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    Ok, so I am trying something here. After all that is going on with me lately on a spiritual level and everything that I have read and listended to I thought I would share something that came into my head as I was driving to work this morning. Now I know alot of you guys will probably go,”yeh, so what, we know that”, or you might go, “nah, thats not right”.
    But I thought, well, for me it is a process that I am going through and for some reason certain things are slowly starting to click in my head and making sense to me. And I also thought that there may be many people that come to this site and don’t post but yet read alot of what is written and certain people may say certain things that may click for certain people more so than say other people that post here. Plus I have a friend whom is slowly tapping into everything which I know she has the ability to do and I am helping her along as much as I can in her own time.

    I was thinking about death and here and now and after and where and all those questions.
    Anyway, so, you know how you go through life wondering about everything to do with why we are here and what happens after and where do we go etc etc.

    When you die and you go to that place, and for this purpose I will call it HOME.

    We all sit here wondering what it would be like, yet when you get there – there would be no feeling of what it is like, no WOW, or, “well, so this is what it is like!”, cause simply, you know the place as it is HOME so the thought of expectation would not even enter.

    I’ve tried to find an example and this is the best I could grab….

    Going back to your own home. Your house, you know the inside, you are there most of the time but not all of the time, but it is all familiar and you know it, there is no WOW thing when you get home because it is your home and it just IS.

    So, when you die, you go HOME, there is no WOW factor cause you know the place, the idea of “so this is what it is like” does not even enter cause you know the place. It is your HOME.

    So, I have thought, why bother in this physical life spending all the the time wondering what happens afterwards and where you will go and what it is like so you can get there and go “WOW, so this is what it is like and this is what happens”, cause when you get HOME those thoughts won’t even enter cause you know the place and it is HOME and you have returned HOME. You will look back at your experience on Planet Earth and go “well, that was a hell of a ride….what’s next?

    So, stop worrying, stop wondering, stop complaining. What we don’t know is the NOW. What we don’t know is about HERE in this 3D dimension we call our Physical Experience on planet Earth. What we don’t know is what is going to happen to us NOW through our current Physical Lives and where the choices we have will take us because we have choices and free will. It is the NOW HERE that through our choices and free will that will allow us to go HOME.

    We are here now because we chose to be.
    All we need to do is just BE.

    Once you grasp the concept of being to just BE, then your view on everything changes.

    My thoughts……………

    If anyone replies, don’t be getting all spiritually technical on me. 😆



    …yeah I think that you are right… (how’s that ?)…

    …people spend a lot of energy trying to connect with past lives or worrying about future punishment or rewards…

    …thes are *elsewhere* in quantum time/space…

    …HERE is where we are now …


    …my son-in-law is here today working on a DVD for a memorial service…

    …a month ago tommorrow a whole family from this area went down in Montana in a small plane crash… Father, mother and two children died …

    …the Power Point slide show just breaks my heart… the family was so young and vibrant… and just went away ………

    ……..we are only able to view life with smudged gasses… we can only think with diminished intelect… we cannot see the Big Picture…

    …WE Can Just BE…


    Good one, Syme. I think you got it right. I think death is exactly that: home. I also think, when we die, it’s more like waking up from a dream than anything else. And when we wake up next time we’ll realise we’ve done this waking/sleeping cycle many times. And I don’t just mean reincarnation. I think we find many opportunities to “awaken” during each life. Maybe sometimes in a deep meditation or, from time to time (ironically) when the 3D version is asleep and dreaming. I think we often go home for a re-charge and to get some direction. I just think that we are not really allowed to remember that when we return here to this “dream” as it would spoil the whole effect. I agree with you entirely: going home is going to feel good, comfortable and right – but no big deal. And more than that: we have spent an inordinate amount of energy, as spirit beings collectively, to create this experience we call LIFE. Let’s really live it and love it, Lets BE HERE right now!

    Thumbs up for that, my friend.


    A couple of weeks ago, I almost left my body — and I didn’t think I’d miss it much! — and since then, I have felt more “here” and clear than I can remember. And calm. I feel like a part of me died then, like a snake sloughing off its skin, but from within, or rather the release of part of me that no longer lived. You are right, Zingdad, and many of my greatest shifts in perception and integration have come about in the form of dying, release of lifelessness. It is healing, to pull back the bandage of identity to reveal the perfectly healed and scarless true self. It is a rebirth into being to let illusion die. Perhaps it’s simply a matter removing interference so that out-of-phase waves of energy come into concordance to a greater degree… and maybe home is the state of the totality of that energetic weave (of individuals and of the human family) coming into perfect harmonic resonance.

    Hey, where’d that come from?



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