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    Hello All,

    I recently read this quite lengthy conference call transcript regarding first contact from someone who posted on project avalon. The original link is – http://www.welcomethelight.com/category/first-contact/

    Let me just say that if all this stuff is true, we are in for quite a ride this year, which is crazy because half the year is pretty much over so that means a lot is to happen in a short amount of time. To me it feels like so much is happening all over the world at the moment that it’s almost palpable. This article makes me feel like that even more.

    Perhaps you might want to print it out it’s quite long but rather good. I only posted half the message because we’re only allowed 60k characters on any one posting here. this thing was 77k+. Follow the link above for the entire document. There are also some newer messages above this one.

    PS: after reading will’s last post that says “urgent message” it reminded me of this message. Hmm.

    Mark’s Conference Call May 26, 2009
    Transcribed by: Annie, Jan, Jules, Shirley, and Patricia Andrews
    Edited by: Andrew McManus and Gretchen

    MARK – Hello, everybody. Mercury is still retrograde [laughter… and very ironic 🙂 ]. We’re finding out our telephone technicalities are still with us. We have ordered a new telephone sound system. We are hoping that a combination of things will change this very shortly

    MARK – We welcome everybody into Mercury retrograde last two days. I am going to turn this right over to Rama and have him give you an update first.

    RAMA – OK. What’s going on out there in terms of big stories since Memorial Day. The space shuttle has landed. Contrary to the stories out there, the astronauts met with Mr. Obama and the lies were created concerning the story that they had to land at Edwards Air Force Base because of bad weather in Florida.

    I don’t know how they all met – conference call, hologram, video phone or what – but there was a message from the astronauts [phone cut out] the Altamarians talking with Obama concerning the air, Earth and all of the cleaning up of what’s going on.

    MARK – Atmosphere [inaudible]

    RAMA – Yah. And, also at the same time they are going on about Mr. Kim Jong Il over there in North Korea who is standing on his head and saying my people are virtually starving to death along with me.

    Yet the only way I know how to not being included [in] the story is to have bad form. They have been using TNT and other types of explosives, massive amounts of C4 and other technologies to create detonations that equal megatons. I don’t know what this [inaudible], I could be totally wrong; I have no idea about explosives and what they used.

    In the last little while, the stories that have been coming are as we are approaching the fact that the Bush/Clinton crime family has committed atrocities and war crimes since the morning of 9/11; they’re backtracking, back pedaling, trying to create so many different diversions in terms of not getting to the real story which has to be the accountability – the war crimes – it’s all coming to that head.

    At the same time, what is filtering out of all the little diversions across the planet has to do with the Obama doing this and that. And Chris Storey about the Bush/Clinton crime family – and by the way, Bush, Sr.’s passport has been revoked.

    What I heard today from the King of Egypt, Anubis, is that – this ties in with what I heard from Montel Williams. In his round about way today, he was saying, like the King of Egypt was saying, America is racist and they had better get over it right now.

    The way Montel Williams put it is there are some bigger, bader kids on the block; they have toys that you don’t want to mess with. When you are in the “big house” and you are a small, feisty, white guy, who do you want to hang with? The boys of color or the boys with the power? He was putting it in metaphorical terms. Yet, he was also saying here on a bigger scale.

    He brought Archbishop Desmond Tutu into the conversation along with other leaders of color. He brought up the “Jenna 6” Ihmia (or Ahmia) Jabu Imal , [Leonard] Pelitier, people of color. He was talking about the Commander from Sirius A, Sirius B – he brought it up in that way – talking about the race issue. If we have an issue with this, we had better deal with it right now because the bigger, bader folks are here.

    They are coming in; they want to talk with us. They are not going to come in and kick ass and take names. They are going to come and simply [say] nope, this will not work. It has already being done. What I would say about in terms of right now, [inaudible] are giving the heads-up that this is the conversation across the planet that needs to be done, especially in this country where there are still threats going on against Mr. Obama and many other people of color. It’s not decreased; it’s increased.

    The crazy right-wing is going so far out there; the way Montel Williams put it is all they need now is to put the pictures of the rats out like the Jews were doing – the wealthy Jews – in Germany that were putting the lower class Jews in the categories of the bad guys. On the other side of this story, he was bringing it up, the fake war on terror for the last year, for eight years. Water boarding people of color, like Islamic people who never did 9/11.

    It was Mossad; it was the Black Ops from this country. Jesse Ventura has brought this up in the last couple of weeks – water boarding is torture. It is not pleasant; it is the number one story on “Countdown” tonight. Talking about the “Cow Man” – this guy who got water boarded and after 6 seconds he threw the [inaudible] out. It is all being brought up

    War crimes are on the edge of being brought up, genocide. Mr. Archbishop Desmond Tutu said today on the Ron Regan show – as well as Montel Williams. This is an issue that has to [inaudible] world wide [inaudible].

    MARK – Rama, you [phone cut out] what the King of Egypt said but you didn’t say what he said.

    RAMA – Oh, ok. He was talking about the North Korean issue. The issue is going on in the sense that Mr. Kim Jong Il is quite crazy and he is about to relinquish power. He had a stoke; he is turning the power over to his son. His son is maybe not as crazy as he is; he is more moderate in North Korea. He wants to help the people.

    The only way this can be done is in a sense there are some stories that are going on where in the midst of what’s happening here as the UN Security Council has raised the flag and said “Bad Boy” – more sanctions, more negative press – behind the scenes negotiations are going on where the transfer of power could happen within the next 20 days or maybe even 30. This is what the King of Egypt told me.

    MARK – In North Korea?

    RAMA – In North Korea where Mr. Kim Jong Il won’t be the leader. His son will be. He’s more moderate.

    [Phone connection went haywire]

    RAMA – Concerning Ms. Sotomayor. This lady, I have heard from different people across the spectrum, does merit.

    TARA – She’s got a lot more merit than anybody’s been saying. As a matter of fact, it’s only been [inaudible] that’s being saying she only votes on feelings and she doesn’t do the Rule of Law.

    Please, everybody, only listen to MSNBC. If you don’t get it, you can get it on your computer. Everybody can listen to Amy Goodman if you don’t get any of the good stuff.

    Everybody can. It’s on the radio or it’s on the computer. It’s always there. Anytime you hear anything from any other station, just don’t listen unless you are listening to it with an ear of discernment. Remember everything that Barack is doing right now is inside NESARA law.

    That means he would not pick someone that wasn’t a judge. Everything else is hogwash; it’s just propaganda.

    RAMA – I would also just say that stories about abundance and packages that are going on – nothing will happen until after NESARA is announced. This is what the King of Egypt told me today.

    TARA – What do you mean nothing will happen?

    MARK – Nobody’s getting any money until

    TARA – Oh, no. It has to be 72 hours after the arrests and the [phone cut out] are complete. Then the [inaudible] packages will be ordered by Lady Master Nada and nobody else. All the other reporting stations have been completely not reporting from Faction 3.

    Faction 2 has been completely controlled from the very beginning [cut out] Faction 1. That is why we have been telling everyone don’t listen to any other reports except Faction 3 reports if you want to know the truth. That is not because the good people of the United States and in the military are not good people, it is because Faction 2 has always been controlled in terms of its reporting. They have been receiving the disinformation regularly and have been trying to keep everyone “dumbed down”.

    The other thing is don’t make any mistakes; the King of Swords, officially, has already hand-picked all 20 million – 16 million of the galactic nature and 4 million on the ground.

    Anybody else that has been directly contacted, even in the etheric planes, [is] not a member of the 16 million strong or the 4 million on the ground, they are here as members over and above the 2o million. The 20 million are contracted and everybody else is in addition to that. I just wanted to make that very clear.

    MARK – This is a good lead-in. Thank you Rama; thank you Tara. As you know, one of the most uncovered stories is the galactic presence. Trillions of ships are in our skies and have been. They are going to be decloaking.

    A number of them are going to be landing. We had one landing already that was official that happened in Webster, South Dakota. [It’s a] very small conservative town. That town was chosen on purpose by Ashtar because it is a conservative area.

    These people are farming communities for the most part. They’re not much interested in the internet or other things even though they do have internet. It is a matter of testing out what an unprepared would do until [cut out] occurs. As result of that they did land one ship.

    MARK – What I was saying is this lead-in of the actual, authorized and verified by Ashtar landing in the United States of this craft –not decloaking – actually landing on US soil, two gray individuals who are part of the Ashtar Command (and not the Cabal) walked out of their craft on to the land.

    This is all very important; this is legal stuff we are saying here, right now. This is the beginning folks. This was test to see if across the nation, in small areas, what is going on in terms of the potential reactions of people.

    The reactions were about what was expected. There were some people that denied that anything even happened in their community in spite of the national and international attention – world wide attention – that this received. This is going to be true in the future.

    There are plenty historical examples. When the Spanish first came here, the Indians had not seen the ships and so they had no concept, no frame of reference so they did not actually see the ships until the people actually came ashore even though they were big ships and right off the shore. If your filters are on, you think you are seeing nothing or hearing nothing or experiencing nothing because you have filtered out everything that is not known.

    This won’t work in the time we are in now. I am saying this because this is not an isolated example. We’re going to see people in your neighborhood, my neighborhood, everyone’s neighborhood, everyone’s country that are going to deny even if the skies are filled with ships, even if they hear on every radio and television, they will simply say that’s not real.

    That’s fiction; that’s some kind of a soap opera or projection. In other words, they will refuse to accept it. We now know because of this current test that, in fact, enough will that probably around 2/3 of the people will accept this and are prepared for it

    Some were just curious and interested; others were excited and very positively welcoming. Others were neutral. That’s wonderful. That’s absolutely wonderful news.

    In light of that, I would like to say, with that as an introduction, that the Galactic presence is the single, most important, not covered story, and we are privileged tonight, to have one of our GRT members, who has become an active member of GRT, working — and Ill let her tell you about anything she wants to say about the subject of what shes doing now for GRT; Beth Trutwin.

    Ill let her even discuss her own background and give her own introduction, because I think its important to hear her voice. We welcome Beth, and Cynthia Susan, would you see if you can connect Beth in now?

    Beth Trutwin: Hello, everybody, and thank you for joining me tonight.

    Rama has said that I should talk about the work that I am doing at GRT. Ive joined with Tony Lukashuk and Debbie Dubois. A great GRT team. We are working on setting up another website for GRT. Its very exciting, and happening very fast.

    Mark: Welcome! Its good to hear your voice. Why dont you just go ahead and give a little bit of your background, and then you can bring us up to date with what has been happening in the last few days.

    Beth: I was a light worker for more than 20 years, and back in 2004 I came in as a walk-in into central Minnesota , into this womans life, with 3 kids, and within three weeks I filed for divorce from a very violent situation.

    Within three months, I started talking with Metatron and Michael, and the Archangel Chamiel, and they stayed with me all the time and talked to me, and guided me through the whole process.

    In time, I started setting spiritual principles, I started reading Joshua Stone, and I realized that I wanted to learn healing techniques.

    I made a commitment on the inner plane, and as I read, and I studied, and I meditated, and I worked hard at learning these things.

    I started having contact with Ashtar and Arcturus. They started taking me on the ships and training me. Each step of the way, I was just as surprised and shocked as how I hear your reactions the same way all along.

    And each new thing I saw became a new realization, and I had a spiritual awakening that jetted me forward, and I understood things that I never understood before.

    So I was reading a post from Mark, and he said, ‘There are 16 million people who are working with KOS, and they are telepathically connected with him‘. And he went on to describe the way, and as I read it, I thought, I know how to do all those things, and maybe Im one of those 16 million.

    So I sat down and went into meditation, and I talked telepathically with Archangel Michael, and Sananda, and everyone else. So I thought why dont I just sit down and try to talk to the KOS , so I did what I always do and I was able to connect with his energy.

    And I didnt know that was unusual, at the time I was doing it. I dont know about the 16 million of us, but I think everyone should sit down and try, because I didnt know it was unusual that not many were doing that.

    When I hit the energy, it was a very large energy. It calms me very much, and I was able to ask questions and receive verbal answers with telepathy. My heart felt so much peace, and the answers made sense to me, so I knew I had connected with KOS.

    And just that feeling of peace I had, happened in It brought me forward faster, even again. And then there was this dragon thing that happened, just this morning. It just seems like everything is going faster and faster all the time.

    Mark: So do you want to bring us up to date and tell us about what happened in the last couple of days? About the things that you had happen on GRT and this morning?

    Beth: I read this post that I think was started by Bill (?), and he was talking about this landing, July 10? Can this be real, and should we believe in this, and try to hold on, and its so exciting.

    I responded, and I cautioned him to stay in balance and to develop in all areas of life, and to know your inner truth for yourself. I think thats important for everyone.

    I received a response from a GRT member, and he said, ‘everything you said was right on, except you said the landing was in North Dakota . I guess that was a big slip on my part. Im a Minnesotan, so that was kind of a tongue slip-up.

    So I wrote back thanking him, and the next note he wrote, there was a threat in the note, and he said to be very careful because he said, Im NOT KIDDING (capital letters). And then he said some nonsense that didnt make sense to me. He said ‘make sure youre protected’. The last thing he said was ‘In the famous words of Archie Bunker, dummy up Alice.

    I wrote back and said, Alice goes with Ralph, and Edith goes with Archie, or something like that.

    I was just joking with him. I didnt take it as a threat, I didnt feel threatened, and he never wrote anything back.

    I never thought about it again, and then this morning when I was just waking up from sleep, I saw this vision, and it was my daughter, and there was a grown man, and he was yelling at her, and she was afraid.

    Simultaneously, when I saw that vision, I saw that e-mail in my mind, and I knew I was being guided, That the threat was real.. And then I thought of Rama being attacked.

    Then it didnt take me long until I figured out that was a dragon, and I needed to go in and find that dragon. I guess that because I have cleared some people of dragons, so that understanding came quickly, and I wasnt surprised.

    So there was a protocol that I was taught when I worked with Lord Arcturus.

    We worked with a dragon, and he always had me take the dragon to Lord Ashtar on the ship. And then the dragon is quarantined, and then they are all sent to the same place.

    So I knew that the way to do it was to find the name on that e-mail, and looking at that name would be enough energy to find the person. I never did it that way before, but I just followed my instincts, and I asked Michael and Arcturus to come with me.

    The next thing I saw was this vision of what was happening when it happened.

    I landed in this guys room with the sofa and chairs, and magazines, in his house. Hes sitting there, and he sees me, and he starts running towards the wall to get away. Im standing by the door that leads out of the room, and he runs to the other wall, because he cant get away.

    Im not making any moves, because Im not afraid, and I dont go anywhere. This is just his human body trying to run away from me. And Im standing there thinking, that I dont know how to get a hold of this guy.. I cant hold him down.

    I didnt know what to do, so I called to Michael and Arcturus, and they came and stood in the room. I dont see them in someones room in physical form, often.

    Thats where they were, and Michael did what Mark talks about in the post, about how each one of us will be able to create these Light Ships around us, and thats exactly what happened.

    Michael thought it and it formed, and it was this Light Ship that was smaller than the living room, but big enough to hold the four of us. It wrapped around us, and the guy couldnt move around or go anywhere. We are all suddenly standing in this crystalline domed ship in his living room.

    It just floated up through the ceiling and through the house, and we left. Then Arcturus made a motion to me to do my thing, and I went in energetically into the physical body, and thats where I find these dragons.

    All the other times before, when I find them, this surprises them, — because Ive gone in and someones contacted me and sometimes they pay me, and they say, Im healing. Ive been doing these for people; And I get in there, and see these huge dragons, and its happened a couple of times— so I guess thats the same procedure I went through with this guy, and Arcturus and Ashtar have shown me how to do all those things,— and I pulled this dragon out.

    As Im pulling it out, the ship got bigger and bigger around us, so there was room for this dragon. And there it was one of the more truthful ones. Some of them are more reptilian, and they are ugly, and theyre more snakelike. This one looked like a bonified dragon, like in Fairy Tales.

    It wasnt long until we were with Ashtar on the larger ship. And then he takes them immediately and puts them someplace where they cant get out, into a ship, and then he sends them away.

    And then I saw in my vision, the guy, in a small, man-sized, A-shaped craft, looking out this porthole, and he was shocked. He couldnt believe it. It was like the stories about how they have been taken away. It was just like he was being ushered away.

    All of this happened pretty quickly, and so I didnt have any explanation; I was just watching it happen. So I said, out loud, in my mind, ‘Can someone please tell me what happened? And thats when I saw this Lioness, and I knew it was Sekhmet, Mother.

    And I greeted her, and I said, can you please tell me what happened?

    And Mother Sekhmet said, that guy was a Dark Hat, he had been a GRT member, and he had been watching the posts for months, and reading everything, but when he saw my introduction, it scared him.

    Thats what prompted him to send me that note. I guess he had never seen anything, like an accounting of someone saying*** I need your help in getting this dragon. That is why he sent the threatening note..

    She said, ‘we knew where he was, but we couldnt get to him. I dont know what she meant by that.

    She said, we followed the e-mail and by having that and the name, they followed it energetically back, and that is how they found him.

    And that was the end of it. Hes gone.

    CS: Mark, was there anything you want to talk to Beth about?

    Mark: I wanted everyone to be here, and to hear her voice. This is a real person, and she is one of us. Shes a member of GRT, and even more, she is an active member.

    Shes involved with a project with other members, and that is a very exciting project that were going to announce next week. We thought we could do it today, but were not quite ready for that. So well wait, and they have been working very hard together.

    Beth, if you want to say anything more, you can.

    Beth: To compliment the Galactic Roundtable site that we have, and Case In Point, and GRT-News, there is going to be another website, and the corner stone will be a searchable index, so that people who are new to the information can type in a search word, one word, and see all the articles ever posted about that. There is also a GRT Newsletter that is a compilation of the weeks news posting. So it is another format for people to obtain information, and it is very safe.

    Mark: Something else, Beth, that you might want to mention, since you had a role in that, is the graphics aspects, the HTML.

    Beth: I had a background in graphics, because we had an advertising agency that we owned at home, when I was married, and I learned all the computer programs. Weve been pulling graphics just to add more information to the site. So, I just raised my hand to be a part of the project, and with the other team members, Tony and Debbie.

    Debbie is a webmaster, and she is very good at what she does. Tony and I pull together all the other things that have to come together to make a website. Its been a lot of fun.

    Mark: I just want to repeat what she said about one of the features on the site. Both of the features are going to have weekly newsletters that will take, by subject matter, material discussed on GRT from posts that have been put on there during the previous week.

    It will distill that, and it will be much more readable because you are looking backwards at the main stories of the week. They have two weeks of this in segments, but the main thing that makes this different, not only is just graphics, which help to give a lot of pizzazz to any site, to make it more interesting, but in addition to that, the fact that we have a search function, which we have not, until just recently, had any luck with Yahoo on.

    Steve said that on GRT-News and Galactic Roundtable, it has been working the last couple of days. A search function is there, so some of you who go to that site, you can just type in a search subject, and see what you get. It should work, because Steve has been using it for the last couple of days.

    This will be a function of all of the postings that weve made, and they will be on the new website, and you will be able to search them by topics. You dont have to look just by dates. It will pull up all the stuff on those topics that we have posted, and there is a lot of material that has been posted.

    The good news about this is that it will help people trying to get a background in what information Faction 3 has been putting out, as opposed to some of the other venues that they have been to where they dont know what is what, and they want to get clear on some of the information.

    Nobodys perfect; were not dissing anyone. We are simply saying that for those people who are interested in getting the best that we can get from our sources, there is now a way of getting that.

    It’s coming up to speed very rapidly to search on it, on GRT-News, and Galactic Roundtable, and in a week, hopefully — or two weeks at the most, before we talk again,— we expect to have the new GRT-XXXX site fully operational and we will send out a notice on GRT to all the websites to that effect, so you can go look and see what you think about the new website.

    I think youll like it, and I think that the search function now, seems to be working on Yahoo GRT-News/GRT-Discussion. Also wonderful.

    GRT-CIP doesn’t have this feature functional yet although we’ve asked Yahoo to support Search on that one, too. This is a coming event, and Beth has been engaged with Tony and Debbie to work this out and make it usable for all of us.

    We are expecting, very shortly, to have breaking stories, and we are going to be required to do a lot of posting, because a lot of information is going to have to be shared, and not only with all of you.

    You are going to want to share it with people in your networks, in your family, your communities, that are going to come to you asking, whats going on? Whats that about? Whats the truth?

    So all of you have been prepared, and we will all be preparing ourselves for this bigger thing that is about to happen. Were going to have more actions.

    Were going to have Galactic presence revealed officially, and we are going to have arrests of up to 100 thousand people, based on the number of indictments that we have already heard that Patrick Fitzgerald has already to go as soon as hes given the word.

    So as these happen, these people will be arrested; this will be on every TV and radio station, every newspaper, every news outlet will be carrying almost nothing but these events, and you can be sure, everyone you know, that thinks you know a little bit of something, is going to ask you to help them sort it out.

    So this search function is going to be very good for us now, and also for those we want to guide to a website to help themselves, because that is the best way to learn.

    That way, you can discard what doesnt work for you, and you can accept the parts you are ready to hear, and ready to work with.

    Because its going to be a lot, folks. You cant even imagine, even though you think you do, and we do, too. You cant imagine how incredibly rich the News is going to become, once big things are announced. And its all going to be happening at the same time; it wont be a linear thing. It will be simultaneously.

    Beth: I can add something about the website.

    We are going through each and every article and pulling any search word that can possibly be checked, proper names, and also some [subjects like] holograms & clones. Any name, and any topic. We are reformatting each into their own file, and then loading them individually. So we are spending hours and hours reviewing the material, and reentering the material. Some of the articles have 10 search words alone because they are so vast. We really want to dedicate to the awakening who dont know all the words.


    CYNTHIA SUSAN – Ok, that answers one of the questions. Trantula18: Mark or Rama. China has been on the sidelines about North Korea. Could they be instigating a false flag?

    MARK – Well, I think that you could answer that yourself. The short answer is no. The reason is there would be nothing that would happen as a result of this. Actually, all of the intelligence services know that North Korea has nothing to fear.

    They’re making a big show because they are being ignored. St. Germain came in, as did Obama, to a meeting in D. C. when he was in Prague. They didn’t know he had this technology that the King of Swords provided them with this technology were he could holographically appear and interact with them and hear their answers and their questions.

    They were caught flat-footed. I bring that up because all the intelligence services know what each other is doing. It’s called insurance [or maybe assurance?]. If I know what you’re doing, then I’m not afraid. If I don’t know what you’re doing then I get very, very anxious about what you might be thinking of doing. So the people with all the really big stuff know what all the other people have. Pretty much so.

    That’s always been true. It’s even more so now because of sophisticated communications, intercepts and things of this sort are beyond what we can discuss here. But just take my word for it that they are not afraid of North Korea. That’s not because it’s worthless; it’s because they are not a big player and they know the state of [their] weapons.

    They know the state of what its technologies are. This stuff folks is like backyard rocketry. I mean it really is. You would have compassion. I am very, very encouraged by what Rama shares on the subject from the King of Egypt on the subject of within 20 days we could have a change in government or, at least, the leader of the government of North Korea to Kim Jong Il’s [son].

    RAMA – He’s a crazy dude. The stories I’ve heard from counter terrorism people that have come on [inaudible] stations as well as Fresh Air with Terry Gray. [Inaudible] I have heard these people [inaudible] ex-CIA has come on Rachel’s show, he’s come on Ron Regan and [inaudible] and people say North Korea – don’t hold me to this – there could be a change in government because the people, we the people over there, stand up more than all of the storm troopers.

    They want a change. Mr. Kim’s son is very moderate as were the rumors are. They have brilliant, brilliant scientists that have break-away Tesla technology that, in a sense, is jumping to get out of its own box.

    MARK – All of these technologies that most people never heard of are not only here but beyond that [they] are more than here. They are use. So much of what you think, what the public is told, it’s high technology is 20, 40, 60 years out-of-date that the government has had all [inaudible] so understand when we say confidentially that the full capacities of North Korea are null.

    No matter what you hear out on Fox News, which isn’t news, it’s entertainment and it’s right-wing Neocon, is designed to perpetuate to make wars forever and right-wind agendas forever so we’ll let that go for now. Understand the King of Swords and all the people in the need to know, know. They’re saying give this guy a little bit of slack here; his people are starving. He has nothing. I mean it is a poor country.

    Their resources are very limited; they don’t have a lot of great resources to trade in the world so they are not a high target in terms of going in and taking the country to get the resources which is what we usually do in this case. So that is why they put them in that category of somebody too weak to resist when we bully them around. It’s us bullying them; not the other way around.

    The fact that this is a sick individual who is ignored and just wants to be recognized it is something we all need to sit back and do [phone cut out]. As we go forward now as Montel Williams was talking about, you have to get over these petty differences that really don’t mean spit in the end. We are all humans; we are all men, women, children and we are, also, galactic.

    That is one of the best-kept secrets of all. Hey it isn’t them or us; it’s all just us because we came from there. Every single one of us came from there. So don’t be concerned about what you see especially if you see it in the regular news about something that China may or may not be considering because this is the way they keep the emotions stirred up and the pot boiling to make people be very, very afraid.

    A peashooter in Iraq, oh they said they have these devices and they turn out to be little aluminum tubes that couldn’t do anything to anything. So this is the kind of things they try to start wars over or, at least, in your mind.

    RAMA – And Collin Powell – when you look at him on the TV – I mean I get such a sense of guilt that I mean this guy is on the edge. Pray for him. Send him hono o’pono pono (sp?) and sense of love whatever we may have done.

    I mean that because I am looking at a lot of this that I have been talking with some folks that have been coming forward now that have been on the inside and they are saying the only way this gets healed is through the love frequency.

    MARK – Just think of everyone of these people that are named in these articles as if they’re a member of your own family. That is the truth.

    CS- Our next question is from Nicole, from Ecuador. It is cut off, but here is what I have. Her question is: What do you think about Chris Story’s comment today, in the world report on criminal three witholding payment on and the rest is dropped off.

    Mark- That… That’s enough. We know about this story. We know about the Story from Mr. Chris Story about the Big Story. Remember everyone you have to ask yourself, before you listen to anything.

    What is this persons job? Who are they working for? If you don’t know that, then you can’t sort out the truth from the fiction that have to write. Chris Story puts out a lot of good information. When he gets on the subject on the of anything to do with the interest, financial interest, the Queen, and all the subjects, he gets very aggressive about anyone holding up targeted money.

    So these so-called country payments are what that’s all about. The G7, as they call it, but what is really is the Queen’s plan. It’s Faction 1’s plan, intending to stay in power while putting in window dressing of whatever they want to call the current version of their plan.

    It’s just more of we stay in power by conditioning you to fear your friends, and all we have to do is to take every dime you’ve got, or ever will have, and from you. That’s a hard line to take.

    But you can get the good information from the press, he was correct about Hillery, correct about Bush, Sr., he’s correct about the rotten economic system that goes on. Remember that he’s like a layer of many of these things on a linear level, and he is active, like taking away Bush Sr’s passport, and basically telling him he’s not going to be allowed to leave the country.

    This is very big news. It doesn’t sound like much, but remember, here is the person who had a phony 7,000 private army, that he recruited while he was a CIA director. These things are incredible in terms of their potential. But that has all been taken down, and you might call him the Grandfather. He’s like the Grandfathers of all the top dragons, and they are taken down. They are the power base, and they have control. It is spinning around without direction. So they are just trying to do things that they don’t know what they are going, taking each other out.

    And mainly, the point of this whole Chris Story thing is, just read it with discernment. And don’t buy into anything that is any Obama bashing, because he doesn’t know. He’s not connected with Faction 3.He doesn’t know what the tactics are that are involved in this end game. We thank you for the question. And we see that you are one of those people out there who searches for the not main stream news, and that’s good.

    Karen:Tara had mentioned that there were some arrests of bankers this week, and I wanted to get details on that story.

    Tara:All I was saying was that 500 bankers were arrested last week. Chris Story put that out, and that’s confirmed.

    Starry Barb: I went on Air America on line today, I wanted to read something by Thom Hartman, and it said his contract was up – that he’s leaving Air America. Do Mark or Rama have comments about that?

    Rama: He is not with Air America, yet there are many affiliates around the country on AM band that play him. In our case, ERC is the outlet for Air America, and we play it every morning from 10 o’clock to 1 o’clock, and if you go to http://www.thomhartmann.com/ on the internet, you can open a window and see his studio. It’s all on his independent website. He broke away, or in a sense, what happened between him and AirAmerica, in the final moments his contract was running out, and he had Mike Malloy on, one of the last days. And Mike Malloy just came right out and said, `9/11, we must not forget, these folks are going to hang.’ The next day, Thom Hartmann was gone.

    Mark– He’s not gone. He’s just not on Air America. As a formal thing, as Rama said, they do have affiliates that play him anyway. So if you check around, he’s got a website also. Got there and he’ll probably show you a list of places where he can be heard in your area.

    TARA– He is a Faction 3 White Knight and a half folks. That’s why he did that on purpose. He made sure he was out of harm’s way, and then he dropped a bomb. Once the cat’s out of the bag, the cat’s out of the bag.

    QUESTION– This coming week is very important, very pivotal because of the fact that Dr. Stephen Bassett and Leon Panetta of the CIA is to present the factual UFOs of our star family, will that happen this week?

    MARK– Yes, that is correct. Rama alluded to this earlier in the call. It’s no accident that we had the shuttle craft Atlantis, that just came back from putting new eyes[ in the Hubble Telescope], and by the way, if it wasn’t told to you or if you haven’t heard it yet, part of what happened is the Altamarians, who are the 12 scientists who came 1 ½ years ago.

    They have been working with our scientists to clean up the water, atmosphere, air quality, and they have brought in a new species of coral that replenished in one year. In one year’s time, they took a dying reef on the Great Barrier Reef and brought a brand new species of coral in that has completely refreshed that reef in just one year. Coral grows very slowly.

    This is an amazing thing. That same family of scientists from Altair, they contacted, we’re not going into details about that except to say that we hear that they contacted the astronauts before they got to the Hubble telescope repair job and told them we have a little augmentation for your mission.

    You can go ahead and do exactly what you came up here to do but you need to know that there’s a bigger story going on and that it’s going to break here. Part of what we need to do to augment your mission is to upload some nanites to the Hubble telescope, like already has been done by Bill Gates to all of the military and all of the civilian communication satellites.


    …here is a good page to save to your favorites… it is the downloads for the Galactic Roundtable conference calls and more…

    …they are in mp3 format and I use my Media Player to transfer to my ipod…

    …very interesting stuff, eh Wanderer ?…


    …these are a few sites that carry the messages and more… GRT-CIP (case in point) is the site for interaction… the others are just for intel…





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