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    Ahh, nice topic. I hope I won’t write like 10 pages now.. -.-*

    Where do I start.. I began to awaken at the beginning of this year, around February probably. This mid November I’m geting 21.
    I was in a huge personal crisis. I had one before that also was pretty huge, but this one was almost killing me, literally. I think this was the time when I began to think things like “does all of this really have to be the way it is?” or “why can’t humanity and life on earth just be totally different?”. Okay, last one maybe was a little later on.
    Don’t get me wrong, I never was what people call “sheeple” (is there a term for a single person? xD), mostly due to my father, who was ALWAYS questioning everyhing you hear in the news since I can remember, and so I kind of grew up with this. But this crisis really was what made me research things over the internet.

    It began with one or two videos of UFOs, first it was just fun for me to watch, to feel your heart beat faster when you see a video that could by your way of judging be accurate. Then there’s the obvious question, IF they are here, what is their intent? Why don’t I know anything about it? Why did NOONE tell me about it, I mean, if there IS only a SMALL possibility of them actually being here, then it is worth considering and trying to find consequences for yourself, how it affects your world view and the way you go through your life and look at things.

    And then it happened: I watched the 18-part “Bringers Of The Dawn” and the 12-something-part interview with Alex Collier.
    THAT really was the point of no return. It hit me and it wouldn’t let me go anymore.

    I was fascinated by people who were “chosen” to be contactees, and then I slowly but steadily awakened to spiritual principles, one of them being you choosing your reality – and that in fact it is YOUR choice to be what I would have called a contactee.

    I gathered information about both ET intelligence over youtube, and, what almost comes along with that, every evidence about conspiracies I could find. At the beginning I even was into things like the Phiadelphia experiment.
    My focus changed recently, as I made the decision that it’s useless to keep gathering information about things that make you sad, and rather focus on wiping them out altogether. This may also be a reason why I came here.

    I was nudged by opalescent and GTtownsend again and again to come here, but the thing is, I don’t like to register in a forum and then come back there like every two months, read two pages, and leave. So I wanted to be sure that it’s worth registering.
    Then I read Zingdad’s immense channeling, and I was trapped. ^^

    Oh, why have I ever been in doubt? ^^

    Well, that’s in short the history of everything from my “normal” state of being back in the days to the point where I am today.

    I also made the decision to learn to channel at some point, I bought a book about it, but at some point I realized that something in me wasn’t.. don’t know how to call it, it wasn’t as willing as I was.. That’s probably the best way to describe it. There was just some barrier in me I didn’t fully realize, but that kept me from proceeding.
    Right now I think this probably was some immense fears of mine and the lack of ability to apply Love to myself. This is what I am currently working on, besides quitting to smoke.
    The desire is growing in me again, I’m actually waiting for it to get big enough, I will see it as a sign that maybe I am ready to continue my progress. It actually doesn’t look too bad, I’m going to continue all this stuff in the next two or three days, when I finally lost my job as a Call-Center-Agent, which is really holding me back for a lot of reasons. It sucks to unbelievable, I can’t describe it …

    I could write something about my general interests and so on, but I will close here. This is my current status. Please feel free to comment. Much appreciated!! =)


    Hey there UFOBelieve!

    I moved your post into a topic of it’s own. This way it can get proper attention. Plus, I forgot to lock my thread and make it an announcement because this encourages interaction on individual introductions. 😀

    What a great post too! Thanks so much for sharing your own ascension / awakening path with us. You have a whole lot of light in you to spread around, so thanks for doing some of that here Divine one. We’re fortunate to have you on board. 🙂

    Love & hugs,


    That’s an awesome story UFOBelieve

    The first thing that struck me was:

    I began to awaken at the beginning of this year, around February probably

    WOW! I just want to say you’ve moved fast! I won’t bore you with how many years I have been listening to the wake-up call. So it’s pretty awesome that you are where you are so quick. Phew! So that’s what I was thinking when I read:

    This mid November I’m geting 21

    And then I realised how perfect it all is. We are all of us waking up at exactly the right moment. You are quite a bit younger than I and so you litterally had less time and so you HAD to do it FAST. And anyway… it just seems to me that everything is perfect!

    And then… the last point I wanted to make. About the channelling. For myself I can say I actually wanted it too badly. I wanted to speak to my spirit guide. His name is 8. My lady-love laughs at me now and reminds me of a conversation she and I had where I said “If I can only just have 1 clear conversation with 8 then I’ll be okay!”. That was… I don’t know… a bit more than 2 years ago now, I guess. I was in a bit of a mess. I DESPERATELY wanted to talk to 8. And becasue I wanted it too badly I couldn’t relax my mind enough to just let it happen. But I got there and now I talk to him (and a few others) all the time. Anyway, I don’t know if this is the same thing that is hampering you. But maybe it’s a thought? Maybe you should try really relaxing your desire a little? Or maybe you need something to help take your mind off of your desire?
    So here’s a thought: why don’t you try sitting in front of your computer. Open a new word document and title in something like “conversation with Spirit”. Then relax. Close your eyes and relax every muscle in your body sequentially from the tips pf your toes right the way up to your scalp. Then, when you are completely relaxed state your intent in your mind. Something like:
    “I now address myself to that which loves me the most in All That Is. I will now engage you in conversation. I open myself to receive your thoughts in response to mine. The purity of your love for me will keep our communication pure.”
    Then type your opening. Like on IM chat. Type anything. Like:
    “Hello spirit are you there”
    and HERE is the important thing. WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THIS. Without any judgement or decision of second thought, just type the next thing that arrives in your head. Type the first thing that you are inspired to think. Just type it. THEN look at it and see what it says. Allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel. Wonderment, excitement, love, doubt, confusion… whatever. It’s all perfect. You don’t AT THIS MOMENT have to decide anything about this. You don’t have to decide if the process was real. Just move forward. Type YOUR response to what was said. Or ask a new question. or whatever you like and then keep repeating the process until you want to take a break.
    Know that you can say anything to this being. Know that you can ask anything. See how you go. Let me know, okay?

    I send you light that you see your path clearly and peace for your heart to walk it untroubled,


    My dear friend, UFObelieve!

    I am full of joy to have inter-acted with you allready, and know a bit hereonto, so it was nice to read a little background info aswell. I am looking forward for our further inter-action and sharing in the upcomming times.

    So must i say in the most formal way: Welcome from Annan the Nordic! 😎

    Much love
    Annan the Nordic


    Haha, when I read the title of this thread, I was wondering when I openend it. I don’t even really remember where I posted this. xD But Annu’s post clears that up. Thx! =)

    Yeah, to be perfectly honest, I kind of know that it went fast with me (with the help of two divine persons here *hug*), that’s why I had this immense feeling a few weeks ago to just do nothing, to just totally relax, take a break, relax from all this NWO stuff, from all this ET stuff, just find a little peace and calm down. You get the point.
    That was when I also was extreeemely desperate to learn to channel. I was looking on my account every day to see if I have enough money to buy me this book about channeling, and I bought it immediately. But then happened what I already described, something in me wasn’t quite ready yet. So I decided to take a little break.
    Now I’m coming back to these things, right now I focus on meditation/contemplation/whatever it is that I do there. xD

    Again considering the fact how fast it was that I awakened, this again makes it perfectly clear for me: EVERYTHING is perfect and EVERYONE will be at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Really, this it what confirmes it for me. The two crises I was going through were immense.. really. But I know what I learned from them, I know they got me to the point where I am today, and just after I made it over the 2nd one, my awakening begun, at the beginning of this year. So hey, any sign here that this wasn’t supposed to happen exactly this way? ^^
    (Right before the glorious October event! :mrgreen:)

    Thx also for your tips on channeling. This is also what I got out of this topic “What is channeling” or “How do I channel” or whatever it was called. I will try it some time soon, right now I am struggeling a little with getting in a spiritual mood while in meditation, filling yourself with Love, Light and Joy.
    Before I made a break from this it was easier for me, I have the idea that this is maybe because of my smoking, so I want to quit that first (as much as I can) and then try to proceed (when I feel I did it enough ^^).

    Yes, I’m also glad I met you, I am very happy I am on this forums, and I am grateful for every one I met here and will continue to meet.

    Love to everyone who reads this!!!! =))


    LOVE to you , dear brother! I am so glad you decided to come to BoL! 😉
    Look at you now! Shining all around!

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