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    Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic
    12 Manik, 15 Mac, 4 Eb
    Selamat Jarin! We come with more information for you. As you know, our
    Earth allies are on the verge of success. Their plans are to change your
    present world of lack and limitation into a realm of abundance. This
    project includes a legal foundation that permits them to alter the world
    that you now know. All this fits nicely into our first contact plans
    despite the fact that they are far more complex than any we have known.
    Normally, a whole host of preconditions followed by a series of special
    negotiations precedes first contact. In your case, planetary conditions
    prevent us from observing the usual protocols. We are relying instead
    upon a special group of well-placed and wealthy individuals to achieve
    our preliminary objectives. This initial phase, generally called the
    ‘awakening,’ is somewhat tedious. It includes the work that Heaven is
    doing to return each of you to full consciousness. It also involves the
    grand work so far accomplished by our Earth allies. To aid them in this,
    we offer our advice and good offices when needed. This phase is nearing
    the last steps before its manifestation in the public arena.
    The ‘awakening’ phase includes the announcements of our existence
    by the transitional governments and other actions that are to prepare
    your world for our arrival. If these preliminaries proceed smoothly,
    they can take the place of the initial contacts required of a normal
    contact operation. We are setting up liaison teams that can work with
    the new governments to create programs elucidating various aspects of
    first contact and to introduce the technologies currently withheld from
    you. To these will be added some of our technology which can boost the
    present capabilities of your devices. It is important that your present
    apprehension and worry about us be dispelled as positively as possible.
    This can go a considerable way toward easing you from your awakening
    phase into the next one, which consists of the actual mass contact.
    Under Heaven’s guidance we are doing everything possible to make this
    first-contact mission as complete as it normally would be. Assisting us
    in an advisory capacity are the Agarthans, your Inner Earth cousins.
    They are keen to reunite with you and re-form a planetwide galactic
    The actual first contact operation still comprises two options:
    The first consists of a mass landing without government announcements
    and, hence, you are still unaware of our existence and intentions. We
    will, however, make our own series of broadcasts to prepare the way for
    our ships. As you can imagine, this option is the more difficult one.
    Over the years we have discovered a great many things about you that
    stress the importance of preparatory announcements by your governments.
    Also, there are sinister elements in your dark cabal that are abnormally
    fearful of us. They view us as interlopers in their grand scheme to turn
    your world into a realm of tyranny and hopelessness where they and their
    cohorts can rule supreme. They will use anything in their dirty bag of
    tricks to stop us. The second option is the one we update you on each
    week. The first is only an emergency back up in the event that the
    present course is unable to be achieved within the timetable given to us
    by Heaven.
    We have talked at length with our Earth allies and the Agarthans,
    and all agree that a series of preliminary governmental announcements
    are required. In due course our own galactic federation broadcasts will
    be made as part of the mass-landing operation. Our Earth allies have
    suggested that we participate in a few joint projects and this will be
    made known by the caretaker regimes. The idea is for your fears to be
    assuaged by our open cooperation with your governments. Your ‘sci-fi’
    literature and mass entertainment programs are filled with deliberately
    false and scary images about us. These need to be countered by some
    well-executed and positive episodes of mutual cooperation with you. This
    can go far in encouraging trust and setting the stage for our mass
    arrival. During this time we intend to begin putting into operation some
    of our technology and this can become more widely used after the mass
    After you are prepared for our arrival and understand why we have
    come, we can proceed with the mass landings. From our standpoint, these
    will be unusually extensive owing to the huge numbers of craft involved.
    We need to land counselors, one for each human on the planet, and
    technicians to install a series of devices, such as replicators for each
    household. You will require instruction on how to use, communicate with,
    and maintain this technology. In essence, its operation is quite simply,
    but it is nonetheless a very powerful, sentient interactive device. It
    does what many of you may consider to be miraculous. Hence, you can see
    that it is important for you to actively participate in the initial
    meetings between us. These can go a long way in preparing you for the
    first information we shall be giving you about your metamorphosis into
    fully conscious Galactic Humans. There is much to cover in a short space
    of time.
    The post-landing period is to last about four months, during which
    you can get to know and trust your assigned mentor. This individual
    knows all about you: your history and life path, what stage you are at,
    and who you are to become once the metamorphosis process is completed.
    Your transformation back into full consciousness involves a lot of
    complex, detailed change to your many energy systems. To this end, each
    person will have a Light chamber personally calibrated to their own
    requirements. It can mend and restore all the damage and ‘unplugging’
    done to your RNA/DNA during the latter days of Atlantis. It will
    reconstitute and unify your 13-chakra system and bring it on line, and
    your lost physical, mental, and spiritual abilities will be restored.
    Heaven’s mandate that you be restored to full consciousness in this way
    is quite unique in the annals of Federation history! You are indeed to
    become very special Beings of Light.
    Once you are fully conversant with all aspects of your restoration
    process, you can be shown your specially prepared residence in an Inner
    Earth crystal city. It will be identical to your then-current surface
    dwelling. Placed next to it is your personal Light chamber which will
    complete your change into a fully conscious galactic human. Your
    guidance team and assigned mentor are to watch over you very carefully
    during your time in the Light chamber. They will monitor your energy
    systems while a cascade of interdimensional Light converts your RNA/DNA
    and your body’s chakra system into the 12-strand genetics and the 13
    chakras that characterize a galactic human. During this time you are to
    go over your many ‘past’ lives and learn what your true objectives are
    for this one. At last the mystery of who you really are can be revealed!
    After your transformation in the Light chamber you will need a
    period of acculturation which we call full consciousness etiquette. You
    are now a fully sentient being, possessing quite unfamiliar powers that
    require a new sense of responsibility and mindfulness. In a sense, you
    are to go to ‘school’ to learn to control and use your new powers,
    including telepathy, clairvoyance, rejuvenation, and teleportation. For
    example, you can now ‘hear’ not only everybody’s thoughts but also the
    Song of the Universe! You are now literally ‘one’ with everything and
    you need to learn how to fine-tune your abilities to avoid physical,
    mental, and emotional overload. You need to learn the cultural and
    social etiquette that will allow you to fit in easily with your galactic
    family and to know the great inner joy that is your heritage.
    Today, we talked about more aspects of what lies just ahead for
    you. We have prepared in great detail for all contingencies surrounding
    First Contact. We are confident that the time for all this is close.
    Know that something magnificent is just around the corner! We now take
    our leave. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless
    Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!
    Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
    Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El
    Dorado Hills, California 95762 USA
    Voicemail: 808-573-3110 | Fax: (808) 573-2867 | E-mail: info@paoweb. com
    | Website address: http://www.paoweb.com

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