    But I have come to the understanding that we are all worthy. We are here
    to do the job we came down to do. We would not be here otherwise. I KNOW
    THIS. Even though I am not exactly sure what the job is.

    There you see? You have hit the nail on the head. When it comes time to
    do what you came here to do , it will not seem unreal. It will not seem
    like a movie. It will seem like you are fulfilling your soul’s
    purpose. So many of you now are feeling such a strong need for our
    presence. Not because you are expecting us to change the world for you,
    but because you are aware that the waiting game you have been living in
    is reaching its `get ready … go’ stage. This is why so many
    of you have this anxious, bursting feeling. You are preparing for what
    you came here to do.

    And all we can do is wait. I know of people like myself, who are feeling
    this lack of enthusiasm. The world seems full of people that are
    oblivious to serving. I know so many that are eager to serve,( because
    they contact me because I contact you)and yet, to so many, the world
    wakes up every day, goes to sleep every night and so it continues. This
    plodding on … that so many souls do … well, should it be that
    you decide to display who you Truly are to us, then these souls are
    going to simply `pass out’ with the shock. I think many of us
    are feeling, `Let’s see. Let’s see what happens. Give it a

    And you see, as I write that, I am becoming really emotional. Is it that
    I just want a change of scenery? Or is it, that this overwhelming
    feeling inside of me is yearning to get on with the tasks I came here to
    perform. This feeling is SO SO longing … that’s it really ….
    A longing. That’s the only way I can try and express what is going
    on within side of me. And yet we wait and we wait, and we have moments
    of questioning … and then we wait some more.

    Please know dear friends I am not having a pop at you! I am simply
    trying to help you understand what is taking place for so many of us
    down here. I know for certain I am not alone in the way I feel. I just
    know that. Yet I would not assume to speak for everyone of course, that
    is not my place.

    Oh dearest soul. We thank you for your concern and for your honesty. We
    cannot fully comprehend your plight (?) And yet we are picking up on the
    nervous system, via your confidante that acts as `you’ for us.

    (EDWINA … (Snapshot))

    It indeed is a strange sensation and we would say not particularly
    pleasant. It is of interest however. We immediately say to you
    `channel it’. Channel that energy into its correct form.
    Recognise it. Adjust that feeling you are expressing and watch it turn
    into the pink energy that we have spoken to you of in the past days.
    Convert that energy that is reaching you, into the form it needs to be
    within and around you. It is a Higher energy and you are not used to it.
    It comes in its original format and it is for each of you to transpose
    it into a system that is compatible with your human form. i.e. ….
    Colour vibration. The colour it comes through in/on is the pink. We
    spoke before about the bright iridescent pink. Feel that in your heart
    place, and then settle it down to the pastel pink that you know of. Once
    it has settled then at your own discretion as the day’s move forward
    `turn up’ the tone of that colour … at your own pace. You
    see dearest lady; we are able to merge into this vibration easily as we
    are `above’ it in many aspects. To `tone down’ is easier
    than to tone up. You all, in your human form must learn to control these
    changes within to suit you as individuals. Think of it as a dial …
    perhaps a thermostat, and regulate your own temperature. We simply
    cannot do this for each individual, because each individual is at a
    different level with in this new vibration. And to complicate matters
    even more, the newer Higher vibration has many levels within it.

    You really are very good teachers you know. I thank you for sharing this
    with us. Because I know that if we decide to do as you have said then we
    are able to move ourselves up … by ourselves … within ourselves
    … for ourselves. I know how my life has changed because of not just
    listening to White Clouds wisdom, but by putting it into practise. I
    look back and I do not recognise my old ways of thinking. I could never
    go back there. I feel it is the same with the teachings you bring
    through. And in all Truth … the teachings are one and the same. They
    all come from Love in its purest unconditional form. That which we in
    our human-ness can only work to aspire to. I do hope you are able to
    understand the strange ways and dilemmas we go through down here. We try
    to our best ability to make ourselves and our world full of Love. We are
    getting there. Slowly but surely, we keep on trekking.

    I know this is it for today. I just always feel the end of the session.
    Thank you to you all. All who are part of it all.

    All I can say is … ready when you are! In Love, Light, Golden Rays
    and thanks my friends.

    I am left with a warmth … a glow … a peace. I do so hope that
    those of you who read these words are able to feel the same.

    * The Federation covered … in a condensed form … all that was lost
    yesterday … Bless `em!

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