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LΦVE H20 Festival June 19th – 21st, 2009 – The Historic Summer Solstice Celebration & Concert For The Living Water

Concert for Living Water LIVE H2O

Your friendy webmaster (Melanie aka Annu) will be at our local Edmonton, Alberta, Canada venue as an official greeter at the gates of the LOVEH2O.ca event!  I’ll be giving out the Love frequency 528hz with my MI tuning fork!  Hope to see you there!  More about this local event below…

From LIVEH2O.org: The mission of LIVE H2O: Peace, Health & Abundance

Everything is possible with LOVE, faith, and people united in prayer! This 72-hour global event is designed to bring humanity back to unity and security in the name of LOVE, by celebrating Water.

There are three ways for you to participate: 1) Go to the nearest venue; 2) Create your own gathering with friends interacting using LIVEH2O.tv and this "FREE PASS" to the LIVEH2O.tv "Control Room" that links you to streaming video broadcasts from around the world; and 3) Produce your own experience by "surfing" the streaming video, singing, praying, and chanting with multitudes of warm hearts connected online.

That’s right! Even if you are home alone, everyone is invited to celebrate LIVE H2O, especially during the global prayer on Sunday, June 21st, at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. So mark your calendar now, and tell everyone you know to do the same. Let’s co-create a "Global Baptism" during the greatest spiritual concert in history–all for the LOVE of Water!

DRUM, PRAY and CHANT with the World, . . .

Share in the "LOVE WATER EXPERIMENT". . . . SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009. Now with 2 Services Scheduled.

Click here to join



Heart Connections

For 72 hours, human hearts worldwide will “marry” the “Universal Solvent” Water, using the “Universal Language” Music, to produce the “Universal Healer” LOVE. Celebrities, authors, film-makers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders from all cultures will be our guides gracing nine main stages internationally at venues adjacent important bodies of Water. These programs will be streamed “live” in high definition and available for FREE by clicking on LIVEH2O.tv or the logo below.

For the first time in history, viewers worldwide will interact freely, singing, chanting, and praying together to produce urgently needed planetary redirection, accelerating the advancing Spiritual Renaissance. Geopolitics and economics cannot continue on a crash course to extinction, so LIVE H2O is heralding available solutions to civilization’s most pressing problems.

Healing the World from Within

Here you will engage the power of Water⎯“Creative Juice” ⎯to transform, restore, and sustain health, energy, peace, and prosperity in all ways.

Two days of education and musical celebration will change the world simply by expanding awareness about these many miracles Water performs eternally without thanks. You will be far more grateful to Water, respect this life-sustainer and universal re-maker, than ever before.

Health-enhancing and life-extending knowledge about Water and music"hydrosonics"is now available. Music is the “universal language,” and how it operates within your body Water, and your DNA, to sustain you is revolutionizing numerous fields of science.

LOVE is the “universal healer,” and Water the “universal solvent.” Put them together and you have the best-kept secret in history—a truth so freeing it shall surely hasten the Spiritual Renaissance and, with your loving heart involved, restore and sustain "heaven on earth" for our children and future generations.


Love Thanks 528 hzChoosing LOVE or Something Less . . .

The choice to engage, and contribute to, evolving consciousness and solutions to myriad problems from environmental quality to public health and safety, has never been more pressing and clear. "You are either part of the problem or solution." During the “LOVE Water Experiment”the spiritual service conducted on Sunday, June 21stmillions of people are expected to participate broadcasting their hearts through their voices and retuned instruments. The unified vibration will transmit “hydro-sonically” the LOVE frequency of 528Hz into the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. The prayerful “‘AH’ chant” will last 9 minutes initially, and then travel around the world in a wave for another 81 minutes prior to returning to the west coast of the Americas90 minutes in total. This will carry our human family’s heart-felt loving prayer for lasting peace, world health, and prosperity in all ways into the "Living Water" to actualize these outcomes.

The goals of LIVE H2O

To educate and spiritually uplift humanity to Water’s capacity to cure what ails us in every way: environmentally, socially, politically, economically, and personally.

To herald practical solutions to civilization’s nightmarish problems ranging from pollution and plagues to energy shortages; all featuring Water—the “Universal Solvent”—with its musical hydro-electric superconducting capacity.

To co-create, with millions of people worldwide, an unprecedented interactive Internet multi-media broadcasting capability engaging recording artists, celebrities, science experts, and Water celebrants to learn, sing, dance, chant, tone, drum, and pray together for humanity’s physical salvation and spiritual evolution.

To promote preservation and restoration of Water’s purity, peace on earth, world health, and universal prosperity ending poverty, starvation, dehydration, and curable diseases by applying the latest advances in Water science.

Here you will learn what everyone seeks yet few find. Master musicians and vocalists experience it—Oneness with the Source of creation, creative genius, and endless inspiration. This concert is all about teaching you “to sing in perfect harmony” with the rest of humanity and ecology.

The creators of LIVE H2O pray that you will gain more than this lesson—a lasting experience of Water’s majesty, within you, forever. There is a wealth of knowledge here on our website, so please take time to enjoy it….

Engage the LIVE H2O dialogue at:

The Water worldwide is expected to become a virtual “LOVE potion,” so to speak—a homeopathic vibrating liquid crystal of LOVE—that will be heart-felt by people everywhere whose bodies are, likewise, filled with Water. This “Global Baptism” will, according to Native and religious prophets and prophecies, will significantly advance our global village to harmonize with nature, ecological responsibility, and spiritual integrity.

Sing and Chant Online "All Together Now!" Using our Temple of Sacred Sound.

Why we are asking musicians to retune their instruments to 528Hz for LIVE H2O:

If you have ever felt the pure joy of true LOVE in your heart, you have felt 528Hz frequency. How do we know this? Our team comprised of many of the world’s leading mathematicians and physicists have advanced sufficient evidence to make this claim. 528Hz is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.”  This LOVE vibration harmonically resonates in your heart inaudibly connecting your spiritual essence to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.

In fact, 528Hz frequency is fundamental to the laws of physics. There is nothing missing or broken in this loving perfection. When you are in it, you are in tune with your creative spirit, and everything just flows in perfect rhythm and rhyme. 528 cycles-per-second, math science proves, is central to Pi, PHI, and the Fibonacci series. This “LOVE tone” frequency, more than any other, epitomizes the unified field of musical metaphysics in the matrix of the spiraling fractal universe.

Apparently, our Creator uses this central broadcasting channel to musically conduct the universal symphony governing reality. Indeed, 528Hz is at the heart of everything. It is the difference between making love versus war; living in FAITH vs. FEAR (i.e., false evidence appearing real); and expressing your full prayer power. It is the central force driving bioenergy and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration of self-esteem or self-LOVE that lifts heart and divine voices in heavenly harmony.

Join the prayer on Sunday, June 21, 2009 and gain the “power of 528 to set everything straight.”


As mentioned above, your friendly Book-of-Light.com webmaster (that’s me: Melanie aka Annu) will be there as an official greeter at the gates of the local festival, giving out the Love frequency 528hz to all who enter!  If you are in the area, I hope to see you there!


“LΦVE H2O” is a family entertainment event rich in culture and exciting musical entertainment. It will impart new awareness on the Summer Solstice weekend, June 19 to 21, as it reaches millions of people. You can watch on the Internet (www.liveh2o.tv) and select simulcast video streams from the continent of your choice, or you can attend in person at one of the many global concert sites listed on the website.

“LΦVE H2O” will simulcast music, educational information and spiritual ceremonies from nine venues worldwide which close with a global peace and healing prayer on Sunday at 5PM Pacific Standard Time. For the first time in history, participants will also be able to use their microphones in computers, and new technologies including video streaming services to sing, chant, and pray together online.

At Ironhead/Edmonton, “LΦVE H2O” represents many things to a great many people.

To those who had the initial vision for the event, “LΦVE H2O” represents hands from many cultures working together with common purpose. Globally it represents a synchronous prayer to be celebrated by millions of people worldwide. At Ironhead/Paul First Nation (PFN), it represents a desire to return the waters of our planet (in and around us) and the water of Lake Wabamun to its balanced pre-industrial activity state. To the media people involved, it represents an opportunity to simulcast video to the internet using state-of-the-art technology. The supporting intentional community members see the event as a coming together in celebration, an opportunity to engage community. To young artists participating in the arts-performance competition and stage opportunities it’s about experience, exposing their craft and maybe, just maybe, winning the top entertainers prize of $1,000.00. To children who attend, “LΦVE H2O” will show them people working together to create a brave new world economy based on quality not quantity. It will also introduce them to Aboriginal crafts and culture and send them on an environmental treasure hunt ⋅⋅⋅ with real treasure.

To noted Canadian artist, Tom Jackson, the event represents a valued venue for his musical art. To storyteller Eric Nystrom, an opportunity to bend ears with what most people refer to as: “some of the most fabulous stories ever told.” To the dozens of performers, DJs and environmental speakers, the 26 hours of performance time on the stage and a weekend of interaction represent an unprecedented opportunity to jump on the bandwagon with one of the newest and most exciting projects to hit the Edmonton area in a long time.

To everyone who gets involved to help with the event, from the volunteers organizing or those driving the first tent stakes into the ground, the campers and RV weekenders, the day visitors and the people who make it all go, right down to the last person picking up the last piece of paper from the site when the event is over, “LΦVE H2O” represents a three-day High Level bridge-builder of an entertainment event, community development project and environmental education opportunity.

“LΦVE H2O, Ironhead” affirms the important role Lake Wabamun has in the spiritual, social, cultural, and economic well-being of both the PFN, its neighbours, and the province. It affirms the important role that water plays both in and around us.

 Enjoy some LOVE Frequency and Reiki!

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