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    April 26th

    Well, here we are again. It’s been quite a big week for me regarding remaining in my Truth … at all times. I find myself in a position due to sending out your Oct 14th message that I had never seen coming … (dismissing all jokes of ‘but your psychic’)… and I am learning with every passing day how to remain firm in what I know as Truth. And I do KNOW that you my friends are Truth … for me. I continue to connect up with you because I ‘feel’ it is the right thing to do. I have had thoughts of wanting to quit this week … my humanness has taken some blows … and yet my heart/soul all the while knows that there is no way I will. I wouldn’t be me, if I shut this side of me down. So … let us carry on … swords of Light to the skies … travelling down this road … coming across ‘road works ahead” signs here and there .. yet patiently continuing … following signs that point the way to ‘Truth . Ok, indulgence whinge over, other than needing to get that off my chest I am looking forward to our communication today as always … if you so feel it appropriate.

    Dear one. We understand some things, and others we cannot, regarding human behaviour. We surmise that there are difficulties to overcome when those of you who have found what they are looking for give honour by being of that Truth … Of Standing in your Light space. Initially, let us say with respect for all life, that we have learned of the many stages that a human being walks through in order to become itself. We are sometimes made aware of offers that do not coincide with that which we know to be of the True path. Yet immediately such matters are recognisable to us by the vibration they carry. By the frequency of their intent. It is easy for us to determine that which is for the betterment of the whole and that which is not.

    In respect of all human kind we acknowledge differences you have for one another. We attune our levels into that of some of your race in order to accentuate knowledge that we feel is imperative to put into action for yourselves in order to find the best of yourselves. Yet however we seem to find cooperation, there is often times that we find ourselves up against a brick wall as you would say. Yet, we do not allow this to confront us in the manner in which many of you in your world would do. We do not attempt to bash down that wall with force and allow pride to activate anger. We are of Love. That is who we are. That is what we have to offer. Therefore we offer that ‘brick wall’ our Love. It can choose to come down of its own accord or it can choose to remain firm in its own understanding. Either way it is not of our concern. Its choices are for ‘it’ to decide. We cannot and must not take responsibility for another. We simply offer Love … in its purest form. It can be accepted or rejected. It matters not. What does matter is that it is offered freely, with no strings attached.

    Do you see dear Blossom … what we are trying to portray to you is the fact that it is not necessary to examine every brick in that wall. The wall is made up of many individual pieces … that when fixed together make up that particular object. When one comes up against it, it is not that one must scrutinise every single molecule and try to get through to it. Each brick makes up the whole. Each brick has chosen to be part of that wall. Each brick made its own decisions to whether or not it wanted to be part of that wall. Therefore we say to you, and indeed anyone who cares to take note of that which we wish to express … Do not give attention to the whys and wherefores. You may never know the answers and you may waste precious energy by trying to do so. Instead … offer Love to ALL and everything … every minute of your day.

    You all have so many inquiries as to what lies ahead for you as you move into this new vibration. We say to you … give your selves a breather! If you concentrate on what you are doing in any given moment and determine that the only thing that is important about that moment … is to come from Love … then all these fears and doubts and nonstop whirring in the brain will dissipate. You will not need answers. If we may put it this way. There are no answers.

    Eh … run that one by me again please.

    There are no answers.

    Yep, got you the first time … meaning???

    Meaning … that All knowledge is within you. If you have All knowledge there is no questioning because everything is known. Therefore there can be no answers, because there are no questions.

    Interesting. The thing is though … as a human being living down here on the earth plane, I find, and I think I speak for many … that our heads are full of questions, because we don’t know the answers!!

    Yet you must learn to accept that YOU DO! If you were to cease with all this ‘unknowing’ … If you were to simply allow yourselves to be … we ask you to think deeply on that … allow yourselves to be … then everything you ever were in need of (or you so felt you were in need of ) would unfold before your very eyes. And yet we say also, you would not be in need of anything for it would simply be there as you came from Love in its entirety.

    When your souls are not captured within the flesh there is a great difference to understanding that of which you are. The essence of who you are is understood. It is not questioned because it is accepted and known. Choosing to come into the earth vibration determines many things regarding the soul self and where it is placed within the greater scheme of things. Earth … as we have said before, is not for the faint hearted.

    Yep … I worked that one out for myself thanks! Yet, it is because we are in human form that we experience such difficulties of not understanding. That is because we are in this density of earth is it not?


    Yet we didn’t make it this way … isn’t this … dare I say … the nature of the game?

    In need not have been. You must remember that what is taking place upon your earth now is a culmination of what has taken place in your past. What has gone before you has led you to this place now. ‘This place’ … meaning the situation your planet is in. The New Vibration that is filtering through and affecting so many … is doing so because YOU as a consciousness on earth has chosen to ‘reform’ … Re-form … Change your form. For as that consciousness you came to realise the error of your ways if we may put it that way. You are joining now together in great strength to make this change happen. There is no stopping you. Unless you choose to stop yourselves … through fear and propaganda.

    We are aware of the reaction taken by our statement ‘Beware of false prophets’. Is this not a reaction that was taken in many different aspects depending on the soul and its place within its growth of the individual that read it? Many different interpretations were acknowledged, leading to many more questions … that are seeking answers. We are turning the wheel in circles are we not.

    If we may say as we will continue to do. Search inside yourselves. We often say the answers lie within.

    Yet you have just said there are no answers.

    This is so, but until you stop the questioning there will always be answers sought. There are evolved beings that reside on your earth plane that have come to understand that of PEACE within the soul self. They do not seek anything. For they have found a place within themselves that is content. They have no judgements. They have no fears. They simply walk this earth of yours in an understanding of Truth.

    Dear friends of earth … Let go. Release yourselves from that which you think you are, and walk into that which takes not thought, but that which simply … IS.

    That’s it for today … I can feel it. As always you have my gratitude for your wisdom. Your words have helped me very much on a personal level today … I feel that was your purpose, but I am Trusting that they shall also help many others also. I continue as many of us do, to be guided by them … because for me … in my space … it makes sense … . It floats my boat as they say! And whenever I find myself ‘forgetting’ … what happens? … I start to sink! Slowly but surely, one day at a time , we draw ever closer to ‘getting it’. IN LOVE & THANKS.

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