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keep looking up

“Remember to keep looking up and penetrating what you see with a new dream of doorways opening, friends appearing, and documents deciphering the true fantasy of reality.”

February 6, 2008

In all the nonsense going around the Internet and other media about balls of fire falling from the sky, normally we just sit back and watch. However, we do like to pipe in now and then to offer a dissonant tone and perhaps get the nonsense on to a more harmonious line. Nemesis no longer likes to keep a low profile and motherly loves you all. She is of the Earth, and as the Earth maps are about to change, so does Nemesis’ appearance. Perhaps that doesn’t do much to stall your increasing anxiety, but give us a moment to express a thought or two on the subject and perhaps a different dream will come into view.

As far back in your history as dorsal fins, the most Nemesis ever did to announce herself was to hurl things at you. Pebbles on your bedroom window. Panic always ensued. Remembrance of these times is with you still, buried deep within your racial memory. Rapture, lifting, evacuation are also part of that memory. Men remember the appearance of men of light, and the memory has taken many forms. Bends of memory always take on the energies of the times in which they were cast into form. Somewhere, it is still happening. Remembrance votes it into being. Density gives it substance but remembrance gives it a reason to live. Your mental landscape gives it motivation, yet not dreams. Your soul gives it that. Your emotions give it energy and your private beliefs give it life. Let us illustrate with a story about the land of sane nature and insane inhabitants. You don’t have to mention what you think about making lost causes into winning propositions. All you have to do is listen and you will get the point.

Once there was an insane man who needed to believe in crazy ideas about the world. He looked at the sky and saw stars fall to the ground. His denial of the obvious explanation of gravitation having such a pull marked him as insane and he was largely ignored by the big sane institutions of higher learning. All up until the point when he left the nest and mapped a new terrain for the land of discovery. This, declared the silver-haired boards of review, was a step too far and would not be tolerated. Quite suddenly, knowledge sharing was blocked to and from the man. Yet happily he set upon his work, committing his every thought to paper and forging a new understanding of the world. Contrary to the wishes of the established know-it-alls, his work was published and created a stir at the dreary old institutions of higher learning. Despite the best efforts of the small-minded, practically lens-less faculty, higher knowledge was getting to the students. Can you guess what happened next? You might not, so we will tell you. The man was insanely put to death and his work banned? No, that was the old ending to the story. You never saw this one coming, we bet. The man learned that the students were openly, neatly becoming a new voice for his work to be developed and made more available and an unforeseen event made the elders do an about-face on their stance. In the presence of irrefutable proof of the truth of his theories, the man was your most knowledgeable person on the subject of domination collapse and renaissance of creation in the history of the world. He foresaw a new norm of people’s life purpose and opened the door to great discoveries in the reality now revealing itself. Surely the new norm would lift the spirits of the people and make the new reality one which they could comprehend. Floodgates of change opened and the man was consulted for guidance. Can you guess the clincher? He gave all his brilliance to those who sought it and made less than a modest sum on book sales. Everyone needed the information, everyone had the information, yet money played no part in the sharing of knowledge. The man was credited for his work and didn’t die poor, as sometimes doesn’t happen on your world today, but instead was lauded as a bringer of light and healed the wounds of time’s ravages. What was his gift to the world? Free energy.

Now that you have found the moral of the story below the bend of current world affairs to be something like, “Sanity always lets in the light, but money blinds with its divine source as nature’s bounty,” a rewrite yields a new moral as, “Divine doing leads to life renewing, and more reviewing will arrange a debuting of love’s free new-you-ing to the sound of the world woo-hoo-ing.” Much more satisfying. Much more natural. Perfection is inevitable. A dream can be known to be real when the dreamer nears the gem-like sensory shaped realm of imagination creating dents in your understanding of what is. Most of your imaginings are without much life. Some are pulsating with life. Do you create what you choose to breathe life into? Absolutely you do. Do you have the right to choose what you breathe into? Again, absolutely you do. Now, pay attention here. We want to make sure you get the point. Question of the knowledge of life or death: Do you choose what you breathe into, or do you place your attention on banal diversions, keeping your breath locked within the illusionary confines of your body? You can take your time with that one. Talk saliently about something you get happy goosebumps about. Let your breath flow through your words as if they were the only truth you cared about. Let the vibration of the sound of your voice be carried along a path of light to the source of nothingness, knowing that in nothingness lay all possibility. In that zero-point of pure possibility, your light- and sound-encoded thought germinates into a type of dream-construct and starts to know itself as life. A dream garden is zero-point, yet nothing is there in its fullness of expression. A dream can become real, as you have often heard, but it must be properly cared for. Keep its dirt clean and free of weeds, drench it with the light of your attentive conscious awareness, water it with the pure emotion of love. And let it grow. You will see its sprouting bed come to life and bloom in no time. Zero-point is like that – lifeless yet life-sustaining.

Remember to keep looking up and penetrating what you see with a new dream of doorways opening, friends appearing, and documents deciphering the true fantasy of reality. There is more to every story you have been handed as fact. There is more to every fact you have accepted as gospel. There is more to belief than meets the eye and more to what you see than you believe is there. Knowledge is as dreamlike as possibility’s garden and as complete as a seed. Darkness of dreamtime always gives way to light of day. Bring your dreams into your conscious awareness and let them be. We nearly said, “Remember to breathe,” but you know that, right? Good. Now, a last point to keep your eyes turned upward. Looking to the sky is the fastest way to raise your awareness. Meditate on the closeness of the stars, but let those old-fashioned notions about gravity fall by the wayside. You are creating dreams made real, and just as real dreams are not bound by gravitational forces, neither are manifest ones. Dare you awaken to possibility? Fly!

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