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    oh, and I also found this next one. It’s quite pretty but I’m sure it’s man made. If you look carefully at the shapes you’ll see they are not well executed. This lacks the “crispness” of other croppys. But it IS pretty. 🙂


    I am sure the star sisters and brothers are very proud of they students, baby croppers will become an Ashtar Sheran one day 🙂 .
    I see the same thing Zingdad, writings like on an Egyptian obelisk plus a beautiful cosmic egg layed gracefully by the galactic bird.

    link to the cosmic egghttp://www.lutherantucson.org/2007/12/the-cosmic-egg-meditation-on-the-illumination-of-hildegaard-of-bingen/


    Yeah, this last one looks like a tattoo!


    …third phase -below Milk Hill…

    …don’t know why I cannot paste…

    …looks like cryptic writing…

    …some angles remind me of a humming bird…


    …remember the hummingbird at the Nasca Plains…

    …can’t paste that one either…

    Edit: Zingdad’s fix-a-link services was here


    Blossom on Crop Circles – http://www.blossomgoodchild.com – page 18

    33 July 2nd. (just! … 12.18 am )
    It’s late, and I should be going to bed, yet I thought I’d pop in to see if you are about. Are you?

    Dearest Lady, we are happy to interact with you in this hour that is of lateness in your world. It is of no consequence to us exactly when we speak with you and yet we have an appropriate agenda to allow those of you who read and absorb our words to be able to filter through and be digested at a rate that is conducive with the entirety of the overall plan.

    And yet , we were not able to connect last time I tried.

    Sometimes it is not always possible as we have explained before, and yet it would not be for the want of trying. This could be to do with energies on both your side of the veil or ours.

    I have to bring it up again as it is so prominent at the moment … the fact that all these amazing crop circles are appearing in England and probably elsewhere that I am not aware of. They are so ‘full on’, . I just wondered the significance of so many, why now? Why so many? And … are we getting their meaning? Or at least … is someone working it all out and will they reveal it to us in time?

    Let us speak with you regarding such things. In your world there is a pattern of events taking place regarding this phenomena. This is to say that what is brought forth in these formations is none other than that which we desire to portray in this fashion, for a particular ‘sound’ reason.


    Indeed. Much that is ‘turning up’ is relevant to a particular sound vibration that allows certain frequencies to produce that which we wish to portray.

    What is this sound? Who can hear it?

    It is a vibrational tone that ‘hovers’ … shall we say … over the space upon which we ‘send through’ our creation. Certain sensitive souls would pick up on it and also certain animals that are ‘in tune’ with that frequency can also ‘hear it.’ And yet we would say, it is not of an earthly sound, it is … how we would put it … more of a vibrational pulse.

    Is it your intention for humans not to be able to hear it?

    Not necessarily, although it has its benefits.

    Which are?

    Those who would be able to pick up on that frequency that is brought forth would perhaps find it rather disturbing to the mind, for as it is not of an earthly normality , one could find that they became disturbed in mind , body and soul by receiving it.

    Mmm … best not to go picnicking in the British fields then! With due respect … what is their point? I mean why so many? They are so intricate in design, what do they say?

    All will be revealed dear one this we can assure you. They are preparation for what lies ahead. They are way showers to future days. All have been put on record have they not? There is not one blade of grass that has lain itself down on our behalf that has not been noted and itemised.

    Whoa. … That’s a lot of itemising!!

    And yet your advanced computer systems are able to calculate such matters. Yet computers are not humans. They do not possess the factors required to get to the nitty gritty so to speak.

    So… well, you know what I am trying to ask … what’s the point of them … now … what do they represent?

    Our nations. Our flags.


    You asked and now you are questioning. Is it that you do not feel this is correct?

    Give me a moment to think about it. What … all of them are this?

    That is not what we said dear one. Allow us to continue …

    Mouth zipped!

    It is without doubt to many that our existence is a definite. And yet we have explained that many are with us in this quest to assist planet earth and bring it into its Higher Light. Quite a while ago did not Mr White Cloud speak with you about this and state that they were also anchors for certain ‘ships’ to know where there position should be at a given time? Therefore these impacts on your lands are as helpful to us as they are to you. They are indeed markings for us also.

    Sorry, but I’ve got to interrupt here … if they are anchors for ships to keep the planet in balance when the time comes ( whenever/whatever that means) it’s going to be a little out of whack seeing as most of them are in England is it not?

    By the time all is in place for this balancing to do what it is to do, you will find that there are many many ,many more phenomena of many many different varieties that will have occurred. Most of which will have you baffled and yet , like the key to a door , when all is in place , the unlocking shall reveal that every single placement is in correct alignment and when their purpose is revealed … at the drop of a hat, everything shall fall into place. Please know dear ones … We do not wish to be secretive or puzzle posers, yet there are certain details that simply would not concur with that which we have in place. There are plans that are not yet ready to be opened up to you for the timing is inappropriate and to reveal certain matters now would not be useful to the overall benefit of the upliftment of your planet. We have much in place and when it is able to be shown to you, you will accept reasoning that at this time you may not be able to, because of measures that must be taken into account regarding safety of that which is to be revealed.

    You have all been so patient with the unfolding of this new way. We are so very grateful that your steadfastness to the cause remains firmly in the Truth of yourselves. It Lightens everything as it moves forward and into that which is FREEDOM.

    I just closed my eyes, to FEEL if that was it for today, and I saw quite clearly the letter ‘Y’ within a circle … why?

    You shall see ‘y’.

    Ok. Gulp! I look forward greatly to the ‘ah ha’ moment of the ‘y’. Or will it be a “WHAH!” moment? I can but TRUST and wait and see. You are leaving the building … I can FEEL it … and I must away to my bed. Night night chaps. Keep patrolling those skies. (Odd to put that I know, but that’s what came to me). In Love and thanks as always.


    Thanks for sharing Orissa! I have to say that doesn’t really work for me though. The explanation is 1 part vague and 2 parts “just believe us” and three parts “you aren’t ready to hear”.

    What really IS working for me is that third phase of Milk Hill! OMG! How amazing is that? I’m loving the intricacy and the “alien writing” in that one. Pretty much like the Southfield on on the previous page except – if anything – even MORE complex. WOW!


    …isn’t this one beautiful !…

    …bummer ! my paster is empty again !…


    …must be some copyright thing…

    …oh well…

    …image of a bird pulling a double section of rope followed by a comet of sorts…


    …an interesting post and article on the Milk Hill 3 Phase croppie…


    Here’s that date popping up again & an interpertation of the meaning of
    the recent crop circle appearing over 3 stages at Milk Hill last month

    A crop circle has appeared that researchers interpret to be a
    message that the Sun is about to emit five Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
    thatwill hit the Earth on July 7, 2009. The crop circle first appeared
    at Milk Hill England on June 21 and has evolved over three stages

    up until June 30. Researchers interpreting the complex images in the
    cropcircle believe these represent positions of planets that correspond
    to July 6 and 7 as dates when CMEs will hit the Earth. If so, this may
    be the first barrage of CMEs to hit the Earth in Solar Cycle 24.
    Importantly, scientists will be able to directly study the impacts of
    large amounts of solar plasma penetrating a breach in the magnetosphere

    Michael Salla
    Michael Salla
    3-Crop-Circle- depicts-solar-eruptions-hitting-Earth-on-July-7>
    -Exopolitics Examiner


    dunno, Will, that link isn’t working…

    I think THIS is what you wanted…

    It certainly is GORGEOUS. I’m seeing that particular image of a swallow repeated a lot.

    And here are more:

    How’s THIS for a co-incidence. You were just talking about the Nazca bird, Will. Here it is…

    And this is real pretty too. Lots of sun-images lately…

    Magic mushroom anyone?

    …and now for some comic relief…

    Can YOU spot the difference between space-brother art and human art?


    Check out the breakdown of the Milk Hill formation with all the writing on it. This to me seems to be one of the most complicated crop formations I’ve ever seen and the information contained within is just awesome. Check it out…


    Very exciting and revealing information.


    …amazing new circle…

    … I would love to see some drunk hooligans file out of a pub and commense to create this one !…



    @Will wrote:

    …amazing new circle…

    … I would love to see some drunk hooligans file out of a pub and commense to create this one !…



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