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    Hi everyone

    There is much confusion and pain as a result of Lightship’s no-show on the 14th. I have been trying to make sense of it in my own way. Here is my first shot at it… Please take a look at my first youtube video where I simply speak from my heart without needing to channel someone else. Have a look and let me know what you think.



    Very powerfully loving words , my brother.
    I , for ONE, am WITH YOU!


    Thank you Zingdad.

    I think the 14th was a Dress Rehearsal. 🙂



    Thank you for speaking your truth from your heart. Those were loving words my friend.

    Anyone that can create the cookie song can`t stay down for long! http://www.myspace.com/zingdad 😉



    Dear brother Zingdad!

    This just shows how awesome an beeing you are, putting this out right now – and you are doing as great as you have been doing all the time Zingdad. It is a continuum of greatness you bring forth Zingdad. And from the deepest depth of my heart I thank you!

    I saw it ALL in a dream last night. It ALL!! And I never dream my friend Zingdad. Well, I dream and – on few occasions remember it which is only some inter-action with old friends and family, upontil last night. I have been waiting this event with some neutrality and calmness and joy, and prayed before going to bed a couple of times, the last 3-5 weeks, to get a view in my dream state. Yet, as mentioned I do not percieve usually other than the most trivially of dreams. Nothing happened and I forgot about the prayer, sometime last week, before going to sleep.

    But, it came through last night. And I can only confirm my dream, and that is for others to choose to believe what I dreamt or not. There is no ship as our mental brain expects a ship. It is light, yes, as we partially can percieve and think of light. And there is colours yes – which is not colours – as we percive and upon now has experienced colours in our hereonto lifes, it was colours that I have never ever thought could BE. I have no adequate words to describe this dream either with words, facts or fiction or by any other means.
    It was……………………………………………………something you all who CHOOSE will see, at ONE point. And where that point is, yes, that is also your choice.

    I just posted up my views and thoughts, under messages from the grid, at the same time posting from Saint Germain up today – in regards of 14. oct prediction. So please Zingdad, I would be full of joy if you parttake in the two videos up today from Saint Germain – and the little notes I made from my night below it. And also some very interesting inputs from our beloved friends.

    I love you my brother Zingdad and the momentum is now attained. So let us move in the direction we have choosen, as we ALL are the ONEs that we have been waiting for.

    Much joy
    Annan the Nordic


    Very well spoken and greatly appreciatied…..thank you Zingdad.

    I now consider myself as being on “stand-by” mode, open to anything, absolutely anything occurring from this point on. For me, the 10-14 event/non-event has served the essential purpose of opening me to the unknown. Now that the date of 10/14 has come and gone, I find that I am still widened beyond my ordinary standard…with no likelihood of that reducing even a tiny bit.

    It’s also pretty amazing to me Zingdad how much candor and vulnerability you express when clearly Adamu did not stick to 10/14 as a hard date. I feel emanating from you an enormous wave of warm compassion for the entire psyche of the 10/14 moment. I sense you to be speaking from and to that psyche with unusual sensitivity and defenseless personal candor.

    To me, this is evidence of a classy heart in action, standing transparently before others in an empowering gesture of heartfelt openness. May we all learn to speak and feel so authentically for ourselves, and with each other.

    Ready for anything….



    Ahh… Tiaka… you have discovered my secret! I have the power of The Cookie Song. No-one can defeat the mysterious magic of the cookie song. After all: “It’s made with coconut!” 🙂

    Seriously though. Paul, you say you think it was a dress rehearsal. I don’t think you are far wrong. I shall tell you how I have come to see it by way of a little story:

    Some time ago a friend had a still-born child. She was obviously pretty hurt by the experience. She wondered what it all meant and how to make sense of this little life that was promised but that never expressed itself. I asked spirit for some meaning. What I got was that she and her husband were way too “pressured” about this. There was too much energetic stress on the whole event and the baby could simply not express itself into that environment. The soul of the baby therefore chose to terminate the life. This caused the the parents to release some of all their pent-up emotions around this as grief. They shed some of their expectations, etc. I cautiously told my friend what I had received (worried that she might take this the wrong way – that I was saying they were to blame). She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said how strange it was that, before this child’s coming, she and her husband had its whole future mapped – the schools, the achievements, the careers… everything. They had it all planned down to the finest detail. And then, when the foetus had died, all of that died with it. Now all she wanted was a baby. She just wanted a little person to love, as it was, for what it was. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the ending of this tale. She did indeed have another baby and she is the most wonderful contented beautiful mother. And the baby is perfect. A perfect baby. She is perfectly what she is. With no expectations that she should be anything OTHER than what she is.

    And it strikes me that we – planet earth – have had a sort of a still-birth of that type. We have expected the birthing of our new golden age. The Lightship was to be the midwife. But it just didn’t happen. And with the death of THAT new beginning I truly do begin to believe that we actually prepare ourselves for another one. For one without all the intense and impossible weights of expectation that we all placed on it. All of us that looked forward to this event pushed and pulled at it with our desperate need of what it would mean to us. Too much pressure in too many disparate directions! It would actually be impossible for this thing to manifest without hurting us and itself given all that emotional weight. So it seems to me we have had the opportunity to release some of that. Now that all of that is released… it seems to me that if it just appeared in the sky tomorrow that we would accept it with a lot more equanimity and just let it be what it IS rather than needing it to be what we demand it must be.

    Sometimes, it seems, we need to lose something before we can correctly appreciate it.

    And THAT is what I think has happened to us. Anyone that now says “a lightship is coming” is going to get a far less fevered response than Blossom did. Less intensity. Less pressure. Less conflict. And so now, slowly, this event can dawn upon us and just be what it really is. AND I believe it will be a far more personal experience than we have been expecting. AND now we all know it is really okay to doubt. We know it is a counter-productive and probably pain-causing thing to try to cause this to happen by our raw faith. What will be will be. So let’s just let it BE what it will be. Not try to push it into one or another box of our creation.

    That’s where I am at this moment.


    Annan, my brother from the North, that was an amazing post. I know in my heart that you are right. You posted this as I was posting my reply to Tiaka and Paul. But yes, this is right. If we open ourselves to it we shall be touched in our hearts in a most personal way. I think this is correct. What wonderful times we are living through!

    Fiz: Hello and well met, my new friend.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very kind words.
    I think part of the problem with 10-14 is that we all had too many specific ideas and expectations of what this Lightship should be. I think that needed to be shaken free. I suspect if would could all cultivate what you are speaking of… the sense of wide-open wonder… then this world would painlessly and effortlessly move forward into its new golden epoch. There should be more like you!


    Thank you Zingdad for making me aware of Oct 14th/lightships… however you want to phrase it. What you gave me was to be aware!! Oct 14th was an amazing day for me. I woke up that morning and knew something was different. Yes I went up on a hill to look in the sky. But it was what I felt that day that was incredible. I felt a higher frequency around me all day – actually for two days. Recently I have been able to experience a higher frequency in the desert in Oregon where I could feel my ears being affected and my body – head pressure. This as exactly what I experience in my town on the 14th. Something had changed and it was so obvious. A good friend who I have come to know channels a wonderful entity that evening we chatted all together in a chat room. I would like to share her take on all this ( Boglivia – a wonderful confirmer!!)… to show you that we all were to perceive the happenings of that day in your own special way. The day was more than a success for me and others I know. But my gut says that there was a frequency change happening for a reason maybe to prepare us for something else to come – who knows??

    With love Jilly..

    [jilly] Bog, I felt strange today
    User Josh has logged out.
    [PEG] kind of like the Rocky movies
    [Josh2] No dreams. Woke up very peaceful. Thank you. I think that a lot of what we discussed sunk in during my sleep…
    [boglivia] Strange as in how?
    [jilly] like the feeling in the desert
    [jilly] my ears went funny
    [PEG] oh that sounds good josh
    [jilly] pressure in my head
    [Josh2] Thanks PEG.
    [jilly] and sore bones
    [PEG] your welcome josh
    [jilly] like someone was squeezing my limbs
    [jilly] and tired
    [jilly] but relaxed..
    [Josh2] Jilly. I’ve experiencing the EXACT same thing…
    [jilly] went away as the day went by
    [boglivia] Yes, this one had acute hearing today with joint pressures in the thumbs mostly. Do you equate?
    [Josh2] I’m achy.

    [PEG] ……
    [Josh2] I didn’t have the thumbs.
    [jilly] my hearing was strange – like inthe desert
    [jilly] so like in the desert
    [Josh2] But I think my hear was really sensitive…
    [boglivia] It is the subtle movement of the energies that we are embarking upon.
    [boglivia] And those energies are us coming to us.
    [jilly] is it to do with this talk about a light ship appearing today
    [boglivia] Now wrap your mind around that one.
    [jilly] UNION!!!!!
    [jilly] heart and mind
    [PEG] re-union!
    [boglivia] The cloud was the ship.
    [Josh2] I saw it.
    [jilly] OMG!
    [PEG] and the orbs i captured today faintly hidden in the cloud cover
    [jilly] I was noticing the huge cloud over Bend..
    [boglivia] You see, in this 3D world we have been given images that we think we must equate to in order for something to be.
    [Josh2] I saw the cloud to the west at sunset.
    [boglivia] But it was the cloud that was the ship.
    [jilly] it just ended
    [jilly] I wondered that butjust a cloud
    [jilly] ?

    [jilly] ?
    [Josh2] same thought twice about it…
    [boglivia] OH no, the cloud is the holder of the energies.
    [PEG] …….
    [jilly] nothing out of the ordinary to freak people out…
    [boglivia] It is a form but not so structured.
    [boglivia] It is not solid but can be seen
    [Josh2] I tried to look within it…
    [boglivia] But most of all it can be felt.
    [jilly] yes I felt it then
    [jilly] its energy
    [Josh2] My energies just elevated again.
    [PEG] i softly focussed my eyes on the sky and saw dozens of stringed sparkles twirling and moving all around
    [boglivia] The high intensity energies that were being rendered were felt in the form of acute hearing sensitivity.
    [jilly] what was the purpose of the cloud
    [boglivia] What was the purpose for you?
    [Josh2] – Saw that coming, Jilly…
    [jilly] to resonate with a higher energy
    [boglivia] To confirm the information that has been given from so many sources recently?
    [jilly] bet you to it Joshy
    [PEG] I think perhaps to assist in focusing … not to be easily seen
    [Josh2] Yep. Elevation of frequencies.

    [jilly] a lot of people were expecting a light ship…. space ship looking thing. They will be let down
    [PEG] …..
    [Josh2] I was never down or disappointed about it. Were any of you?
    [boglivia] As well, with the utube rendering that Jilly sent to us today with Abraham-Hicks portraying what was given recently in my text to the deb in our private converse that was shared with you.
    [PEG] not at all
    [jilly] is that why my daughter had a headache at school and fever tonight?
    [boglivia] We are all confirming one another and that is the way it is to be.

    [jilly] no, but some on a forum I was in were getting that way
    [PEG] …….
    [Josh2] I have a faint buzzing in my ears now…
    [Josh2] very much like the desert.
    [boglivia] You see, when we expect a certain outcome, we are always disappointed, but when we invite a different interpretation of our expectations, we will always be delighted as the all of us were today.
    [jilly] I agree
    [PEG] right
    [Josh2] Yes.
    [jilly] each person has their own experience
    [jilly] so funny Bend hardly ever is cloudy
    [boglivia] It is this planet, this 3D world that has depicted interplantetary beings in coming in steel ships, not us.
    [jilly] and it was just half of Bend with the cloud
    [PEG] either are we here in so NM very few cloud covers that take up the whole sky
    [Josh2] Denver was completely clouded today…
    [boglivia] Yes, this was a monumental occasion on this day, but few notices.
    [jilly] I took pictures – will check later
    [PEG] well from oregon to colorado to new mexico.. that was one B I G cloud!
    [jilly] but feeling it was just as important as seeing it?
    [boglivia] I will be take a momentary recess now.
    [Josh2] Pee


    OH MY!!! .. Zingdad, that was totally awesome, you hit the essence of every message that has been popping up in the last 2 days. You really hit the spot.

    Love you so much for your work!!! =)) Keep it up please. =)


    Zingdad, thank you so much — you don’t know how true and wisdom-filled your words are! It makes so much sense, your words resonate deeply with me and I just can’t express how much I have been changed by this whole event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


    Zingdad, you are the man dude! I believe channeling has made you very wise. The story of your friends and their baby is the perfect example of what this whole thing feels like. This whole experience will only makes us stronger and more understanding. At the same time it is teaching us to be patient. I think everyone was growing a little impatient at some point during this whole building up of the event. My take on it is that we will get our pretty light show at some point in this life time and it will be awesome. We just can’t expect it to be tomorrow, next week or next month. We need to just let it be be.

    In my opinion the light ship did come and it didn’t come on Oct 14th, it came to me when I found this website. It came to me via all the wonderful people who are part of this forum. You guys are the lightship to me. I’m very thankful that I found The Book of Light and that I can express myself here without anyone judging me or thinking I’m a weirdo because I guess we’re all weirdos here! That to me is precious.


    …that is great wanderer !…

    …We are the Lightship !…


    I am sure the lightships have gathered an immense quantity of data concerning we humans, our mental reaction system, our emotions, the media and the dark cabal methods. Don’t forget the greatest victories use surprise stategy. Your soul knows Zingdad, this was a chosen contract of yours, painful like a child receiving a vaccine shot but definitly useful. If you read through different army battles , you realise how much strategy is important. The dark cabal reminds me of the “Germans” during the second world war before the Normandy battle. Nobody knew when the allies would disembark on the Normandy shores, there were rumours and false information spread by the allies to destabilise the “Germans”. Nobody knew when it would happen, but everyone had the intuition that D-Day was close. You and Blossom are light heroes, your soul accepted this special mission in agreement with the Galactic federation of light. And you are so clever, you can even pretend you are disappointed 😀 .

    As the Pleaidians through Opalescent in their last message said:”It will happen”


    Zingdad, beautifully put.

    Lovely heartfelt sentiments, All.

    I am finding that words are difficult and inadequate. What I feel is something new, like a different recipe of emotions. Love, hope, confusion, faith, doubt, humility, disappointment. There are more, I’m sure, for it is a large mix. It’s an acquired, almost exotic taste! 😀

    But notice, there is no anger, no hate, no blame. Indeed, there is happiness and joy! I haven’t see a lightship (yet), but I have seen the light – here, in this forum, in each of you.

    This experience has opened something wonderful within me that remains open! I get the image of the Grinch when his heart grows to three times its size. That’s close to how I feel. May it last forever!



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