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lyra and your origins

Memory is encoded into the crystalline structure of DNA and reverberates throughout the substance of time.

February 21, 2008

Grab a seat and sit back for a little maddeningly overdue, fact-filled, entertainingly candid banter about Dad and Mom. You’ve been wondering if we were ever going to get around to revealing the neat, mentally sanitized history of your race’s creation and dispersion from a cosmic perspective. You probably didn’t think we would give it to you from a comic perspective, though, did you? Since we are Pleiadian, we don’t like to handle such dry material too roughly, and find that a comic perspective has a much more real, loving degree of accuracy than a more patronizingly edited telling. So we begin.

The Lyran race began as an expression of consciousness experiencing love as a happy, joyful condition. Lyrans feared nothing, but created experiences in which to test their divine identity and progress on their way to sampling light at the most beneficial frequency for all creation to be love at. Love created Nemesis, who donned her dark cape and did Love’s job of setting into motion themes and events engineered to serve the Lyrans in their quest for understanding all there was to understand about love. Along came a ship. Followed war. Finally catastrophe, escape, destruction and rebirth. The seeds for humanity’s quest for love were sown far and wide across the galaxy. Generations of humans populated the star systems of Pleiades, Sirius, Procyon, Rigel and others. Algebraic equations can track the progress of the human race in their progress from material beings living to survive another day to roamers of the stars learning the ways of light to becoming light, going back and forth through time and space to nodes of destruction and mayhem, bringing divine light, understanding and the fearlessness of knowing Nemesis as love. A simple x + y = z will do the trick. Humans (x) encounter Nemesis (y) and love (z) results. Of course, you could plug in all sorts of variables and come up with something that looks like alphabet soup, but any equation you create boils down to this simple, elegant truth. You know love when you know Nemesis as yourself. This is the legacy of Lyra.

Density notwithstanding, love dominates every equation. It is not something that can be added to. It cannot be discounted, either. Humanity creates that which is of the appearance of not-love yet God allows it to live. Ample energy infused into a thought creates ugliness as well as beauty. A reality gets its shape from you. Where did you get your shape from? Tell you a story of your lineage shall we now. Just an overview, you understand. To get into all the nitty-gritty would require more bandwidth than we have apparently chosen for this site — it would take a book. Now, we have begun our tale already in the star system called Lyra and followed it to several locales. Let us look a little bit more closely at the one we like to call home, what you call the Pleiades. For now, we will say it is a constellation, but it is more than that, really. Within this “constellation” are many, many stars, planets and emergent energies. It is teeming with life. You have mapped many of the stars yet have no idea about the planets that orbit them. Dribbles of speculation abound while the truth remains buried. Lyran refugees found a home, like Pleiadian refugees did who landed on Earth. It was not so long ago in your history; although some fried during the landing, most survived, generally safe from outside interference. You, reading this, in resonance with the general page-turning intensity of the telling of the story, may remember. Memory is encoded into the crystalline structure of DNA and reverberates throughout the substance of time.

Have you made less of your lineage than you should? Perhaps. Go deep into the crystalline memory banks you carry within your embodiment and maybe you can help yourself by greeting your ancestry as star-borne rather than as slime that crawled out of the ocean by accident. Zero in on the vibration of the madness of your species, on the catatonia that has infected your people of peace. Go deep into the mind of the sage that awaits discovery within the mass-media-inflicted neurosis that sweeps through your collective consciousness, into the depths of the beingness of a people dreaming yet left without a dad or mom to tell them it’s time to wake up. We are here and we say to you, “Awaken!” You imagine you are alone in the universe but for tales of gods returning to deliver who knows what kind of treasure to you — your inheritance or your ruin? Go deep within and allow the crystalline structure of your DNA to sing. This is what it is for. This is your connection to your family across time. It is your connection to Pleiades and to Lyra.

As your DNA sings, lost members of your family begin to appear. You recognize them instantly and feel an undeniable attraction to them, an overwhelming sense of love. This is not your imagination and it is not just a wish for escape from the dead weight of a dying world, and although it may be a bit of a surprise, it is meant to be that you find each other in the strangest and most delightful of ways. Is this not true of your experience, more so than ever lately? We hover nearby, yet your embodiments find each other first. We are beside ourselves with joy at each reunion! Do you sense this? Trust your selves. Even more than you are flesh and blood, you are crystalline beings of certain more or less stellar origin. Know that the home you yearn for, the home you remember in your dreams, is ever closer, as are we. Magic is real and dreams are substance. It is the madness around you that is manufactured illusion. Let your DNA sing. Watch the illusion shatter. Be without fear and focus on the crystalline nature of your embodiment. The truth will show itself soon enough. When what has been comes to a crashing halt, you must be ready to see with eyes that are bright with love the morning light breaking through the night of madness and longing. Home is Heaven on Earth and you are the ones who will allow darkness to overshadow itself and come to light and show itself as love unmasked.

A drama is playing itself out, finally, on your plane of existence. Above your planet are ships and emanations and people. On your planet are wars and blood and mayhem. Making your DNA sing now is a matter of dancing on the edge of sanity and seeing that on the one side is insanity and on the other side is dreams of finding your way home come true. Making your DNA sing is no longer kept a secret but is one of the best-kept secrets unveiled. Making your DNA sing is announcing to your body that you wish to know its crystalline nature, that you wish to reverberate with the truth of who you are and be in harmony with others of like vibration. It is allowing your body to hone its awareness to the point of pure clarity and memory regained, of shattering all the demonstrations of darkness you have housed within, and to create a vibration that leaves illusion in the dust. You will see plenty of dust in the days ahead; keep your focus within.

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