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    11. April 4th.

    Hello! Well, not long now until many of us on planet earth join together as ONE to send you wishes of much Love and union. I myself am greatly looking forward to it, as too, have I enjoyed looking up at the stars lately in awe of the depth of silence as my heart penetrates into that space of twinkling stars. You have obviously asked us to do this for a reason and you have spoken about our hearts being the dominant factor in all things these days, which I know many of us are becoming aware of.

    Way back, when communicating with you during ‘Snapshot’ you told me of one of your kind acting ‘as’ me and my energies during these communications, and we lovingly named her ‘Edwina’! For the first time in a long time when I tuned in today, I was aware of her and others in a room/space full of very strong pink, but as if the pink is emanating from crystal like tubes that are placed around. And indeed, I am feeling very zonked out at the moment. So, let’s get going if that’s ok with you?

    Blossom, there is a time when certain factors are to come to the forefront in knowledge of what is to take place within these four walls.

    Sorry … what four walls? That doesn’t really make sense to me. Good Start!

    Did you not just describe where you are seeing us as in a room?

    Yes, but it didn’t really feel like a room as we down here would know a room.

    For it is not. In that you are correct. And yet there is an enclosure in which we would describe to you as being within four walls in order for you to understand what we are explaining.

    OK … With you.

    As you prepare yourself for communication with us, we too must prepare certain frequencies in order for this to take place. As you are aware we have an energy that we amusingly call Edwina that sits in your place and simulates what is taking place within your energies, so that we can register safety volumes and many other complicated matters that keep you safe and yet still connected to us.

    I must admit my friends; I do tend to rather take all this for granted. You get the tricky bit … I just seriously concentrate and put up with a few physical energy exchanges. I am sort of seeing Edwina in my minds eye. Could you tell me the significance of the pink? She seems to be pink inside and out, in fact, the whole atmosphere is pink.

    Straight away your mind went to that of a rose quartz crystal being of the energy of Love and yet wouldn’t you say the pink you are experiencing is a much deeper hue than that of a rose quartz.

    Very much so, and I am not terribly ‘au fait’ with crystals as you probably know.

    One does not have to be up to date with everything you know, in fact it is not possible at this juncture to be aware of everything in the human form, yet outside of the human form there is a capacity in which one can indeed know everything … as you know.

    Forgive me, I don’t know if I even want to start this, as we maybe veering ‘off topic’, but I keep hearing ‘sweat pea’. Hardly an expression I would visualise you calling me in an endearing fashion, no offence intended, so could you tell me why I am picking up on this?

    You are seeing now a row of peas in a pod. As if the pod has been slit in half and the peas are lying neatly untouched.

    Yes, but I can’t quite get hold of what you are trying to say. It’s that feeling of being on the tip of my tongue, but not quite getting it. I have the feeling of the connection of ‘seeds’ and also to do with your transport.

    We are also saying to you … peas in a pod. ‘Like peas in a pod’ in your expression means very alike is not this so?


    Then please accept that what we are saying is simply that. We are very alike. We are not so different from you as many of you imagine.

    And yet I do not see you as humanoid, well, not in my minds eye when I communicate with you. Mmm, have to say, this is not the easiest of transmissions today. We seem to be veering all over the place. Shall we go back to the pink?

    That is necessary. That is also our point. We must use involved technical frequencies in order to keep everything on track with you and ourselves. We confine ourselves to this capsule …. Yes that would be a more appropriate description, when we ‘talk’ with you, in order for the necessary energies to remain contained and powerful. It would not be possible to do it any other way. You are feeling a little overpowered with the energy right now are you not?

    Yep. I could just conk out! But I know I am safe and you are about to tell me why!!

    Now you are seeing the pink become more of the colour of the rose quartz as we ‘tone it down’ and you are instinctively breathing deeply in order to accommodate.

    Yep, that’s better. I feel like my system can cope with this level. A lovely feeling of fuzzy Love, for want of a way to describe it. The intensity of the deeper pink was all together too much for me. And I feel you have a point to all this?

    Naturally! This is why we have been asking those of your world to ‘prepare’. Do you see? If one has not prepared themselves for the frequency we bring they indeed will find themselves rather overwhelmed by our coming.

    So would you not need to tone it down a bit in general … the vibration that you come in with?

    We can only do so to a certain degree. We cannot allow our vibration to sink below a certain Fahrenheit (?). For it would put ourselves at risk. Therefore we needed the vibration of your planet which is created by you to ascend to a degree that is compatible with that which is required to allow us through. We have been moderating vibrational levels for a while now, and working with our technology to allow these exchanges to merge, in order for the ‘hello’ to affect your planet and its inhabitants in the most suitable form. Do you see Blossom? What we were showing to you and making you feel was the smaller scale of what we must accomplish on a grand scale in order for everything to go smoothly. Our frequency is far higher in its normal comfortable sensation than that of your atmosphere. There has been much accommodating in this matter. You would be quite surprised at how much has taken place because of those that are sending us Love and welcome. The merging is taking place throughout. We are showing you as if there is constant turning of dials etc. This is not directly how it takes place , but it is a way of expressing on your level of understanding … with respect … what we are doing at this point in time.

    Many of you are feeling us close. Not only within your hearts but on a physical level of sensations also. Your hearts, because you are listening to them, instantly tell you that it is something ‘out of the ordinary’. As you connect with OUR TRUTH, we too connect with YOURS. And this is how this entire plan shall enter into its final stages.

    And for those who have no idea that you exist? What will happen to them?

    They will find themselves very much in topsy turvy land! Some shall instantly recognise us from their Truth that they have been hiding and the acceptance shall be a little turbulent to begin with, but the shock will soon leave and all will settle in Love for them. Others will have more difficulty, but we cannot avoid carrying out these plans because of those who have preferred to keep their heads buried in the sands. As you know Blossom, there are many many who are ready to proceed with their knowing and assist those who shall be in turmoil and confusion. Above all, when the day comes and we unite in its initial stages, as we have spoken of before, we shall be emitting a frequency of Love and calm that can very easily be ingested by those who allow the fear to pass and accept us for who we TRULY are … YOU!

    That last word …YOU… sent the old tingle of Truth through my body. And to be honest, there are those who say that YOU are the future US. For now however … that would take too much of my energy to explain. But may we, for my own satisfaction, finish by going back to the peas in the pod? … Yep, the penny just dropped as I wrote that, and I smile at your ways of intelligence. The peas in the pod are of course as you said, as if they are the same kind … alike … similar … and words of that ilk … and yes therefore YOU being US … US being YOU, is why you showed the peas in the pod is it not?

    Ten out of Ten dear lady. We would ask that those who read these words continue to visualise and feel our nearness. We would ask too that one allows their being to be engulfed in the colour of the rose quartz crystal. The soft pink. Allow it to penetrate in to your heart place, your mind place and throughout your entire self. Feel this colour. Do not just see it with your eyes. Feel it with your soul. Breathe deeply and KNOW the assistance it is offering in raising the frequency of yourself , so that the energy that is within, can become you, and that energy can then be given out by you and blend with the energy that we are sending out through the same method back to you. Be of much Light heartedness souls of the earth plane. Your waiting has not been in vain. This you will have proof of. This is our pledge.

    We are all very much looking forward to April 10th in our world, and I know you are too. Many thanks for today and all that you do to keep me safe and allow this to happen. Truly, I feel very honoured to have this relationship with you … I do! In some ways it doesn’t feel real, in other ways I just simply KNOW it is!

    You will know that knowing.

    That would be good. Not just for me, but millions of us down here on this little pixel of a planet that KNOW too. We Love you very much guys. Just needed to say that. Well my heart did!

    And we … you. This is why we come … LOVE.

    Till next time. Golden Rays to the whole thing!!!


    Thanks Syme!
    This is one of my favorites from her to date.


    Too easy,

    Well, I am hoping alot of people are going to partake in the visualisation this coming 10th April at 8.30pm eastern standard time here in Australia. Check out the time converter online for your local time to be a part of it. Every little bit helps I guess


    This is so exciting. I guess a big part of my excitement comes from this big feeling of Love, this big potential of this whole situation that LOVE will exist after it, or actually this guarantee of certain entities within certain planes that this reign of Love WILL take place, that there is no turning back right now, that we are “WINNING” to say it with “earthly” words. But I think this is true, we already “won”.

    This is quite a lovely energy / feeling of energy to live with! 😀

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