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    Message about the Individual from Mark’s Corner – Nov 2nd http://www.cosmicparadigm.com/Marks_Corner/

    Greeting. It is my pleasure to communicate with you once again. The entrepreneur, the pioneer, the rugged individual, the lone inventor, and the captain of industry, all epitomize the American dream, the American way of life. At the essence of capitalism are the values of the individual, the honoring of greed, and diminishing the needs of others to obtain what rightfully belongs to the strong individual. These values drive the American spirit; other nations emulate that spirit. They are the opposite of love, the opposite of Oneness.

    When the dark energy separated from Creator it did so in the name of individualizing itself from Oneness. The dark energy decided to pursue what it wanted for itself rather than cooperate with the rest of the cosmos. Once that seed was planted in that ancient oversoul, it was but a short journey to expressing itself in ways directly opposed to the light. It began to feed on the absence of light, the darkness. It soon discovered that it could gain power over others by diminishing the light within them. As it explored this new way of being, all manner of depravity took place, all in the name of separation from Creator. For some souls, the lure of self-aggrandizement attracted them to this dark energy, only to find that in the process they were submerged by it. So began a relentless struggle by dark entities to distinguish themselves at any cost, regardless of consequences to others.

    This then forms the basis for the rugged individual of Earth. Distinguishing oneself regardless of the cost to others is a trademark of those who mistakenly see their individual path separate from the whole. This self-centered drive can manifest itself within an entrepreneur or pioneer. How then does the altruistic nature of an entrepreneur manifest itself? How does the leader of a movement operate in concert with Oneness? How does one leave behind individual drive to encompass the good of all?

    Part of the answer lies with the ego that was instilled in humans as energy of action. It seeks to act; it does not embrace the needs of others. In opposition to the ego is the heart that embraces others’ needs and wants.

    Mark, you are well qualified to speak from your experience as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Draw on those experiences to see the contrast with where you are today. Teach those who are ego driven that there is another way. In your book, “One,” you allude to a totally new way of being when all are connected telepathically. When that takes place, it will be impossible for an individual ego to assert itself without others seeing the situation. Once your telepathic abilities are restored, you will comprehend Oneness clearly. The removal of these abilities is one of the factors that created your separateness.

    One’s ego cannot override the desires of the many unless the many allow this to happen. One entrepreneur cannot fashion a new enterprise without the cooperation of others. One pioneer cannot explore new vistas unless others to support him or her. An artist or a writer can create, but without public acceptance, their work will not reach many. The defining difference between the dark and the light is the intent with which each acts. Are the actions of the person driven by self-centered greed or fear of loss, or are they driven by a genuine desire to serve all in the name of creating a better railroad? At the heart of the matter are greed and fear. They can drive a pioneer, or a pioneer can be driven by desire to do something for the benefit of all.

    The free will decisions of everyone in the universe and the connectedness to Oneness are somewhat difficult to explain to a 3rd dimension person who is today so conditioned to be an individual. The Earth experience is one of the most intense in terms of individualism. See it as a wonderful opportunity to experience the maximum distancing from Oneness.

    The sleeping masses are asleep because they refuse to give up their individual, self-centered points of view. Religions, popular culture, the media, and most Earth structures are based on separateness. Structures at the higher lighter densities are based on Oneness, not individualism. This will require a completely new way of thinking. That is one of the reasons we are creating an institute: To help 3rd density humans comprehend Oneness. For it is only in Oneness that you will be accepted into the loving family of the universe.

    A nation dedicated to looking after the individual desires of its people is not based on love. The U.S. is based in individual freedoms, not cooperation to achieve the best life for all people of Earth. Examine the founding documents carefully; they were drawn up by men to preserve individual freedoms, not the collective good.

    We who are part of the great armada are present here not for our individual aggrandizement as saviors of a planet, but as a grand collaboration to insure that Earth and her caretakers emerge into the light of Oneness. We take no individual pride in our accomplishments. With those who operate at the higher energies, there are no individuals, as you know them. You will see this when you raise your frequency to merge with all, contributing your energy to the whole.

    The vast majority of humanity on this planet remains sleeping. It will not be possible to transform the population without the free will choice of each involved. So it will come to pass that the planet will undergo the trifurcation between the awakened caretakers who function at a higher frequency, the sleeping who will continue to slumber, and those who will terminate their involvement in this 3rd dimension.

    The moment of this determination is fast approaching. We who are assisting Earth have done all that we can do to awaken the people. You who are on the planet in human form have done a great work also. It is with sadness that we appraise the current situation in which the dark is retreating under the influence of our light. We are not giving into its remaining influences, rather we are celebrating the release of Earth from her bondage, happy for those who will accompany her, and recognizing that the universe will once again shine more brightly with the ascended Earth.

    To all who have read my words and the words of others, who communicate here, I applaud you and give thanks. You have the opportunity to carry the civilization of Earth forward, for there are many wonderful and unique aspects of this planet that we do not wish to lose in the transformation. Hold that which is good in your hearts. Hold the knowledge that you have overcome the dark energy in your memories, for you are to be applauded. There are few who can claim this distinction in the universe. You are the new humans who will now go on to educate the universe with your strength and courage. Rejoice for your time of glory is fast approaching.

    Each will contribute to this transformation in his or her uniqueness in Oneness. Each will be accorded a longer lifetime in which to stabilize the new Earth, while retaining the memories of their experiences. Remember well so that you can imprint the new Earth. Many children will continue forward without their parents. They are awake, their parent are not. Prepare to care for them, as they are the seeds of the new paradise.

    The institute of which we have spoken will come to pass. There we will communicate with those who choose to move forward to give them the benefit of our experience. Many who are your brothers and sisters from distant star systems will come to that place to counsel with you. Anchor it well so that all may cooperate in Oneness.


    Below is a wonderful poem on the The Separate Self from The Lost Teachings of Atlantis http://www.scribd.com/doc/9839028/The-Lost-Teachings-of-Atlantis-Jon-PenielBook

    The Spiritual Self
    came to Be
    as The One divided within itself.
    Created then, were Infinite
    multiplicities of the One
    still One with the One
    Consciousness of Oneness Remained.

    Separate Self Consciousness
    came to Be
    as the Separate Self
    moved deeper into the Matter of Earth.
    Vibration Fell into Density and Fragmentation
    with Polarization into Male and Female.
    The Opposites Repelled.
    The Positive lost Receptivity.
    The Receptive turned from the Positive.
    Polarity misdirected, the Flow waned Chaotic.
    Severed in Consciousness from The One,
    the Way was Lost.

    The Separate Self
    only has Life in Separation.
    Separation is an illusion,
    that the Separate Self works to maintain.
    The Monkey Mind serves to keep away the stillness
    that reveals the Light of Truth and Oneness.

    In the Illusion of Separateness
    from the One,
    the Separate Self believes,
    and behaves,
    in ways that are not harmonious
    in the flow of the One.
    Such disharmony causes suffering,
    both for the Separate Self,
    and others.

    The Separate Self
    turned Within instead of Without.
    Began the way of Take instead of Give.
    Thus was the Birth of Selfishness

    Then Came to Be
    the SELFISH Separate Self.
    The master of Selfishness,
    the Pawn of Darkness.

    Selfishness – The Root of all evil,
    all ignorance, all wrongs,
    all pain and suffering.

    Greed, Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Vanity and Lust,
    call thee each by thy true name –
    Theft, Brutality, War, and Famine –
    exist not without Selfishness.

    The Selfish Separate Self
    is a creature
    of our own design.
    It Disdains Love
    Shuns the Light
    Fears the Truth

    The Selfish Separate Self
    lives against the One
    It lives a Lie
    It survives only in illusion
    It Lives only to serve itself and its masters –
    the darkness and
    The Lords of darkness.
    It relishes ignorance.
    With its self-centered gaze,
    it is Blind.

    The Selfish Separate Self
    is Insane.
    Terrified of death –
    yet it often accelerates its demise.
    Wants to avoid suffering,
    yet it creates it.
    Wants to fulfill its every desire,
    yet it often prevents their attainment.
    It suffocates itself with its own blind taking,
    and destroys its own source of life.

    The Selfish Separate Self
    controls the Mind
    and twists the Truth.
    It can avoid God, by searching for God.
    It can avoid Love, by looking for Love.

    Your Selfish Separate Self
    is the most terrible Demon
    you will ever See.
    Transcend its Grip
    and you will be Free

    Your Selfish Separate Self
    will frighten You
    when you look it in the Eye
    Greet it with True Love
    and it will Die

    From the ashes of its Grave,
    like the Sun, it will Rise,
    born anew, Separate no longer
    to serve your True Self
    and the Will of The One.
    as a servant,
    its proper place,
    it Finds Peace and Happiness.
    Thusly do the Great Enemies,
    become Allies,
    as One.

    The One
    becomes Two
    The Two become Three
    The Two Beget Four
    and Begins the More

    Within and Without
    Torn Between and Against
    Mirrors an All Sides
    Split Inside and Out
    Again and again
    Thus is the Ignorant Self

    To Be Whole Again
    To Be home Again
    Only The Weary Learn
    Only The Bleeding heart Returns

    To Be Whole with the One Again
    is the Great Goal.
    The Great Mountain we can climb
    with our Will.
    For those who Take Power over
    their Selfish Separate Self,
    will return
    and be Wholly One.
    The Wholly Ones use the Power of Love,
    Sacrifice Their Selfish Separate Self,
    and Make to Give.
    Thusly do they Forever Walk
    with the Peace of the Whole,
    and in Their Wholiness,
    are a Blessing the All.


    In the Illusion of Separateness
    from the One,
    the Separate Self believes,
    and behaves,
    in ways that are not harmonious
    in the flow of the One.
    Such disharmony causes suffering,
    both for the Separate Self,
    and others.

    I don’t know what’s better to be nobody or somebody. Are actions considered the same on a physical level as they are on a mental level?

    A person who desires to remain neutral can be good, evil, or indifferent. But because I make no choice do I become dangerous (to myself or potentially someone else)? Or do I just become stagnant, like water?


    Echo, the implication of eliminating the Separate Self (or ego) was not that one would lose individual consciousness and be nobody, but instead would move from a self-centered/self-interest perspective to having universal consciousness that’s in alignment, awareness and of service to the whole. Also, it’s said that all will return to source and individuals would become part (or memories) of the collective consciousness of oneness. Perhaps that is already the case, for we are all from one and are one. So I guess there is no way to be nobody or even somebody. Darn, I’m getting things confused, oh well, it’s all so mindboggling and wonderful.

    My only response to your other questions, is that I sure do love how profound they are, and would just suggest taking a deep breath and following your heart or instinct on what seems best.

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