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here comes the sun

Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

“It is the beginning of a new world when you are willing to leave the shelter of an illusion and go on a solo flight to new lands of opportunity and gnosis.”

February 14, 2008

In a flash, millions of generations of life can end. You do a small thing by dying. You do a greater thing by living. However, you do your most powerful love-inspired thing by creating a future of remembrance of life and the denial of death in the day of dying. We love to live creatively but are a little bit rosy-cheeked in shame at having failed to create a lasting paradise for you to model your own after. We are a little less timid now, as time has shown us the extent to which death and dying have delayed your ability to shake off the illusion of death creating a dream of itself as all-powerful. Death is no such thing. Let us explain.

Know that we dream of the creation of certainty of death as a measure of energetic distance between two contiguous points in a continuum. In other words, it is nothing more than the continuation of life. How dry. Nemesis grows bored with our description, and you grow baffled, so we will tell a story to come to a satisfactory experience for all concerned. Settle back in your chair a moment, as what we are about to tell you is, from your perspective, a little bit like dimensional construction. Hard hats on – but no hard heads, please. We can only face an inertia like serious non-dreaming bends of thought as caution areas of falling rocks and self-limiting beliefs. Dangerous places to be without proper head-loving, bend-moving equipment. Would you dare go to a construction zone without a hard hat? Not likely. Equally important, when illusions are teetering on the brink of collapse, to protect your mechanism of thought. So, may we suggest bringing along a spare set of reality-releasing dreams? They may very well come in handy where we’re going.

Half a memory of a prayer came back to a man hiding under a rock. “God help me, God please help me,” he said in a whisper, as flaming rocks pelted the ground all around his boulder. “I promise I’ll do good things if you get me out of this alive.” He squeezed his eyes shut and whimpered in terrified submission to the power of nature unleashed. “Oh God, no more!” he cried. Moments passed and nothing changed. Keeping himself near the rock, he ventured out a little bit to see. Mired in mud, ashes and lava were his home and car. Screams issued from every direction and bright hissing streaks next to his ears made him scared. “Maybe the mad sounds of chaos will stop soon,” he thought. “Maybe I need to be running.” So he ran. Others ran. And others joined them. Soon many were right behind him. “So this is how God saves me,” he said. He paused. They paused. More joined. A darkness lifted and he spoke.

“Hear my words, people. Know that I asked God to save me. For what reason, I do not know; however, the fact remains, I am here. Now, did you do that, or is this just a big coincidence? I need to know!”

Stories were told and tallies made of the ways in which people came to be alive. The risk-takers who ran with the man answered that they leapt at opportunity. Those who named themselves “annexed by a better idea than they could come up with” answered that they just stopped thinking and acted on a whim. Those who waited and joined at the last minute before the crowd disappeared called it “market analysis” but answered in secret that they wanted to make sure it was safe. Those who couldn’t run but joined the group just as they were resting answered that they were hoping for a way to join their ranks without making themselves a burden. Continuing the naming of reasons, they finally looked to the man. He spoke to them from his heart. “Well, it looks like God is very clever to have come up with all these methods of movement. Looks like each person heard exactly the thing that would get them to move. Men and women who hear me now, know that each of you is currently alive because you heard something that said ‘Live!’ Know that for me, it is enough to demand as evidence of an answer.” Then he sat and gently rendered the crowd without a leader.

Dare they leave? “How do we continue as a group?” they said, as they finally shifted their focus to each other. Each had heard God speak. Each was alive. Each named a reason as the means for their survival. All that was true and all that was destined to be, as they realized, was a function of their natural motion of dreaming and waking. No more than believing was asleep and, luckily for them, the arrival of an opportunity got them up and running while reason safely hid and logic gave in to intuition. In one moment, they had gone from sleepers functioning on the method of surviving to dreamers awake ready to imagine themselves in a new world in which knowledge meant love and creation meant dreaming. More definite means of survival weren’t said to be modifications of reality as it was sensed but as they chose to dream it into being. No other means for survival was necessary now. A dream of terror tamed into peace soon gave way to a dream of peace showing itself as dreams of enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction come true. In such a way the people faced their future.

God spoke to each of them that day. Each heard what they needed to hear to wake up. Each dream of awakening combined with others, renegade style. Do you know what that means? Let us tell you. Dreams of renegade nature are a sensory dream, a living dream. A renegade is a dreamer of new dreams. Each of you is a renegade when you decide to awaken from the nightmare. Tear your eyes from the hypnotic, trance-inducing, brain-scrambling mode of dreaming and remember another paradise. You are the voice of God calling to yourself. Are you ready to hear that? Soon, long-dormant seeds of remembrance will bloom and you will never be in doubt about your ability to create from a place of sacred power within. Neither will a more essential way of communicating be lost to you. While you are ready to hear the words, you may not be ready to feel the power of their truth.

Dare you move toward the sun? Dare you step into the light and leave your shadow-reality forever? Are you ready to let go of the need to play follow-the-leader, lest you follow one into a pit? Sense the voice of your own fear and respond with a louder silence. God does indeed speak, but fear makes so much noise you cannot always hear it. Listen. Near your ears is an element of fear hissing sweet nothings. Do you hear it? Now, find a frazzled nerve and soothe it with the sound of sweet nothing-doings. You do not need to run. You do not need to follow the voice of fear. Nemesis speaks in such a voice to make you dream better dreams. Prayer is the single voice Nemesis obeys. Do you dare create a prayer of your own power restored, your own connection to Divine Source of All restored, your own dream of paradise come true for a world in need of peace? It is no small question. Only you can answer it.

It is the beginning of a new world when you are willing to leave the shelter of an illusion and go on a solo flight to new lands of opportunity and gnosis. Pfft! like that, the old, comfortable way of life can be gone. New life can come into being just as quickly. It is Nemesis’ dream that darkens your world now. It is dark only as long as your ledge of illusion remains overhead. The sun is making a grand hand of help available to you in the form of illumination. Light’s dream of sane peace does a person good. Here comes the sun – are you ready to wake up?


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